Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-22

Anita’s dream had finally come true. Not only she got rid of Kiran, she also succeeded in winning over Reddy’s attention too. Last day she had pretended a muscle pull at his gym and had invited him over, at her flat, for a personal massage session.

Reddy didn’t mind either. He was initially disturbed with Kiran’s sudden disappearance, but promptly switched his attention towards Anita to make out most of what was available.

And so finally, Anita was with her dream lover. They started casually with a massage, but gradually Reddy started turning the heat on. Slowly he undressed her and started massaging her whole body, gradually working towards her cunt. Anita lied naked and still, allowing the lover of her dreams to do whatever he wanted with her body.

Reddy finally started using his finger, to good effect, on her cunt. He pushed his oily fingers inside her pussy until it reached her g-spot. He then continuously stimulated her g-spot until she reached an enormous orgasm. He continued rubbing his fingers on her mushy g-spot until her cunt was flooded with the feminine juices.

Anita too, clearly enjoyed every moment of it. She had been dreaming about Reddy since long. And then when it was time, she made sure that she had surrendered herself completely. And after that magical orgasm he gave to her, she wanted more. Anita was not satisfied with Reddy’s fingers alone, she wanted more. She wanted his eight inches cock which she had dreamt about for so long.

Reddy too was keen to be at the receiving end of the pleasure which was clearly evident from the huge bulge in his pants. Anita finally climbed off the recliner, and Reddy leant back on it expecting Anita to do her bit now.

And she didn’t disappoint him either. She knew exactly what was to be done. She was completely naked, but didn’t feel embarrassed any longer. Especially after being milked like that moments ago. She walked in front of him, and stood close to his body.

Reddy was sitting on the recliner, and Anita was standing close to him. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her closer. But Anita pushed him back, making him lean backwards as she started rubbing her body on his. She went down, rubbing her oily body over his already throbbing cock.

Reddy was still fully dressed, but he could still feel the sensation of her naked body being rubbed against his cock. In the meantime, Anita gathered her hairs and tugged them behind, and then slowly started to rub her breasts over his cock. She held her breasts from both sides to squeeze them tightly around his cock, and Reddy slowly started to moan.

Anita continued rubbing his cock between her breasts for some minutes, and then finally gave in to her desire to taste the monster. She lifted his t-shirt to find the strings of his track pants. She pulled them swiftly to untie the pants. Slowly then, she pulled the pants lower and took his cock out from its bondage.

Reddy leant further back, letting her love and worship his cock like a true lover. It had already grown into an enormous size and was throbbing hard. He helped further by pulling his pants further down. And Anita started licking his balls, and then rubbed her tongue all along his cock up to the shaft.

She licked his entire cock well, before putting it in her mouth. “Sssssssssssssss” Reddy moaned and sizzled at the warm feeling of her wet tongue. Anita held his cock in one of her palms and then continued sucking its head, and licking its body. It was so huge that she couldn’t take it all in her mouth, but she swapped between sucking and licking to keep it throbbing.

She would look up at her dream lover, in between, and kiss at his cock, and lick at it lovingly, still unable to believe her luck. She wanted to make the most out of it, and continued licking and sucking his cock like a desperate whore.

“You know, I wanted to be with you from the day I have seen you” she told him in between. Reddy looked back at her and smiled. “Actually, from even before that, I had always fantasized about a lover like you” she said, wanting him to take her his muse forever. Reddy nodded back and brushed her hairs lovingly while she continued sucking his cock like a true bitch.

Reddy couldn’t say anything in reply, but moan. This naïve village girl turned out to be a very expert cock sucker. She wrapped her tongue around his shaft for maximum stimulation. For a moment, Reddy forgot about any other girl or Kiran, he wanted to get his cock sucked by Anita forever.

“If you be just mine, I will suck your cock like this every day, whenever you say, whatever you want me to do, I will be your slave forever” she said, not wanting to lose him to any other girl again. But Reddy leaned back enjoying her neat work on his cock. He had already started moaning and was slowly getting driven towards the edge.

