Bitch Ramya

Michael was fucking me like I’m a sex doll. At some point I couldn’t even moan. He drained all my stamina. He finally took his dick out of my pussy. I realized this is the moment and knelt. He removed the condom and shot his cream on my face and threw the condom on my face like I’m a trash can.

He got dressed up. Meanwhile, I still can’t stand. He opened the door and walked out. My husband was watching TV in the living room. Micheal patted on Ashok, my husband’s shoulder, and said “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Yeah sure,” my husband said. Ashok looked at me and asked “You want some water?” I nodded no and got dressed up.

This has been happening for a while. Other men fucking me in our house while my husband is present.

It all started when Ramesh came to our house with his son and 3 of his workers. I was a loyal housewife back then, we were living quite happily with a 15-year-old son. And Ashok was a good husband for me too.

We got married when I was 19. Ashok was so mad in sex back then so I got pregnant one month after our marriage. Now our sexual relationship hasn’t been that good, we haven’t had sex in the past 6 months.

Ramesh is a wealthy, old guy, he lent some money to my husband and he didn’t return it, so he came to our house. My husband gave some money and said he’ll eventually pay the rest. But Ramesh wasn’t satisfied. Meanwhile I was serving tea for everyone.

I didn’t pin my pallu so it dropped a bit and my cleavage was visible. No one seemed to notice it except for one guy. That guy was Michael, the same guy who was fucking me now. He didn’t take the teacup for some time and kept looking at my cleavage.

That’s when I noticed him looking at it. I gave a little smile and faked a cough to get his attention. He laughed and took the tea. Then I was standing behind my husband. Micheal turned the table fan towards me. My saree started moving in the air. But I didn’t care about it till I noticed Michael looking at my navel.

I quickly covered it, Micheal and I exchanged eye contact. We both laughed. “Hey boss can I talk to you for a minute?” Micheal asked Ramesh. They went outside and talked for a bit. Then Michael came to me and said “Can we talk in private?”

I looked at my husband. “Why?” my husband asked Michael.

“I didn’t ask you anything, I’m talking to her,” Michael said and looked at me. “Ok,” I said and guided him to the bedroom upstairs. We had a duplex house.

We sat on the bed and he asked, “I know it’s not right but if your husband doesn’t pay the money now Ramesh will get angry. Ramesh doesn’t care about the money he thinks his reputation will be spoiled. So I suggested to him an alternative.”

He stopped to check I was listening. I was listening but didn’t have the guts to have eye contact with him. He placed his hand on my thigh and said “I know you want this, you don’t have to say anything. Just give me a sign. If you are not ok with this, no one is forcing you. But I can’t assure what Ramesh will do.”

My husband hasn’t been having sex with me so I was starved. And I could save my husband by doing this so I thought this was the right thing. But I didn’t have to guts to speak. So instead I chose to show a sign that he asked for. I removed my saree pallu and knelt.

He smiled and said, “I knew you wanted this.” He unzipped his pant and let out his monster-like black dick. I was shocked by seeing it.

“Can I ask the other guys to join too?” he asked.

“Do I have another choice?” I asked.

“Yes and no. If you don’t let them now, you’ll have to let them some other time,” he said.

“How about we enjoy the moment alone? I’ll take care of them later” I said.

“Sounds good.”

I licked the pre-cum oozing out of his penis and kissed his penis head. I rolled my tongue over his penis head. “You are such a tease. Get started” he said. I gave him a naughty smile and took his cock in my mouth after 5 minutes of teasing.

I stroked and sucked simultaneously. I rubbed his cock edge with the inside of my cheek. He moaned a lot He held me by my neck and made me stand up. We kissed for 2 minutes. He made me turn around and tore my blouse and bra. He then removed my saree completely.

He turned me and made me face him. He kept sucking my boobs as I removed his t-shirt. After some time he threw me on the bed. He removed my panty and rubbed his penis on my clean-shaven pink pussy lips.

After being untouched for 6 months they became sensitive again. I moaned a lot. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him towards me, in doing so he entered my pussy. I let out a huge moan.

“I have never taken a monster like this inside me,” I said. He kept squeezing my boobs as he fucked me. I moaned like hell. My husband came upstairs and opened the door. He was shocked to see us. “Ramya, you don’t have to do this” Ashok said. But we both didn’t mind his presence.

“Fuck me in the doggy style, dear,” I said. He took his dick out and I stood up facing away from him. He made me lie on the bed and entered my pussy. He held my hair in one hand and rode me like a horse. Then he took his dick out and ejaculated on my back. I took his semen and licked it.

“You dirty bitch,” he said and slapped my ass as he was getting dressed. “So when should I ask the others to come?” he asked.

“Right now. I’m all set,” I said.

“Ok then. Goodbye,” he said and kissed my cheeks.

“Hey Michael. Get my number, in case you wanna come back,” I said.

“Of course I will. See you later” he said and left.

My husband was sitting on a chair in the bedroom with two hands on his face. He was so disappointed. We didn’t speak a word. Within a minute the others came upstairs. I got fucked by them for 45 minutes.
To be continued.

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