Broken Virginity

My name is L, because I do not want to mention my original name. The story I am writing here is a true story and of my youth when I was young and virgin. I masturbated first time, when I was in 9th class. Since then I never stopped masturbating, (Although I am married now.) Due to masturbate practice, I got controlled in my discharge which made me a “SEX KING” and helped me a lot during my sex with many girls. I saw BLUE Movies, when I was in first year on VCR. It was good old days.When I was in my B.A. final year, my family found that I am not good in math’s therefore my mother took me to her friend, who was a Principal of a college. My mother told her friend about my weaknesses in Math and asked her to help her in this regard. My Mother friend asked me to see her daughter in law who was Msc in Math and was teaching in college. She was a beautiful lady of white complexion and a height of 5.2″. She was 24-25 years old. At that time my age was 19. She ask me to come next day and bring my books , so she may start teaching. I was a shy fellow and to get education from a female make me nerves, I did not want to go there. But my family was too strict on this issue.Next day. I went to her house. Her name was Tazeen. Her husband was abroad for job. She had been married for last three years. I found her an attractive and talkative lady. Reason is that, her mother in law was a strict lady for her and does not allow her to go with her husband abroad. Her mother in law also does not allow her for any recreation and keep her to stay at home, while she moves all around. After two three visits, she got free with me. One day when I visited her house, I find, that her eyes were wet and her nose was red. I asked her, was she weeping. She told me that, her husband send a Visa to her mother to visit him. He did not send a Visa for her. She was very much offended from her husband for this doing. At that moment, she was furious with her husband. I heard that she whispered to herself that now I will betray my husband and make her life miserable in Pakistan.

She took my hand and take me to her room and suddenly asked me. Do you want to see me naked? It took me wrong footed, I could not answer her. She then took my hand and placed it on her boobs. “Feel It” she ordered me. I mechanically grabbed her boobs and came to know that she is not wearing any bra. Her boobs were big and hard. Blood started running in my veins. She then took off her shirt and for the first time I saw two glamorous pair of boobs in my life. They were very much perfect. “Glistening white color” with pinkish tips hanging on her chest. Suddenly she took off her shalwar & she was standing naked in front of me. Her white silky body was trembling with emotions. I suddenly find courage in me and I started kissing her on her throat, forehead sucking her lips, she could not stand because of my love bombardment and fell down on her bed. I started to kiss her on every inch of her body. I was using my experience of blue movies. She started to give voices but they are very low. When I kissed her on her breasts and suck the pink tips. They stand like arrows and her tips become more big, her body was arching due to emotions. I also kissed on her belly buttons and roll over her body to start kiss on her back. She was also frantic and grabbed me with her full force. Her breath became very heavy. Some times she gives voices with her breath. I suddenly shook my head between her both thighs and viewed that beautiful crack which was hairless. The pink crack was Oozing with her cum and when I inserted my first finger in that hole. She sprang from the bed with emotions. I stared masturbating with her sexiest cunt. She was now frantic. I stopped masturbating her. She begged me not to stop. I asked her that to enjoy more, she must obey me. She anxiously nodded her head for confirmation. I asked her to take off all my cloth and suck my “COCK”. She eagerly take out my COCK and got it on her mouth. Oh it was heaven. When she moved her head inwards and outwards on my loving ROD it is like that I am Flying somewhere with passion. I asked her to take the whole length of my cock in her mouth. She replied that it is too big. But I made her to take it the whole cock in her mouth. My balls were hanging out side her lips and I can feel her warm breath coming from her nostrils upon my balls. I can feel the hallow of her mouth on my cock and enjoyed a lot. She wanted to take out my cock from her mouth but I kept it in her mouth with my force and started to fucking her mouth with great jerks. Such a taste, such a pleasure, I could not stand any longer and ejaculated on her throat and loose down my pressure. She never expected what I did to her, my discharge choked her throat and she started coughing and spitting my comings from her mouth. I could not stand and lie down on her bed. It was extreme pleasure. I grabbed her from her shoulder and apologizes what I did to her . Her breast were dangling down with her breath. She also lied down with me on her bed. While seeing her naked body. My lethargic cock which was shrunk after sex. Started to stand again. I assured her that now I will be polite with her and started to lick her again, after 10 to 15 minutes licking. I saw that her body was arching again. She was jerking her hips upwards and downwards. I came down to her lower body and spread her legs . I can see the lips of her cunt also widen due to this spread. I pushed my cock towards that heavenly hole but could not succeed due to my inexperience. She then suddenly grab my cock and pointed the tip of my cock towards my prize. Oh it was heaven; the walls of her cunt grip my cock and sucked my cock. She wrapped my back with her both legs and grabbed it such a way that it was very difficult for me to take out my cock from her without strength. She was pushing her cunt towards my cock and start to make noises on high pitch. Due to her comings, strange sounds came out when I stroke her with strength. I started to push her hard. She responds my pushes with same strength. She was biting me with emotions scratching my back with her sharp nails. I felt that I am a burning “LAWA ” who just want to explode. Suddenly I felt shower upon the tip of my cock. Her body arched and then relaxed.. On the same time I also came, I gave her jerk after jerk of my coming. I really fainted upon her with pleasure. My cock was still in her and I was lying on her. After some time I took off my cock from her cunt and saw that my discharge was still oozing from her cunt like flow of spillway. It was a seen of my triumph. I was no more a virgin. She was lying with closed eyes. Her breath was normal and calm. I enjoyed a lot to see her body. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. That Day I fucked her six times with different styles. Till it was time, for her mother in law to come.


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