Lifetime Experience of Latika

This story dates to time I was in junior college and so was my tenant. She used to stay on the first floor while me along with my family on the second. She wasn’t quite a talker. She rarely picked a conversation with me and ignored most of the people with pretty much a smile.

Let’s get started with the story after I give away mine and my tenant’s rough image to you. Her name was Lakshita. Her stats: 36b-30-36; mine: 34b-27-35. Both of us were damn fair. Give us cum tribute guys.

I remember it was a Sunday afternoon of summer 2015. As usual, my parents were out to my uncle’s. I chose to stay home alone for the very reason every teenager does. The idea of being watched by a stranger while masturbating always made me horny.

That’s the reason I even till date open my windows wide while I am naked all alone playing with my body. So, my windows were wide open. Though there weren’t any buildings nearby it was pretty much undeveloped and a little outside of town. Sunrays were falling on me and music was playing a bit loud.

I started undressing. Standing right in front of window stripping for my maybe some unknown audience. First. I pressed my boobs which is pretty soft and jiggly. Then I moved them up close together. Then I left them at once to jiggle down.
If that wasn’t enough to get dicks up, I drew my right breast out just till my nipple from above my neck hole. You see I was providing a free 4k blue film but that didn’t mean it had to be short. I didn’t remove my t-shirt soon. Instead, I inserted both hands into it and started pressing my boob.

Oops. Forget to mention I never wear a bra at home just a light t-shirt. Well, I believe that wasn’t enough to get you excited after a few minutes of the tease. I finally removed my t-shirt just to pour oil on my tits. Oily tits in sunlight rubbing against each other slipping here and there won’t you cum for them, dear.

Is your bitch dam hot and dirty? After this hard work who wouldn’t be thirsty enough for loads of cum. But poor me had to work with water you didn’t give me cum. Bad you. Water is better than you people. It was so desperate to kiss my bare oily tits. The very nips followed by my navels till my lower set of lips.

It kissed me so much that I could not resist. I pulled my pants down and saw my wet panties rubbed them a little. Little more and more I rubbed them. My panties were being flooded finally I played blue film on my laptop. I remember it was a mathematics lady teacher being banged by a student from her class.

All I wanted was A to be my student fucking me all the way deep till my spot. I don’t know when my fingers slipped into my panty and I started fingering myself. When it became two from one. I pulled my fingers out and sucked them. I took my panty off and licked my water.

I threw it towards the window for my audience. I then spread my legs as much as I could and started fingering vigorously. So, I was all naked. Three fingers moving inside of me and the other hand pressing my oily tits. That was when someone opened my room door.

The first thing she noticed was me. The second was my loud moans and third was porn video which had lesbian playing right then. I saw Lakshita standing on my door. Staring at my body without a blink. She went from my face to my tits probably noticed the oil on them.

My dark hard nipples, then she went to my tummy. To my navel followed till my clean shaved pussy. Full of my waters yet tasty cunt. I believe she stared them longer than any other. Finally, she went to my well-toned thighs. All this while I was enjoying being stared by a girl who happened to be my tenant.

She smiled at me and left without a word. I couldn’t stop thinking about Lakshita and her stares at my body. The very lustful smile she gave. Did she like me that way? Does she wish to fuck me? I could imagine her touching my body. The places which remain untouched by any. Except me.

I could imagine her sweet tender lips wrapped around mine. Her tits with sweet brown nipples which beg me to bite. Her flappy ass shaking to be spanked. Her little hairy pussy having pink lips with its sweet cum. All these thoughts made me horny and I started to cum again. This time louder and heavier.

I came twice thinking about her. Yet I was horny and I really could not stop myself. I needed her in real and I need her bad. So, I decided to ring her bell. I went downstairs in very short shorts which ended just on my ass line and a loose t-shirt. Of course, no bra.

But this time I have omitted my panty too. Just in case I am horny I want her to know that. I want her to notice that I was getting wet for her. Her mom opened the door. After a short greeting, I headed towards Lakshita’s room and with the corner of my eye, I did notice her brother staring at my bare legs.

I could see her smiling as she saw me coming. I gave her a very tight hug. I don’t know how it came to me but I whispered to her, “How does it feel?” In reply, I got groped by her.

She put her thumb into my mouth, groped my ass again and asked me to be in my room. She will be there in 10 minutes.

To be Continued….


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