Sexual Encounter with a Reader

“Hey, I am Latika. I read your stories I have to say, you made me wet as fuck. I was wondering if you’d be interested in chatting with me?”

That’s all it took. One email. And I was hooked.

This story dates back to a couple of months ago. I was partly flattered and partly horny, and it didn’t take me long to reply eagerly to this mysterious woman who seemed to have been moved by my work.

For the first week, we mainly communicated through e-mails. We were both skeptical of each other; pretty scared that the other one would turn out to be fake. But it was just a matter of time before we exchanged numbers and called each other up. She did turn out to be a girl and one with a sexy voice at that.

Latika is a nineteen-year-old horny teenager who’s a frequent visitor on this site. She mentioned that she had been enjoying my stories for a while now and it took a lot of courage on her part to send me an e-mail, mainly because she had never been intimate with anyone before, let alone a woman.

I felt a little special there. A girl who’s never been with anyone before and she decided that I could be her first? That’s kind of sweet.

So we decided to meet. I offered to plan a date for us: a movie first, lunch after and then we could book a hotel room for a few hours so we could spend time alone.

She seemed to be ecstatic at the idea and readily agreed. Should we exchange pictures? I had asked. No, a blind date seems much more interesting, she said. I agreed and she was right.

As clichéd as it sounds, we decided to meet up on Valentine’s Day.

I wore a maroon top with black jeans, a black leather jacket, and heeled boots. Underneath, my 36C breasts and my curvy ass were accessorized with a raunchy black lace bra and matching panties. If this doesn’t get her to take off her own clothes, I thought to myself, maybe nothing will.

I waited outside the movie hall with the tickets, eyeing every girl that walked past me, wondering if she was the one. I look down at my phone; a text flashed: “Hey, I am wearing a pink dress. Where are you?” A dress? In this cold? I wondered as I looked around for someone who matched her description. And there she was.

She stood tall at probably 5’3, just a couple of inches shorter than me. Her hair was neatly curled and it fell down to her shoulders softly. Her eyes were wandering around, probably looking for me, when I approached her.

The girl was slightly curvy, with approximately 38C breasts and a deliciously rounded ass, making me almost whisk her away to a secluded spot then and there. But I was patient. All good things come to those who wait.

“Latika?”, I asked, smiling down at her as I walked closer.

“Hey, K?”, she shyly replied, taking in my presence.

“You look beautiful!”, I said, genuinely pleased to see such a pretty one in front of me.

She blushed, murmuring a “you too” to the ground and smiling shyly.

I gestured towards the hall; the movie was about to start. We walked up the steps to the farthest corner of the hall in the last row. I had chosen those seats, hoping to start our date on a good note with some privacy.

It was Valentine’s Day and a few couples had filled in for the movie but they sat scattered, each at different parts of the hall. I understood that they came here to do what we came here to do: watch less, fool around more.

The movie started: “Isn’t It Romantic”, the title of the movie, flashed across the screen. I knew a lot of people wouldn’t turn up for this movie; it was an American comedy and hadn’t gained popularity in India yet. Which meant that we get three hours to just ourselves.

Latika sat next to me; we had hardly said a word after we exchanged pleasantries. I had caught her looking at me coyly a couple of times but she turned red every time I looked back at her. A few minutes into the movie, I lean closer to her ears and whisper,

“Enjoying yourself?”

She let out a small gasp as my lips brush ever so lightly against her neck and she nodded meekly, smiling. I traced a finger along her thighs over her dress, stopping at her knee and placing my hand on it. I saw her eyes follow my hand caressing her body and I sensed her tensing up a little.

She turned her face towards me, looking me in the eye as I slowly lifted her dress.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?”, she whispered, giggling.

I shook my head. I was known for my impatience. My reader’s soft, rosy lips were tempting me to move closer and I did so slightly. I almost expected her to turn away but she slowly moved in closer, pressing her lips against mine.

My other hand moved to cup her face, pulling her closer as I kissed her deeper. Her lips tasted of a sweet strawberry lip balm and I could sense her breath quicken as she felt my hand sliding under her dress. Quickly breaking off the kiss, she looked around scared, pointedly eyeing anyone who might object to our shenanigans.

“Nobody cares here”, I whispered. “Here”, I said as I took off my jacket.

I placed my leather jacket over her lap, covering my hand and her half-lifted dress exposing a lot of her thighs.

“Is that better?”, I asked, moving closer to her lips again as I tenderly turned her face towards me.

She nodded and moved in to kiss me again, her hands now boldly moving towards my breasts. She cupped them gently and fondled them, almost like a child discovering a new toy.

