Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-15

It was late in the night on Friday. Sowmya was growing restless as she hasn’t received any message as was told by Mr. Dutt. She was checking her mobile frequently in anticipation but nothing came till then. At the same time, those words ‘BE OPEN TO ANYTHING AND DON’T GIVE UP EASILY’ kept ringing in her mind, making her more nervous.

She had already told her mother about the plan, but in a slightly fabricated way. Mrs. Nair knew that they will be picked up from college and dropped back at home, late on Sunday. She wasn’t happy but neither could do anything as she was made to believe that it was linked with Sowmya’s semesters. She had also packed lightly – picking up her favorite dresses and accessories. She knew what kind of pleasing she had to do and hence packed her bag accordingly.

Her phone beeped at around 10.30 pm, and she ran to check the message. It was from an unknown number and she opened the message to check its content – ‘Black Innova, MH XX DL 11YY, 9 am tomorrow, please send the pick-up point’. It was short but had all what she needed to know. Sowmya quickly replied back – ‘Shopper’s Mall on the main road’ and sent it back.

The phone beeped again quickly and she saw an acknowledgement from the same number. She was now relieved heavily but at the same time a different feeling engulfed her. Till then she was growing restless for not getting the details of the pick-up, but having got that she was now being anxious and couldn’t almost sleep the entire night.

She woke up early the next morning and took bath and got ready by 8 am. She had to leave by 8.30 to reach the pick-up point she had chosen, by 9 am. Mrs. Nair wished her luck, and cautioned her from straying away of the group or from anything dangerous like any mother would do. And finally at 8.30 she left in an auto towards the pick-up point.

She didn’t had to wait for long, as sharp at 9, a black Innova stopped at the other side of the road. She checked the number and it matched with the one mentioned in the message last night, and she walked up towards it. There was no one inside apart from the driver, who saluted her and took her bag. She already started enjoying the treatment, and imagined what would happen once she becomes a successful model.

She felt anxious in the long journey, they stopped at couple of occasion for snacks and refreshments, but she managed to catch a nap in the interim. Finally, around 4.30, the car reached the vicinity of the resort. It was a sprawling facility spread across a huge scrap of land. Landscaped gardens, swimming pools, cottages, bungalows adorned the resort beautifully. Mr. Dutt was already present as he approached to greet her. They had booked a set of cottages intended for their use, and led Sowmya to one of them. He showed her a room, “The producers are in a meeting at the moment, get fresh in the time being, and we will meet them at 6” Mr. Dutt said before leaving.

Sowmya felt nervous, and was getting anxious with all the waiting but headed in their room to get fresh. Sowmya took a bath and changed into something comfortable. She kept the meeting in mind and decided to dress wisely. She chose a silk skirt and a halter neck top. The skirt was of a bluish shade and was just above her knee length, complementing her legs beautifully. The white satin top too had a deep cut at the neck, exposing her cleavage. She was ready quickly and started watching TV while waiting for Mr. Dutt to come back.

Close to 6, she heard a knock at the door. Mr. Dutt was standing outside with 2 other gentlemen. All of them came inside and greeted her. Mr. Dutt introduced Sowmya to the producers – Mr. Shah and Mr. Gupta. Both of them owned a Garment Company in partnership in Gujarat, and were looking for fresh faces to promote their brand. Both looked at her from top to bottom and smiled.

“Sir, do you want me to send something?” Mr. Dutt asked before leaving them with the girl. “Yes, send us a bottle whisky and snacks” Shah responded and Mr. Dutt acknowledged before leaving. Sowmya too went and sat beside them.

“How old are you?” Shah asked Sowmya. “Will be twenty this year, sir” Sowmya replied nervously, starting to feel restless. “Young, very young” remarked Shah and smiled. “Have you done any assignments before?” Gupta asked her, and Sowmya nodded back. In the meantime, someone knocked at the door, a waiter came in with a bottle of whisky and some snacks. They tipped him handsomely before he left the room, leaving them alone with the girl.

“Why don’t you show us some modeling skills” Gupta told to Sowmya, “Show us some ramp walk”. She nodded and stood up. Shah turned on the TV and put on the Fashion TV. There was a fashion show being aired on it, “Like this, we want something like this for our event” he told pointing at the TV. She nodded and started imitating the girls in the TV. She started walking up and down at one side of the living room, using it like a ramp.

Gupta had poured two glasses of whiskey by then, and both were enjoying the show. “Do you know why you are here today?” asked Shah, between sipping his drink. Sowmya stopped and nodded, “To please the two of you” she answered back in a provocative tone. And both of them nodded too, “So will you simply keep walking?” Gupta asked while sipping his drink.

