Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-23

It had been a dream come true day for most of the people in the apartment. Anita had been dreaming for Reddy ever since she had seen him, and in the Sunday morning she had him seduced and playing with her body. They had spent such a steaming little time that she ended up masturbating several times, thinking about it later.

Mrs. Nair too was having a gala time. First Borah and now Rahul, slowly her widowed life too was becoming colorful with these illicit affairs. She could now enjoy with these two boys whenever she wanted. Rahul too was pleased with the prospect of having sex with two generations of the same family. He wanted to carry on the relationship with both Aarushi and Mrs. Nair secretly.

Reddy too was pleased in finding another admirer in Anita. And ever since Kiran had started ignoring him, Anita had been a good source of attention and pleasure. He had never thought that a village girl like her can be so erotic and wild as she had been during their private massage session. Later she had shown how desperate she was for him, which gave him a definite advantage over her vulnerability.

All were pleased with how their new apartment had spiced up their sex life, and were looking forward for more. Just like Sowmya, who had returned back from her little sexual orgy during the weekend. She pretended to be back from the educational tour she had used as the excuse. And Mrs. Nair, overwhelmed with her own exploits of the weekend, didn’t suspect much.

She had returned back from the resort in the same car that had picked her up. And she had returned in time too, but the sexual extravaganza during the last 2 days was an overload for her and she found it difficult to concentrate in other things. Whenever she closed her eyes she saw images of her and the other two men humping her. She felt a constant tickle on her cunt.

At night, she found it really difficult to sleep. Whenever she closed her eyes, images of her and the two naked men haunted her. She started sweating, she became very horny. She felt two imaginary hands touching her all over. Just the way she had been touched all over by them during her brief stay at the resort. Her pussy was growing wet and was aching to be touched.

She was alone in her room, and so she closed the door of her room and then pulled the curtains to cover all the windows too. She stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself, looking at her own body. She was wearing a white night suit, which she slowly started taking off. One by one she took off all her clothes but the underwears. She stood in front of the mirror looking at her bare body and feeling proud of it.

She remembered how the two men were mad for her body, how they loved and caressed her. She looked at herself and felt proud of possessing such a nice figure. Slowly she started taking off her bra and panties too. Slowly she stripped out of those and admired the parts those exposed. She held her breasts together and tried to reach them with her tongue.

She imagined how she was put on the bed and her breasts were sucked and licked all over. Slowly she went over the bed and lied down. She started pressing her own breasts and imagined how they were pressed and caressed the other night. She remembered how one of them held them from behind and pressed them while the other was licking her perky nipples.

One of them continued pressing those breasts from behind while the other continued licking and sucking her nipples. She had her eyes closed and was moaning in pleasure. She could feel her warm blood flow crazily with the passionate sucking on her nipples, and that got her moaning and wetting herself. Even then, back at the room, and alone she was moaning and getting herself wet.

She held her own breasts and pressed them as if being pressed on by others. She bit her own lips and moaned while amidst her imagination. She saw them holding her tight and fondling her breasts. Both took a breast each and fondled it. They pressed and sucked and licked them at their will. And Sowmya kept lying, vulnerable and helpless.

Slowly then she touched her wet cunt and immediately a chill ran down her body. She bit her lips even more as her fingers explored deep inside her vagina. She parted the cunt lips with her own fingers and then slowly started to rub them on the moist clits. She continued rubbing her fingers on them as if the fingers belonged to someone else. She kept her eyes closed, keeping herself locked in her imagination.

She felt the fingers touch and rub her most private parts, they spread her pussy and intruded more and more inside her. They touched the juicy flesh of her clits and rubbed it roughly. A shock ran down her body and she moaned out loudly. But the fingers didn’t spare her, they continued rubbing her clits until it was oozing wet and her fingers slipped further inside.

