Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-13

It was a fresh and sunny morning. Reddy’s Gym was buzzing with a lot of people, and he too was busy in assisting them, showing them some exercises, sharing tips etc. He is normally very charged up and excited every morning, and ever since he had been having this affair with Kiran, he looks more fresh and energetic.

At the other hand, Kiran and Gautam were heading for the gym too. Kiran was quite tensed and nervous. During these days in her husband’s absence, she had gone quite far with Reddy and now she was afraid of his reaction upon seeing her with Gautam. She too was quite in love and satisfied with Reddy but was in the dilemma of how to manage the both.

She was looking gorgeous; her hair was neatly tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a sweat sleeveless tee and a pair of sweat track pants. They were very nicely fit and complimented her figure very well. Reddy was at a corner, helping someone with crunches. And he jumped up in joy when he saw Kiran walking in.

He ignored the one he was helping and quickly started walking up towards her. Kiran noticed him from a distance and her heart started pounding heavily. Gautam had fallen behind for some reason and she didn’t want him to catch them together in an unusual way. She decided to ignore Reddy and started looking in a different direction.

Reddy didn’t realize until he was close to call her when suddenly Gautam came up from behind. Reddy suddenly froze in his stride and stood looking like a complete idiot. The smile on his face vanished when Gautam came up to his wife and put his hands on her waist. Kiran too felt a hint of terror unaware of how Reddy would react.

“Hey, Reddy” greeted Gautam, and he stepped up to shake his hand. “Long time, I was out of the town, how are you?” he asked. Reddy shrugged off his disappointment and shook his hand hastily. “I am fine” he said in a curt reply and promptly looked at Kiran. Kiran was still avoiding any eye contact with him and was looking elsewhere.

Then both headed for their respective changing rooms, leaving Reddy heartbroken and shocked. He was hurt by the way Kiran ignored him and avoided having any eye contact. He went back to the corner and sulked himself. Yet he hoped that she was momentarily nervous but will slowly find a chance to talk to him and know how to continue with their lovely little affair.

Both of them came back after changing, and started with warm ups. Both kept within themselves, and Kiran managed to avoid Reddy quite effectively. That was fuming his anger and frustration even more. Once he intervened too, trying to cut a conversation, but got a cold reception from her and backed away. He went back in a corner and continued sulking himself.

Anita was a silent spectator to all this, but within her she enjoyed seeing Kiran turning Reddy down so badly. It was a big achievement for her, or she wouldn’t have been able to attract his attention towards her. And quickly she decided to take advantage of the opportunity by lending an empathetic shoulder for Reddy.

Reddy was at a corner when Anita approached him. She made the excuse of getting assistance on some exercise. Reddy acknowledged but was still lost in Kiran and her husband. Her plan wouldn’t work if he remains lost in Kiran’s thought, even at her presence. So Anita decided to gather more courage to capture her dream lover, once and for all.

“She is a bitch, forget her” Anita said in a low voice. Reddy was surprised, he looked at her sharply. She had a calm and composed look on her face. “What are you saying?” he asked. Reddy was pretty assured that no one had got the air of their secret affair, but he looked completely baffled by Anita’s comment. “Don’t worry, I have been following you two since the last few days” she said with a superior confidence. And when Reddy looked speechless, “Your secret is safe with me” she added to give him some comfort.

“I cannot understand what you are saying” he said trying to dismiss the communication and walked away. “It is up to you, or I can help you otherwise” she said in bid to stop him from walking away. Reddy stopped and looked back with a frown. He was not impressed that his little secret was out, but at the same time he desperately wanted not to lose Kiran. “Look I am a lady too, I understand them much better” she said in order to grab his attention.

“So what is your point” Reddy asked her in a low voice, now looking much interested in the conversation than he was some moments ago. “She is playing with both of you” Anita said with confidence and told how she might have been playing with both him and Gautam at the same time. She told him that since her husband was away, she needed Reddy. And now with Gautam back, she is behaving like the bitch she is.

Reddy found it hard to digest. He was deeply in love with her and so couldn’t believe that she could cheat her. But at the same time she was avoiding him, so he was feeling insecure of losing her. “Well you can use me as a tool to make her jealous”. Reddy was listening and by then had given his full attention to her.

