Fantasy Come True For Me

Our family consists of four people, mum, dad, me and my sister. We are a middle class family of Kathmandu; we had a cold store shop where my mum and dad spend most of their time. It was when I was 13 years of age when I started to masturbate, but I never had masturbated portraying my sister. For me having sex with any of our blood relatives is going against society. But don’t know how, later on I developed sexual attraction for my sister.

Now, I am narrating the incident that took place when I was 14. Sarita used to do all sorts of household works and she usually had back pain. During night time, after finishing dinner we all use to be in the drawing room watching TV. And during this time my mum used to give a back massage to sarita. She would take off her t-shirt and my mother would give her a back massage with her bras on. This was a regular sight in our house during nights when we all used to be in the room watching TV.

One day my mum hurt her right hand and had pain in the joints. The same day sarita had a very bad back pain and wanted a back massage. Everybody was in the room and sarita asked my mum as usual, “mum could you give me a back massage?” “I can’t dear, my hand is badly hurt, perhaps your brother will help you. Sushil, give your sister a back massage as I did”, was my mum’s reply. Until that moment I hadn’t had any sexual feeling towards her but to obey my mum I nodded positively and went near my sis, who was lying with her chest against the bed. She pulled up her t-shirt up to the neck. I gently applied the ointment on her back and started rubbing it on her back with her bra on. I still remember the color of the bra it was black. My dad is a fast asleep guy and he was on the other bed dozing off, while my mum was focused on the TV program. Me and my sis. Were at the back of the room on the other bed. It was this time I started having sexual feeling towards sarita. After a few minutes of massaging I could feel my “man” raising its “head”.

That day I felt bad and guilty about it. Late that night, we all went to our bed rooms and for the first time i masturbated portraying my sister. I smelled my left hand covered with ointment and I could smell the mixture of her sweat and ointment, while my right hand was busy masturbating. Though sort of weird and unconventional, I masturbated and slowly I began to enjoy masturbating portraying my sister.

Since then, I developed habit of masturbating daily portraying my sister. Her slightly fat figure with normal sized boobs, smell of her long hair overpowered my emotions. What adds to my emotions is does she have the same feeling as I do? But this was a mystery; I could never ask such a question. Since then, whenever sarita wanted a massage, I would give her the massage instead of my mother. After the massage I would go to my bed room, quickly undress myself and smell her sweat mixed with the ointment, smell my pre cum and ejaculate in her fantasy.

So, this continued till I reached the age of 17 and my sis 23. Whenever she wanted a massage she would call me and I would help her and at times whenever she wanted a helping hand to unhook or hook her bra from the back side she would call me and I would help her. Not a word spoken from either side about the feelings. Surely, I had. Such feelings for her but I dared not to ask her. During this time, I was studying in the college and my sis has left her studies after finishing her intermediate level. So most of the time she would be home doing household chores and mum and dad in the cold store shop. One of my favorite masturbating rooms was our store room, which was just upstairs of our shop on the first floor. In the warmth of room where there were sacks of groceries and boxes of noodles and biscuits I had the greatest pleasure in masturbating. However, the door of the room was always open cuz there were sacks piled up against the door. While masturbating I would keep an eye on door to adjust myself in time if anyone happens to appear there. Besides, I could hear the foot steps long before someone reaches the door and can adjust my dick well into the zipper and act as if nothing was going on. But that day in the store room as I was masturbating, I saw my sis. Right at the door with some stuffs on her hand which she had purchased from the market. I surely didn’t hear her foot steps before she reached the door. Our eyes met…. She spoke softly… “what???” I quickly hid myself behind a big sack and uttered some words like “…ugh… Uff… “I had no idea how to react on this. She calmly went upstairs. For another 2-3 days I couldn’t face her directly. None of us spoke about the incident in the days that followed. But later we seemed to forget about the incident and normalcy restored.

During these days, I got some porno magazines from a friend of mine that also consisted of some incest stories. The magazine had lots of tips on seducing and most importantly it mentioned about the reactions of girls when they get aroused. For the first time I knew that whenever a girl gets excited she bites her lips with her teeth, presses her lips hard together, her nipples get erected and she produces sounds of moan’ like – ‘sshhss….. Shhs….” These things I never knew before. I related these reactions of sarita when I massaged her back. For sure, when my mum massaged her she never showed any such reactions, except for her moaning sound “shss…. Shss….” But when I massaged her, she used to close her eyes, moaning sound deep and loud, her both hands covering her bra (may be because she wants to hide the nipples erection) and definitely biting and pressing her lips together. If the magazine was right, she definitely had sexual feeling towards me! The other difference I noticed while massaging was that – when mum used to massage her she had her bra on, but when I massaged her with only two of us in the room, she would lie flat on the bed with her chest against the bed, unhook her bra from behind (but holding the bra with her hands pressing against the breasts). I used to look at those magazines late at night and placed it underneath my bed sheet so that no one may see it. I was very careful about this. But I forgot the fact that at times my sis cleaned my room when I was out. But though I was sure that she would hardly look underneath the bed sheet and I would hardly get discovered.

That late night in my bed room I took the magazine out of the bed and began to turn over the pages. Suddenly, I noticed something different with the magazine. It was slightly torn at the edges of the cover. Surely I didn’t do it, who could have done it?? Sarita??? But I was sure there was someone who had touched my magazine. Most probably it was sarita, but not sure.

