A Teacher’s Story

This happened when I was teaching in the local college at sujanpur. I had my own house at sujanpur and for most of the year; I used to be alone at my home because my parents had gone to stay with my brother abroad. Since I was alone at home, my house became a place for parties and fucking of prostitutes. Often, my friends used to bring their girlfriends to my place and used to fuck them all night and sometimes even I got lucky in fucking them. I had this huge drawer full of panties with me due to stealing of my friend’s girlfriends’ panties. There were all kinds of them, in every possible color and every design, from the cheap cotton ones to the designers; I had all in my collection. Sometimes I even used to put them on for the night. I even remember that I even went to teach in the college with one of the panties inside my jeans. Well, I was just so horny all the time.

The incident which I am going to narrate happened between me and another female teacher of history in the college. Her name was shipra and her husband used to work in the local bank. They had rented out an apartment here and they had two small kids too. She used to teach history and was not very open in the beginning. She only talked to the point and nothing irrelevant. To add to this shyness, she even wore such clothes which didn’t reveal even an inch of her body. Her sleeves were covered to the wrist and she would keep the dupatta over her tits and she wore heavy cotton suits and thus initially it was difficult to make out how big her tits really were. It was only when she opened the almirah to keep her books; I could make out the size of her globes. They must have been 36dd and she had a bumper ass too. I wondered what kind of panties she wore. The strangest thing about her was that she belonged to Bihar, a very rural and rustic part of India though she had a dusky complexion but it was more to the fairer side. It took a lot of time for me to get her to talk but I had the advantage of a free period when only she and I used to be there in the small staff room. It was in the afternoon before lunch when both of us waited together for our lecture. She didn’t talk much initially but soon my jokes and funny nature was helping me out and she became a little more open with me. It was the summer after monsoon, and one day she took me by my horns as she come to the college.

I clearly remember that it was nearly 9’o clock in the morning when I reached the staff room. It was very early in the college and a few students were waiting in the classes while the staff room was just empty. Only the peon was there but she was doing some other chores outside. I was just looking over the book and preparing for my lecture when shipra came inside and said “good morning amit sir”. She was dressed in a very light yellow suit and I could clearly make out her flowery bra underneath it. A little bit of her tummy could be seen and it was fat, had flab around it which looked so kinky. Her bellybutton was in fact another pussy of hers as she had gathered some flesh around her third closed hole but it looked so much inviting. I was only making out from the outsides of her suit. As she came towards me, her dupatta slipped and for the first time I saw her breasts looking so big from the front. Then, we started to talk and we kept talking so much that we missed our class. In the afternoon too, we kept talking and slowly she asking me questions of all types. She even told me that she didn’t feel much strange for extra-marital affairs as it is between a male and female to do it. She even told me that she liked the doggy position more than the missionary but her husband was not keen and enthusiastic about it. She said that she wished she had more spice in her sexual life. O my god! My fellow lecturer talking this stuff to me and my pole had already risen. I was stupefied but soon the bell rang and off to class, she went. Besides this little horny chat, she often started calling me up in the afternoon at times and she used to talk for hours. Slowly I was also developing a liking for her. I started masturbating on the name of her unseen cunt every night. Her huge mammary used to hang from the sky at night in my dreams and I used to suck them and chew on the rubbery nipples which I had not yet seen. Gradually, she was changing in her attitudes too. Now, she started wearing short sleeved suits and sometimes she even went to the extent of putting on sleeveless suits in such a conservative Indian college. By and by she was becoming attractive each day.

One evening, I saw her strolling right in front of my house with her 3 year old kid. I went out and asked her to come in for a cup of tea. I played cartoons on the TV and the kid was busy watching them. Then I went to the kitchen and shipra followed me. She was wearing a similar cotton suit of revealing nature, this time her arms were very short. I poured water and kept in on gas in a tumbler. But as I turned back to get some sugar, shipra was right behind me, her big breasts moved on my chest and back. I got an instant hard-on as I turned towards her, “o shipra mam! you”, she didn’t look surprised by the uneasy situation we were in, her breasts were crushing my chest and her face was so close to me. She had a mole on her neck which looked like a third nipple, it was so nice and I wanted to suck that mole on the dusky fat neck. She had three nipples including her mole and three holes including her bellybutton. All this was so kinky. “I do not know whether Amit sir also knows how to make tea or not.?” And then saying this she put her arms on my back and pushed me to kitchen sink sandwiching me almost while my prick almost felt her big supple thighs. “mam, i will make it” I stammered as I felt my heart in my mouth feeling her nipples stiffen on my chest under the bra.

