Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-16

Sowmya’s heart was beating faster than the Rajdhani express. She had never been cozy with any girl before. Pooja was slowly walking towards her, she didn’t look much bothered and seemed quite unusually comfortable with what she was about to do. For once, Sowmya thought of running away, but then, Mr. Dutt’s words kept ringing in her head – ‘DON’T GIVE UP’. It gave her some strength. She stood up from the bed and stood upright on the floor.

Gupta and Shah were at a corner. They have changed into a pair of comfortable shorts and poured a glass of whiskey to enjoy the show. Pooja circled her and looked at her from top to bottom. She looked like a pro while Sowmya’s legs were still trembling. She was not sure if she can with stand a lesbian act or will be forced to give up. Amidst all this thought, Pooja held her from behind. She started sniffing at Sowmya’s neck and shoulder.

Sowmya took a deep breath and shut her eyes. “Don’t give up. Don’t give up’ she repeated in her mind. Pooja had started kissing on her neck and shoulder by then. She held her top at the bottom and slowly started to pull it off. Sowmya didn’t move, she realized what Pooja was doing, and cooperated with her. Within moments, her top was off her body. And since she was not wearing any bra inside, her breasts were exposed naked again.

Pooja cupped both her breasts from behind, and started pressing them gently. A tremor ran down Sowmya’s body as she started moaning. She was surprised too that she was enjoying Pooja’s touch and it wasn’t as repulsive as she thought. Pooja slowly increased the intensity and started pressing her breasts further. Sowmya’s nipples were slowly getting erect as she was being driven towards arousal yet again.

Gupta and Shah were thoroughly enjoying. “Talk dirty you sluts” Shah told to the two girls. Pooja smiled in acknowledgement as she continued pressing Sowmya’s breasts. She held her nipples between her two fingers. They were already erect, and Pooja started rubbing them between her fingers. “Look how erect these are” she told to the two men, who were watching them so keenly. “The bitch is enjoying being touched by a girl” she said, trying to tease both men.

Sowmya felt a prang of humiliation, but in truth she was enjoying what was been done to her. Pooja was rubbing her nipples between her fingers. Sowmya was moaning gently but suddenly Pooja pressed her nipples hard between her fingers. “Owwwwwwwww” Sowmya shouted in agony, and immediately Pooja loosened her grip. “You are hurting me” Sowmya said in a feeble tone. “Am I?” Pooja asked in a mocking tone and immediately held her cheeks.

Pooja forced herself on her, and started kissing her lips. She hugged her tightly, pulling her closer to her body and continued kissing and sucking her lips. “Mmmmmmmm…mmmmmm” Sowmya surprisingly liked being kissed with such force and passion and started moaning. “Are you horny bitch?” Pooja asked her in middle, and Sowmya nodded her head in reply. “Then show us how wet are you” Pooja ordered back.

Sowmya felt humiliated, but at the same time liked that too. Slowly she pushed her skirt down. She was not wearing any panties too, so immediately she was left naked among the three. “Now lie down and show them your dripping cunt” Pooja ordered her loudly. Sowmya was amazed by the way Pooja seemed to have managed an authoritative position with her. She didn’t have the will to protest, but followed as told.

She lied down on the bed and spread her legs wide for all to see her cunt clearly. “Spread your cunts further bitch” Pooja ordered back and she reached down to her vagina and held her cunt lips to spread them further. It was already in a mess. All that kissing and playing with her breasts had left her cunt dripping with a lot of pre-cum juices. Both Gupta and Shah too were very aroused by then, but they continued watching patiently. Both of them looked at Pooja with a pleased expression.

“Why don’t you give yourself some pleasure too” Gupta looked at Pooja, and insisted her. Pooja smiled and looked at Sowmya. She was lying on the bed with her legs spread and eyes closed. Much to her astonishment, the embarrassment had further made her horny. Pooja then unbuckled her belt and unhooked her jeans. She took off her jeans slowly, as Sowmya still laid in her position with her cunt wide open, waiting for the next order. She was completely under Pooja’s influence by then.

Pooja took off her jeans and her panties. She had a nicely shaved cunt with a star tattooed on her vagina. She then took off her top too, leaving her naked as well. It was time to take the show a level further. She walked up to a couch at the other side of the room and sat on it. “Come here bitch” she ordered Sowmya, in an authoritative tone. Sowmya sat up and followed her commands instantly.