Her fingers pressed against my nipples, which were by now very hard, and I felt a little gasp come out of my mouth as she did so. Fully turned on now, my hand brushed over her soft skin to reach for her panties only to find them soaked with her juices.

My finger slid over her slit, her panties adding extra friction against her puffy pussy lips. She let out a soft moan as my finger repeatedly teased her over her panties and her hips moving against my finger to feel more of it.

I smirked as I broke the kiss and looked at her: her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly agape, her legs were spread and her hands were groping my tits tightly. She wasn’t going to take long to cum. I slid my hands under her panties, feeling her smooth, shaved skin against my palm as my fingers reach for her clit.

Gently circling around it, I slowly increased my pace as I inched closer and closer to her nub, multiplying her excitement ten-fold as she felt her sensitive button more exposed to me than ever.

My fingers softly pressed against her clit, rubbing it lightly with just a hint of pressure. Her juices were flowing more and more now and I could hear her soft gasps as I pressed more firmly against her clit. My female story reader kept mewling my name with sudden bursts of yessss.

Her hips started moving along the rhythm of my fingers and I leaned over to press my lips against her neck, gently sucking on it. That seemed to have done the trick: Latika’s hips buckled and she trembled as she moaned in my ears as she reached her climax.

I pressed my palm against her clit as my fingers stayed clasped on her throbbing pussy. Her juices flowed against my fingers, drenching them. I giggled as I fished my hand out of her panties and sucked on a finger. Her juices were sweet, just like her, and I swear I can spend my whole day just between her legs.

I brought my two drenched fingers against her lips and she hungrily sucked on them, tasting herself. I wiped my hands on my handkerchief and pulled her face against mine, kissing her hard now. I wanted her so badly at that moment.

Latika could sense my arousal and she kissed me back with equal gusto, her tongue entering my mouth for the first time to roll against mine. If I could have had my way, I would have ripped her clothes apart right there. But again, as I said, all good things come to those who wait.

So, we waited. Her breath subsided to normal and she placed her head against my arm as we watched the movie till the interval. The lights came on and we looked at each other, almost as if we knew what the other was thinking.

“Want to grab lunch or straight to the hotel?”, I asked, already knowing her answer.

“Hotel. Now”, she whispered as she gathered her bags and my jacket.

“Wait”, I said, almost sounding like an order.

The teenager looked at me with questioning eyes, wondering what else I had up my sleeve.

“Your panties are pretty much soaked, love. Take them off”, I commanded.

“B-but what about..?”, she whispered, her voice trailing off as she noticed the smile on my face.

“Go commando. Either you take them off now or I take them off for you”, I whispered back, grinning.

Smiling shyly, she looked around as she slips her panties off her smooth legs, handing them over to me. As I had predicted, they were soaked with her juices. I immediately stashed them in my own bag. I get up and extend a hand.

“Come on, babe. Two more pieces of clothing to get off of you.”

We reached our hotel soon enough. It was just a few minutes walk from the mall, but I insisted that we hire a cab. After all, a gust of wind is all it would take to expose the pussy I was going to devour. She had agreed; she seemed to agree to everything I said and I noted later on that my dominance over her this way seemed to excite her even more.

Latika cozied up against me in the cab, much to the pleasure of the driver and, of course, myself. Her lips were just inches closer to mine as she wrapped her hands around my waist.

I could see the eyes of the driver hover down to her legs which were ever so slightly spread apart. I met his eyes at the rearview mirror and glared. Embarrassed, he never looked back again. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but be turned on by the amount of skin she was exposing to the world.

It was just a matter of time before I could finally find myself between her legs.

At the hotel, Latika acted like a giggly teenager around me. I opened the hotel room door for her and she skipped in excitedly; probably using her adrenaline rush to hide her nervousness.

I closed the door behind us, hanging a ‘do not disturb’ sign outside. I walked in to see her standing in the middle of the room, her hands fidgety and her head bowed. I moved closer and ran my fingers through her luscious curls, finally stopping at her shoulders to turn her around.

She faced away from me with her head towards the ground. With one slow pull, I unzipped her dress down from the back of her neck to the base of her spine. I felt her slightly shudder at my touch and I let the dress hang from her shoulders until I stepped up behind her.

I leaned down and kissed the nape of her neck and pressed my breasts against her back. My hands wrapped around her waist and slowly moved up, cupping her big breasts in my hands. She stiffened but soon relaxed as she let her instincts take her away.

My next move was to slide the dress off her body. The dress bunched around her ankles in a heap and the only fabric standing between me and her wholesome nakedness was her bra.

