Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-17

The Sunday is a lazy morning. The sun too, takes his time to rise, so the rest of the human race. It is one of those days when even the early riser, Mrs. Nair, too sleeps for long. Reddy too takes a day off on Sundays, so his otherwise buzzing Gym too remains silent and empty on Sundays. Reddy was in deep sleep in his flat, while Anita too was enjoying a sound sleep at her home. She was convinced that she would finally be able to remove Kiran off her way, after what had happened in the gym few days back.

In the meantime, Aarushi and Rahul started meeting at the terrace often. They usually slip out of their apartments at midnight, after everyone has fallen asleep. And meet up at the terrace and have sex. The previous night wasn’t any exception, and they were back in their rooms and deep in sleep. Sowmya and Borah was absent from this peaceful morning, far away at places where they wanted to be.

While Sowmya was quite busy throughout the weekend, Borah was away on a business tour along with his colleagues. Back in the apartment, slowly the day was beginning to move. Anita and Mr. Sharma were spending a lazy morning at their balcony. Reddy had gone out to hang out with his friends. There was however no sign of Kiran and Gautam yet.

Aarushi too was in a leisure mood when her cell phone vibrated. It was a text message from Rahul – ‘Had a wonderful time last night’. She smiled and blushed, and then replied back with a smiley. And a reply came immediately – ‘let’s go out for coffee in the afternoon?’. ‘Not a bad idea. Where?’ asked Aarushi. And then after few exchanges of messages, they decided to spend the afternoon at a Barista near to their apartment.

The rest of the day went eventless, while Rahul waited eagerly for the time to meet Aarushi for coffee. He was quite under her charm, and enjoyed having such an intimate affair with her. Close to 2 pm, he came out of his flat and waited at the stairs, hoping to catch Aarushi there itself. He rang at her cell phone to check whether she had already left or was yet to.

Aarushi’s cell phone was lying ignored under her pillow. It was at the vibrating mode and hence no one noticed it ringing. Rahul called back a few more times before deciding to check on his own. In the meantime Aarushi was not in her flat. Couple of hours ago, one of her class mate had informed her about some important extra classes at the tuitions, and she had to leave in a hurry.

In all that haste, she forgot to pick up her cell phone, which was lying under her pillow. And hence couldn’t inform Rahul about this sudden change in plan. Rahul, in the meantime, had already reached the top floor. The door was closed, and so he tried ringing her up for couple of times again. But when there was still no answer, he decided to check on his own.

He wanted to knock at the door, but then thought what he would say if Mrs. Nair answers the door. So he stood there for some time, thinking of some excuse and then decided to peep in somehow. To his surprise the door was not locked, and it opened up easily at the slightest of push. He took the opportunity to peep inside, and found the living room all empty.

Rahul’s heart was beating faster, he was afraid of being caught. But at the same time he was curious to find Aarushi. And so gathering enough courage he stepped inside to check the inside carefully. The living room was completely empty. There was no sound of anyone either. It made him more curious as he headed for the room closest to him.

It was empty too. He had entered Sowmya’s room, which was empty for obvious reasons. Rahul came out of that room, still unable to make out why the flat was left unlocked and completely empty. Curious he entered Mrs. Nair’s room next. It looked empty too, but Rahul heard some sounds coming from an adjacent door.

Mrs. Nair had the largest room in the flat, with an attached bathroom. Rahul listened carefully and realized that someone was inside the bathroom. It was Mrs. Nair. She was alone in the flat after Aarushi had to leave for her classes urgently. Sowmya was not at home since the previous day, and she didn’t notice that the main door was left unlocked.

Rahul had no idea who was inside, he wished it was Aarushi, but at the same time was afraid if it turns out to be someone else, worst if it turns out to be Mrs. Nair. He didn’t have much chance either to react, as suddenly there was noise at the door of the bathroom and he had to hide quickly. He was closer to the windows, and so in a quick reaction he hid himself behind the curtains.

Mrs. Nair came out of the bathroom. She just had a towel wrapped around her. It was knotted together over her breasts and barely covered the upper portion of her body. Much part of her body from below the thigh was exposed. Though alone, at least she thought, yet she shut the door of her room before walking up to the mirror. She was still unaware of Rahul’s presence, who was peeping from behind the curtain for a chance to make his escape.

He peeked out from behind and was stunned by the view. Rahul saw Mrs. Nair in that skimpy towel and froze in fear and shock. He was now afraid of being caught in that scenario and be falsely blamed about watching her like that intentionally. Rahul prayed to be hidden and undetected until he find a way to get out.