Pooja placed her legs on top of the two hand rests of the couch. It exposed her vagina and opened up her cunt nicely. It was a treat to watch. She was very fair, with a shaved pussy. Her cunt was lovely pink in shade, and was already wet. Sowmya walked up to her. Her heart was beating fast and she realized what the next command for her should be.

Gupta and Shah, changed places and came to the bed for a better view. Their condition was well evident from the huge bulge in their pants. Sowmya stood motionless in front of Pooja. She had sucked cocks earlier, but sucking a cunt was beyond her imaginations. “Come on, get on your knees, what are you waiting for” Gupta remarked, pointing at Sowmya.

Sowmya reluctantly went down on her knees. Pooja’s cunt was held wide open in front of her. She touched it with her hands. “Use your tongue bitch” snapped Pooja in impatiently. Sowmya was astonished, she had no other choice. She took in a deep breath and gathered all the courage she could and then finally started leaning forward.

Half way through she felt the strong odor of Pooja’s wet cunt. It wasn’t as repulsive as she would have thought, but had a strong driving force which made Sowmya more responsive and eager towards it. Sowmya was filled with a strange feeling as she stuck her tongue out and it slowly inched towards her cunt. Sowmya closed her eyes, as slowly her tongue touched Pooja’s cunt. She was not in a state to distinguish the taste of it, but whatever it was, it tasted so good.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” Pooja moaned out as Sowmya started working her tongue in and around her cunt. She started sucking her cunt lips and the bud slowly. And Pooja too started moaning and trembling in pleasure. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh” Pooja started moaning hard as Sowmya started teasing her cunt like an expert sucker. Sowmya too felt it surprising how she was actually liking the taste of the cunt of another woman. At this point she wanted to keep sucking her on and on.

Pooja imposed her body more on Sowmya and pushed her cunt more towards her tongue. Sowmya too enjoyed the feel and taste of it and kept lapping at her cunt comfortably. Gupta and Shah were quite surprised to see the intensity of the two. And it made them feel more aroused and eager to get into the action. Shah stood up and walked closer towards the two girls.

Sowmya was knelt in front of Pooja and was completely immersed in her cunt. Her head was completely dug between her two legs, and she was licking her cunt greedily. Pooja had her legs opened enough to allow Sowmya good access to her vagina, but also had her legs tightly around her head to stop her from moving away. She was moaning hard as she found it difficult to control her desires. Pooja was so horny, that she held her own breasts and started pressing them.

Shah walked up to behind Sowmya. She was in a knelt down and he gently held her by the waist. “Lift your waist bitch, on your fours” he insisted to her while trying to pull her up by her waist. Sowmya obliged as she changed posture and assumed a doggy position. Her cunt too was not accessible from behind and she was well aware of that. Shah too had exactly that in mind, and as soon as she assumed the doggy posture, he touched on her cunt.

Sowmya jumped up, but managed to keep contact with Pooja’s cunt. “Spread your legs bitch” Shah commanded Sowmya, tapping on her thighs gently. Once again Sowmya obliged and slowly spread her legs enough for Shah to have a full view of her cunt. Her vagina was already very wet and dripping and didn’t need any further rubbing on it.

Shah on the other hand was so horny that his cock was just dying to taste a cunt. He took off his clothes and knelt behind Sowmya, in position to fuck her from behind. He started rubbing his cock on her cunt, and Sowmya realized what was happening behind her. She closed her eyes in anticipation but continued licking Pooja’s cunt. She held her breath till Shah rubbed his cock around her cunt, and then finally pushed it deep in her.

“aaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhh” she moaned out as the cock shoved in hard and deep inside her. “Mmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” and she continued moaning as Shah started fucking her. But yet she had her head tightly held at Pooja’s cunt and so whatever she did, she managed to stimulate Pooja’s cunt. “Mmmmmm….nnnnnn…ohhhhhhhh….mmmmmmm…ahhhhhhhhh” Pooja was moaning all along as she was getting on the verge of an orgasm.

“Oh yes, I am going to cum…I am going to cum” she declared loudly as Sowmya drove her on the verge of her first orgasm. Shah too was getting stimulated by all the moaning and was fucking Sowmya with additional vigor. But this time, Gupta too joined the act. He joined the three too, and just when Pooja was about to cum, he held Sowmya’s head tightly at her cunt.

He held Sowmya’s head tightly, while Pooja was preparing to cum. “Open your mouth bitch, take her cum in your mouth” he said to her, holding her head tightly against her cunt. “Oh yes…oh yes…” Pooja kept moaning, “Ohhhhh….” she moaned hard as juices started flowing out of her cunt into Sowmya’s mouth.

