Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-20

Gautam was restless, he wanted to talk to someone and seeing the lights on in his sister-in-law’s room, he headed for there. But Rashmi was asleep, unaware that the door to the balcony was open, unaware that Gautam had come through that door and stood awed looking at her flawless body.

She was fair and equally beautiful like Kiran. The thin, sleeveless top and the shorts didn’t cover much of her wonderful body. Gautam stood at the door, awestruck and aroused. Due to Kiran’s pregnancy, they were not having sex for some months now. And so suddenly seeing Rashmi, like that, he became highly aroused.

For a moment he forgot all relationships, and a mad urge drove him crazy. He shut the door carefully and then went closer to her. He sat beside her on the bed and looked at her body carefully. Her rhythmic breathing made his cock hard and throbbing. Her breasts rose and fell with the breathing and Gautam couldn’t resist any further.

He wanted to feel her body, touch her body, make her naked, play with her breasts, rub his hands on her cunt, make her wet, eat her pussy. He wanted to make her mad like a whore. He wanted her to fuck him like a slut, and he didn’t care much about any relationship either. All he wanted at that point was to devour the beautiful body of her.

He wanted to feel how hot and warm her pussy might feel. He kept his palm on her belly. Rashmi wriggled, in sleep, at his cold touch. She took it for a dream and didn’t wake up. Gautam waited for a moment, seeing her reaction, and when she didn’t wake up, he continued.

He slowly put his hand on top of her pussy, he did so from over her shorts. Gautam felt how warm the area was and he started rubbing his hands on her pussy. He looked at her face, for reactions. Rashmi wriggled at his touch but still took it as a dream.

Gautam continued rubbing her cunt like that for fifteen minutes, and Rashmi wriggled and shifted in pleasure. She didn’t wake up or tried to stop it, she kept lying still, enjoying the treatment on her cunt.

Grown in confidence now, Gautam sat between her legs now. He wanted to take her shorts off. He was no longer satisfied in rubbing over the piece of cloth, he wanted to see her naked cunt, wanted to touch her wet clits, wanted to taste her juicy cunt lips.

So he held her shorts and slowly started pulling it down. For Rashmi, it was like a wet dream, she imagined herself being taken by an imaginary man. Even in her sleep, she shifted her body to allow the shorts to slip off easily. Gautam pulled it down and out of her body.

The shorts came off smoothly, exposing her wet pink cunt and the thick bush of hairs on top of it.Gautam looked at it in excitement and then ran his finger through the hairs. They were so thick, yet very soft. He then slowly traced his finger on her sensitive cunt.

Rashmi smacked her lips and bit them in excitement. She moaned and writhed in sleep while Gautam started playing with her vagina. “Mmmmmmmmmm” she moaned out in sleep as Gautam parted her cunt lips with his fingers and then slowly started rubbing his thumb just between her two holes.

“Sssssssssssssssssss” she sizzled in sleep as he continued rubbing his thumb on the skin between her cunt hole and the ass hole. He would often rub his other finger on her clits too making her shift in excitement.

Slowly Rashmi was getting more wet and she started feeling that it was all real than a dream. By then Gautam had started using his tongue on her vagina. He had parted her pussy lips with his fingers, and had started licking her clits and vaginal mound with his wet slimy tongue.

Rashmi’s sleep broke and she woke up in a huge shock. She had been thinking all of that as a wonderful dream. But suddenly she realized all that too be reality and she was been taken by none other than her sister’s husband. She had secretly wanted to get close to him, but what was going was beyond her wildest imaginations.

She was in a dilemma what to do. Meanwhile,Gautam was busy at her cunt. He didn’t know that Rashmi was awake. He was teasing and licking at her cunt and her labia with his tongue. The smell and taste of her vagina was driving him mad and he pushed his tongue further in to lick at the inner cunt.

His wet slimy tongue slowly went past her soft, tight flesh and a chill ran down her spine. She couldn’t control herself anymore and moaned out in pleasure. “Mmmmpppppp” she bit her lower lip and moaned out.

Gautam was startled to realize that she was awake, but he didn’t stop and continued fucking her with his tongue. He was afraid of an awkward moment if he would have stopped and so continued pushing his tongue in and out of her soft juicy vagina.

Rashmi had no other choice, she realized that it was wrong and had to be stopped. Yet she was turned very horny and her cunt was aching for his touch. So she had no other choice but to surrender to her craving pleasures. Her hands automatically moved to his hairs and she started brushing her fingers through his hairs.

Gautam too realized her condition then and so continued sucking and rubbing her cunt. He took his tongue out, but immediately replaced it with his fingers. He pushed his index finger and it slid smoothly inside her already wet cunt. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as his finger slid inside her tight cunt, and then started fucking her.

Gautam looked up at her but she closed her eyes in embarrassment. He smiled and then climbed up, still keeping his finger in her cunt. He positioned himself beside her and started kissing her lips.

