Mother’s Purity

I belong to a very conservative family of Brahmins. My father being a priest, and this has been the family occupation for generations, was a very pious man and so was my mother. Thus my upbringing was very religious and I learnt Sanskrit from my father and became very good at it. My father had a huge library of ancient Sanskrit texts where I used to read sometimes. Slowly my grasp over language became so good that I could understand difficult and cryptic texts with a slight of my hand. Other than all this reading my routine was fairly conservative and very devotional. There used to be some religious function almost everyday around our house and I used to sing praises of god in them. I used to wear saffron robes at times. I was the outcome of generations of the purity of Brahmins. Normally I wore ghagra choli at home. That was until I reached puberty. My mother told me about the periods and all and I was told to wear a rag on those days beneath my panties. Even my panties were of religious saffron color. Then, it went on and I started developing flesh on my breast and my nipples would sometime poke from the dress but since we lived in a very religious atmosphere, I guess no one noticed it.

I might have been 18 when I discovered a huge pile of ancient Sanskrit texts labeled as “ kama-yoga”, “ rati- swaad rahasya” , “ matri bhagah hi moksha” and even a copy of vastyayan’ kamasutra. I think that was the time, I had become mature enough to understand them so I sat there and started to study them. That was my first encounter to sex as I read I could feel my body arousing. Perhaps, for the first time in my life, I was wet. I went on reading them and I will briefly tell here what those books were about.

At first kama yoga book was related to the feelings of sex in male and female. Then there were chapters detailed on anatomy of each and it helped me understand my clitoris. There were postures of sex which were hand-drawn and apart from missionary position there were many other difficult postures for sex. Then there was a detailed discussion on morality and purity during sex and faithfulness to the other partner. The second book was a Sanskrit stories collection of incest among gods and goddesses and how they were the sons and daughters of each other and yet they mated for sex. There was one particular erotic story of ganesha bathing parvati nude and one other of kamadeva having sex with his mother, rati. But besides these books and kamasutra, the third book caught my attention.

It was called “matribhagah hi moksha”. I read the chapters with great enthusiasm as they were meant for someone pure like me in body and mind. As I flipped through the pages, I got to know that this was a book meant for conceiving a child who will then have ritual intercourse with his mother’s vagina when he attains puberty. I kept on reading it and finished it in a few hours. The book inspired me to build my desires for having a boy and then mating with him, as gods did in heavens. The book also had a detailed procedure of how to do it. I was required to chant kamadava’s and rati’s name everyday for about 10000 times. This was huge but me being a very religious girl, found it pretty easy. Then, there were the sixteen fasts for lord Shiva on Monday which I duly adhered to. There was also one ceremony or worshipping nude which I did at night. I stripped myself and then chanted in front of the phallus of lord Shiva. I kept it doing for about 4-5 years and then my parents married me to a renowned priest of the neighboring village in Punjab.

My married life was not an exciting one as my husband was also very religious and he had sex with me once a week or at the most two and that too in a very non-sexual kind of manner. In fact, he considered sex to be a bad ingredient of human beings as it blinds them to god. But, as far as I was concerned, I craved for longer sex sessions. This went on for some time and then I gave birth to our beloved son, kamam. I was still immersed in my devotional routine when my son grew up. When he was about 3-4 years old I used to bathe him nude with me. I was so fascinated by his small prick that I sucked it for hours together. Soon, he grew up and reached puberty.

He must have been 12 years old when I spotted an erection on him. I was bathing him as usual I was naked too, and I started cleaning his pubic area with curd and sandalwood paste ( we were pretty rich to bathe in sandalwood paste and curd) when my hand continuously brushed against his groin , he little rod probably stiffened as I touched it a number of times. Then after bathing him, I lunged on his semi-erect prick and sucked it like a lollypop. I was, more than sure that I was going to get my reward in a matter of weeks.

I was more than happy now. My bathing sessions with him continued unabated and at night now I was sleeping with him on the pretext on my teaching. My husband used to be away most of the time for one or other religious function and I had good enough time free with my son. There were only two of us in that huge house which had 10 rooms and it had a very tastefully decorated garden. The garden had, in fact, many hibiscus flowers in it which symbolized female fertility. It also had a huge marble phallus of lord Shiva at the center of it. Every morning I used to get up early and then collect those hibiscus flowers and then used to lay them down on phallus and meditate sitting nude besides offering the ritual chants for consummation with my son and attainment of moksha. In fact, over the years I had read many esoteric and cryptic Sanskrit books over this subject that I was convinced without doubt that holy and pious women like me who has conserved her purity for generations and is so religious , will definitely attain nirvana once her son takes her, for better or worse. After that I used to bathe him and suck on his prick and it had started getting harder and bigger day by day. I could also notice the appearance of pubic hair around his testicles and his testicles also appeared to be getting heavy and full of spunk everyday. After bathing him, we would have breakfast and then I would go into the library and study while my son will do some other work. He had his schooling at home only so he was aloof from all social influences and it was only his mother which he knew as a friend and teacher. Now, at 12 he was standing my shoulders height and he was growing handsome day by day. He used to do a lot of yogic exercises which kept his body fully toned and his delicate hips were wonderful. I thought it was time that he had grown up and so I told him to sleep naked in my bed. As my husband was away, so I had no problem in implementing my ideas.