“offfff… yeaaaaahhhh… ahhhhh” he started moaning as Anita continued to give pleasure to his cock. Slowly she drove him to the edge of his climax and continued sucking and licking until he had to stop her forcefully.

Reddy was at the brink of cumming when he stopped her. He didn’t want to waste the wonderful moment by setting off in her mouth. He wanted to feel his tight, juicy cunt around his thick and throbbing cock. He wanted to pull her down and then fuck her out of her mind. She had made him so much horny that he wanted to fuck her hard and make her squeal in pleasure.

He stood up from the recliner and pulled her closer. He held her breasts and started pressing them. He rubbed his hands on her body again, feeling the warmth at her pussy.

Anita quickly climbed back on the recliner and lied on top of it. She looked at him like a seductress, charming her prey. She quickly assumed positioned and spread her legs, opening her cunt wide to invite him on top of her.

Reddy too got rid of his t-shirt to get completely naked. Both of their naked bodies were urging to get close to each other, to get in contact with each other, to mingle with and to explore each other. He didn’t waste much time and quickly imposed himself at her inviting posture.

He took position between her spread legs, lining his dick nicely with her wet cunt. He started rubbing his cock all around her pussy, making her moan and pant for more.

Finally, after some foreplay with his cock around her cunt, he pushed his cock hard at her cunt hole. “Mmmmpppppphhhhhhhhh” she moaned out loudly as his thick cock slid inside her slippery yet tight hole.

“Aaaarrrrggghhhhhh” She moaned as he paused after pushing his cock all the way in. She was taking deep breath, and had closed her eyes. Anita was already in the seventh heaven, never before she had felt such a thick cock in her cunt. Mr. Sharma had an average cock, his was nothing compared to Reddy’s eight inches monster.

Her entire body stiffened, expecting the pain that would result when Reddy starts pulling his cock out. He paused for a brief period, feeling her warm, slippery flesh around his throbbing mount. And then slowly he started pulling his cock out.

Anita bit her lips and started moaning, “mmmmmmmmmmmm” as the pain started to build up, and then squealed like a pig when he started pushing back. Reddy continued to stroke his cock inside her tight cunt, making her leak and moan like a bitch on heat.

“Ahhhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh…” gradually the pain had disappeared, replaced by a maddening sense of pleasure. Both had hit a smooth rhythm in which they were thrusting their bodies against each other. Both the bodies sweated and trembled in pleasure and excitement.

Anita held him tightly not letting him go, she wanted him to keep pushing deeper and deeper inside her. Reddy too was enjoying the nice naïve village girl turned whore. She had a terrible hunger for cock and was making him sweat to keep up to her desire.

The clock ticked slowly as he continued banging his cock mindlessly in and out of her. She had already came twice, yet didn’t give up and continued spreading her legs further to let him sink deeper and deeper.

Reddy held her tightly, his nails digging deep on her skin. He was gradually nearing his climax. Anita was already wet, and her tight cunt had become buttery, letting a smooth and faster rhythm. His cock had started aching and he wanted to relieve himself badly.

He held Anita tightly, realizing how close he was to his orgasm he started thrusting his cock faster and crazily. He continued thrusting his cock faster and harder than every last thrust. He held her tightly, they were almost there. Anita was on verge of her third orgasm while Reddy was ready with a huge load of cum.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh” Reddy shouted in pleasure as he gave in to his need for relief. And a thick spray of cum filled Anita from inside. Almost immediately after, she too broke in her third orgasm, the biggest of the day. And she raised her upper body to hug him tightly.

Both held each other tightly and kept on cumming within each other. The time stopped for a moment as their bodies glued to each other, sparkled in the sweat. Their breathing was slowly calming down as the mad rush of their bodily fluids slowly came under control. And both drifted away from reality.

Anita took a deep breath, she was still wet. It had been more than six hours since she had been fucked by her dream lover in the afternoon. And it was the third time she had thought about it and became wet. She was alone in her bedroom and naked. She was stroking her cunt, which was in the land of dreams just a few hours ago.

She could still smell Reddy on every part of her body. She could still feel his seeds inside her. That one moment she had been dreaming about for so long was fulfilled, and she had now pledged to stay his muse for as long as possible.

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