Blissful Activities – Part 1

Coming to the day of my final graduation exam. I was allotted a center in North Mumbai while my home was in South Mumbai. On the day of the exam, I reached the center 2 hours prior exam. When I saw the college building I was stunned, the building was weird as compared to the public colleges.

I entered the center anyhow and sat on my allotted desk which was next to the wall and was in between the column. And the desk was placed where hardly air could be felt. It was damn hot and humid, I was restless to wear a thick top so decided to wear sleeveless top for the rest of the exams.

The first exam was good. After the exam, all the students were collecting there bags and stationery. So I was sitting for other students to leave. Meanwhile, I heard the boy sitting behind me talking with his friends about the question paper. It was the same which he got fifteen minutes before the exam.

I was amazed by listening to him. I approached him when his friend left. I asked him how did you manage to get question paper 15 minutes before the exam. He looked at me and said that he is from the same college and he has some connection with the staff of the college.

I thought to try my luck if he might help me in the exam, to which he replied yes. I was excited about the next exam but then too I had prepared for the same.

The next day as decided, I wore a sleeveless top and it was quite taking the shape of my body. Even little cleavage was exposed from the top. I did not give a second thought and reached my exam center. The next day when I reached I saw the boy sitting near the stairs, I approached and greeted him.

I asked him if he could help me in today’s exam as it was a bit difficult to which he replied yes. Before an hour of the exam, I asked him to give the main head point of the answer to a question. I was writing for the rest of the paper. Suddenly Yash touched my breast to call me to give head points.

I thought it might be by mistake that he touched my breast. He dictated the points and I wrote the answers and asked him another question’s answer. In some time he pressed my left breast to give answers. This time I felt it was done purposely.

To get it confirmed I again asked him to give a head point of the last question. He again called me pressing my left breast. I was now sure he was doing it purposely. I was angry and was waiting to yell at him. After the exam, I said to him to wait. I wanted everyone to move out of class and I could yell at him.

As everyone went I went to him and yelled, what the hell is wrong with you. You could have called me tapping my shoulders or instead of breast. Yash replied it was very soft. I slapped him and went away.

On the next exam day, I made up my mind not to ask any answers to that pervert. But it tends to be wrong. I was forced to ask him answers to which he gave. After the exam, I said to him sorry and thanked him. He did not respond to me and I felt guilty about it. In some time the examination hall vacant.

Yash pushed me on to a wall and grabbed my breasts with both hands and was pressing. I was extremely afraid that if anyone catches me in this manner what impression will I carry. I pushed him back and pleaded him not to do anything like this and requested him a lot.

He stopped and said if I want the question paper at night then don’t stop me from doing it. I was thinking and he again pushed me on the wall and was moving his palms on my breast. I was very afraid. I said to him to stop and not to do anything here in the class.

He stopped and said if he finds a safe place then he will do more bad things. I agreed to him as I do not want to get caught. He took me to the 3rd floor inside the girls’ washroom and locked the main door. He said no staff comes here and all students have left. I was again afraid of him.

He hugged me forcefully to feel my breast and was touching my body parts. I was helpless. He then placed me on the wall and grab my breast and kept feeling and pressing it. I was damn afraid if someone hears our noise. He took me inside the washroom and locked the door.

He smooched me pressing my breast with one hand and rubbing my vagina with the other hand. In some time he started undressing my top. I was continuously saying no to him. He did not listen and he removed my top and I was standing in a bra in front of him.

He started kissing me on my breast and even opened up my bra. I was covering my breast with my palms. He started kissing me on my nipples and was pressing the other. I never thought I would get into this situation. He again smooched while pressing and pinching my nipples.

After a minute he stopped and started to unbutton my jeans. I was helpless and damn afraid. But he did not stop and he removed my panty as well. I was covering my vagina with my palm. He got down on his knees and dragged my palm from my vagina and started rubbing it.

I never experienced it and had goosebumps all over my body. In some time he started kissing me on my vagina. Later he forced to spread my legs and he started licking my vagina. In some time, I started moaning and enjoying it too but had fear as well.

I was holding his head until he stopped. In some time he stopped and removed his jeans and got his erect dick out. It was the first time for me to see a dick. He made me get on knees and started rubbing his dick on my lips. And said to me to take it in my mouth.

I just removed my tongue a bit and was moving my tongue tip on his dick. He pulled my hairs and pushed his dick deep in my mouth, I was in tears as I had never done this before. I had a very weird feeling while his dick was in my mouth.
Somehow I made comfortable by kicking his dick and he started deepthroating me. I felt like vomiting, he then released me to take a breath and again inserted his dick in my mouth. This time he started fucking my mouth with his dick in some time he released something in my mouth.

I felt uneasy and felt like to vomit. I suddenly spat his sperms out, he again deep-throated and released all his sperms in my mouth and removed his dick. All the sperms were dripping from my mouth and falling all over my breast and stomach even some went inside the stomach.

He said this was for the slap which I gave him. I said to him sorry once again and got up to wear my clothes. He said to me not to wear a bra from tomorrow and wear a sleeveless top. He took my number and waited for me to dress up. I came out and washed my face and rinsed my mouth with water.

He dropped me to the station in his car and I went home. At night I got his messages not to wear a bra and come 2 hours early. He even had questions for the exam for the next day. I prepared my self for the next exam. And slept, in the morning I again got a message to come early.

I had worn a bra and top and went for exam 2 hours early. He called me as I reached. He was in the car, he said to me to sit in the car and he drove to the back road. He parked the car near the end of the road and touched my breast. As he touched my breast he got angry as I was wearing a bra.

He made me remove it. It was so embarrassing to remove my top and bra at that point. Anyhow, I removed my bra completely. And I agreed that I won’t wear it from tomorrow onwards. He started pressing my breast and later inserted his palms inside my top. He was rubbing and pulling my nipples.

In some time, my nipples had an erection. He glided the shoulder bands of my top had and my breast was exposed. He started sucking my nipples and was biting them vigorously. He was sucking my nipples and pressing the other breast. In some time he started stuffing my whole breast in his mouth.

After some time he smooched me holding my breast harder. He broke the kiss and got his erect dick out and made me suck it. But I was not comfortable to suck his dick due to last day’s acts. I said to him that I will not suck now, “But if you want I can try it after the exam.’

He said then after the exam he will take me again but not in the washroom. He mentioned his friend’s home was 5 minutes away from the college. While walking to the examination center I had erect nipples, many boys were staring at my breast.

I was feeling very shy. But I did not think much of it and appeared for the exam. He behaved properly until the exam. As we both left college, he took me to his car and drove me to his friend’s home. The next day was the weekend so he instructed me to tell at my home that I will be late as going to a friend’s house.

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