I had now completed 16 years of my regular chanting and now it was the time for the final ritual , that of consummation with my beloved son. As he had attained that age, I felt horny day by day. Sometimes, I even felt the pangs of horniness that I hugged him tight to my body at night while sleeping nude. I would lift him in my arms, place his head on my cushiony unmolested breasts and wrap my legs around him. Sometimes I could feel his prick growing against my tummy but most of the times he was sleeping. Sometimes, I would even take his limp and small prick to my vagina and rub it on top for hours. At times I tried to push my entire breast in his mouth when he opened it in sleep. But, this was just the fun as I was yet to ritually mate with my son.

According to the book, the full moon night was the ideal time and the son should mate with his mother in a special posture at the earliest hour of the morning after observing fast for the previous day and engaging the whole day in religious activities. My husband was going away for a week and the full moon was just three days away. I jumped in joy as I calculated the entire setting. Finally, it is going to happen. I am going to complete the cycle with my son. I started going hornier day by day and it became difficult for me to control them. So I started to stay nude at home in day also so that my son could have a feast and prepare himself well for the final day which was just three days away. When somebody would knock at the door, I would quickly change into my saffron robes. My son was there in just his saffron lungi. We hugged all the time as I had not yet exposed him to the joy of kissing. Most of the times, his prick would rub on the outer lips of my vagina as if trying to knock and get permission for access. I would hold my huge buttery breasts unto his face and would hide his face in them. It was, all a part of mother in me, by letting his have play at home so what if his doll is his mother. After having good time for three days finally my destiny knocked on my doors.

On the full moon day, I gathered all my neighbors and friend of religious circle and hand a full kirtan and jaap there of Ramayana first and then I also told them to read some shiva purana from the portion where rati mated with kamadeva. All the gathering was surprised as this was for the first time perhaps somebody read any portion from that sexually explicit encounter of kamadeva and his mother rati. Since there weren’t many people who could understand Sanskrit so there never caught the air of what it actually was. Those who understood it, were old enough and they could never doubt the reputation of my family. So no one guessed that the chanting they were doing was the prelude to mother son union at night. In the afternoon, the function was over and I went to the kitchen and milked by boobs over a cup. I mixed the milk from my breast with the Prasad and soon it was distributed to all. Little did they know that this was a sin for them? Soon, they all went to their homes leaving me and my son. So far I was tastefully adorned in a saffron sari and matching blouse but since now everybody had gone I could take it off. But then I thought of my son and went to him. I asked him to accompany me to the prayer room. We went there and sat on the floor while there were images of gods and goddess copulating in front of us, which I had drawn flawlessly. I told my son to seek their blessings and then I started to chant. My son also joined me. This went on for a few hours and now it was evening. I asked him to sleep early as we had to get up at midnight for the ultimate ceremony which he didn’t know.

Finally, I got up at midnight and took bath with him but this time very quickly. Then I asked him to dress in traditional dress. I too, wore a, lot of ornaments but no clothes. Yes, there were the beads of jacaranda, marigold and hibiscus flowers all over my body. I was adorned as a sacrificial lamb on the alter of incest. My large heaving breasts were covered by the flowers so nicely that a small portion of my unusually large areola was only visible. Similarly, my son could see my bush but yet couldn’t spot my wet cunt lips. We both sat down on the floor and started chanting. I checked up and the muhuratum was for 3: 15 a. m. when the son’s penis should enter mother’s vagina in order to make her a goddess. Somehow, the time was spent in prayer and it was three in the morning.

