Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-19

Borah was shocked to see Sowmya like that, amidst two middle aged strangers. He had followed them since to find out more. Horny, they had went straight back to their cottage, unaware of being followed by Borah.

Back near the cottage, Borah had to go around the cottage to find a suitable spot to peep inside. He had to struggle through some dense bushes, but he reached a spot with unobtrusive view. It was a window adjacent to the bedroom, and he peeped inside, and got a clear view.

Sowmya was naked by then, and she stood between Mr. Gupta and Mr. Shah. Both had a hard on, and both were naked, by then, too. They were looking intently at her as she stood in her glorious birthday suit. Her body, still wet from the pool, glistened, and her breasts looked so inviting to get a handful of.

She walked up to Shah and pushed him on the couch. He sat back lamely, allowing her to do anything with him. Sowmya then knelt in front of him and took his cock in her hand. She looked at his eyes and started stroking his cock.
Shah had a satisfying grin on his face as he looked down at Sowmya. He took a deep breath and slowly started feeling the pleasure of being stroked by a pair of soft palms. Sowmya kept stroking at his already hard cock, making it more stout and throbbing.

Shah leant back at the couch, extending his cock more at her, and relaxing while Sowmya took good care of it. He closed his eyes and started moaning as Sowmya slowly started fondling his balls as well.

She had by then settled nicely between his thighs and had made his cock nicely stout. It was oozing and aching for her wet tongue. She didn’t waste any more time and bent forward and started kissing at it. She kissed the top of the cock and then at its body and started licking at its sides with her tongue.

Shah responded in moans, and she too started feeling movement between her legs. And so she took it completely in her mouth and started sucking it nicely. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Shah moaned as he felt his cock being devoured in her warm and wet mouth, wrapped in her soft and slimy tongue.

Gupta, in the meantime, was getting impatient. He didn’t want to stay behind and so he came behind Sowmya. She was busy sucking Shah’s cock, yet didn’t mind when Gupta asked her to raise her ass. He wanted to fuck her from the behind while her mouth was busy at his partner’s cock.

Sowmya was already at her knees, so she easily raised her ass and positioned herself like a bitch, ready to be fucked from both sides. She balanced herself well so that she can pay attention to both the cocks. And Gupta too positioned himself behind her, ready to enter her from the rear.

Borah watched on wide-eyed. He could not believe that it’s the same girl who had thrown up at him. He remembered that evening at the park when she had run away, leaving his desires unfulfilled. Ever since he had dreamt of being square with her, he was already having a discrete affair with her mother yet longed for the day when he will have her pretty cunt on his cock.

Meanwhile, it was already steaming inside. Shah held on to the couch, moaning and wriggling as Sowmya kept on pushing him towards the edge. Sowmya too was not very comfortable. She was constantly kept at the edge by the wild thrusts coming from behind. She had positioned herself nicely so that her face and cunt both were at usable height for the 2 men.

Gupta had first kissed her white round ass before kneeling behind her bent body. Her ass was at a nice height and invitingly offered up to him. He had touched her ass cheeks and spread them to expose her juicy cunt. It was aching to feel his throbbing cock. So he didn’t waste further time and had pushed his cock all the way inside her already wet cunt.

Sowmya had wriggled at the sudden pain, but she kept her composure and continued sucking Shah’s cock while Gupta ploughed her cunt from behind. She started moaning with the cock in her mouth and was slowly turning mad from the churning she was getting.

Yet she continued giving, Shah, the pleasure of her soft tongue and warm mouth. And he too appreciated with moans and signs. Gradually all the three were reaching towards their climax. Shah held her head tightly and started thrusting his cock on his own now. So did Gupta to her cunt from behind.

Sowmya became a sandwich in between, being fucked at her mouth and cunt. Both held her tightly and banged her from both sides. She stood still like a bitch and took all of it. She was growing wet rapidly and quickly came close to her first orgasm. She was moaning and wriggling crazily yet the two continued at the same pace and posture.
“mmmmmmm…..uuuurrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh…..uhhhhmmmmmmmm” she continued making crazy noise as her mouth and cunt both were filled with cock. And both penetrated long inside her. Shah had her deep throated and kept on banging his cock all the way inside her mouth. While Gupta reached up till her womb and continued fucking her hard.
Sowmya felt the two cocks tearing her apart from inside, while her entire body was behaving like a slut – burning and itching in pleasure. Her entire body shook and trembled as she was on the verge of giving up. And yet when they continued at the same vigor, she couldn’t control any further and exploded in a heavy orgasm.

Her pussy flooded from inside and she let out a loud noise. Gupta felt his cock become more wet and drenched in her pussy juice which was now flowing out uncontrollably. Shah too had reached his climax and held her head tightly and was stroking less but harder for a fulfilling orgasm.

And while Gupta continued, Shah took his cock out suddenly and just in time to spray his load on her face. Sowmya closed her eyes as his cum shot across her face. Shah released her head and collapsed back at the couch, exhausted and breathing heavily.

Sowmya however stayed in position, with the cum still on her face, while Gupta continued at her dripping cum. He too was near the end and that was evident from his moans. He had gritted his teeth and was thrusting at her cunt madly, accompanied with crazy grunts of pleasure.

“Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh” He continued in a rhythm as he climbed the ladder of ecstasy. Sowmya stayed still like a bitch, allowing him to continue and fill her up from behind, as his partner did to his face.

