Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-21

Gautam was very excited about visiting his in-laws again. In the plane, he almost got wet remembering the encounter with his sister-in-law, Rashmi, from his last visit. That time, Kiran was admitted in the nursing home to deliver the baby. And Gautam was alone and restless. It was an accident to begin with, and since Rashmi already had a weakness for Gautam, they did it every following night.

But this time Kiran will be around at home itself, so Gautam was concerned if he could take some personal time out with Rashmi. But nevertheless, he remembered their thrilling yet sweet first encounter and almost got wet in the airplane itself.

In the meantime, back at our apartment, Anita was elated that Kiran had taken her threat seriously and disappeared. Now Reddy was all hers to woo, and the best time to get his full attention was in the afternoons. The gym normally remains crowded in the early morning or the evening hours. But the afternoons were always comparatively empty, and that is when Reddy can give more attention to its visitors.

And with Kiran gone, Anita didn’t have to worry about coming in the morning. She started coming in the afternoon, where she could spend more time, and get more time from Reddy. It was time she started attracting him towards her, and so she decided to be a bit bolder.

That day she wore a simple white sleeveless vest and a pair of tight pink slacks at the Gym. Reddy was startled to see her like that. Especially because he had taken her for a village girl who would have never known of such dresses. But that day she was looking very hot, and automatically Reddy started showing more interest in her.

Anita loved the attention she was getting. Reddy was helping her in doing her regular course, the stretches etc. and both were thinking of ways to get closer to each other. There were still a couple of other guys around, so it was not an open ground for them to openly approach each other, something needed to happen and both was thinking ways to make that happen.

Suddenly Anita remembered seeing Reddy and Kiran at the massage room the other day. And a bold idea struck her. She was doing sit ups and suddenly started acting of some pain. Reddy immediately came to her help, and she told that she may have pulled a muscle or two at her waist, and was feeling a terrible pain.

She stood up, allowing Reddy to have a look. Reddy held her waist and tried locating the paining spot with his fingers. Anita was just imitating the whole thing, yet she guided him to a spot. But she made sure, he had to rub his fingers all along her waist to reach the correct spot, and that felt incredibly wonderful.

Reddy tried to massage the spot with his fingers, but Anita imitated of feeling more pain. “I think it is badly hurt” said Reddy, “You must not do any more exercise today” he added and Anita nodded.”But it feels very bad, do you know how to get it fixed” she asked sheepishly.

“May be you need a massage, and things will be alright” Reddy suggested, hoping that she will ask for a massage next.

“A massage will work?” she asked, knowing very well that her plan was working perfectly. Reddy nodded back in reply, saying that he has a massage room in the gym.

But Anita knew how unsafe that was, that massage room had given away Kiran’s secret to her, and she didn’t want the same to happen to her. “If it is not too much inconvenience for you, would you mind coming to my flat?” asked Anita. She knew that her flat will be empty at that time.

Mr. Sharma was at the store, and Rahul would be at college.Reddy pretended to think for a moment and then agreed readily. It was perfect for him too. He too knew that the massage room was not completely private and anyone could come looking for him there, but at her flat, he could seduce her, whatever way he wanted.

So both left the gym and headed back to the building on Reddy’s bike. Anita held him tightly at the bike, and Reddy realized that perhaps she too wanted what he wanted to do. The gym was very close to the building, so they reached the apartment under five minutes and then took the lift to the third floor flat of the Sharma’s.

But before that, Reddy went to his flat to get some massage oil. He came back with a couple of bottles having white transparent liquid. “These will cure you alright” he said, flashing the bottles in his hand. Anita nodded, “We don’t have a massage table, but we can make use of the divan here?” she asked, pointing at the recliner in the living room.

Reddy nodded and signaled her to get on it. Anita climbed on the divan and lied down on her stomach. She was still wearing the white vest and the pair of tight pink slacks. Reddy looked at her body greedily and smiled at his devilish plan. He lifted her vest a little to put some oil on her skin and then gently started rubbing the oil over her waist.

“Where is it paining?” he asked, pushing his fingers against her waist. “A bit lower” Anita said directing his finger to reach lower and closer to her ass. She continued directing him to get closer to her ass, and then stopped when his fingers were just above her ass. “Can I pull your slacks a little down? I need to put some oil in this area” he asked and Anita nodded shyly.

Reddy pulled her slacks down to a point where her ass creeks were exposed. He looked at her beautiful ass and then put some oil over her skin. He then started rubbing the oil over her waist. He made sure that his hand brushes over her buttock, pressing and squeezing those two mounds. Anita too was clearly enjoying it and appreciated him for being such a good masseuse.

Reddy continued rubbing his fingers on her waist in different rhythms, giving her a wild pleasure. “Are you feeling OK now?” he asked and Anita nodded. “You know, I can give some good full body massage too” he said in an insisting tone. “It will refresh your entire body” he insisted. Anita knew how close her dream was from getting realized, and she nodded to give in to his proposal.

