Happy Anniversary

At the time it happened, I was into the 14th years of my marriage. I am a typical vanilla-girl, unadventurous and shy (just like any other conservative oriental girls).

Then came that day. It was our wedding anniversary, and my husband had brought me to a hotel bar for some drinks. Knowing full well that he had some cheeky thoughts, I asked what plans did he have in store. He simply replied “something to blow you away.”

So after a few rounds, I got tipsy and he brought me to one of the hotel rooms. Just when I was thinking to myself, that this isn’t anything special, I quickly saw another man in the room. Well, apparently husband has gotten me a male masseur. “Well, this is new.” I thought as began what the future me would remember as an amazing trip. I had a quick shower and laid as advised, covered in my towel on the fresh sheets.

The masseur wasn’t too bad looking, as I caught a quick glance of him before I turned to face down. My husband sat on a nearby couch, while the masseur started to oil his hands and began rubbing my bare shoulders.

At the beginning it was just your regular back rub, and I was still covered with towel on my back. But as it advanced the masseur, would occasionally slip his hands under the covered towel to gently brush the side my breasts slightly. I was still tipsy from the earlier alcohol, so I just let it be. As things got heated up, the man slowly turned me facing up and removed the towel covering the last of my modesty. I found myself totally naked in front of another man, as he started massage my exposed breasts.

I was shocked at first, but the feeling was quite welcoming, so I just laid there and allowed my breasts to be caressed along with the massage, but I closed my eyes.

Gradually, I sensed the touch of the masseur getting more intense as he began to focus more on my breasts and my now protruding nipples.

For the entire time, my husband was watching my breasts and nipples being fondled, sucked and played with by another man! Slowly, the man reached down to play with my clit. I was naturally moaning uncontrollably at that time, with his mouth feasting on my breasts, his tongue dancing with my nipples and his fingers rubbing my wet clit. Before I knew it the man thrusted his fingers into me! As he navigated his fingers inside my private part, and his lips and tongue explored all over my neck body, I felt as if myself had been laid open and vulnerable but I could no longer resist. My moaning intensified as I was being touched and having an orgasm right in front of my husband!

Then my husband came and held my hands down while the masseuse continued with my body like it was a buffet spread while I was feeling soft and lost. Without knowing, the man took out his penis and started to insert inside of me.

I gasped at the first instance our wet genitals made contact. I wanted to close my legs, but my body wasn’t responding. I started wriggling uncontrollably as he inched in slowing into my, wet vagina. I opened my eyes ever so slightly to take a peak and I could see from his expression that he was clearly enjoying every inch of his penetration. My mouth was uncontrollably opening wider as he buried his fully erected penis deeper into me. When he reached the depth in me, I let out a loud moan as I came. He continued his in-and-outs movements while holding down my hands and sucking my breasts harder and harder each time as I screamed from orgasm to orgasm. It had been a long time since I’ve had this extreme feeling of being desired so badly. I pretty much had laid bare and unrestricted for him to enjoy my body, while my husband watched his wife getting ravaged by another man.

I laid there dizzy and confused for a while, then my husband came up to me. That all-too-familiar penis of my husband suddenly felt like it was reinvigorated. He was like a beast and his thrusts felt different, full of energy and desire for me. My voice had cracked from my screaming, I was sweating and I almost felt like my body was cramping from orgasm when my husband finally came inside of me.

After that, I could only lay there, dazzled by this unexpected experience.

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