I unhooked it quickly and let that fall too. Suddenly conscious of her fully bare skin, she covered her breasts with her hands protectively. I turned her around to face me, my eyes taking in every inch of her au naturel figure. She looked at her feet, shuffling them nervously as she felt my gaze.

“You alright there? If you want me to stop, we can”, I offered.

“No, it’s just.. I have never been naked in front of anyone before. And.. I am not exactly sexy”, she replied, her hands letting go of her breasts and falling down to the sides of her waist, pointing at her love handles.

I gently lifted her head up with a finger under her chin.

“I find you really sexy, Latika. Let no one tell you otherwise”, I replied while my other hand pulled her closer by the waist.

She turned red and smiled, her eyes not meeting mine as she shyly looked around. I leaned down to kiss her neck and then led my lips down to her perky and firm breasts, which I began to tease lightly with my tongue, heightening her pleasure.

My tongue rolled around her nipples before my lips engulfed them whole, pulling them playfully. I brought my lips to graze against her chest and back to her neck again, whispering her to undress me too.

She hastened eagerly to comply and with slightly unsteady hands, she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. My boots were already thrown to the side and my jeans followed them, and her dress and my top joined them there.

Latika admired my breasts for a while just before unhooking my bra and pulling down my panties in less than a minute. She cradled my breasts and looked at them in awe – as if she still couldn’t believe that this was happening to her.

I smiled and said nothing and I gently gripped her upper arms to steer her back towards the huge, king-sized bed. She got the idea at once and once the back of her legs hit the bed, she immediately scrambled on it, sitting up and waiting for me to join her eagerly.

I was aroused but I wanted to take my time with her. Excusing myself, I reached out for my purse from where I fished out a small object and turned to her. Her eyes went wide with surprise and arousal and her legs instinctively snapped open just by the thought of it between her legs.

I climbed on the bed, keeping my medium-sized vibrator just beside her- it was about six inches long, of black plastic and had a small knob at the end of the rod. She looked at it excitedly but her eyes soon closed in pleasure as my lips reached out to kiss her.

I could have played around for a few minutes but I was running out of time and patience – and with this thought, my hands slowly moved down the centre of her body.

My deliberation was quite deliberate- I wanted her to know exactly where my hand was traveling to so that when I reached the destination, she would already be turned on. Sure enough, as my hand moved past her belly button, she panted a little and arched her hips to meet my fingers with her cunt.

Latika let out a high-pitched gasp as I cupped her Venus mound in my palm. I felt her sticky wetness against my fingers and looked at her incredulously.

“Someone’s enjoying this already”, I whispered, planting a kiss on her lips.

“I-I am sensitive.. there”, was all she could muster as her breathing started getting shallow.

She let out a moaning sigh as my fingers explored the folds of her labia and the valleys of her sweet pussy. She already knew what my fingers could do and I could feel her anticipating another steamy session featuring them. But she was in for a surprise.

She was ready for the next phase and I used my fingers to part her pussy lips apart, exposing her to the cool February air. She gulped as I turned on the vibrator and brought it closer to her pussy.

At first, I just ran the head of the vibrator around her vagina, hitting all the erogenous zones. It seemed to bring out the desired effect – a sweat broke down her chest and I saw her teeth intensely biting down her lower lip.

I let the vibrator momentarily rest against her vaginal opening, making her tremble in anticipation of a painful penetration- but I was a tease. So I moved it slowly up and brought it against her clitoris.

Her mouth opened and her eyes widened as I firmly pressed the vibrator against her clit. The teen started to mumble and gasp, almost incoherently, as waves of pleasure rippled through her body:

“Oh my god.. OH, OH! Oh, K.. yes! YES! I am.. I am yours! NOW!”

She propped herself on her elbows, shaking and almost on the verge of fainting.

I didn’t want her to climax just yet so I brought the vibrator down to her opening again, which was now gaping apart and glistening with her juices. I pushed the vibrator inside her, pressing against the walls of her tight young cunt. The cute teenage let out a high-pitched cry:

“Fuck.. FUCK ME NOW! Please.. just.. do it already!”

And who was I to go against that? So I firmly pushed the vibrator further and further into her. Two inches disappeared, followed by a third and a fourth- she writhed on the bed as her hips started involuntarily pushing against the hard plastic.

She began to whimper as the fifth inch entered her vagina and her back began to arch as her climax built. Feeling a bit of resistance inside her, I stopped, not wanting to hurt her.

I began to bring the vibrator backward and forwards a few inches and her pussy acclimatized to the intrusion easily – she became wetter and looser and I was able to increase the pace.

Latika’s eyes were closed shut as I did so, feeling her orgasm build slowly and slowly as I fucked her with the vibrator.