“Yes…keep cumming, cum in her mouth” Gupta encouraged Pooja as she came hard. “Don’t drink it bitch, I wanna taste her cum from your mouth” he told to Sowmya. Sowmya who too who was unable to control herself from being fucked and forced to take Pooja’s cum in her mouth, at the same time. She too came and exploded in another powerful orgasm.

Gupta held Sowmya’s head and pulled it out from Pooja’s cunt. She had Pooja’s cum in her mouth, and Gupta started kissing her and pushed his tongue inside her mouth to taste it. They swapped some of the juices and drank it between Sowmya and Gupta. And while they were kissing and sucking each other’s lips, Pooja pulled down his pants and started stroking his cock.

All four of them were involved in the act by then. Shah was fucking Sowmya from behind, while Gupta was sucking and kissing her lips. While Pooja held Gupta’s cock and started sucking it. They continued in that fashion for some time before all four of them moved away. The girls, Pooja and Sowmya, walked up to the bed and laid on it in an inviting posture. They opened their legs up to expose their cunt to invite the two men for another round of fuck.

Gupta and Shah too decided to swap partners while Shah wanted to fuck Pooja, while Gupta wanted to experience the novice Sowmya. Both of them were completely naked by then. Both of them had very fatty cocks, something which is very common and of pride in Gujarati men. Gupta walked up to Sowmya and climbed on top of her. Sowmya was already very horny by then and so started kissing him as soon as their body came in contact.

Gupta positioned his cock by her cunt and with a slight nudge forward, it was pushed deep in her cunt. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” Sowmya moaned out in pain, as his fatty cock invaded deep in her cunt. Her moan was soon silenced as Gupta put his lips on her and started kissing her passionately. Sowmya too responded, even under a pain of his cock fucking her so hard. And both of them kissed each other wildly.

In the meantime, Shah too had climbed on top of Pooja. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer. His cock reached the opening of her vagina and he rubbed his cock on it. But Pooja, wanting to feel his fatty cock inside her, she pulled him closer, forcing him to push his cock inside her. “Mmmmpppphhhhhhhhhh” she moaned and bit her lips as his cock caressed inside her cunt. But yet she kept him trapped at place by wrapping her legs around his waist.

Both of them started fucking the girls hard and with force. And both the girls were moaning hard, unable to bear such uncontrolled desires. Yet none wanted to stop it and continued moaning like whores and bitches. On top of their excitement, they dug their nails and teeth on the flesh of the girls, leaving behind marks of the wild pleasure. They continued banging them till late into the night, not wanting to cum very soon.

“Ohhh..I can’t take anymore, please cum in me… please” Sowmya started pleading with Gupta. She had already came for more than a couple of times and had no energy left to bear the wild fuck she was subjected to. “A little more bitch, and I will fill you up with my semen” Gupta responded curtly and continued banging her with the same vigor. She closed her eyes and started nodding her head wildly, trying to bear that more.

But when he didn’t came even after five minutes, she broke in tears “Please sir…please cum now, I am not able to bear any more…Feeling so exhausted” she said, again in a pleading tone. But this time, Gupta was in a mood to oblige. He held on to her tightly as he raised the intensity of the last few strokes.

Meanwhile, Pooja, who was more experienced than Sowmya, was still up for it. “oh yea baby…keep fucking me…deeper…harder…” she kept encouraging Shah to fuck her more wildly. Shah too responded in a grand manner. He kept dragging his cock deep inside her love hole and back very fast for her to feel the heat. But slowly he too was reaching the point of climax, and held her tightly for the final strokes.

Gupta, grabbed Sowmya’s breasts and pressed them hard, while he ejaculated his load inside her. Sowmya moaned out in pain, but at the same time, she was filled with his cum from inside. Shah too, came within sometime. And he hugged Pooja tightly while the two came together.

It was almost 3 am in the night when the two finished. And by then, all four were exhausted completely. They didn’t even have the energy to clean themselves and collapsed on the top of each other just like that. Within moments, all of them fell asleep – still naked and on top of the girls. The wild night had come to an end, but it was just the beginning. They still had another full day with each other.

But at that moment, they were all too tired to think about that and slept like dead bodies. But the morning when they wake up is going to be as exciting as the night. Gupta and Shah started liking Sowmya already, and are just not ready to let her go.

To be continued..


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