Blissful Activities – Part 2

As Yash and I left college, he took me to his car and drove me to his friend’s home. The next day was the weekend so he instructed me to tell my home that I will be late as going to friend’s home. I did so.

He took me to his friend’s room. He introduced me to his friend Tarun who lived alone. Yash took me to Tarun’s bedroom and locked the door. As I looked on the bed, there was a packet of extra dotted and ribbed condoms and a bottle of lubricants.

He made me feel comfortable and relax for a while. After some time he said to suck his dick. I had no option to say no. He started undressing me and I was nude in no time. He even removed all his clothes. He pushed me to the wall grabbing my breast and smooched me.

He was playing with my breast and his erect dick was touching my vagina. As he broke the smooch he made me get on to my knees and inserted his dick in my mouth. I was using my hands to move his dick away from my mouth. He took his handkerchief and tied both the palm.

Now he started pushing his dick in my mouth deeper and deeper. I was trying to suck it. But he kept moving his dick in and out on my mouth. After some time he released sperm in my mouth and said me to take it inside. I tried hard doing it. He said this was for not sucking the dick in the morning.

I ran to the washroom and sprinkled lots of water on my mouth. In a minute I returned, he pushed me on the bed and climbed on me. He again smooched me and started kissing my neck and some bites on my neck. He then again sucked and bit my nipples and played with my breast.

In some time, he went down kissing my body. He came near my vagina and I had spread my legs. He started kissing my inner thighs and suddenly kisses on my vagina. In no time he started licking me on my vagina. I was enjoying it and moaning at the same time. It was very intense.

He was using his tongue perfectly. I was pushing his head more on my vagina. In some time he started to play with my clits and was sucking it. I was moaning heavily. He kept licking me. Later he stretched my vagina lips and inserted his whole tongue inside.

He was moving his tongue in and out vigorously. I was on cloud nine by that time. I was screaming and moaning heavily. After a few minutes, I orgasmed while he kept licking me. I was so turned on now. I said to him, “I want to take your dick deep inside my mouth.”

I got up and lay on the edge of the bed. He was standing with his erect dick in front of my face. He looked at me with lust. In no time he tied my both palms together so that I could not use my hand to stop. I opened my mouth and licked the tip of the dick and even sucked it.

Slowly I was able to take his half of the dick without any problem. I kept taking his dick and making myself comfortable. In some time his whole dick was inside my mouth and I kept sucking it. He was enjoying a lot having his whole dick inside my mouth.

Later he started moving his dick in and out holding my head. He was moving his dick at great speed. He was fucking my mouth and even I was enjoying it as I never experienced it before. He kept doing for some minutes and then deep throated me and stopped.

He released all his sperms deep inside my throat and some were on his dick head to which I licked. He seemed tired so we took a break He ordered some snacks for us and his friend as well. I went to the washroom and cleaned up. As I came out of the washroom his friend was standing there.

He saw me completely nude. It was embarrassing. I went to the bed and covered myself with the blanket. We ate the snacks on the bed. He was continuously watching me. I felt shy but was enjoying too. I went to the washroom again without covering myself. He was continuously staring at me.

He went to the kitchen to prepare tea for us and closed the door. Yash made me lie on the bed. He was between my legs licking my vagina again. I was moaning heavily. In some time I was going to have a climax. Suddenly, his friend opened the door and came inside the room with tea.

He was looking at me with lust. I was not in the mood to stop Yash from eating my vagina. In some moments, I orgasmed in his mouth. My vagina was wet and dripping. I got up from bed to have tea and did not care about being nude in front of his friend. He was staring at my breast and vagina.

I gave him good access so that he could have a view of me. I was having tea without covering myself as he had already seen me nude. While having tea I was playing with the packet of condoms. I opened it and there were 20 units of dotted condoms. I was surprised looking so many condoms.

Yash told me to open up a condom and roll it on his dick. I did so. His friend asked, “Can I keep 2 condoms with me?” to which I said yes. I gave him 2 condoms. I asked him to go and close the door.