“Which milk you will use.” As she laughed pressing me even more and winking her eye. I was getting so horny by all of this and now I became bold to put my hands over her bumper ass and I squeezed it a little. “Do you want my milk for tea sir?” O my god what was happening, I couldn’t believe it. She was inviting me for a cup of tea with her breasts milk. I was gone for reason now. As I bent her face and kissed on her neck right on her mole while I stretched my palm fully to cup her humongous buttocks which felt so spongy. “shipra madam, give me a kiss. What a sexy body you have”, now she was also turned on and she put her hand on my cock over my pajama and started rubbing it. “why only kiss take whatever you want” she said in a filthy bihari now, “my body is on fire and you are asking for just a kiss”, I looked at her face and she appeared like a cheap bihari slut for a second and then a housewife slut for another, and within a second I just raised her arms to get her shirt out. Her beautiful breasts swung to me in full glory encased like an antique in a cream flowery bra. The bra was making nice contrast with her bubbly brown flesh. It was probably a half cup bra since I could make out almost half of the areolas peeking outside it. I looked down at her flabby tummy and my cock rose like a demon from slumber, her bellybutton was too inciting for me and I quickly bent down and kissed her madly on her tummy taking full and sumptuous bites of that soft brown flesh while she started moaning too. My hands had instinctively gone to her huge mountains of flesh on her back as I kept my face in the valley of her flabby tummy. I was tweezing her big buttocks like I am kneading the flour and soon my face traveled upwards to her breasts. I was surprised to find the bra gone now. She had taken it off for me, how nice of her. Her huge bounteous breasts were staring me in the face and her beautiful bean like nipples were standing like pencil erasers on their ends as I moved my hands to support them from below. As I lifted her big boobs in my hands, they beamed perfect rotundity and were so round that they could make a circle look square in front of them. Here I was holding her hidden treasures in my hands. Her areolas must have been more than the size of a small c d and were deep brown covering almost half of her breasts and at the center of them erect those proud nipples who knew no shame now. I softly caressed them with my hands just to feel how huge they were. I put my face in the valley of her breasts now and I kissed on the sliding gorge lapping up with my tongue. Slowly my mouth was moving over to her areolas and I lapped them up, licked them hard like a dog drinking water with his tongue, and finally when I reached the nipples I stopped to have a full look at this heavenly lusted breast now. The moment my lips touched her nipple, a flurry of uncontrollable passion rose within me and countless sparks emitted together from her nipple as if there has been a short circuit somewhere in her body and I was eating the nipple now as if it was a chewing gum. I was trying to milk her but the milk wouldn’t come. Soon, she understood what I was trying and disengaged me and said, “amit sir, i am coming in a moment you proceed to bedroom.” She went in my drawing room near the t v where her child was sitting. She took him in her lap and thrust her nipple into his mouth. The child even protested as he was probably not in the mood for some milk. But she forced her big breast in his mouth and soon milk started flowing. Now she came over to me in the bedroom and lay on the bed offering me her huge breasts. A drop of milk had formed on her right breast now. I lapped it up with my tongue and then started to suck on her nipple. O my god, milk was flowing into my mouth. There were streams and wild torrents of milk inside my mouth now.

