Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-24

Gautam was very keen for that night, ever since he had been back in his in laws he was looking for opportunities to be with his sexy sister-in-law, Rashmi. However, not wanting to air any suspicion, the two pretended to be the ideal sister-in-law brother-in-law duo, but inside both had been waiting for that one opportunity to be together again.

Rashmi too was feeling the urge to be united with Gautam, with his sensual touches, his masculine manner. But in front of her sister she was forced to be the nice little sister, mischievous but not seducing. Though throughout the little they had been here, both had eyed each other with a burning hunger in each other’s eyes.

Gautam was still concerned on how and when will he have the chance to meet his sexy sister-in-law in presence of his in-laws and his wife Kiran. But that problem too was resolved by his wife Kiran only. Being back after so long time, she wanted to spend that night with her mother and sister, chit-chatting. Gautam immediately agreed to spend the night with his father-in-law, leaving the ladies together to catch up.

Inside he prayed so that Rashmi to gets the cue. Their father had the habit to take sleeping pills, which would mean that no one will know what Gautam had been doing in the night. Gautam was observing Rashmi closely, and the smile on her lips suggested that she might have understood his plan. And when she made the excuse of study to stay back at her room, Gautam found himself in ease. His cock though had already started jumping in pleasure with the mere thought of such an opportunity.

At the night, Gautam waited for his father-in-law to fall asleep first, and then waited for Rashmi to be back at her room. The three ladies were chit-chatting at their mother’s room after dinner, but Rashmi returned back to her room to study at around 12. Gautam unaware of this waited till 1 and then decided to peep into her room using the common balcony that connects both the sisters’ room.

He was surprised upon entering into the balcony. Rashmi was already waiting for him there. She had a black shawl wrapped around her body while the strong wind played with her hairs. The balcony was dimly lit with the light of a thin crescent moon and the rest was dark with all the lights of the neighbourhood switched off by then.

Gautam’s heart started beating faster as he remembered his experience from his last visit. Rashmi has a wonderful body, it was smooth like butter and flawless like butter, her skins glowed and her nicely shaped body flowed like a wild river. She had it all covered under the shawl at that moment and he felt an wild urge to tear her shawl apart and get her naked immediately.

Rashmi too was waiting desperately for that moment. Between his last visit she did manage to have sex with other boys but the encounters with her brother-in-law had been thrilling and special, those always had this feel of adventure and secrecy. And when Gautam started praising her lovely appearance so erotically, she couldn’t hold herself anymore and unwrapped the shawl from her body.

Rashmi was completely naked beneath the shawl. She wanted to surprise Gautam with her boldness and hence had been waiting for him, there in the open balcony, naked with only the shawl to keep her covered till the right time. But when she unwrapped herself, her body glowed in the dim light of the moon.

Gautam was speechless and awestruck as he gazed at her naked body like a kid looking at a naked woman for the first time. His cock had already grown hard but became stout at this sudden change in scene. He stood foolishly for moments, gazing at his sister-in-law’s naked body.

Rashmi still looked fabulous and hot, her nicely toned body was an absolute teaser for men of any ages. Gautam too couldn’t hold himself any longer and both came closer and their lips met in a long, wet kiss. Gautam wrapped his arms behind her and placed his palm on her naked waist. He pulled her closer, making her breasts squeeze between their bodies.

Rashmi too hugged him tightly while both continued sucking each other’s lips and tongue. Gautam slowly took his palm below to feel the nice fleshy cheeks of her ass. He pressed her ass slightly and she moaned while still playing with his tongue inside her mouth. She closed her eyes not caring for what Gautam could do with his hands on her naked body.

Gautam continued rubbing his palm on her ass, waist, and explored the crack of her ass with his fingers. Though windy yet Rashmi’s skin was all moist with sweat. She felt his fingers slid between the two cheeks of her ass, rubbing along the crack. A chill ran down her body as she swiftly squeezed her ass. His fingers reached up to her ass hole and rubbed around the area.

“Mmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppppppp” Rashmi moaned as he continued rubbing his fingers on her ass hole. She too kept her hole squeezed to stop his fingers to further intrude inside her anus. Gautam too was more keen on the more prized hole and so restrained his fingers till rubbing the area gently from outside. Rashmi felt a constant urge for being explored down the other hole and so held on to him more tightly, sucking and biting on his lips.

Gautam then slowly picked her up and carried her inside her room. It was well lit that made her moist skin shine as he put her down on the bed. Gautam was still fully dressed and Rashmi completely naked, she felt shy and closed her eyes. Gautam then climbed on the bed and settled on top of her. He knelt on top of her, with his knees on either side of her body. And while Rashmi kept her eyes closed he gazed at her naked body with wide eyes.

He looked at the pair of juicy breasts and held them at once. Gautam started pressing and fondling both the breasts together. He started gently, but slowly started to harden his grip. “Mmmmmmmmhhhhh…it hurts…ouch” Rashmi moaned as he continued to maul her breasts harder. “Mmmmmhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhh” Rashmi continued moaning as she started enjoying the gentle pain she felt at her breasts. The nipples had become rock solid with erection as he continued pressing his breasts as if he was kneading a ball of dough.

Gautam pressed hold of her left breast, making the nipple erect and red, and then slowly he started licking the top of it. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Rashmi broke into a sudden moan. She felt a twitch between her legs as soon as his wet tongue made contact with her erect nipple. She was sweating heavily as he continued licking her nipple and teasing it all along.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…nnnnnnnnnnn” Rashmi continued moaning as her entire body urged to be touched by Gautam. But for the time being her nipple was getting all the attention. He licked it all wet before finally starting to suck at it. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeee”, she gritted her teeth and moaned in excitement as she felt the blood around her breasts churn with him suckling at her nipple.

Gautam continued to suckle on her breasts, giving equal attention to both the breasts. Rashmi had already started becoming all wet downwards and was dying for his touch on her cunt. “Ohhh please, I am so horny, please don’t tease me any more… please”, Rashmi started pleading him to stop teasing and give her a nice, fulfilling fuck. But Gautam continued teasing her in order to make her more horny and dirtier.

Gautam had always been a kinky person, and had enjoyed kinky sex. But ever since they had the baby, they didn’t have much chance of being kinky back home. But today he was once again enjoying the way Rashmi was reacting and he continued teasing her to make her mad out of desperation for being fucked. But only sucking her nipples wouldn’t be enough and so he decided to tease her cunt as well.

Gautam took off his shirt and then settled beside her, he still continued to play with her tits with one hand, and with the other he spread her legs wide. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh” Rashmi understood what was going to happen and then spread her legs wide to allow him full access to the most private part of her body. She was already wet when Gautam touched her cunt. He put his fingers on her clitoris and started rubbing it gently. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, Rashmi moaned out again as her body almost arched upwards with the sudden rush of pleasure at her pussy.

“Ohhh you are already so wet” remarked Gautam, still feeling her moist clits with his fingers while pressing and playing with her breasts and nipples with the other hand. “What can I do, you make me so horny with your touch” commented back Rashmi, she was completely wet in her sweat but wanted to be teased like that on and on until she was drained out completely.

Rashmi continued moaning as Gautam carried on teasing her cunt by rubbing his fingers on it. She whimpered and shook in pleasure, her body stiffened in excitement and also curled up sometimes soaking all the stimulation he was providing between her legs. “Ohhhhhhhh… I am going to cum”, she announced as slowly she reached the verge of her first orgasm.

Gautam looked at her quivering body and grinned. She was trembling like a fish out of the water, desperate to come. He continued rubbing his fingers on her cunt and making her quiver and wriggle before she could come. “Nnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…ssssssssssssssss” she moaned and made silly noises as she slowly reached the point of her orgasm.

Rashmi clutched on to him tightly as she readied herself for an orgasm. Gautam realised her condition and quickened the strokes on her cunt. She almost had tears in her eyes when she exploded with an enormous orgasm. Gautam felt his fingers all become wet again, and he leant forward and started kissing her lips. Rashmi responded back by sucking his lips while he continued rubbing her cunt and she continued coming on his hand.