I lay on the bed. Yash climbed on me and started kissing my breast and licking my nipples. He was rubbing his dick on my vagina. He then slowly entered his dick tip inside me. He was holding my palms while entering. He started pushing his dick inside. It was paining a bit but at the same time, I was enjoying it too.

In some time his whole dick was inside me and I was moaning heavily. He started smooching me and was pressing my breasts. In some time he broke the kiss and started moving his dick inside and out. After some time, he increased the speed.

Later he pulled me to the edge of the bed and again entered me and kept fucking me. My breast was moving up and down due to force. I climaxed in between. He stopped and removed the condom and entered me again. He said he will orgasm in a minute.

He removed the dick from the vagina and entered my mouth and kept fucking it. In no time he released so much of sperm in my mouth. It was dripping from my mouth. Later I went to the washroom and cleaned myself and told Yash to stop for today.

The next day after the exam we again came to his friend’s home. I went to the bedroom and undressed. Yash came with his friend inside the bedroom. I was nude I felt so embarrassing again. Yash said his friend wants to complete a project and major utility are kept in the bedroom.

I said, “It’s ok. You can enter the bedroom whenever you want to enter and we won’t lock the door.” His friend was again looking me with lust and he went. Yash undressed and I went on my knees to suck his dick. I tried deep throating.
I placed the tip of a condom between my lips. I rolled the condom to his dick by taking the whole dick deep inside the mouth. I made him lie on the bed. I climbed on him in cowgirl position. I was riding his dick and he was playing with my breast. In some time I stuffed my whole breast in his mouth.

Yash’s friend entered the bedroom and saw us fucking in the same position. I took out my breast from Yash’s mouth and placed his palms on my breast. I was moaning and enjoying. His friend took his materials and left the bedroom. He was watching me and I could see the bulge on his pants.

After some time we both orgasmed. Yash said he wants to enter my ass. I thought for a while and said it will hurt. So he took a chance. I went to the edge of the bed and took the doggy position and Yash was behind me. He was rubbing his dick on my vagina and was rubbing it too.

He opened up the bottle of lube and applied on it my ass. He stretched my butts and was rubbing his dick head on my ass. In some time he entered his dick tip in my ass. It was painful, it was hurting. He kept entering my ass. His half dick was inside my ass and his friend came with tea.

He was watching me and Yash was not stopping. He inserted his whole dick inside my ass. I was in pain. He started fucking my ass, holding my butts. He was grabbing my breast while fucking me from behind. I was moaning in pain and was bending more so he could enter easily.

Tarun was watching me getting fucked. He was watching my movements and was staring at my breast. In some time Yash orgasmed inside me and went to the washroom. I sat on the bed and his friend offered me tea. I took the cup and he was continuously watching my naked body.

I was enjoying it though. I kept exposing my body to him. Tarun murmured that Yash must be enjoying you a lot and he went.

The same thing continued till our last exam. On the last day, I knew that it would be our last day for intercourse. So I had wished to enjoy as much as I can. As we reached his friend’s home I went to the bedroom and undressed.

I undressed Yash and started blowing him. As he attained erection he started deep throating me. This time we didn’t close the bedrooms door. His friend saw him getting deep throated and he passed the corridor. After some time we came in 69 positions and was pleasuring each other.

He orgasmed while I was blowing him, I want to do it more so I did not stop and kept sucking his dick. Suddenly he got a call on his phone which seemed normal. After his call disconnected he make me in missionary position and started fucking me and simultaneously was sucking my nipples.

In some time he orgasmed and he left me in bed and went to the washroom. As he returned he started wearing his clothes. I asked him what happened. He replied it’s urgent and it was fun having me for a whole week. He said we will not meet henceforth as the exam is over.

He said to me to take my own time to get dressed up and leave. I was sad as I wanted to have fun. I was lying on the bed and Yash’s friend came inside the bedroom. He asked what happened to which I told him everything. I requested him for a cup of coffee.

Tarun went to prepare coffee and I started dressing up. I wore my bra and panty. He brought the coffee for us. I told him that it was our last day as the exam has finished. He left me turned on and I had thought to have so much fun today. After hearing me he replied that I would not be able to see you nude henceforth.