Sowmya took a deep breath, anticipating the moment she was being anxious about. She however managed to smile back at them as they looked back at her intently. Slowly, she walked up closer to them. She held eye contact with both of them in turn. A nice and energetic music was being played in the TV, in the fashion channel. She started moving her body in rhythm with the music. Both of them had smiles in their faces as they longed to see more. She started moving and shaking her body sensually with the music. Often she would lift her dress up, giving them a glimpse of her inner thigh and then cover it back again. She would occasionally lean forward to show deep inside her cleavage. She had both her audience held captive in awe.

Slowly, she held the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head slowly. Her belly was exposed first, then her breasts (still hidden behind the tight white bra). She waved the top few times, in the air, like a professional stripper, and threw it towards Gupta. He picked it up immediately and sniffed it for her scent.

Once again she moved her body provocatively, showing off her breasts over the tight bra. She didn’t have enormous breasts, but they complemented her figure nicely. Slowly, she then reached back with her hands and unclasped the straps of the bra. But quickly she held them, in time from falling off. The two were looking at her like vultures, waiting for her to remove the bra. The straps had come off completely, yet she kept it at its place with her hand.

They were waiting like hungry wolves for her bra to come off too. Sowmya too didn’t prolong that and slowly she took her hands off along with the bra. She had small but firm breasts, and she looked very neat and attractive, top less. Gupta and Shah were enjoying thoroughly. Their eyes had widened when she had removed her bra and stood topless. Sowmya didn’t stop dancing however.

Slowly, she held the hem of her skirt, while moving her waist in a particular motion. She started pushing her skirt down. She was wearing black panties inside, which kept her cunt and her nice round ass covered. Soon she was standing naked in her panties alone. At this point, she stopped dancing and walked up to them provocatively. Both created space for her as she sat between them on the couch.

“So? Did you like so far?” she asked with confidence. Both of them smiled in reply. Their conditions were evident from their faces, and the bulge in their pants. Both shifted further to the two ends of the couch, pulling her up and making her lie between them. Sowmya placed her head on Gupta’s lap and feet on Shah’s.

Gupta touched her lips, and rubbed his fingers gently on them. She kissed on his fingers and licked them with her tongue while they were on her lips. Encouraged, he dipped his finger in the glass of whisky and put it back on her lips. She smiled and licked his finger again, this time along with the whisky on it. Gupta liked it so much he started dipping his fingers in the whisky over and over and kept rubbing her face with it.

Shah, at the other hand, held her feet and kissed on her toes. He rubbed his fingers on her legs up towards her thigh. The more he explored towards her abdomen, the more he felt certain warmth around the area. Sowmya was enjoying both the treatments and felt ticklish when he rubbed his fingers along her thigh and long leg.

Gupta, dipped his fingers in his whisky to get them dripping, and then rubbed it on her breasts. He then leant forward and started licking the whisky off her breasts. Sowmya shivered in pleasure and started moaning slightly. Shah too, touched her vagina over her panties and started massaging the area by then.

She was completely vulnerable between the two as both started rubbing and licking a part of her body. Shah started kissing on her thigh while he was still rubbing on her pussy. “Mmmmmhhhhhhhh” Sowmya let out a gentle moan, in response of the treatment she was getting. Gupta by then had started sucking her nipples. Her tiny pink nipples had grown erect in his mouth and were slowly growing red.

Shah, climbed on the couch and knelt between her legs. He spread her legs apart creating much room between them. Then he leant forward and started kissing on her pussy. He didn’t bother to take off her panties and kept kissing and rubbing his face over it. He stuck his nose on her cunt and started sniffing at it. The strong scent of her womanhood drove him crazy. He started kissing, sniffing, and rubbing his nose and lips on it madly.

“Ohhhhhhh…mmmppppppppp…ahhhhhhhhh” Sowmya too felt the heat of what Shah was doing. She was trembling in pleasure, while Gupta didn’t allow her much room to move. He had her held tightly in an embrace and was sucking her nipples relentlessly. Sowmya started banging her head on the couch, unable to control her feelings. They were slowly driving her towards a powerful orgasm.

“Fuck me sir…Please fuck me” she started pleading while the treatment started becoming unbearable. Both of them smiled at this. “What is the hurry? We have the entire night with you” Gupta said in response. Sowmya couldn’t believe that they were planning to use her the entire night. But she was not in a condition to think much either.