Slowly the mad rage of that wild orgasm was over and Rashmi settled back on the bed. She had enjoyed the moment thoroughly, her heart was pound when she looked up at Gautam’s eyes. She saw his gleaming eyes and felt shy, but she understood what he wanted. Gautam’s cock was aching while she managed to get all the attention. Now it was her turn to return the favour.

Quickly Rashmi stood up on the bed and Gautam lied down at her place. He still had his pants on, and his erect cock formed a huge lump in his pants. As he lied on his back, Rashmi slowly removed his pants off his body. His cock jumped out in the open as she pulled his pants off his legs. She looked back at his impressive cock and immediately held it in her hand. Slowly she started to stroke while she leant forward to engage in one more wet kiss.

Rashmi continued stroking his cock while he kept sucking her lips. He played with her tongue some more too before letting it go to take care of his aching cock. Rashmi leant back on his body, his cock was throbbing, aching for her mouth and she didn’t disappoint it either. Rashmi kissed on his cock and then slowly licked at its sides. She licked his cock wet from all sides before finally putting it inside her mouth.

“Sssssssssssssss” Gautam sizzled as he felt the warmth of her mouth and tongue on his cock. He closed his eyes and leant back to enjoy while Rashmi slowly started stroking his cock with her tongue and started sucking it gently.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh” Gautam was lost in a world of pleasure and relief while Rashmi continued sucking his cock deep and hard. “Uuuufffffffffff…. your tongue feels so nice” he remarked, while Rashmi smiled back, his cock still in her mouth. “But your pussy is much better than your mouth”, Gautam looked up at her, “Why don’t you start riding me?” he requested.

Rashmi gave back a naughty smile as she took the cock out from her mouth and prepared to ride on it. She climbed on him with her knees on either side of his body, and then positioned herself on top of his cock. Gautam held his cock in an upright position, pointing towards her cunt. And then slowly Rashmi started lowering herself on it. She paused when the cock touched her body, around her cunt and then she adjusted to point its head directly into the hole. And then slowly she lowered herself completely.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” she gritted her teeth and moaned as his cock pushed inside her tight cunt. She lowered herself on his groin and then paused to soak the pain of the insertion. Gautam held her breasts and started fondling it to give her some pleasure. And then when she became used to the feel of his cock inside her cunt, she slowly started moving up and down in a motion to fuck herself.

“Mmmmm…mmmm…mmmmm…mmmmm…” she started moaning while she continued fucking herself on his cock. Gautam too held her tightly as she milked his cock with her tight and wet cunt, but he too started moaning soon. And both held on to each other and moaned in unison.

At the other side of the house, Kiran was still busy in gossiping with her mother, unaware of what her sister and husband was upto. She had been vulnerable to Mr. Reddy but would never believe that her husband can cheat behind her back. But there he was, enjoying and fucking her own sister behind her back.

Both were pretty conscious not to moan too loud, yet both were crazy at that moment that they can shout like hell. Yet they controlled their voices and moaned in a hush tone while Rashmi continued milking his cock. She had in the meantime had one more orgasm while Gautam was on the verge of coming himself.

He pulled her closer and held her tightly as he realised that he could come any moment now. Rashmi too bent forward and hugged him tightly, while she continued moving her cunt up and down, with his cock in it. Gautam held her so tightly that he almost dug his nails on her tender skins, but that was short lived as he suddenly sprayed his cum all over inside her.

“Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” Rashmi sizzled as she felt his cum inside her. She stood up and leant backwards, more relaxed and relieved. Gautam too lied lump with all his desires now vent out inside her, and the both looked back at each other. Rashmi curled up in his arms and once again they kissed each other, more lovingly this time. The raw urge and hunger in both of them was slowly quenched, they kissed each other more tenderly now with talks of how they can continue stealing such moment during Gautam’s stay.

While Rashmi and Gautam both were busy planning more of such moments, far away someone else was planning to get even – Borah. He was head over heels ever since he had seen Sowmya in that resort and had captured her in his camera, that would give him excellent opportunity to get even with her for the disappointment she had been during the opening night of the apartment.

And he was now returning back to the apartment with his head filled with plots to use those snaps and videos in an apt way.

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