Sexual Experience Begins

After about three months of marriage, I was already starting to feel the need for something new. Specifically, I wanted a new man, a new cock, and a new thrill.

My husband was sweet and he knew that I had been a big slut in college, but I still wasn’t sure if he would be okay with me sleeping around. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make him a part of it. Even if it was only a small part.

So, one night, I poured him a scotch and told him to come to bed early. He knew that meant I was up for some fun, so he turned off the TV and followed me into the bedroom.

“Feeling frisky?” he asked with a laugh. It was obvious that between the two of us, I had the bigger libido. Not that he ever turned me down, but I was most often the one to start things.

“I was just thinking,” I said, dropping to my knees. “I’m so happy we’re married, but sometimes I think back to college…”

I stop talking as I pulled him from his pants and took him into my mouth. He looked a little concerned, but as soon as I was sucking his cock there wasn’t much for him to do.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” he asked, as I felt him grow fully hard.

“Nothing you don’t already know,” I said with a wink before I took him back down my throat. I heard him groan and realized that maybe I was doing too good of a job! There was no point in him coming before I got to surprise him.
I stood up and dropped my dress to the floor in one fluid motion. He looked at me with those adoring eyes he has, and I pulled him to the bed and pushed him onto his back. Straddling him, I hovered just above him, his hard cock a few inches away from my soaking wet cunt.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I teased, rubbing him against my skin.

“Yes,” was all he could say. He tried to pull me down, but I held myself firm.

“Does it upset you that I was such a slut when I was younger?” I asked. He shook his head as he grabbed me by the ass.

“You don’t mind that I used to go out every weekend and fuck a different guy?” I asked, letting him get just the head inside me.

“You’re mine now,” he growled, digging his fingers into my ass. He might be sweet, but he still knew how to play rough when he wanted to.

“It’s just that…” I leaned down and kissed his mouth gently, still not quite letting him enter me. “It’s just that sometimes I miss it. I miss fucking someone new. And do you know what I especially miss?”

“Tell me,” he groaned as I let him enter me by an inch.

“Are you sure you’re not upset?”

“Please,” he begged again.

“Sometimes,” I said, pushing a little further down on him. “Sometimes I miss having a huge cock inside me. Just some asshole stranger, shoving me against the wall and fucking me with his big cock. Is that terrible?”

“Fuck, you can’t say things like…”

And then I let him take me all the way. I sat down on top of my husband and began to move my hips as I let him fuck me and I could tell that I had him. He was thrusting into me and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. So I had to time it just right.

“What if I let you watch?” I asked, still riding him hard. “Would you like that? If I let you watch me get fucked? If I let you watch me be a slut again? Just like in school? Could I have a nice big cock then?”

“Fuck, Sarrah, I can’t even concentrate,” he said.

Just before he could come I sat up and he slipped out of me. He was throbbing and shaking he was so close, but I had to make him say it.

“Tell me,” I said, teasing him once more. “Tell me I can do it and I’ll let you come. Tell me you’ll watch me fuck a stranger and you can finish.”

“Come on, I was so close!”

“Just say it,” I said, leaning down and rubbing him against my wet lips. “You knew I was a slut when you married me. Don’t you want to see it again?”


“Just say yes,” I whispered, lifting up again. I knew I was driving him crazy, but I didn’t care. The thought of making him give me permission was almost enough to get me off too. And the thought of actually following through was enough!

“Fine!” he screamed. “You can do whatever you want, just please let me come.”

I was back down on him a second later and he fucked me harder and faster as I whispered in his ear.

“I’m going to do it,” I moaned. “I’m going to find a handsome man with a big cock and let him fuck me. Right here on our bed, he’ll fuck me while you watch. It’s going to be so hot, Rob. I want you to see me come and hear me come too. I’m going to get fucked so hard.”

“Oh god, I’m going to come,” he cried out.

“And when I’m done, he’s going to finish too. He’s going to come right here in your wife’s cunt!”

“Yes!” he screamed, holding me tightly as he exploded within me, flooding my pussy just as I started to come as well. I clenched around him, kissing his mouth even as I continued telling him what I was going to do. He kissed me back and while he kept telling me no, I would never forget what I said that made him come.

When we finally stopped shaking, I kissed him gently on the lips and then rolled over to one side. I took a deep breath before going in for the final punch.

“You know I was just teasing, right?” I said. “I would never really do that. It was just hot to fantasize about.”

“That’s good,” he said, still looking a bit concerned.

“You thought it was hot though, didn’t you?”

“Everything you do is hot,” he said, grabbing me and pulling me in once more. I kissed him again, and then I let it drop.

The thought would percolate in his head until there was nowhere for it to go. I knew how his mind worked, and within a week, it would be him asking me to tell him again what I wanted. It would be my husband asking me how badly I wanted to get fucked by a stranger.

And that was just how I wanted it.

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