“Ahhhhhh” she moaned as her fingers went deep inside her warm vagina. It was slimy and wet, the fingers went in and came out easily. She moaned out in excitement and pleasure and then continued fucking herself with her fingers. First with two and then slowly she started increasing the number. She imagined one of them mounting on her and then fucking her with his fat cock.

“Ohhhh.. yessss… yessss… yessss… yessss” She was becoming mad and had started moaning harder than before. She was almost fisting herself with more than three fingers inserted into her at once. And with the other hand she continued pressing her breast and playing with it. She felt being fucked and sucked by the two and was becoming mad.

Slowly an orgasm was building deep within her, with enough fire to burn her down with it. She felt the urge growing constantly and continued fingering herself roughly to keep herself at the edge. She imagined them to hold her tightly and fuck her hard to make her come in a mad rush. She kept herself tight and continued fingering herself hard for that mad rush which she had experienced so many times in the resort.

She had her eyes closed, and cunt open. Working on it with her fingers and continued moaning as the desire slowly built up until it reached the stage to overwhelm her. “Ahhhh… ahhhh… ahhhh… ahhhh… ahhhh… ahhhhh” she continued moaning as she took herself on the verge of cumming. She bit her lips hard and shut her eyes tightly, reached deep inside her cunt with a wild thrust and suddenly all hell broke loose as she exploded in a mad torrent of pleasure and orgasm.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she shouted in suppressed voice as her cunt started flooding with juices. She bit her lips and continued fingering her cunt for more. Later she lied down, spread eagle, with her legs spread and letting all the juices flow freely. She was exhausted and wasted and so slowly she fell asleep while still lying naked and oozing with her own juices.

The night too, slowly burned out like Sowmya’s desires with the promise for a new spicy day in the lives of our small society which was slowly being knit together in the web of pleasure and illicit affairs. Their lives had already turned spicy wherever they were. Just like Gautam and Kiran, who had just reached Kolkata, Kiran’s mother’s place.

Gautam was already looking forward to this trip as he could then again meet Rashmi. Rashmi was Kiran’s sexy little sister and Gautam’s sister-in-law. During his last stay at his in-laws he had been involved in a relationship with Rashmi. Though it was accidental yet the two had enjoyed the night fully and had continued having such accidents throughout Gautam’s last visit. And once again he was elated and excited with the prospect of uniting with her sister-in-law again.

They reached Kiran’s mother’s house at the evening and was greeted warmly. Both Rashmi and Gautam were cautious so that no one else gets the air of what had been going on between them. They settled in nicely and got fresh for the evening tea and chit-chat. Rashmi and their mother were busy attending to Kiran and the baby while Gautam was having chat with his father-in-law. Yet all the while he was thinking how to get alone with his sexy sister-in-law.

And fate was too kind on him and the chance came his way too easily. Kiran having spend so many days away, wanted to spend that night with her mother, she asked Rashmi too but she made excuse of her studies. Kiran’s father was ill but Gautam agreed to sleep with him for his wife’s sake. Kiran looked back at him and hugged him in appreciation, but inside Gautam knew that his father-in-law has the habit to take sleeping pills which will give him the opportunity to slip out. Rashmi too wanted to spend at her own room which too gave him the cue to agree to sleep with his father in law.

So it was decided that Kiran and the baby would sleep at her mother’s room so that they can gossip till late night, while Rashmi would be in her room for her studies. And Gautam will sleep in Kiran’s room with his father in law.

After the dinner, all went to their respective rooms. Kiran and her mother retired to their room along with Rashmi. Rashmi wanted to stay back with them for sometime so that they don’t suspect anything else. But Gautam and his father-in-law retired to Kiran’s room as Kiran’s father had to take medicines to help him sleep, and Gautam too pretended to be sleepy.

Kiran’s father took his pill and went to sleep. Gautam waited before he was sure that the pills had its effect and then it was time before he was sure that Rashmi was back in her room and alone. It was almost 12.30 when Rashmi excused herself from her mother’s room and retired back to her own room. Gautam was in the room adjacent to her.