Rashmi felt his hot breathing and then his moist lips, touching her. And she started breathing heavily, allowing him to suck her juicy lips.Gautam started sucking her lower lips first and then her upper lips. And then he took both of her lips between his and started nibbling and biting them, while he kept fucking her with his finger.

“mmmmmmhhhhh…nnnhhhhhhhh….ohhhhhh” she moaned, but kept her voice down. She was now sweating profusely. Her entire body had become stiff as her cunt was getting fucked by his fingers. She was slowly getting towards the edge and kept her eyes tightly shut to save herself from the embarrassment.

Gautam felt her need for orgasm and put one more finger inside, giving her cunt a good rub from inside. She clutched her hands tightly in a fist, her body started shaking and trembling as a huge flood built up within her. She tried to keep her calm but he would not let her and he continued torub his fingers in and out of her cunt until she started to squirt her juices out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned in relief while her juices ran wildly from her cunt. Gautam’s fingers were soaked as he took them out of her cunt which was now dripping with her cunt juice. She laid back, more relaxed now, but kept her eyes closed. Gautam once again held her face and started kissing her lips.

His cock was throbbing and dying to feel her cunt around it. He continued kissing her while slowly pulling her vest off from her body. Soon Rashmi was completely naked with her soft breasts, exposed too. Gautam held one of her breasts in his hand and started pressing it.

“Ouch” she withered as Gautam squeezed one of them harder. He looked at her eyes and she looked back this time. Her eyes begging him to fuck her, her face didn’t look that innocent any more. It resembled more of a slut who was begging her sister’s husband to fuck her.

Gautam kissed her slutty lips again as he took off his pants and climbed on top of her. His cock was throbbing and urging to get going. He pushed her legs apart and positioned himself nicely on top of her.

Rashmi too started kissing him back passionately, and she spread her legs wide to let him settle his body between them. She felt the prick of his hungry demon all over her body as he climbed on top of her.

Gautam started rubbing his cock on her crotch, making it wilder and hungrier. Rashmi too was feeling the heat of it and she pushed her waist forward to feel his throbbing tool around her vagina. And Gautam teased her like that for at least ten minutes, while they continued playing with each other’s tongues and lips.

Finally after lots of foreplay, Gautam positioned himself to enter her cunt. Rashmi too spread her legs and readied herself for the pain. Gautam pushed his cock at her cunt and it rubbed around her cunt hole. “mmmmmmmm” Rashmi moaned in pleasure, feeling his prick against the soft and sensitive flesh of her most private parts.

Gautam continued pushing his cock until it pushed through her tight cunt. Rashmi was not virgin, though she had never been with any guy before, but she used to masturbate regularly for seeking pleasure. But still her cunt was still very tight like any other virgin. “Ohhhhhhhhh” she gushed out in pain as his thick cock pushed through her soft flesh and invaded deep inside her pussy.

She jumped up in pain and then collapsed back as he quickly took it out. But it wasn’t over, Gautam slowly started to push his cock in and out from her cunt, gradually to get her acquainted with the rhythm and the pleasure out of it.

It was Rashmi’s first time, and she was reeling in pain as Gautam continued a slow fuck. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes in a mix of pain and pleasure. Gautam once again started kissing her lips while his waist continued to try to loosen her tight cunt.

“mmhhhhhhhh…nnnhhhhhhhh….ohhhhhh” she moaned and gushed as his thick cock continued to plough her tender cunt. “Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright, it pains the first time” Gautam said to console her. She nodded her head timidly, yet unable to cope with the pain, but somehow she continued in it.

Gautam then gradually changed his pace and quickened his strokes. Rashmi withered and wriggled but slowly subsided to the subsequent pleasure. And then suddenly all the pain was gone, and she was left with a sore but a rapidly wetting pussy.

She hugged him tightly, pushing her waist forward towards him, wanting his cock more inside than outside. Gautam too realized that she was now enjoying and hence started banging her hard.

“Ahhhhh….ahhhh….ahhhhhh…ahhhhhh…ahhhhh…ohhhhh…ohhhhh” both started moaning. Rashmi didn’t realize when she had the second orgasm too. Gautam held her pretty tightly and kept fucking her in a mad frantic spell.

He continued kissing her lips, sucking them, biting them, while he continued banging his cock in and out of her tight sensitive cunt. Inch by inch he was getting closer to his moment of relief. Rashmi in the meantime, already had a couple of orgasms.

This was her first time and she was wet like a fish. She had never imagined how this night would have turned out. But she was happy being fucked like a bitch and moaned like one. She too hugged him tightly and wanted him to keep going like that forever.

There was a burning desire in each other’s body which was not getting quenched, no matter how hard or how long they fucked each other. Gautam and Rashmi went on like that for an hour until Rashmi was exhausted of repetitive orgasm, and Gautam had one big load of his cum ready to be sprayed in her.

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