Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-18

It was an uneventful Sunday for most, but things were heating up at the 4th floor apartment of Mrs. Nair. Rahul, who had ventured in looking for Aarushi, was caught unaware while Mrs. Nair was naked after bathe. And Rahul had to offer all he had, including his manhood, to get out of the situation. However it was a deal, he ended up liking too.

Mrs. Nair worked on his cock for close to an hour, milking him, making his cock dry. Rahul sprayed his cum all over her breasts, and now it was his turn to return the favor. Mrs. Nair climbed on the bed and lay down with her legs spread. Rahul gathered himself and quickly went down between her legs.

He knelt between her legs to appraise the beautiful sight on offer. Mrs. Nair had spread her cunt open. She had a dark complexion, yet her cunt was bright pink. It already looked moist and was glistening in her juices. A strong odor of her cunt filled up Rahuls nose and drove him mad.

Rahul slowly spread her labia more, opening her vagina even more. It was beautiful, pink, sloppy, mound of flesh, as if alive and breathing. Rahul went down, positioning himself carefully so that he can indulge himself in her cunt. He took his head closer and sniffed at her cunt for her wild odor. The smell was driving him equally crazy and he couldnt stop himself any more.

Mrs. Nair moaned out as his tongue made first contact. Rahul started teasing her by licking her clitoris and the clitoral hood. He kept her labia spread yet moved his tongue around her clitoris only.

Mrs. Nair was growing crazier, she turned her palms in a tight fist and bit on her own lips, trying to absorb the crazy pleasure he was giving her. But she was unable to control herself as Rahul continued teasing at her genitals.
“Ohhhhhhh…you are so wonderful” Mrs. Nair remarked about Rahul. He blushed a little but continued licking around her cunt. By then he had started rubbing his fingers on her labia too, and that made Mrs. Nair moan out louder. She had started making grunting noise.

“Please… no more…please I cannot take it anymore” Mrs. Nair started shouting as she neared an orgasm. Rahul stopped for a moment to check what she was upto. But she quickly gestured him to continue. So he buried his face back in her cunt and continued.

Mrs. Nair was too close to an orgasm to stop him or change to something else. Borah was away for quite some days, and she was missing a male touch. But with Rahul, she didnt have to miss it for long, and was now very close to a fulfilling orgasm.

Her entire body was shaking as Rahul drew her closer to the climax. A chill ran down her entire body as she sensed the oncoming of her juices. She clutched on to the bed sheets as Rahul continued licking and fingering on her cunt.
“Mmmmmmmmppppppppppppppppppp” she shouted as her juices started running out of her cunt. Rahul realized this but continued licking to get taste of her juices. And soon he had enough to dip his tongue into.

It was an enormous and an exhausting orgasm. Rahul continued fingering her and she continued coming for few minutes. And then at the end Mrs. Nair collapsed with all her energy drained out. She kept lying on the bed while Rahul kissed on her cunt one final time before lying down beside her.

“Dont you want me to fuck you?” Rahul asked her.

Mrs. Nair had her eyes closed, but she smiled at his question. She turned and looked at him and both of them started kissing each other. Mrs. Nair hugged her tightly and started sucking his lips. Rahul too hugged her back and sucked and bit on her lips. Soon there tongue started playing with each other and both the naked bodies mingled again.

Whilst Mrs. Nair was getting all toasty with Rahul, her younger daughter, Sowmya was about to fulfill her dreams of being a model. She had been away from the town, to an unknown resort. She has given herself away to some strangers who had promised her to offer a modeling assignment.

Gupta and Shah had used her for the entire night. She was made to suck, fuck and do whatever they wished for the entire night. Finally exhausted they had slept the rest of the night off, like that naked and on top of each other.
She had woke up naked and between the three strangers. Both the guys were still asleep while she woke up and washed herself. Pooja, the other girl, too had woken up and got cleaned. And by the time the guys woke up she left for some urgent work, leaving Sowmya alone with them.

There was still some time left before Sowmya was to leave, and so they decided to spend some time at the swimming pool. Sowmya didnt carry any swim suit with her, so they had to lend one from the resort officials. And after breakfast, three of them headed for the swimming pool.

There was no one else in the pool at that time and the area was not very crowded too. And three of them started having fun. Gupta and Shah cornered Sowmya to a side and they kept poking at her for fun. Sowmya was naked beneath the swim suit and they took advantage of it.

While she was cornered and surrounded, Gupta started rubbing his palm on her crotch. He removed the cloth slightly and managed to touch her bare cunt. Sowmya wriggled under water as they started rubbing her cunt and breasts. While Gupta rubbed at her cunt, Shah started pressing her breasts gently.

Not very far away, on the opposite side of the pool, a gang of young men were enjoying the scene secretly. Five young men were glued at the window of their pool view room, from where they were able to see what was going on at the pool.

“Hey look, the bitch is enjoying” remarked one.

“Looks like she is going to cum” commented another.

“Come on Borah, you would not want to miss it” yelled another to another guy.

Borah had just come out of the toilet and was curious to see all his colleagues glued to the window like that. They had been staying in that resort for the past one week for the ongoing seminar cum team building exercise. But never in dreams had they thought of being able to witness something like that.

“She is one real slut” remarked one of them as Borah too joined them. At first he was amused to see the girl between the two men like that. And it didnt took him long to realize what was going on.

By then, Sowmya was sandwiched between the two. Shah was behind her. He had his hands slipped in her swim suit and fondling her breasts. And Gupta was rubbing her bare pussy quite vigorously. Sowmya was finding it hard to control her moans. She had already come once and was struggling hard, not to moan loudly.

Borah looked curiously at them, initially in amusement but slowly it turned into utter surprise as he gradually recognized the girl in the middle. He looked on wide eyed as Sowmya continued to be rubbed and fondled between the two men. They two were slowly getting aroused and wanted to get away to somewhere, where they can fuck her hard.
Borah quickly slipped out of the room unnoticed, while his colleagues were still enjoying the scene. However soon, they too came out of the pool and disappeared in the nearby lane. A big sigh ran across the room and they returned back to their normal chores or discussing about the slut they had just seen.

Borah ran across the corridor, conscious of not been seeing. He had been following Sowmya and the 2 men secretly. They left the pool and headed back for their room, followed by Borah. Soon they reached their cottage and went inside.

Borah stood in hiding for some time and then decided to investigate further. He went around the cottage and spotted a window at the back end of the room. He quickly sneaked near the window and fortunately found it uncovered. Though the panes were closed, yet he could see inside through them. He had a clear unobstructed view of the bedroom.

Sowmya was standing in the middle. She was in the bathrobe which she had changed into before their short trip back to the room. Borah looked on as Sowmya slowly untied the knots of the robe and let it fall off. She was completely naked beneath it and stood like that, nude, between the two men.

Shah and Gupta already had a hard on, and they decided not to waste anymore time

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