“This milk is for tea amit sir, not for you” she asked me to spit that milk in a tumbler and thus we started collecting milk for the cup of tea. The taste of her milk was a little salty but it was so nice to have it in my mouth. Slowly I emptied both her big boobies. She disengaged me from her boobs and kept the tumbler on the side. I got up and locked the bedroom door and blew the fan at full speed. When I turned back, I saw that shipra was removing her salwar and now her beautiful black ass came out clad in the flimsiest of all panties. I couldn’t imagine in my dreams that beneath this conservative college teacher lays a sexy woman who has a drive for sexy underwear too. Her panty was nearly transparent and it was just a strip connecting and covering in a manner of revealing more and concealing less. Her pubic hair were dense and there were some around her asshole too. I couldn’t wait for her so I jumped on her in the bed. She spread her legs for me and then pulled the panty to a side and moaned in a husky voice, “amit sir, I have never tried alternate sexuality. Will you help me? No one has licked my pussy before. Amit sir, will you do it please”

Well, here she was so horny and inviting me to suck her pussy. I got so excited that I tore the panty with my teeth and then chewed on her larges pubic hair for sometime before finally giving french kiss on her vaginal lips. She writhed and moaned in ecstasy as I lapped up her jelly like clitoris between my teeth. I thrust two fingers now in her cunt and started to pump them while my lips were nibbling at her fiery brown clit. I increased the motion of my fingers in and out and my hands went out to her huge sag less tits and I squeezed them to my delight while she writhed like a snake and bumped her ass on my face, grinding her juicy well fucked pussy on my lips. She was jumping on my mouth now and I felt that she could come any time now so I shifted and took my cock out, masturbated it a bit for complete erection and then quickly slid it in her glory hole. Her pussy was so large that I had no problem in accommodating my boner in the very first go. I seized this opportunity for complete fun as I could slide in and out completely now. As it was loose, so I would take my cock out fully and then insert it again with a thud. Every time it entered her pussy it made a huge sound of pouch…o god I loved this sex play.

Now , I lifted her in the air while standing and fucked her while she locked her legs at the back of my waist and with her arms on my neck, she bounced like an expert on my cock. It was going up inside her like a piston now. I increased the speed too while my mouth natural found her well milked and breastfeeding motherly tits. My hands rested on her bumper ass as I fucked her in abandon. She then, pushed me back on the bed and came over me, thus controlling the game of love. She pushed my face back and then she started to dance in front of my face with her tits. She started to swing her huge melons on my face and slapping them in between. She also slapped her ass as she swung her tits on my face. My face was being slapped by two huge mountains of flesh and it was ecstasy. I couldn’t hold on longer and bit them again and again. I bit her titties so hard that my tooth marks were there on all over her flesh. She was moaning loudly all this time. I was surprised to hear that now her language was getting filthier, she was thrusting her full tit in my mouth. I could feel my cheeks swelling. Oh my god her whole huge breast was inside my mouth. I looked at the adjacent mirror and I saw my mouth swelling with her complete tit as if my body was glued to her. My mouth was a hole where she plugged her tits. I was getting completely crazy now and I could feel her stroking my erect cock now. “How many times will you fuck me Amit sir” she implored while shaking my cock and I was too dumbfounded to hear her use these filthy words. I didn’t give any reply with my mouth as she had already taken my cock to her dripping pussy. She kept it on her pussy lips and rubbed there. My cock was already throbbing and it rubbed and slapped against her vaginal lips. Then she pushed me back thereby removing her boob from my mouth. She adjusted my cock with her hands and then with me lying down she started to jump on me. My cock was going like a knife in the butter. The sensation of hitting her pussy walls was too much for me, and I also started to pump from below. “fuck me make me your slave i am your slut” she was ranting and raving a bitch on heat. I inserted my finger in her asshole now and continued to hump her with my cock. I slapped her ass and tits a number of times sometimes even slapping her face. Finally, I couldn’t hold it no more while she was moaning so much I am sure neighbors must have heard. I smooched her for one last time as I felt the storm rising in me. I asked her, “shipra mam! i am cumming”. I was pretty relieved when she said that she is in her safer days so that I can ejaculate inside. I came with a bucket of semen inside her and I almost passed out as I came. We lay there intertwined for sometime with my limp cock still in her juicy pussy. We were woken by her little son who woke her up by sucking her well used tits she just smiled and set her clothes right and left after a cup of tea which I made from her breasts milk. Damn, it was tasty I must say.

After that, we had many sex sessions and we made the full use of her free period, in both senses of the word. I even had a mistimed shot with her at the temple in the evening when no one was there and she conceived due to that. Life has never been more adventurous. I would love to suck more milk when the child is born. Till, then let me just masturbate on the sight of her protruded belly which is due to me.


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