Gupta dug his nails on her body, and held her tightly as he came close to his climax. Sowmya too buried his face on the couch, readying herself for the ultimate. Gupta slowed down in pace but started stroking harder. He held her tightly and started moaning louder.

“ahhhh…ahhhhhh…ahhhhhhh…aaaoooofffffffffff” he moaned and Sowmya too with him. She had held her in position ready for it. And suddenly she felt herself filled from inside with the thick hot juice of her lover. She couldn’t resist but moaned out like the slut she had become. Gupta too, spent up, moaned loudly and settled down.

All the three were very exhausted. Their faces beamed red in exhaustion. Yet they had a satisfying grin on their face. The two men sat on the couch, still naked but wasted. Sowmya lied on the floor. She had her eyes closed but a smile on her face. She too was still naked and hadn’t cleaned herself yet.

Borah chuckled as he imagined Sowmya’s face when he would show her the lovely snaps he had taken. But he too was completely taken aback from what he had seen. He was aching to touch his cock and relieve himself. All that steaming action had made him hard and wanting to lend it to the girl inside.

He carefully looked around and then sneaked back out and headed for his room and then the bathroom with heavy wanton to touch himself. Sowmya and her lovers, unaware of being watched, finally got up. They too headed for the bathroom, together, to clean each other up. And once again they held the girl under the shower and love bloomed one final time before they said good bye to each other.

Far away from all this, the Chatterjees were waiting at the airport. Kiran had not taken Anita’s threat lightly. She was shocked that her little secret was out, and she didn’t want her husband to get a smell of it any way. So she had decided to get away from all that, Mr. Reddy, and his gym, for some time and then return when things have calmed down.

She was also disturbed about her illicit affair with Mr. Reddy, after Gautam’s return. And was almost caught the previous day when Mr. Reddy had her cornered in one of the vacant room. They had a steaming sex, but yet that had left her disturbed.

It didn’t take much to convince Gautam. After all she hadn’t seen her mother for a few months and wanted to visit her mother’s home for a few weeks. It would be nice for the baby too. Gautam had no other choice but to agree, but he wanted to drop them home himself.

Back in the flight, Kiran was deeply in thought of the last few days. In thought of Mr. Reddy, the wonderful time she had spent with her. The cheap thrill which they had the previous day, and it seemed impossible for her of not thinking about him. It made her so hot and wet instantly.

Gautam too was in deep thought, lost in sweet memories from his last trip to his in laws. He had not wanted to accompany them so far away without any reason. And the reason was Rashmi, Kiran’s younger sister.

Rashmi was six years younger than Kiran, and had just started going to college. But she was equally beautiful and hot like her elder sister. Actually at some aspects, she was much better than her sister, or so Gautam thought.

He closed his eyes and remembered the sweet accident that had happened in his last trip. Kiran was pregnant then and she wanted her first baby to born at her mother’s place. So he too had no other choice but to shift to his in laws during the final weeks. And the incident occurred when Kiran was admitted, expecting the baby any time.

Rashmi was always very close to him. Being the only sister in law, she was much pampered and always pampered him back. They two shared a very healthy friendship but never before that day they had realized if there was something more than just friendship.

Rashmi at the other hand liked him secretly. She always wanted her life partner to be like him. She used to look at Kiran and him and wished she too get a man who would love and take care of her like Gautam does for her sister. And so it was quite natural for accidents to happen.

Kiran was at the nursing home, and the doctor had told that she needs to be there for two more days before she could deliver the child. Gautam was naturally very tensed and restless. He had already smoked around five cigarettes in the last two hours. His in laws had already retired for the night after an early dinner.

Gautam was staying at Kiran’s room, which was adjacent to Rashmi’s, and both the room had a common balcony. Gautam was having his sixth cigarette at the balcony, when he felt the need to talk to someone. He thought, that would relief his tension. He took his phone to call a friend, but noticed lights coming out of Rashmi’s room.

They were good friends anyway, so he thought of spending some time talking to his charming little sister-in-law. He knocked on the door couple of times, but there was no response. He knocked again, this time harder, and the door slightly became ajar. It was not locked so he decided to open it further.

The lights were on, but Rashmi had already fallen asleep. Gautam decided to leave but couldn’t help but notice how his beautiful sister-in-law looked so beautiful and hot.

She was wearing a thin, sleeveless top, and shorts. She was as fair as Kiran, and had a pretty wonderful body too. Her top was sleeveless and quite deep which exposed her small yet firm bosoms. For a married man, who hadn’t had sex for quite a few months, sight like that was a mental torture.

Gautam couldn’t help but stood staring at his sexy sister-in-law. His cock slowly began getting hard. He tried diverting his mind but something inside him drove him crazy and greedy. He looked at her white flawless body greedily. She was hot, sexy, and driving his libido crazy.

He wanted to go back to his room, but someone kept him glued to her room. He closed his eyes and cursed in his mind, and then finally gave up. Rashmi was too irresistible to miss the chance. And so he risked everything he had and closed the door from inside. His cock was already throbbing and aching for the lack of attention from the last few months.
He came closer to her and sat beside her on the bed. Her slow rhythmic breath made him crazy. Her breasts rose and fell along with her breath. Rest of her body was flawless and smooth. Her milky white thigh and long legs invited him to touch them, and finally he shrugged all his fears and…

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