I looked at my son and asked him, “Son! I am taking you towards heaven are you ready.” I moved towards him and lit a lamp of oil and clarified butter on my left and right. Then I took out some yantras and spread them on the floor. Then I told him to remove his clothes and I also positioned myself over the yantra carefully. I took off my flowery bra and asked him again. “Son don’t ask me anything I have been waiting for this time even before my marriage are you ready.” I took his hands and placed them on my velvety boobs now and he said, “i am ready” I could sense the heat building up in his body as his cock had grown now. I took his cock in my hands and rubbed its foreskin to expose its shining pink glans perhaps for the first time in open air and smeared vermillion on it and then I took some turmeric paste and applied it all over his groin. Then I asked him to snap my flowery panty and see for the first time, the place where he came from. He didn’t know anything about it so he wasn’t stimulated sexually much but I was already so wet there. I looked at the clock. It was 3: 14. I positioned his cock over my vagina lips and rubbed his glans over my lips. This had an immediate effect as his cock grew by an inch almost. I looked at the clock again and as it struck 3:15 I pushed myself over his cock and asked him to push it again and again. I started chanting loudly, “ om kamadevaya namah, om rati devih namah om matriyoni namah om matri bhaga hi namah ev moksha om kama krida namah om vyabhichaar namah om matrimaithun namah om namah shivaya”

He started to push it with vigor now. Earlier I was shaking my hips to accommodate him and now he was going on his own, as if he knew how to copulate with his mother, from ages. I looked at his face, glowing with pride as he humped me to another level of ecstasy. As soon as he got into a rhythm, I could hear strange sounds coming both from our genitals and from outside. I heard the sound of conches blowing together and I heard temple bells ringing many at a time and then I heard veena and flute too. I was floating into heaven now as my son deflowered me. I felt that I had completed the cycle of being a mother to my son. All mothers give their everything to their son but for the body and here I had given my body and soul to my son for his use. I took his hands to my breasts and started to press and then he began to caress my motherly treasures on his own. My twelve year old son found ecstasy in my huge cushiony breasts and he wanted to be there always as he kept his head in the center of the valley of my breasts. Then I changed position and went to the second yantra where I was stay like a doggie for sometime. Now my son came behind me, and he started to hump me from behind. As his cock entered my forbidden yoni, I could hear thousand of conches blown together as if the heavens welcomed this unholy embrace. This time he was more self-driven in hitting his mother’s vagina and I could sense my juices building up. But there was one more yantra to be performed. I asked him to come to the third yantra and stand on it. Then I asked him to worship my vagina and apply kumkum over it. Then as per yantra, I lied on the floor on my back raising my legs to my breasts. I asked him to penetrate me while standing. Now he humped me while I was lying on the floor. I could feel his cock going right through my pussy from top to bottom as he drove through my cunt like a driller. His every stroke was getting powerful now. I was expecting him to come any second now. As I sensed him coming, my excitement grew and my pussy started to shed juices. He came with an explosion. I thought as if a bucket has been spilled in my womb. This was his first cum and it was huge. After that he drew his cock out and there was his spunk coming out of my wide open pussy lips. I asked him to collect all the honey on my cunt and then I poured it in a glass and gave him to drink it. He drank it and that was the end of ceremony. We went to bed after that and I told him not to tell anything to anyone.

That night, I had a very strange dream. I was in heaven sitting on a huge golden chair studded with precious stones. My body was dressed in the clothes of Hindu goddesses as they show on t v but the only thing different was that my clothes were made of exquisite jewelry and pearls were covering my white flesh. There was perfume in the air and there were a lot of people standing around me and bowing their heads to me. Perhaps I was some kind of queen or something. Then I saw that gods were also standing above in the air and throwing flowers at me. I was thinking what I could be when my son entered with a mukut oh his head and he wore no clothes but a lot of beads of pearls as if he was some king but strangely there was no throne for him. He came towards me and touched my feet and then he did the kinkiest thing in the world. He bent forward and smelt my pussy before worshipping it with hands. Then he slapped my cunt a few times. I was feeling as kinky as it was happening in public. Then, as he was caressing my mound, I turned my attention to the people who were standing. Who were they? I was asking to myself as I noticed that all the women were mature when all the men were young and some were even boys. It took me no time to understand that they were all mothers and sons and each son was standing behind his mother. Then, another strange thing happened. My husband entered carrying a mangal-sutra and two garlands. He came near us and my son disengaged from my vagina. He quickly started chanting some Vedic mantra which he has been chatting for years at marriages but this time it was his son marrying his wife. My son then put his mangal-sutra on my neck and we exchanged garlands and everyone including gods showered flowers on us. Then, my husband turned away and went out while my son signaled everyone to move out but for the royal musicians. They were playing soft classical music as my son came near me.