Mrs. Nair in the other hand, unaware of anyone else’s presence, was in a very light mood. She turned on the Air Condition and switched on the Radio. The Radio played a popular song on the local FM, and Mrs. Nair too started humming the tune along with it. Slowly the room was getting filled with the aroma of her Jasmine soap.

She stood in front of the mirror and picked up a bottle of hair lotion. She had long and beautiful hairs, which she pulled in front of her body and started applying the lotion all over her hairs. Rahul’s mouth was wide open, and his heart was beating heavily out of fear. He couldn’t believe his luck to land him in such a tricky situation. At one hand he was frozen with fear, and at the other hand he was slowly feeling aroused to see Mrs. Nair like that.

Rahul had always felt aroused towards, large and matured women. Suddenly caught in that situation, Rahul remembered how he was involved in a discrete relationship with an older and matured lady in the past. And since then, he had been crazy for the passion and sexual drive they posses. Unmindfully he appraised the possibility of being caught and then used by Mrs. Nair for her pleasure, something he would not mind after seeing her so closely.

Mrs. Nair at the other hand was combing her long hairs. She had applied the hair lotion which made her hairs soft and smooth, and looked like a flowing river of black water. She usually takes close to an hour in pampering herself after bath, and her usual routine to pamper her hairs, then different body parts, and often she loves to touch herself too.

She completed combing her hairs neatly and then kept the comb away. It was time for the body lotion, and that couldn’t be done with the towel on. Still unaware of being watched, she unknotted the towel and allowed it to fall off from her body.

Rahul was mesmerized. Mrs. Nair had a large body, but that didn’t make her look plump. She had a large body frame too, which allowed her to carry her large body nicely and gave her a sensuous appeal too. She was still with her back towards Rahul, and he gazed upon at her body greedily, consuming each curve and cranny of her naked body. He wanted touching her large 42 sized ass and longed to see her from the front too.

Mrs. Nair took some body lotion and started applying on her body. She started with her arms and slowly massaged the liquid on both her arms. Gradually he moved on to other parts of her body. Rahul was watching impatiently as she turned, bent, and moved to massage several part of her body with the lotion. He caught glimpses of her large naked breasts, but that made him more aroused and longing to get closer.

After she was done, her body was glowing like any young girl and she took a moment to look at it in the mirror. She was looking quite sensuous and fresh. Her large 38 C breasts were enormous, yet firm. Her body was devoid of any marks of ageing and her pussy sought hard for attention. She looked at her pussy through the mirror, and automatically her hand reached at it.

She touched her pussy casually, and a chill ran down her spine. Mrs. Nair closed her eyes, absorbing the pleasure she got from that touch. And slowly she started working her fingers deeper into her sex. She used her fingers to spread her labia and then slowly used the rest of her fingers to gradually massage inside the pussy. It had already grown moist and responded well to the stimulation.

On the other side of the room, Rahul too was growing impatient. He was watching Mrs. Nair masturbating in front of the mirror, and that was making him feel aroused too. He felt that he had developed a hard on and needed to touch his cock, but at the same time he was still afraid of being caught and its consequences.

Mrs. Nair was no longer able to stand in front of the mirror and please herself. She wanted to lie down and touch herself properly. So not wasting any more time she quickly turned and walked over to the bed. She lied down on the edge and spread her legs to reach her pussy with her hands. Her eyes were closed and she bit her own lips, absorbing the storm her finger was brewing on her cunt.

Rahul was watching her intently. He was amazed to see Mrs. Nair like a pervert bitch, naked and masturbating like that. His cock was throbbing and ached for relief. He was not cursing his luck anymore and was lost in that passionate little moment. That was when luck played another cruel trick on him. He was lost watching Mrs. Nair, when suddenly his mobile phone started ringing.

The room was silent, with a gently cool, filled with the jasmine aroma, and the light moans from Mrs. Nair. And suddenly Rahul’s mobile phone started ringing at top volume. Both were startled and jumped on to their feet. Rahul fumbled with his phone and tripped out of his hiding place, while Mrs. Nair jumped on her feet in complete shock.

For a minute, no one moved, there was genuine shock in both the faces, while the mobile kept ringing relentlessly. Mrs. Nair moved first, she immediately grabbed the towel from the ground and tried covering herself. Rahul stood frozen with fear, while Mrs. Nair struggled to find any words. She tried forming words like How, Why, What, but they all struggled to form meaningful sentences.

And by the time, the mobile stopped, and it was back silent, Rahul decided to make the move before Mrs. Nair manages to channel her anger correctly. He went down on her knees and started begging to be forgiven.

