Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-14

It was a tensed situation at Reddy’s gym. After having avoided Reddy throughout the morning, Kiran finally gave away to her desire to meet him. She wanted a quick meeting where she would explain her dilemma and leave quickly. But things didn’t work out as she wanted as Reddy was not ready to let her go like that.

He had her pinned in the massage room, and had her topless and pleading against his request of a quick fuck. She was aroused though, from the intense sucking of her breasts and had already had a wet cunt. Yet she was afraid of being caught like that and continued protesting a fuck at that point. But Reddy was not one to be convinced so easily.

In the meantime, they were not aware how closely they were been watched. Anita, who had followed Reddy to the massage room, had found an obscure little crack in one of the window panes and was watching the two in anger and frustration. Gautam too, curious with what was keeping Kiran long, decided to investigate and reached the corridor adjacent to the massage room.

Still unaware of Kiran’s presence, he had approached Anita to check in the ladies room to see if his wife was in any discomfort. Anita, who was already furious on seeing her dream lover in the arms of another lady, felt an urge to break out the little secret to Gautam. But she behaved calmly and went inside the ladies room in pretext to check on his wife.

In the meantime, inside the massage room, Kiran and Reddy too had heard those faint conversations outside. Though they had not been able to make out who the speakers were, yet it made Kiran all the more nervous and afraid. “Please…there are people outside…let me go before we are caught” she pleaded back to Reddy in a low voice.

“Not before you let me fuck you” Reddy replied back, “And if that means risking being caught, so be it”. Kiran was breaking up, her eyes were getting heavier and wet. Her cunt was already dripping, and she was actually getting aroused being in that situation. She looked back at him one more time for one last attempt, “Please don’t force me today, I will do whatever you say next time”. She looked at him with hope but he looked quite firm and nodded his head in refusal.

Kiran closed her eyes, she had no other choice, it was already a long time and she was afraid that any longer might invite Gautam for a curious check. She wasn’t aware that Gautam was already outside, waiting by the ladies room for Anita to check on her. She loosened her grips on her pants and grits her teeth in desperation.

Reddy didn’t waste any time and pulled her pants off her body. She was naked and her beautiful body was wet with all the sweating from that anxious little moment. He spread her legs slightly and slipped his palm on her cunt. Her cunt was already wet and when he started rubbing over it, Kiran started having goose bumps. She didn’t want to moan, but it was difficult to control. Reddy was rubbing her cunt with his fingers and was exploring both in and out of her vagina.

She gritted her teeth and bit on her fist in order to avoid making noises. She was afraid that someone could make out what they were up to from all that noise. But it was really very difficult as Reddy was driving her mad. He was intentionally making her hornier to make it difficult for her to control. He had pushed his finger in her cunt and was rubbing near her g-spot.

Unable to control, or moan out louder, Kiran started crying. Tears ran freely from her eyes as she struggled to control her moans. Her body was no longer under control and was playing muse to Reddy. She couldn’t help but to spread her legs wide apart, opening up her vagina to him. “Please….stop teasing me, I am not able to control myself” she said in desperation to stop him. But it had no effect on Reddy as he continued rubbing his finger inside her vagina, and by then he had started licking her pussy mound with his tongue.

“Please…fuck me…please” Kiran continued pleading as she opened her legs more for him to have a better exposure of her cunt. Reddy smiled at her condition and planned to make full use of it. He leant up to her ears and whispered “Not before you suck me well”. Kiran had no other choice, as she was now completely aroused and horny for a fuck. So she agreed and sat up.

Reddy sat on the table as Kiran knelt between his legs. His eight inches cock was already erect and throbbing. She held her cock with his hand and looked up at him, “Promise me that you will fuck me after this” she requested. “I don’t want Gautam to get an air of what is happening between us” she said in a pleading tone.

Reddy nodded his head in assurance, and Kiran slowly took his cock in her mouth. His cock was enormous in length and it was impossible to deep throat it, but yet she took it as much inside as possible and started sucking. A stream of desire ran through Reddy’s body as he felt her wet tongue wrapped around his cock and stroking it. He closed his eyes and leant back on support of his arms to let Kiran enjoy the taste of his cock to the fullest.

Gautam was still outside, in the adjacent corridor, unaware of what his wife was doing in the room just across where he was standing. Kiran had been away in the pretext of going to the ladies room, and when she was away for quite some time, Gautam had come looking for her. He had then requested Anita to check inside for her wife. Anita, who was well aware of the whereabouts of Kiran, was thinking whether or not to disclose the same to Gautam. She too was in love with Reddy and wanted to win him over from Kiran at any cost.

In the meantime, Kiran was busy sucking Reddy’s cock, unaware that her husband was standing just outside and how close they were of getting caught. Kiran was however in a huge dilemma, her mind wanted to be over with it and return back as early as possible. But her body had already surrendered to the desires, to be taken adrift in the pool of pleasure. She had already lost control of her body and was playing muse to Reddy’s will and whims.

She was sucking his cock nicely when she stood up, “Please have mercy on me now, fuck me please” she pleaded to him. Reddy no longer wanting to tease her grabbed her face and kissed her on her lips. He too then stood up and then asked Kiran to kneel on the table. She climbed on top of the table and leant forward on her fours. She then spread her legs further to open her cunt up for him. Her cunt was at a perfect height for him and was nicely put up on offering.

Reddy too couldn’t control anymore and readied his cock to enter her. He stroked his throbbing cock and started rubbing it around her cunt hole. Kiran bit her lips and closed her eyes, waiting for the pain to come. Reddy pushed his cock against the soft fleshy opening of her vagina, and it went inside smoothly in the already wet hole.

