Summer of Sexperiments – Part 1

It was the summer after my 12th boards. My uncle and aunt had invited me to visit them. They lived in the UK. My parents couldn’t get leave from work, so I figured that instead of having a boring summer, I’d convince them to let me visit my uncle and aunt on my own. It took some convincing but they agreed.

And so here I was, a teenager, traveling by myself to the UK. My uncle and aunt picked me up from the airport and on the drive home they kept on talking about what they had planned for the duration of my stay. Basically, it was all kinds of touristy stuff. I was excited too.

I knew that for most part of my month long stay, I’d be spending time with my cousins. Arun was my age, while Soumya was two years older than us. I used to get along well with both of them, but those two had their fair share of fights.

Now let’s skip to the fun parts of the summer. I was sharing a room with Arun. We were playing some video games during the day, and Soumya had invited a whole bunch of her friends over. They were hanging out in the backyard.

When I went down to the kitchen to grab some cool drinks, I met one of Soumya’s friends. She was in there by herself, getting something out of the refrigerator. She introduced herself as Sarah and invited me hang out with them in the backyard. I wasn’t going to pass up on an opportunity to hang out with a hot girl.

Soumya had about five or six of her friends over in the backyard and she introduced me to all of them, including a guy named Tom, who I could tell was her boyfriend. After a while, Arun came down looking for me and he joined us too.

A little after noon we all headed inside to grab a bite to eat and to watch a movie. As we headed inside, I pulled Soumya to the side asked her about Sarah. She straight up knew what I really wanted to ask. She told me Sarah was single and had recently broken up with her boyfriend.

I was taken aback and blushing at how quickly she figured what I wanted to know. She asked me not to mention to her parents that Tom was her boyfriend because they only knew him as her friend. And in return she would talk to Sarah. She quickly headed inside. I was really nervous about what she was going to say to Sarah.

We ordered a couple of pizzas and settled in the living room, watching some movie. Sarah was looking at me smiling while we were watching the movie. I’d smile back but I had no clue as to whether she was hinting at something or not.

Almost halfway through the movie, I got up to go to the bathroom.

(I should probably tell you all a bit about Sarah before we go any further. She was about 5’5” with an amazing figure. She was wearing a flowing knee-length summer dress that had a V-neck and thin straps which revealed her shoulders. I was in knee-length shorts and a plain t-shirt.)

Now, back to what happened after I got up and headed to the bathroom. I was washing my hands after taking a leak. Someone opened the door and entered the bathroom. Apparently, I had forgotten to lock the door. I could see in the mirror that it was Sarah. She locked the door and was eyeing me head to toe.

I wiped my hands on the towel and turned around. She looked at me and said, “You’re cute and nice looking.” Then she walked up to me and somehow I managed to say to her, “And you look incredibly hot in that dress.”

I was so nervous that what I said was barely audible but she heard it and it made her laugh. Apparently she was enjoying making me all nervous in such close quarters. She leaned in and kissed me. She was doing all the work and I was just following her lead.

My hands went for her waist and pulled her closer in. Her hands were around my neck and playing with my hair. In less than a minute, I had a full on erection poking at her.

After about a minute of kissing, she backed off, looked at me, and said, “Somebody’s excited,” pointing down at my erection. I decided to be a little bold and try my luck. I moved my hands down and grabbed her ass and squeezed them. She slid her hands inside my shorts and started stroking me.

“Mmm… looks like a big cock,” she said. I took that as a sign and pulled down the straps of her dress and started to slowly squeeze and play with her breasts. She let out a soft moan and kissed me. I wanted to suck her soft, tender and bouncy breasts very badly.

I moved down and started kissing her neck and made my way to her breasts. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them off along with my underwear. She was letting out soft moans as I sucked her breasts. “I want to suck your cock,” she said as she pushed me back to take a look at my cock.

“FUCK! That’s huge!” she said as she stared at my fully erect cock. Back then, I had no idea that I had a huge cock. I assumed it was normal. To put things in perspective, it’s eight inches in length and six inches in girth.

After the shock had worn off, she kneeled down and grabbed my cock with both her hands and started to suck my cock. I was in heaven. She used her saliva as a lube and started to stroke and suck at the same time.

It was an absolutely mind-blowing blowjob and from what I could tell, she clearly knew what she was doing and had quite a bit of experience at sucking cocks. But evidently, she had never sucked one this big because she was having trouble taking it more than halfway in.

About 10 to 15 minutes in, she sensed my cock tensing up as I got close. She backed off, looked at me, and said, “I want you to cum on my tits.” Saying so, she brought her tits closer to my cock and started stroking me faster. I grabbed on to the towel rod nearby so as not to lose balance, as I came hard on her tits.

I came all over her tits and even managed to land some cum on her face. She was shocked at how much I had cum.

“Wow! You cum a lot don’t you,” she said, as she grabbed the toilet paper to wipe herself.

“I guess,” I replied back sheepishly with a grin. We both cleaned up and kissed for a minute or so before I went back. I was sure everyone was wondering where I was for so long. As I opened the door and walked out, she whispered from behind me, “Are you any good at eating pussy?”

I was shocked at what she said but I just turned my head and whispered back, “You’ll have to find that out for yourself,” with a wink.

Then, I went to the kitchen to grab a drink before heading back to the living room. Arun walked in as I was drinking water. He looked at me with a sheepish grin and asked, “Did you and Sarah just… you know?” He was making hand gestures of fucking.

I tried to avoid the question. “What are you talking about?” He was quick to catch on as I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. He came close and said, “I get it. It was that good eh,” with a wink.

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