I gave him a naughty look and said to him that you can watch your girlfriend nude instead of me. He answered that he has no girlfriend and he had never seen a nude girl except me.

I said, “From tomorrow I won’t be coming to your place. So if you wish to see me nude then I won’t mind.” To which he pleaded that he will open up my bra and panty. I agreed. I faced my back towards him. He removed my bra and grabbed my breast with both palms and started playing with it.

Later he rolled my nipples using his thumb and finger. I was enjoying it. Then I grabbed his face till my breast and made him suck my breast. He kept sucking and biting my nipples. In some time he pushed me on the bed and started kissing my stomach. He was moving down towards panty.

Tarun was damn polite and he asked me if he can remove my panty. I laughed and said yes. He raised my legs for removing my panty. He again started kissing me near my stomach and came near my vagina and started looking me. I grabbed his head and rubbed his face on my vagina.

As I left him, he rose his face up and said I want to explore. I spread my legs for him to get better access. He touched my vagina lips and was rubbing it vigorously. Then he stretched my pussy lips and started moving his fingers on it. Then he rubbed my clits and was pulling it.

He again came between thighs and inserted his whole tongue inside my pussy and was licking it. I was moaning heavily and enjoying it too. In some time he started moving his tongue in and out on my pussy. I orgasmed in some time while he was doing it.

I was so turned on I got up and removed his all clothes. I got on my knees to suck his dick. It was rock hard and in front of my face. I started rubbing my palm on the shaft and then was rolling his dick skin back and forth. I had only done it slowly for 20 times and he ejaculated in no time.

He shot his whole sperm which landed on my face, my chest, and some on the breast. He started telling sorry and took me to the washroom to clean. Later I again sat on the floor and started rolling his dick skin back and forth. He was losing his balance to stand while I was doing so.

To tease him more, I took the dick head tip in mouth and started licking and rolling my tongue. And in between, I took his whole dick inside the mouth and kept sucking it. He was shivering. He took the support of my head to stand. He was pushing my face on his dick. It seemed he was also enjoying the act.

He was making noises as well. I started moving my mouth on his dick. Suddenly he again ejaculated on my mouth. Some went inside and some was dripping from my mouth. He got sad and said he couldn’t control it. I got up and he pushed me to the walls.

He was pressing my breast harder and his dick was rubbing my pussy. He then started kissing my neck and then he starting moving downwards. He again started sucking my nipples. He came between legs and started licking my pussy. I was turned on so much I pushed him.

I took a condom and rolled on his dick. I lay on the bed spreading my legs. He started rubbing his dick tip on my pussy lips and he entered. He started fucking me harder holding my breast. Later he climbed up and came in missionary position.

He was holding my palm and sucking my breast and fucking me harder. I was enjoying being fucked and was moaning heavily. After some time I made him lied on the bed and went in cowgirl position. I was moving my hips on his dick, it was touching my walls.

I grabbed his face and made him suck my breast and to press them. I had stuffed one breast in his mouth. In some time I orgasmed and even he said he will ejaculate now. I stopped and removed the condom and started sucking his dick. I said to him to fuck my mouth and release everything.

He got excited and started deep throating me. He loaded so much sperm in my mouth. We took a break for some time until he gained an erection. I lay on the bed facing my ass up. I asked him to enter his in my ass. He stretched my butts and entered his dick tip inside and he kept pushing harder.

He then lay on my back and was holding my wrist. He started fucking my ass and sometimes he was pressing my breast. It was painful. I stopped him and went on the doggy position. I made him apply lube on my ass and even on his dick. I came near the edge and he entered my ass again.

He started fucking me in the doggy position. He was pressing my breast at the same time. After some duration, he ejaculated inside my ass. I could feel the warmth of his sperm.

We rested for some time. It was now night so I had to leave. I dressed up and we exchanged numbers. I had visited him thrice since my exam was over. It was indeed not a bad decision to trade my virginity for exam papers.

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