Shah had to give up rubbing his face on her panties. It became wet as she reached her first orgasm, and slowly a wet patch developed and spread in her panties. Shah smiled and sniffed at it. It smelled so refreshingly arousing. Shah couldn’t control himself anymore and pulled her panties down. She was now completely naked, with her legs spread wide and breasts being kissed and sucked by someone.

They kept playing with her and parts of her body for close to an hour. And between then she had came for several times, not able to control the treatment her body was going through. And around 8.30 they stopped. Sowmya took a breath of relief. She had no energy left in her to take more, and was simply laid on the couch bearing the unbearable.

At 8.30 they decided to pause for dinner. “Let’s carry on after dinner” said Gupta. They have both taken their turn on her breasts and cunt by then. Their lips were sore from the taste of her juices or from sucking her nipples. They too wanted to change taste for some time. “Let’s go out, Dutt must be waiting” told Shah. Sowmya too sat up, her head almost spinning. She didn’t know how she would gather the energy to go through that again in the night. Her body was being pleased, but the amount of pleasure was getting unbearable and beyond her control.

She got dressed in the top and the skirt. They didn’t let her put on the bra or the panties. The two gentlemen too, got dressed and fresh before the three stepped out of the cottage. Mr. Dutt was waiting for them at the lobby. He had a nice, broad grin on his face. He looked at Sowmya, and understood from her state, how much the two must have enjoyed. He led them towards the dining hall, to a table at the corner.

There was already a girl at that table. She looked bold from her appearance, and was alone and smoking. She had nicely trimmed, straight hairs, and a sharp face. All the three men knew her already. While Mr. Dutt had actually brought her there, the other two shook hands, and exchanged kisses in greeting. “This is Pooja” Mr. Dutt introduced her to Sowmya as well. She didn’t gave much of a look at her and continued talking to the other two men.

“Pooja will work along with you in this assignment” Mr. Dutt told Sowmya. She remembered being told about another girl, and suddenly became nervous in presence of another girl. “Don’t worry, she is very nice” Mr. Dutt assured her.

They ordered for some extravagant dinner, along with drinks. Shah had ordered for some vodka and offered Sowmya to drink. “Sorry, I have never drunk” Sowmya said courteously. “There is always a first time” Mr. Dutt urged with a smile. Sowmya looked at her and remembered what he had told on phone – ‘Don’t give away’. She took a deep breath and took up the glass.

Shah had punched it well with sprite to make it not to taste very repulsive. And Sowmya drank it at one go. Both smiled watching that, and ordered for another peg. Sowmya looked back at Mr. Dutt, and he leant forward to whisper in her ears. “Get drunk, and the night will be easier to pass”. Sowmya realized what he intended to say, and accepted the second peg gleefully.

By 10.30 they had completed dinner, and Sowmya had gulped around 3 pegs of vodka. She was not completely off sense, but was feeling quite light and refreshed. They all headed back to the cottage. This time Pooja too accompanied them. Mr. Dutt left them in the cottage with the two girls and left. “Good night sir. Have a nice time” he smiled and greeted a good night to the two.

They went inside, to the bedroom. Pooja too came along with them. All of them sat on and around the bed. Gupta unbuttoned his shirts, and turned on the AC. Shah too felt more relaxed and leant back at the bed. Sowmya was lying on the bed beside him, while Pooja sat beside Gupta.

“Sowmya, baby, you have made us hot earlier” Gupta said, “now show us, what you can do to her” he pointed towards Pooja. Pooja looked at her curiously and smiled, “You want me to please another girl?” Sowmya questioned with a certain disbelief. “Yes” Shah replied. He was sitting close to Sowmya, and wrapped his hands around her cozily, making her feel comfortable.

Gupta used the back of his palm to rub on Pooja’s cheek, “Give us a nice lesbian show, and we will fuck both of you in turn later” he told to Pooja. Shah too, pulled Sowmya closer, “Don’t worry, just follow what Pooja says, and you both will be just fine” he said to her in a warm tone. There were two chairs at a corner of the room. Both the men went up and sat there. They brought the bottle of whiskey from the living room and poured some whiskey too.

Sowmya sat up on the bed, while Pooja walked up to the bed. She was wearing a denim jeans and an olive green short top. There was no escape from the night. The two watched them intently with much anticipation. Pooja was a pro, she was quite able to handle the pressure. Sowmya never imagined that she will be asked to give a lesbian show. It was going to be her first experience. She looked at Pooja, while she walked up to the bed slowly.

The night had just started, and there was a long way to go. The two were eager for the lesbian show between Pooja and Sowmya.

To be continued..


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