Girl in a Metro

I am a college student in Kolkata. Today, I am going to share with you a life-changing experience which many people dream of but it happened with me in real life.

I was traveling from Dumdum and as usual, there were a lot of people already. I entered and directly went to the opposite door to avoid the rush of passengers.

There I found a young girl of age around 22-23 (having a fair complexion, an average figure like a milf – not so slim, not so fat) standing just in front of me. She was wearing a sleeveless top and jeans.

The metro train started and I was watching her and dreaming of putting my hands in that tight ass. My dick was already getting erect with all those imaginations and my luck favored when a huge amount of people entered the metro in the next station and she was pushed back and her back collided with my chest. She was embarrassed and she said, “SORRY..” Wow! Her innocent voice turned me on (not so innocent though, you will find out later). I quickly replied, “It’s okay”.

Her hands were touching my body frequently and each time, I was getting aroused. But I had to control because I was afraid of the other passengers as I did not have any previous experience of making out in public. But I miserably failed to control my erect dick which stroked with her ass! She looked back and gave a serious look which made me very scared.

I just broke the eye contact and looked in another direction. On the very next station, she was again pushed back and my hard erect dick again rubbed her ass. I was scared again but what happened after that shocked me. She turned towards me and gave an angry naughty smile. I didn’t know how to act and I ended up giving a smile back.

Now I could see her boobs and they were big and tight. I was unable to control my eyes and they were just going towards her juicy boobs. I could see sweat drops coming down from her neck and then entering her cleavage. I was wishing to lick those drops with my tongue and suck her neck and press those melons!

Suddenly, something touched my dick and I found out that she was touching it with her hand!! I was in heaven to see this really happening. She gave me a naughty look and she continued rubbing my dick with her hands. I was wearing track pants and I held and put her hand inside my pants. My body shivered when she actually touched my flesh. My dick was rock hard and it already had liquids because of the erotic thoughts that were going on in my mind.

She was stroking it and at that time due to the crowd-push, she almost fell on me. But she managed to balance herself by gripping my shirt. I knew that this was my chance and I hugged her and put my hands on her back and pressed her body against my chest as if I was trying to help her from not falling.

Her boobs were tightly squeezed and oh my god!! They were so soft. She started smiling. At that point, I couldn’t control myself and I pressed her left boob with my right hand.

She closed her eyes in pleasure but she said that would be risky doing in such a public place. So I grabbed her ass with my left hand and pulled her closer to me and entered my right hand inside her jeans. She was shocked with my quick moves but she did not resist.

I entered my fingers inside her panty and touched her pussy. She was clean shaved and she closed her eyes. There was a hormonal rush in her body and suddenly, she tightened and started rubbing my dick more vigorously. I placed my hands on her clitoris and pressed it with my middle and ring finger. She was breathing heavily in pleasure and she held my shoulder with her other hand.

I fingered her clitoris and vaginal lips both clockwise and anticlockwise and at one go, I pushed my two fingers inside her pussy. She moaned and pressed my dick in a sudden reaction. We shared a smile and then I started fingering her. She was responding with low controlled moans. I couldn’t resist myself after those sounds and her facial expression that I kissed her lips for a second.

She was shocked and looked at me with big eyes and a naughty smiling face. I said that it is gradually becoming impossible for me to resist. To this, she replied, “Who has told you to resist yourself??” And then we french kissed each other for about 9-10 seconds like couples in that crowded metro.

I sucked her soft cute lips. Many fellow passengers were seeing us and few uncles were enjoying the scene too but we didn’t care. All this time, I was constantly fingering her hard in her pussy. Suddenly, I felt a lot of liquid in her pussy. She said that she had an orgasm. I gave a naughty smile. I couldn’t control myself too and I ejaculated on her hand. She did enjoy it.

She took the cum on her hands and I took her liquids on my hand. We then shook our hands smiling. I took out my handkerchief and then we cleaned our hands. I asked if she wants to have sex in real life and she accepted my proposal. I was very happy as I could complete my all fantasies which I could not do in that crowded metro. I kissed her cheeks and then again, we french kissed while grabbing her ass tightly.


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