Sex with a Virgin Girl

This incident took place way back in 2001. I was newly married at that time and enjoying sexual life to its maximum with my wife. I got an invitation from my eternal Uncle who is stays in Agra and all our family members (my self-wife-and my parents) decided to go and reservations are also made accordingly.

Last minute I was forced to stay back due to unavoidable official work. So, I was all alone for 15 days. Back to the incident: There is a family living near by our house, consists of mother and daughters. (Most of the time her father is out of station) Elder daughter just completed her SSC exam and about to join in a junior college. Because we are in the same street I had seen her lot of times but never had a word with her. One day her mother and her self came to me and requested me to suggest good college in the city and also requested me to teach her some math during holidays. I suggested the college and said I was busy and it’s not possible to teach her. Then both of them requested me a lot. Finally I agreed to clarify her doubts but not spoon-feeding.

So she used to solve on her own and list out her doubts and when ever she finds me at home she used to come for clarifications. Initially I don’t have any bad intentions about her. But she used to come very close to me and used to give some gestures like she concern a lot about me. With in few days she provoked in such a way that I have to think a lot about her. Slowly I used to touch her, holds her hand for long time and even plant kisses on her hand and slowly asked her to give back what I have given to her.

I too started to gave lot of kisses, hugging her tightly and pressing against her beautiful, soft apples size boobs. (Size 32 D). Now the whole syllabus has been changed for both of us. Every day I used to spare more time at home and we used to do lot of things. One day I hugged her tightly and opened my trouser jip and kept my fully erected manhood on her hand. Because that is first time she shivered and run away to her place. After one hour she came and I showed angry on her for what she did. She said that she was afraid of that act and said sorry immediately I did the same act but this time she holed strongly while watching carefully. This time I opened her cloths and kept one boob in my mouth and pressing her back with one hand. She cooperated half-heartedly assuming I may get angry once again. During the same time her sister came to see her on one or the other reason and we immediately dressed and behaved normally. Then next morning she called me on my mobile and said that she alone going to town (we were in outskirts) then I promised her that I will meet her and accordingly I picked her on my bike. We went to an ice cream parlor and ate ice cream, during that time i made several calls to my friends and ultimately able to get a room for final touch. But the place where we went is not so safe. We entered into the room and started kissing each other at the same time hugging tightly as if we live only one hour on the earth. We are very busy all the time.

She was wearing half sari and I started to remove the same, she did not utter a single word. I opened full top and she is with her petticoat only. I removed my shirt and bottom and stands only with underwear. But all the time we are hearing external sounds (we are bit tense about the crowd). Later I decided go for final penetration. She is little bit resist this time as it was the first time for her she got afraid very much. I showed angry on her finally she accepted. First I removed my under garments and made her nude all the time our tongues are on war. I weared a condom and gave her enough confidence that nothing will happen to her. I parted her legs

Then I placed my penis on her pussy in exact 90 degrees. Then I asked her not to shout if it pains, it was irrelevant to me as I was ready to take anything may happen. Then I pushed myself down on her pussy and forced it in with a jerk, my penis went only half of it was and she was asking me take it out it is hurting a lot blood also coming out of her pussy. I said I will remove and went bit out and with a lot of force went in this time fully in her she shouted with pain. I said I will not do any thing and firmly hugging her for some time, slowly she said pain is decreasing and I started pumping it was unimaginable to have such kind of pleasure, it was painful her but the pleasure was more than the pain. I did not last longer with in 4-5 min I came out even then because its first time for her she also had orgasm.

We immediately cleaned our selves and came out of the room. I asked her to clean my penis with her tongue but she refused. Totally I was not 100% satisfied. She was very happy and promised me that even she marry some body she will continue physical relation with me. After that we both penetrated more than 80 times. Never she accepted to put my penis in her mouth. (Every body writes about 69, I have physical relation with more than 10 women nobody accepted to do so my be my bad luck) Out of all, the most happiest one is our 2nd meeting I took a double bed room apartment of friend and fucked her 4 times in one evening and had a shower bath also.


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