Sex with Neighbor

Round ass. Plump tits that bounce when she jogs. The way she looks at me and waves. My favorite part of the day is waiting for the neighbor to run by my house with her dog. Always smiling, always acknowledging my presence. As if a mature goddess such as her would even look at a mere college sophomore like me. Especially one that is back home for the summer. Being under the same roof with my parents probably makes me even less of a sexual prospect for her. But I can dream.

Every day I take a long shower, close my eyes, and wank off to fantasies of her. What if she would let me slip my cock between her tits? How amazing it would be to look down at her while she pushes them together to squeeze it, licking the tip every time it slides up. Other times I imagine that Hot Neighbor needs a fuck badly, and I get to pull down her running shorts and shove my rod in that hot pussy. That scene makes me cum so hard I have to hold on to the shower wall not to fall.

Today is my lucky day. Out of the blue mom says Hot Neighbor needs her kitchen sink fixed and orders me to go there and help. I pretend to be annoyed because I don’t want her to notice the tent in my pants at the mention of the goddess.

My heart is hammering in my chest when I ring the doorbell. When the door opens, my muse is standing in front of me, fresh from her run, wearing only a tight pair of lycra shorts and a sports bra.

“Stevie, hi, thank you so much for coming to help,” she says. Fuck. Her voice is like velvet. It makes me wonder what it would feel like to put my cock in her mouth. I manage to mumble an answer, glad she turned around to show me to the kitchen because a steel rod is now hiding inside my shorts, pulsing and desperate to have a taste of her. I waste no time diving under the sink with my toolbox and get to work, hoping to pull my mind out of the gutter.

“Got it. It’s fixed,” I say from under my hiding spot.

“This was so sweet of you, Stevie. What do I owe you?” She’s standing next to me as I slide out from under the sink. The first thing I see when I look up is her crotch, the tight lycra shorts squeezing her pussy in a glorious camel toe.

“Please, you don’t owe me anything,” I stammer, trying to sit up and turn around at the same time to hide my erection. My cock has taken on a life of its own and cannot be tamed now. I try to make a run for it, but she holds my hand.

“Let me see that.”

“See what?” I ask, blushing, eyes glued to the floor.

“This,” she answers, lightly brushing her fingers over the tent in my shorts. My breath catches in my throat. “Is this ok?” she asks, fingers hovering close but not touching. I take her hand and pull it to feel. Fuck. My goddess smiles and makes a daring proposal.

“How about an exchange, Stevie? You eat me, and I eat you?”

Next thing I know, I’ve hoisted her over the kitchen counter and pulled down her shorts. She spreads her legs wide. I accept that invitation and bury my face in her pussy. It’s hot, wet, delicious. She knows what she wants, and she is not scared to ask for it. I let her guide my head up and down, licking where she wants, sucking and nibbling what she asks me to. My favorite part is pushing my tongue deep in her channel while she rubs her clit on my nose. I’m having trouble breathing, but I hold because she’s cumming all over my face.

My untouched cock leaks a little, spilling inside my shorts, but remains hard as a rock after. When the goddess lets go of my face, I stand, release it from the fabric prison, and plunge it inside of her. Goddess wraps her legs around me, grabs me by the hair, licks her libations from my face. I have never experienced anything hotter than this moment. She lets go of my head to take off the sports bra. Her tits bounce magnificently with every thrust I give.

“Do what you want,” she dares me.

I slap one of them. She moans and gives me a challenging look. I slap again. Goddess goes wild, arching her back to offer the sweaty mounds for me to abuse. I strike, pinch, suck, nibble, lick. I don’t want to cum too soon, so I pull out, replacing my dick with three fingers. She grunts in disappointment but only for a second. The finger-fucking must feel good because she is rubbing against that hand like a cat. I think she’s getting close again.

I pull back, lift her down from the counter, turn her around, then plunge my dick inside again, this time from behind. I take a second to spit on her asshole, lubricate it with a finger, slide my thumb in. Then I pound her pussy with my cock so hard my legs start to shake. Her noises go from moans to howls. Her hand is down, touching herself. When her orgasm comes, it is loud, shameless. I’m sure the whole neighborhood can hear it. I don’t give a fuck. My balls tighten, my dick pulses and my jizz shoots out, string after string, filling that glorious cunt to the brim.

I stand back slowly, watching mesmerized how my cum slips down her thighs. I wonder if she would allow me to clean her up. I wonder if I can stay. Beautiful, wonderful goddess turns around. The sight of my fingermarks on her breasts is enough to get the blood flowing to my cock again.

“Are you in a rush, Stevie? Are you needed back home?”

“No, ma’am. I’m sure they can spare me for the day if you need me.”

“I do,” she says. “I can think of many things I can use you for.”

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