I invented an innovative idea to discover if she looked through the magazines. I applied a tiny bit (as tiny as a small ant) of glue at the centre part of page no. 7 of the magazine which had an incest story about a brother and a sister and a picture of a couple fucking in dazzling position. Then I closed the magazine and placed it underneath the bed as usual. That day while leaving for my college I told sarita to clean my messy room while I am out. In the college I couldn’t concentrate well, I wanted to be backing home soon to find out if she really did she the magazine. At around 6.30 in the evening I was back home, quickly went into the room and got the magazine from underneath the bed sheet. Slowly I turned the pages, and as I have expected, when I turned page no. 7, it was no more glued with page no. 8. I could see tiny bit of glue which bound together pages 7 and 8 was apart!!!!! That means she did look through my magazine. I was overwhelmed. I could feel my pre cum coming out. I closed the door, put on the curtains and started stroking my “dick”. Then suddenly, I heard sarita calling me

“sushil…., sushil …….”

“yea didi…” I replied.

“come up here in my room” she reacted. I quickly put on my half pants and without wearing anything on upper part of the body I rushed into her room.

“mum and dad had gone to bhaktapur (another city next to Katmandu) to renovate our old building there, they won’t be back for next 2 days. Did u know it?”

“nope” I replied. A wave of warm and pleasant current passed through my body as she said so. “I have prepared food for you kept it in the hot case in the kitchen. I am dead tired and my back is aching terribly. Go have your supper…. Uff… Ughh…” She remarked. “didi shall I give you a back massage first? Then have my supper?” “no, go and have your supper first” she denied. “I am not so hungry now, where is the ointment? Lie there on the bed” I insisted. I started to have all sorts of sexual feelings. I closed the door and put on the curtains as usual. I could see her breathing heavily and pressing her lips together. She lied on the bed with her chest pressing against the bed, took off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra from behind but still covering the front part. I took ointment on my palm and finger and started applying them on her back. All sorts of sign as mentioned in the magazine could be seen. I could see her biting her lips in the light of a 10 watt bulb in the room. For about 5 mins. I just massaged no conversation at all.

Then I broke the silence “there is no one in the home, right didi?” she nodded positively closing her eyes. “so…?” she asked. I said nothing for another 30 seconds I guess. Then I began again,” why do u always have back pain?” she replied in an angry manner” do these household chores and u will know how painful it is.” I remained silent again.

“could u press a little harder….? Shss… Shss…..” she said. I pressed a little harder and briskly.

“shsssss….. Shssssss…… Shsssss….. “was all that I could hear from her.

“do it a little down at the sides here….. Shsss… Sshhhhssss…” She indicated at the sides of her stomach and just above the breasts. I applied it as she said. My dick was dead iron hard, the bulge could be seen, but she had her eyes closed. At times I pressed the bulge against her buts. She didn’t seem to react.

“didi shall I ask u something?”

“yea what’s that?”

“but promise that u won’t tell a thing about it to mum or dad.”

“first tell me what it is?” She remarked.

“its something concerned with the grown up adults…” I dared to say it.”didi, I read somewhere that when a girl gets excited she has her nipples erect, is that true?” I began.

She turned towards me at once and remarked” what??? Where did u learn this?” still holding her bra pressing against her chest. “well… Its ok, I just….. “I said. Then again in the earlier position I began to massage her. This time she stopped moaning but her eyes were still closed. I massaged her body at the sides of her stomach and the upper part of the breasts briskly. Then the moaning began. While massaging the upper part of the breasts I spotted a mole right on the upper part of the boobs. “didi you’ve got a mole there” I exclaimed. “yes, that is the sign of fortune” she replied. And without a word I took a bit of ointment and applied on part of the boobs where the mole was. She moaned heavily and gently got hold of my hand. “didi is it ok?” she nodded positively. Now I began massaging at the sides of her breasts and on the upper part. “didi……..” I said “hmmmm…?” Was the reply. “have u ever seen a porno magazine?” she pressed my hands against her body but remained quiet. “have u didi??” I insisted. She remained silent. All of a sudden, I don’t know what came into my mind; I grabbed both of her boobs with my hands. “sssshhhhssssss….nooooooo……” she exclaimed but pressed both of my hands against her boobs still closing her eyes.” Didi you has seen the magazine, right didi??” she was saying “noooo… Shssss…ssssshhhhh…..” but pressing her hands against her boobs. “I know didi you have seen my magazine” I said and then I began kissing her violently everywhere, in the breasts, eyes, chicks, lips and the nipples. When I kissed her nipples she pressed my head against it and exclaimed “yessssssss…. Shssssss…. Shsss…. I have seen it. But this is wrong”. “we won’t tell a word about this to any one didi, just once today didi” I said. I took of her skirt violently when she said “nooo… Shhsssh…… This is wrong”. “I want to smell it didi…. Please…..” I smelled her pussy, it was so delicious. I could see it very wet, all the liquid has soaked the skirt. She was still opposing me. But then I all of a sudden started licking and sucking her pussy. “oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssss…nooooooooooo…..sshssshhshshhhsssss…” was the sound for another 5 mins. I took off my pants and took the dick near sarita. “what is this?? So strange” she exclaimed. “this is ‘dick’” I replied. “Please hold this didi, I will tell no one…” I took her hand to my ‘dick’ she held it tightly. Then I forced it into her mouth. “ummmmmmmmmmmm “she exclaimed. “suck it hard didi, suck it hard” I exclaimed. She sucked it like an amateur. Then the liquid splashed into her mouth. “drink it didi, drink it, I will tell no one” I said. She gulped a little. She was there helpless overpowered by the sexual desires. I turned her position and fucked in the doggy position. “I love u didi, do love me???” was the all I said fucking her. She nodded positively.

Since that day till today we enjoy our bodies as lovers, but none of our parents or outsiders knows about it…. It’s a deep secret that will never be known to the society.


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