“Please, Mrs. Nair, please, it was an accident, I came here looking for Aarushi, didn’t knew you were here and …” he continued telling a lot of things. But Mrs. Nair still looked angry and her face flushed in a shade of bright red.

“Please… Please… Please… Forgive me. I will do anything you want… Please” he kept muttering with folded hands. Yet Mrs. Nair stood in front of him, frozen, but her face not as red as before. She stood there silently, analyzing her next action. Her face still calm and didn’t gave away what she was thinking. While Rahul continued pleading and proposing to do anything in return of forgiveness.

“You will do anything?” Mrs. Nair asked in a cold voice. And Rahul nodded frantically.

“Whatever I ask?” she asked again, and Rahul responded the same way, this time he touched his neck to make a silent promise.

“What if I ask you to get naked?” she asked suddenly. Rahul stood speechless, not that he was surprised with the demand, but because somewhere inside he wanted to be used like that. Mrs, Nair kept her strong gaze on him, and slowly stood up and started undressing.

Mrs. Nair secretly smiled within, as Rahul started stripping. He took off his t-shirt, and the vest. The jeans followed, leaving him in his underwear only. His cock was still hard and throbbing, the shape could be easily made over his underwear. There was a dark wet patch on the underwear, close to the cock head. It revealed how much he was enjoying the show, a few minutes earlier.

Rahul didn’t need any additional enthusiasm to take the underwear off too, and so within moments he was standing stark naked in front of his girlfriend’s mother. Mrs. Nair looked at his body appreciatively. She liked young lads like him or Borah. Unlike Borah, his was a well shaped and athletic body. And as Rahul stood for his next order, Mrs. Nair removed the towel she had put on to cover herself, and both stood naked.

She walked up to him and held his cock in her palm. It was throbbing and became harder with her touch. “So, you were in for a little adventure huh?” she asked, looking at his cock. Rahul didn’t know how to react but was greatly relieved when he saw Mrs. Nair going down on her knees.

“You need to be taught a lesson” she said, still talking to the cock. And slowly she leant forward towards the cock, until her lips were in touching distance with his cock. She stuck her tongue out and wrapped his cock with it, and then slowly she took his cock in her mouth.

“mmmmmmmm” she closed her eyes and let out a sign of appreciation. She had started stroking his cock in her mouth. And Rahul held her head in reflex and to keep himself in position. Soon both started enjoying the moment.

Mrs. Nair tasted another young cock in years, she had been having a discrete relation with Borah, but the prospect of two relations was exciting her. She continued sucking his cock with great vigor. And soon Rahul started moaning. He took a couple of steps back and leant against the bed, Mrs. Nair followed, not letting his cock out of her mouth and continued sucking.

“Oh… so nice, your tongue has a magic” Rahul commented while enjoying the slimy touch of her wet tongue.

“I expect the favor to be returned, when I am done with your cock” Mrs. Nair told in between, reminding Rahul that he will have to suck her off later. Rahul closed his eyes and started moaning as she slowly pushed him towards the edge.

They continued like that for the next ten minutes, and with every passing minute Rahul was growing restless. Mrs. Nair would play with the pace, or fondle his balls to maximize the effect, and that would drive him slowly and gradually towards an orgasm.

“Ohhh… you are excellent, I never felt so relaxed and so crazy before” he murmured, not able to believe how quickly he was succumbing to her. She too continued on his cock and balls drawing him edge closer to the moment.

And when suddenly he held her head and announced that he was going to cum, she took his cock out of her mouth. That sudden rejection, slowed down the rush, but she held his cock in her palm and continued stroking to relieve him. Rahul started shaking, and he closed his eyes and stood on his toes as his cum started building up at the head. And suddenly he grunted as thick white liquids squirted off his cock and on to her body.

Rahul kept moaning, and Mrs. Nair continued stroking his cock. But by then he had already sprayed her breasts with his cum. Mrs. Nair continued for a few seconds to drain the last drops and then slowly stood up with a satisfied smile on her face. Rahul collapsed on the bed, heavily panting and his face flushed in a shade of Red.

Mrs. Nair laid down beside him, she touched his hairs playfully and whispered in his ears, “Its time you repay the favour boy”. Rahul nodded his head and sat up, while Mrs. Nair spread her legs. Her pussy opened up too, Rahul sat between her legs, looking at her sex. It was dark pink and already wet. Rahul knelt down and spread her legs more, preparing to dive in at her sex.

To be continued..


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