There were lights coming from Kiran’s mother’s room. Both of them were still awake and hence Gautam didn’t want to take a chance. He was also not sure whether Rashmi had come back to her room or not, after all the sisters were meeting after a long time. Finally at 1.30 am he couldn’t keep his patience any longer. His room was connected with Rashmi’s with a common balcony and so he took a bold step to see if his sister-in-law was back or not.

He locked the door of his room from inside and then checked to confirm that his father-in-law was deep in sleep. Then slowly he opened the door to the balcony. It was dark outside, the moon was quite thin and didn’t provide much light. And being so late in the night, the lights from the neighboring houses too were off.

Slowly he stepped out in the balcony and closed the door. He just took a turn towards Rashmi’s room and was shocked. Rashmi was standing at the other side of the balcony, she too saw him. “I thought you have fallen asleep and will not come” she said in a hushed tone. Gautam looked at her and smiled. She was standing at the other end of the balcony and she had a black shawl wrapped on her, while the winds kept playing with her wild hairs.

Gautam was awestruck looking at her like that. In that dim moonlit background she looked like an absolute seductress. For a moment he couldn’t find any words but slowly came back to his self. “Who would have fallen asleep keeping such a bomb shell in waiting”, he retorted quickly. Rashmi smiled back at this compliment as he looked at him from top to bottom.

Gautam was wearing a night suit, a pajama and a t-shirt. She walked up close to him and leant at the balcony. “So? Did you miss me?” Rashmi asked him and Gautam nodded back taking her hand and squeezing it tightly. But Rashmi took his hand off from her in pretence of anger and asked him what he had missed about her. Gautam looked back at her eyes unable to think for a moment.

“Well I missed your warm touch, I missed your deep dark eyes, I missed the overwhelming smell of your body” he started saying. Rashmi looked at him, listening to nice compliments he was giving to her. Her eyes wide and wanting more. “I missed your smooth silky skin, I missed your juicy lips, I missed the feel of your tongue on mine” he continued.

Rashmi was slowly growing horny as he continued depicting her in such an erotic way. Both of them were breathing heavily, they had slowly came so close to each other that their hot breathing collided against each other. Rashmi had slowly become so horny that she couldn’t stay away from him anymore and removed the shawl that she had wrapped on her body.

Rashmi was completely naked beneath that shawl. She had intentionally wrapped that shawl on her naked body to seduce Gautam more. She had been back from her mother’s room at 12 and then had taken bath and got fresh for Gautam. She had then not put on anything and had just wrapped the shawl around her and waited for him at the balcony.

Gautam was once again awestruck. Rashmi was completely naked in that moonlit romantic night. Her naked body glowed like an angel’s in that dark balcony. He was speechless and took time to adjust to what had happened just then.

She stood naked and boldly, her hairs flew crazily in the wind and her body flowed smoothly casting a seducing spell on him. He looked at her flawless body, at her breasts, at her trimmed pussy, at her deep navel, and he couldn’t hold on to himself any more.

Rashmi looked back at his eyes seducingly while the both leant forward slowly until their lips met. Gautam wrapped his hands around her naked body, her body already felt cold in that windy balcony. He drew her closer and both started sucking each other’s juicy lips. Gautam hugged her tightly, rubbing his hands on her back and ass, while she pushed her tongue in his mouth.

Both started sucking each other’s tongue, feeling the nice juicy taste of each other. And he continued caressing and fondling her ass cheeks while the wind grew stronger and Gautam whispered in her ears, “Lets go in and be more cozy”.

Rashmi smiled shyly and he picked her naked body on his lap and carried her inside her room. The room was well lit and Gautam was dying to see her sexy body naked under the lights. He then closed the door, and finally Gautam and Rashmi were alone in Rashmi’s room. She was naked and he dropped her on the bed and started looking lovingly at each part of her naked body.

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