“Mmhhhhhppppphhhhhh” she moaned out loudly, unable to control her voice. Gautam who was standing close by heard her moan faintly too. He didn’t realize it was his wife, but could realize that someone was making out somewhere close by. Kiran by then had cut her noise down, and by the time Gautam turned around he could not hear anything else. Yet curious he started walking towards the massage room.

There was an obscure crack on one of the window panes, about which Reddy wasn’t much aware. Gautam walked close up to the room and was trying to find out a way to peep in. He hasn’t yet noticed the crack, but was quite curious to find out the source of the moan he heard recently.

Unaware of all this, Kiran was on her four, in a doggy position. Her perfectly shaped breasts were hanging freely from her chest and were swinging wildly as Reddy was banging her continuously. Reddy held her waist and continued stroking his cock in and out of her juicy cunt. Kiran was struggling hard to keep her moans under control. A slight mistake and they will be caught in that compromising position.

Outside, Gautam tried to push at the door to find out if that was open or locked and just as he was about to push, someone called him from behind. “Excuse me” called a female voice. Gautam was startled as he looked back hastily. It was Anita, she had come out of the ladies room, just in time too or Kiran and Reddy would have been caught. Gautam dismissed his curiosity and walked straight back to her.

Anita was shocked to see Gautam trying to investigate at that room. Her heart was beating faster. She had decided to keep that secret to herself to use it effectively later. When Gautam came up to her, she said that Kiran was feeling sick so decided to take a rest. She also told him, that Kiran had asked him to wait for her in the floor and she will be back in a moment. Gautam was convinced, but he wanted to check on the massage room too, but in Anita’s presence he couldn’t.

Gautam headed back to the exercise area, while Anita took a deep breath of relief. Kiran and Reddy in the meantime were pretty close to an orgasm. He held her waist tightly as he thrust the last few strokes hard. And within moments, both of them came like never before. Kiran realized how being afraid aroused her more than being in normal situation. Reddy too had a fulfilling fuck after all. Later, he checked whether the coast was clear, and both sneaked back in the exercise floor as if nothing had happened.

“Hey, are you OK? I was concerned” Gautam asked Kiran when she was back. Kiran smiled back, “I was feeling a bit sick, now fine” she said in an assuring tone. “Yes I know, Mrs. Sharma told me after she checked on you” Gautam replied back. Kiran was shocked. She didn’t understand it, how could Anita check on her when she was not in the room at all. Gautam decided to leave for the day, and asked her to get changed.

Kiran, still startled from Gautam’s comments, headed for the ladies room. Anita was already in there waiting for her. Kiran was again shocked seeing her inside and wanted to avoid her. She started changing straight away. “Don’t worry, I know your little secret” Anita told in a shocking revelation. Kiran was speechless. She didn’t know how to respond. She kept looking at her in an emotionless expression.

“All you need to do is follow what I say, and no one will ever know about it” Anita told, realizing the effect her revelation had on her. “Forget Reddy for a month, disappear from here, and don’t see him for a month at least” she said, now looking directly at her eyes. Kiran was left defenseless and she nodded her head like a dumb doll.

Anita had taken his time to think this over, and had planned on how to keep Kiran away from her love. She had used this little opportunity perfectly and had been able to get Kiran in a tight spot. “Don’t even tell about this to Reddy” she emphasized in order to keep Reddy in complete darkness. Kiran had no other choice but to agree. The suddenness of the event had left her completely vulnerable and without any other choice.

Later she told Gautam that she wished to visit her mother, and spend some weeks there as she was feeling sick quite often. Gautam wasn’t ready, but gave up to her will and agreed to drop her to her mother’s place for a couple of week. It had worked out exactly as planned by Anita, and now for a week or two she would have the opportunity to attract Reddy’s attention alone.

Away from all these, Sowmya was in the college, attending lectures when suddenly her phone vibrated. She glanced on it quickly and saw an alert for a text message. She opened the message to read – ‘Are you ready for tomorrow’s trip?’ was the message, she checked the sender – it was Mr. Dutt, the casting agent. She ignored it for the time being and waited for the class to be over.

Later she went to a quiet corner, after the class. And called Mr. Dutt back.

Mr. Dutt: “Hello”

Sowmya: “I got your message, what do I need to do?”

Mr. Dutt: “Everything OK? You ready for tomorrow?”

Sowmya: “Yes I am”

Mr. Dutt: “Good, now listen to me carefully. You will be picked up tomorrow at around 9 am from a vantage point, it takes 6 hours in a car to reach the destination, so you will reach around 3 or 4 pm. And you will have the entire evening to please the producers.”

Sowmya was listening keenly. At the same time it was making her nervous too. But Mr. Dutt carried on explaining.

Mr. Dutt: “The next day we will have screen tests and special portfolio shoots if you are able to make the cut. And then you will be dropped back at home close to mid-night.”

Sowmya: “Please don’t pick me up from home, I have made excuse of a college trip, ask the car to pick me up from somewhere close but not from my home”

Mr. Dutt: “No problem, you will get a message regarding the pickup details, reply to that with your preferred point. But be there on time”

Sowmya: “Ok”

Mr. Dutt: “Are you nervous?”

Sowmya: “A little bit” she confessed.

Mr. Dutt: “Don’t worry, you are very bold, just be as bold as you were the other day, and you are bound to excel…just remember, be open to anything, and don’t give up easily”

Sowmya nodded in herself as the last words keep ringing in her mind – BE OPEN TO ANYTHING AND DON’T GIVE UP EASILY.

To be continued..


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