We were all alone. “Do u know why there is only one throne here, mother” he asked me kissing my jewel studded nude body. He continued, “It is because when we sit here, we sit being one. Mother, gods have designed a special posture for sitting here. You will sit in my lap while my lingam is immersed with your yoni. That will make the union complete, and then we will start our court mother. I shall address them in this posture while having some bite of your motherly mummeries. Only when we get down from the throne, shall our genitals disengage. Is that right mother, now, as that, I have wed you; you are my sweet wife too. You are my kamayani… You are my rati and rambha. It is here that the people will pay their oblations treating it as a Shiva lingam and a pavitra sthala. It will become teeth for anybody who wants to mate with his mother. Mother, you must build a secret temple to remember our union.” I felt soft music engulfing my soul as my son cum husband took me in that posture. His prick was quite bigger in the dream and it fully fitted his birth hole. Soon, I opened my eyes and I was shocked. In front me on every tall chair, all mothers and sons were copulating in that posture. I saw above and I saw gods in frenzy too. Then, I saw that lord Shiva threw some hibiscus flowers on me. I woke up in the morning and it was quite a pleasant shock to find those flowers on my breasts. Later, in the day I figured out that probably I was blessed by god in some way. Those flowers were a symbol of fertility but why had god thrown them on me.

He wanted me to have a child again. With my son…I felt overly overjoyed. I woke up and went to my son still without clothes. He was just getting up and I could spot his morning erection. His cock looked real bigger just like as it was in the dream. I could not believe my eyes. Just one humping of his mother’s pussy was doing wonders to his cock. How could I resist it from growing as I cupped it in my hands and directed it to its creator’s love tunnel? He swelled like a python in my vagina. It was growing all the more and I could feel it inside my womb getting even bigger. I was climbing on him on the bed and he was under me. Slowly his mouth reached instinctively under my heavy breast and started to chew on the nipple of motherly flesh. Ah! What a relief to have my son back at the nesting place. I pressed myself more on his cock and it was entering my pussy as if it was tailor-made for my son. After having him full in my glory mother whole, I looked at his face, so innocent yet so loving. I released his mouth from my nipples and asked him, “son! Does u know what we are doing?”

“No mom! But it seems we are playing some highly pleasurable game. I like it very much” he replied cupping my breasts and my waist.” beta! What we were doing is called sex.” I hugged his closer to my breasts and once again thrust my other nipple into his mouth and started humming a doggerel son from movie judai but replaced the words. I was singing, “chudai re chudai. Beta kare maa ki chudai. Hai yeh chudai. Mera bete ki chudai.” I kept singing and it was having an erotic effect on my son as I was hissing a lot while singing. He started to grow even more and I felt that the prick of a donkey must have been smaller in my pussy. I could not believe it so I took it out to verify. The pinkish purple head was glistening with my juices and my god; the cock had become a real monster just in a day. I looked at him and asked, “son, this is your lingam or dick as you calls it besides urinating it has other functions also. You can use it in a woman to make her pregnant as your father did to make you in my womb. Son, this intercourse is forbidden between a mother and a son. But, I have initiated you into all this so that we attain heaven. Forgive me my son, for no one fucks that pussy where he came from. Since I have spent all my life in prayers and now I have done the ultimate deed I want to spend the remaining days with you as a fucker. My son as now you are also my new and second husband, you must use your mother as your wife and fill her besides fulfilling her other needs. I shall behave both as a mother and wife to you now. I shall be your mother when your father is around and I shall be your wife when we are alone. You must copulate and procreate with me my son , my husband and when my yoni is full of your lingam Prasad , it will give birth to an unholy incestuous child who will fuck his mother or her father and this cycle will continue and we both will have and incestuous generation my son. Now take me and make the woman of your lingam take me, my child.”

As I was imploring him with my sermon, he was getting eroticized beyond measure. I don’t know what came over him, he spat on my cunt and thrust his organ in one go. I felt as if someone hit my pussy with an iron dildo. He took me in arms standing while I wrapped my legs on his back for better penetration. He started to fuck me now like a bull in heat. He said,” maa sing the song it gives me huge pleasure.” And as if I heard him say, I started to hum again “ Chudai re chudai mera beta kare chudai, hai …heeeeeeeee…ooooooooo…uuuuuuuu….uiiiii….haan…kar maan ki chudai…bhar de uski maang …aur…choot….kar maan ki chudai” , as soon as I spoke obscenities , I felt greatly overjoyed . I had never used a filthy word in my life and I was really surprised how they came out of my mouth. But, now I wanted to go on, I was enjoying it; there was a particular expression of joy in those words. I was breaking many taboos simultaneously, one was of mating with my son and the other was of language and there was also the taboo of religion which I was breaking. He kept humping me and his cock was reaching to my inner depths now. It appeared, as if his cock was trying to unite with my vagina forever. It was a mother in me who let him do all he wanted. After about 10-15 minutes of strong and bullish humps, he spat his cream in my pussy. I liked it this time since all he did was on his own. I enjoyed it more when he did things on his own. I felt satisfied as a teacher. I had done my job.


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