Sapna Breastfeeds her Ladylove Isha

Sapna and Isha were not only old neighbors in a colony in Ghaziabad but also distant relatives so they knew everything about each other and would share almost everything.

Isha’s family came 3 years before Sapna’s family moved into the house behind theirs. They met at a wedding reception where they came to know they were distantly related and from the same native district of Bareilly.

Isha started calling Sapna as ‘Bhabhi’ and Sapna started calling her Ishu from there on and they bonded well with each other.

Both were in the thirties. Sapna was a little elder. Both were medium built but Sapna was on the heavier side. Her breasts were bigger so was her back.

Isha, on the other hand, was a little less in the proportions. She secretly admired Sapna’s assets especially her breasts but never revealed. They were comfortable with each other’s presence while changing.

It was one of those typical winter mornings when Sapna went to Isha’s house with a few kilos carrot so that they both can grate to make halwa. Isha’s youngest daughter, Munni, of 10 was at home due to cold.

The discussion turned to the immunity of the children, how the kids fall ill at the smallest change in season, etc.

Isha: Bhabhi, the reason is that what children nowadays eat is totally artificial. From childhood, children are given packed milk. Nothing is pure.

Sapna: Yes, did you not breastfeed your children?

Isha: Yes, I did.

Sapna: How long?

Isha: I breastfed Badi for 2 years but I gave milk to Munni for 1 year. Because Monty bhabhi told me that if you breastfeed children for long, they become stubborn.

Sapna: Your Monty bhabhi is a modern woman. She thinks breastfeeding spoils the shape of breasts.

Isha: You breastfed both the kids, bhabhi?

Sapna: Yes.

Isha: How long?

Sapna: 2 years.

Isha straight away looked at Sapna’s chest and naughtily said, “Bhabhi, your breasts are still in shape.” Sapna was wearing a sweater but the shapes were still visible.

Sapna: I drank mother’s milk till I was 4. I even sucked till I was 7, but no milk.

Isha: Bhabhi, you were lucky. I didn’t get much as my brother was born when I was a year old. He used to get all the milk.

Sapna: You miss milk?

Isha: Yes. Unfulfilled desire.

Sapna laughed and said, “Now, no one can fulfill your desire.”

They continued grating the carrots.

Suddenly, Isha said, “Bhabhi, you can help me.”

Sapna: Help? In what?

Isha: You can fulfill my desire.

Sapna’s cheeks became hot and red.

Sapna: Pagli, I don’t have milk.

Isha: Bhabhi, it doesn’t matter. Please..

Sapna: You are..

Isha (insisted): Bhabhi, please..

Sapna was speechless but she thought it would pass soon so she said, “We will see later.”

Isha: Promise?

Isha was feeling an unexplained urge. But her mind got fixed on it.

Soon their work was over and Sapna started to go to her house as she had to make the halwa. Isha had to give food and medicine to Munni.

After two hours and having finished her all the work, Isha went to Sapna’s house. Sapna had just finished making Halwa.

Sapna opened the door and Isha saw Sapna who had taken off the sweater and was only in saree and blouse because of the heat in the kitchen while making the dish.

Sapna: Isha, come fast. It’s cold.

It was warm in the house. Isha also removed her sweater.

They both went to the kitchen where Sapna had just kept the halwa which was still hot.

Sapna gave some to Isha to taste.

Isha: Bhabhi, it’s very tasty.

Sapna: Take some for the family. I have made it for everyone.

They sat on the sofa adjacent to each other. But there was a silence. Isha broke the silence.

Isha: Bhabhi, why are you so silent?

Sapna: Ishu, you know very well why.

Isha knew bhabhi was not angry because she called her Ishu.

Isha: Please bhabhi..please..

Sapna: Ok, baba..alright.

Now Isha was confused if she meant ‘now’. She waited for a few minutes.

Sapna: What happened now?

Isha: Bhabhi, not here. Please, I feel shy.

Sapna went to the bedroom and Isha followed her. Sapna pulled the curtains together and sat on the bed. Isha crawled beside her. Sapna moved her pallu for Isha to start but Isha didn’t move.

Sapna then unhooked the lower buttons of her blouse and lifted to expose her left breast and pulled Isha on to her lap and offered her nipple. Sapna’s breast was white big with a small brown nipple but the ring was wide because her breast was mature.

Isha started sucking Sapna’s breast. As Sapna’s breast was a little hard with the soft nipple, Isha was not able to suck it.

Sapna: Isha, you can’t suck mom’s breast properly.

Sapna squeezed the ring around the nipple and forced it into Isha’s hungry mouth. Isha started sucking greedily!
Slowly, Sapna lied down. Isha continued sucking the breast. After a while, Sapna turned and took out her right breast and gave it to Isha.

Isha kept switching the breasts. She was ecstatic.

Sapna’s nipples were now hard and grew big. Isha saw the nipples closely, they were now a little reddish and tiny holes were visible. She now wanted Sapna’s milk.

Isha: Mom, I want to drink your milk.

Sapna, when she heard this, immediately felt a strong motherly feeling and hugged Isha close to her breasts and offered her as much as possible in Isha’s hungry mouth who was enjoying every moment of it.

Isha’s hand wandered groped Sapna’s lower half but Sapna stopped her. She knew that spoil the relation.

After Isha was satisfied, she released the breasts. Sapna hooked her blouse. Isha hugged Sapna and kissed her on the cheek and said, “Thank you bhabhi for your milk.

Sapna: I really wish I could feed you my milk but my breasts don’t have it.

Isha: Bhabhi, you are so good. I am very happy that you gave me your breasts. Bhabhi, you are my maa. Sapna embraced Isha with affection.

Isha and Sapna continued this for years to come.


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