Next time with my mother

That was in an afternoon on a Sunday. When we finished I had thought that was to be the last sexual encounter between me and my mother. But that was not to be. After I shot my juice deep into my mother’s cunt, we lay side by side for about half an hour. Then mother touched me again. I was still limp. With my mothers touch, I got hard again. Without much talk, I mounted her again and entered her. This time I slid inside her cunt easily. Also since I had shot my juice twice, I was in no hurry. So we fucked slowly and I took more than 15 minutes to shoot my juice inside her. After that, my mother said, “I think you must have cooled off by now. Take rest and sleep. We will see in the evening”. With this she left.

I went to sleep and slept like a log till seven in the evening. When I woke up I was fresh. I took a bath and went out. I came back at about 9 and had my two pegs of whiskey as usual and went to the dining room for dinner.

Mother was ready with dinner as usual. She was bathed and in a fresh saree. We both remembered the afternoon of passionate fucking, but said nothing. I had dinner, mother also had dinner after me, and I went to my bedroom and slept. I masturbated as usual before sleep. I went to sleep.

I don’t know why, but I woke up at 4 in the morning. I tried to go back to sleep but could not. I was disturbed. I was also hard. I got up, went to the kitchen for a drink of water and returned back to my bedroom. I tried to go back to sleep but I could not. I slowly got up and went to my mother’s bedroom. The lights were off and she was deep asleep. I went in and put on the light. She was still asleep and was in a saree which was now up to her knees. I thought of last afternoon and I got real hard. I slowly lifted up her saree till her hips. She was wearing a black panty which I peeled down. There was that cunt again. It was now closed and not yet ready for sex. But I was so aroused; I bent down and kissed it.

I was in shorts and T Shirt. I got up, took them off and became nude. I again sat near her and kissed her cunt. She moaned a little and opened her eyes. Seeing me sitting naked near her she said, “What’s the time?”
I said, “Its 4:30”

“Go to sleep then. What are you doing here?”

“Mother, I am back to do what we did last afternoon”

“Son, Once in a while it is OK, but a son having regular sex with his own mother is not proper.”

“Mom, I am not thinking about what is proper or not. I am aroused, I need sex. I have no one but you, so why don’t we do it?”

“When I started between us, I was prepared for occasional sex but not twice daily” mom said

“Mom, let us not count. When you or I are aroused, let us do it.”

“Son, I was thinking of your dad this evening. I somehow felt odd”

“You yourself told me mom, that dad hasn’t got half the cock that I have. You are a woman. I am a man, apart from that, we need not think about any relationship. Come on mom, forget about dad and let us enjoy each others bodies once more. You know I have not lost my erection since evening. Let me mom. Forget everything else and let me enter you.”

I kissed her on her lips. They were soft and moist. I thrust my tongue inside her mouth and my tongue played with hers. I started rubbing her breasts. Slowly she was getting aroused too. I started licking her all over and when I reached her cunt she was fully wet. I kissed her cunt deeply.

“Mother, has my father satisfied you ever? sexually I mean?”

“”NO son. Not like you have”

I got on top of her slowly. She said, “Let me become fully nude. I want to feel your skin on mine.” She got up and took off her saree. She soon became fully nude and got on bed beside me.

“How often do you have sex with your wife?” she asked.

“2-3 times a week mom”

“What all do you do?”

“Just fuck”

“Haven’t you tried oral?”

“She doesn’t suck me mom. I lick her sometimes”

“On bed, a man is his woman’s slave. But a woman has also got to orally please hard man”

“You used to suck dad’s cock mom?”


“And did he lick your sweet cunt?”

“Not much”

“Then the old bastard didn’t get as much pleasure as he should have”

“Will you lick me?”

“Of course”

I dove between my mothers thighs and started sniffing at her cunt. I slowly started licking her and drove my tongue up her sweet hole. I licked and savored her for some time.

“Don’t you want your wife to suck you son?”

“I do mom but she doesn’t like it”

“Come on sit up”

I sat on the bed and she knelt below me on the floor. My mother peeled my foreskin back and started licking my cockhead. I was slowly oozing precum, which she licked. Slowly she took my cockhead inside her mouth and started sucking. She rolled her tongue around and soon got wild. I caught hold of her hair and thrust my cock in her mouth. Mu cock was in my own mother’s mouth. I held her head and started mouth fucking her. Soon I was about to juice. I didn’t warn her, I shot my juice in her mouth. She was surprised but swallowed nevertheless. It was the first time I was ejaculating inside a woman’s mouth, and that too my mother’s.

She loved it. I wanted to return the favor. Soon I was between her thighs and tongue fucking her. She came in five minutes and almost crushed my head when she came. We were both tired and soon we went to sleep hugging each other.


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