She was in another land as nerve-endings in her body that had never been stimulated before pulsed with charge. Her hands clamped on the pillow her head was upon and this was when that I decided that I should push her off the fence.

I pulled the vibrator out of her till only an inch was inside her. I waited as she looked down at me, dismayed.

I had her attention now since I knew how much even a second can cause to a woman when she is prevented from having an orgasm she was at the brink of.

I grinned as I crawled to the edge of the bed, rising my ass in the air as I crept down between her legs. She looked down in anticipation and soon, she let out a loud moan as my tongue flicked harshly over her clitoris.

Her clit was already hard and protruding out since she was so turned on. All I had to do was push her off the edge. And with that idea in mind, with my tongue working its way on her most sensitive nub, I thrust the vibrator into her-all six inches – and she took it bravely in.

Latika could only muster a view moments with it inside though, as she reached a sensory overload within seconds of it being pushed roughly into her.

Her hips buckled and her thighs shook with passion as she reached a powerful climax. My tongue pressed firmly against her clit, prolonging the whole affair as I kept on pulling and pushing the vibrator in and out of her drenched pussy. She let out loud groans and gasps as she whispered:

“Please, I can’t take it anymore!”

But I didn’t stop. My lips surrounded her clit tightly and I sucked on it mercilessly.

The vibrator was hitting her in the spots she never thought would be touched and the humming of the little electric pleasure machine filled the room along with her moans.

She begged me to stop but I knew she was enjoying herself more than I was – and just like that, she reached another crashing orgasm as her back arched again and she let out a loud cry of pleasure as her juices spilled out of her pulsating cunt.

She flopped backward as I gently took out the vibrator, grinning at the beautiful teenager under me who was too spent to even move a limb. I crawled next to her, sitting up on one of my elbows and admiring her still trembling body- a scene I wouldn’t be forgetting in a long, long time.

Latika opened her eyes after a while as she felt her breathing return to normal. Her eyes were glistening as she immediately reached out to kiss me, making me fall on my back on the bed. I giggled and her kisses turned more passionate over time, almost like she wanted to return the favor of her two orgasms.

I would have been content to ease my hand into her again, but she had ideas of her own. She sat up eagerly, her lips on my neck and then taking my breasts in her little mouth. Her pouty lips engulfed my nipples whole but as I soon found out, she had other ideas on how to put her lips to better use.

She crawled downwards, her eyes maintaining direct contact with mine as she did so. I parted my legs slowly, not too wide, but enough to give her a view of my exposed cunt.

I was already turned on and it did not come as a surprise to either of us that I was wet. She gazed in fascination at my fully waxed pussy glistening with my own juices.

The sweet teen was hesitant at first and with shaky hands, she slid a small bony finger in me. I trembled slightly; my pussy had been craving for attention ever since I saw her naked. The sensation was heavily arousing and I mumbled:

“Yes, baby.. make me come for you.. please?”

I was almost begging her and the idea of having so much control over a more experienced woman seemed to delight her to no extent. She grew bolder and I saw her tongue wet her lips. She brought her face down to my cunt and fastened her lips around my labia, letting her tongue swipe up from my vaginal opening to my clitoris.

I writhed and moaned as her amateur tongue licked up and down my pussy, teasing me in areas I hadn’t been teased in a long time.

She was no expert but her enthusiasm and evident pleasure in this task made the sensations all the more arousing- and of course, the thought of a mere teenager experiencing her first time with me was bound to make me feel lucky.

Latika went on for quite a bit, paying close attention to my moans and gasps. Her tongue explored every inch of my pussy, running it through the folds of my skin. It didn’t take long for me to reach my climax – all it took were her two fingers thrusting in me with utmost gusto and her little mouth surrounding my sensitive clit tightly.

With a broken cry and my back arched, I clasped her head against my quivering cunt as my hips buckled into a strong orgasm. She moaned into my pussy, her lips pulling on my clit firmly, prolonging the pleasure.

We were both sweaty and sticky after the event and we soon decided that it was time for us to leave for our respective homes.

I knew she wanted to stay just a little while longer as she wrapped a hand around my waist tenderly. I had wrapped an arm around her shoulder and our legs were intertwined for a while. But all good things must come to an end.

Like I said to her while we were dressing up: we will meet again. I don’t think I would forget her anytime soon- or her luscious curves. I handed her the panties I had taken as a hostage, grinning as she snatched it from me coyly.

Latika eyed them for a while before she put them on again as if deliberating whether to wear them again. I pulled her into several kisses before we left- one just before we left the room, one in the corridor and one in the elevator. She blushed every time and kissed me more eagerly than before.

And with that and a spank on her delicious butt cheeks before she got into her cab.


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