Reddy smiled, “You will feel wonderful, but you will have to give yourself away” he said, yet slightly unsure how she would react. “A masseuse is just like a doctor, they need to be very intimately close to you in order to make you feel good” he said, slowly pulling her slacks further down. Anita was not wearing any panties beneath the slacks, so slowly her naked ass was getting exposed.

Anita realized that her slacks were being taken off, yet she lay unmoved allowing him to undress her slowly. Reddy pulled her slacks down and took it off her body. She was now lying half naked, and on her stomach. Reddy took a moment to appreciate her pair of attractive bum, and then started pouring some oil all over her ass and legs.

He started with her legs and then thighs. Rubbing his fingers nicely on them, and squeezing the muscles. Anita’s heart was beating heavily, she kept her eyes closed and had already surrendered herself to the need of the moment.

Reddy was nicely rubbing his hands all over her legs and thighs. He would rub his hands on each of her legs from the bottom to the top. He would rub his hands all the way from her ankle to her ass and spread her ass with his thumb and again rub his hands down. Anita too was enjoying this and had started moaning lightly.

Each time Reddy spread her ass, he could see her pussy as well. It was already beginning to swell and get wet. Her nipples too had become erect and hard with all the attention she was getting. “You have a pair of wonderful legs” he said in compliment for her nice long legs. But Anita was too shy to respond. And Reddy continued working on her legs, but slowly started working up towards her ass.

He poured more oil on her buttocks and started massaging her ass nicely. He put his hands on each of her ass-cheeks and started rubbing and squeezing them. He would spread them gently and then once again squeeze them together. He would spread them again and rub his hand on her ass-creek, brushing her pussy and ass hole with his oily palm. And that would make Anita shiver and more wet.

Reddy continued playing with her ass and pussy like that until he was sure that she was ready for the next level. He then came close to her ears and whispered, “Why don’t you take off your top too, I can give you more pleasure”. Anita took a deep breath, but she sat up without any word. Reddy looked at her hairy pussy as she turned around to sit up.

Anita didn’t look at him, she was too shy. But she quietly took her top off as Reddy looked on. She was not wearing any bra either, and her pair of firm melons were hanging like ripe fruits. They were firm and 34 inches. She once again turned around and lied back on her stomach. Reddy was already having a hard on, but he continued nonchalantly, pouring oil on her bare back and started rubbing it on her back.

He massaged her back for some five to ten minutes before he decided that it was enough pretending and he needed her cunt around his cock. So he stopped massaging her back any more and concentrated back on her ass and cunt. He spread her legs away, so that he can easily access her cunt, and then poured a lot of oil on her ass-crack and over her cunt.

Anita didn’t protest and he started rubbing his hand between her legs. He pressed his hands tightly between her legs and massaged her pussy and ass-hole passionately. Anita’s entire body became tight and her muscles stiffened as she struggled to control a maddening urge to cum. But she had already started moaning, exposing her condition.

Reddy enjoyed her moan, and her inner struggle to control the orgasm that was building up, and that gave him enough enthusiasm to continue. He continued rubbing his hands between her legs, but concentrated on her pussy mainly. He pressed his hand against her pussy and rubbed it hard.

Reddy had started feeling the warmth of the soft and sensitive skin of her cunt, against his finger. And slowly he dipped one of his oily fingers inside her cunt. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Anita moaned as she felt his finger slowly entering her cunt, but she didn’t move, encouraging him to do anything with her.

Reddy pushed his finger further inside and started rubbing her cunt from inside. Reddy was already an expert with girls and their anatomy, and he knew exactly what was needed to set Anita off. He rubbed his finger inside her cunt, exploring and looking for the g-spot, and he knew exactly where to look for it.

The g-spot is normally located 1.2-2.5 inches inside, along the front wall, and it is a bit rough, unlike the smooth and spongy feeling on the rest of the vagina. Reddy curled his finger to explore along the front wall of her vagina until he felt the little rough spot.

A chill ran down Anita’s body as soon as Reddy made contact with her g-spot. She almost jumped up and moaned out in pleasure. And Reddy continued rubbing at her g-spot, giving her the wildest stimulation of her life. He started pumping his finger towards the front, stimulating her and her g-spot madly.

Anita shivered and trembled like a bitch on heat, and within moment of her g-spot being touched she was ready to cum. Her entire body became stiffened as she tried controlling her orgasm again. “It’s OK, let it go” whispered Reddy, still rubbing at her g-spot. And it worked like magic.
Anita felt like a child, her mind had completely surrendered to Reddy. As soon as he whispered to her to let it go, she automatically lost all control over her body, and her female juices started running wildly. Her cunt flooded, wetting the divan on which she was lying.

Reddy took his finger out, but that was just the beginning. He had set off a wild animal within Anita. She sat up and turned around, hungry for more. She was not satisfied with just his finger. She wanted his cock. She wanted his cock in her cunt, in her mouth, and to be rubbed all over body.

She looked at the huge bulge on Reddy’s body and wanted to devour his cock greedily. Reddy too now wanted to be at the receiving end of the pleasure. He then slowly stepped back as Anita climbed down, hungry for his cock, she wanted to snatch it out of his pants.

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