With that excuse, Anita wanted to come closer to Reddy and so kept betting herself in front of him. Reddy too was interested to know how he can make her jealous. Anita told him, if he can stay with her, treat her same way he used to treat Kiran, then there is a possibility that she would feel jealous and would start noticing him again.

Reddy became convinced with her theory and so both of them were glued to each other from then. At the same time, Anita too wanted to see Kiran’s reaction. Till then she had been burning in the fire of jealousy, but now it was her turn to return the favour. Reddy pretended to assist her in exercises and touched her in several places. He gave her back rubs, shoulder rubs, often to ease her body from the exercises.

Kiran too was not enjoying the way she had to avoid Reddy. And within herself, she was fighting a strong desire to talk to him or to keep pretending like a loyal wife to Gautam. But when she saw Reddy with Anita, and how close both of them were getting, she was not able to control her restlessness. She started keeping an eye on both of them and took opportunities to steal a glare of his. Reddy noticed that too, and was finally satisfied that Kiran too was now feeling the heat of the moment.

“I need to go to the toilet” Kiran made an excuse with Gautam and slipped out of the area. Reddy noticed that too and thought whether that was some sort of indication for him or not. But, finally he could not control his curiosity and slipped out of the area too, leaving Anita behind to sulk.

Outside, Kiran was hoping for Reddy to come out looking for her. She didn’t have the opportunity to use the ladies room, so early in the day, so waited outside in that area. Soon Reddy came out looking for her, but not wanting to be seen with her in the open, Kiran headed towards the massage room. Reddy followed her, and she went inside and waited in the empty room.

Reddy slipped in too and locked the door behind. He rushed up to Kiran with a flurry of questions – “What happened to you? Why are you avoiding me like that?” Kiran couldn’t stay silent anymore and tried to explain her dilemma. How she doesn’t want to get caught by Gautam. She asserted that she still loves Reddy but do not want to hurt Gautam’s feelings too. But when he asked her, how they can continue meeting in secret, she was answerless.

“Please Kiran, I cannot live without you” said Reddy and hugged her. Kiran tried to avoid but couldn’t do so in time, but she tried hard to release herself from his arms. “Please, my husband is just around, we may get caught” she said, afraid of getting caught. “No one is going to come here now” Reddy said in trying to assure her towards comfort.

But Kiran didn’t want to risk being caught and carried on refusing him. Reddy continued urging her to give away her struggle. He hugged her tightly and wrapped his hands around her. He pushed his hands inside her pants and started caressing her ass from inside. “Please no, please don’t get me aroused” Kiran pleaded wanting not to be dragged into it.

But Reddy was not ready to leave her after getting her alone. He pushed her to the massage table and pushed her on it. He then pulled her tee off and made her topless. But he didn’t took her tee completely off, but used it to keep her hands tangled above her head. “Please, don’t do this, Gautam might be coming any time…Please I beg of you” she started pleading in a low voice, not wanting to be heard from outside.

But it was already late as Reddy had started pressing and sucking her breasts. She was protesting but yet her nipples were well erect out of arousal and as soon as he started sucking them, they started oozing out some milk. “Please…..” she pleaded, realizing that slowly her breasts had started discharging milk, and soon she can reach a point of no control.

“Just one quick fuck and I will let you go, I promise” Reddy whispered in her eyes, requesting her to stop protesting. Kiran nodded her head in disagreement. She was able to free her arms by then, but she had to remove her tees completely to get her arms free. She was completely topless and being sucked. She couldn’t stop Reddy from sucking her breasts but held on to her pants tightly which he was trying to pull off.

Gautam was concerned as Kiran was still not back. It usually does not take that long – he thought, and was afraid whether she was in some sort of discomfort. And he decided to check himself and headed towards the area of changing rooms. Meanwhile, Kiran was still unable to get Reddy off her, on the contrary she was slowly getting horny with as he was managing to suck her breasts quite passionately.

“Please…someone would come…we will be caught” Kiran pleaded with teary eyes, unable to do anything but plea. “No one will come…stop worrying let’s enjoy this moment” he replied, still trying to get rid of her pants. But she held on to her pants tightly not allowing him to get what he wanted.

“Why are you stopping me?” Reddy asked her in a raged tone, “I can realize how wet you have become, and how much you need it”. Kiran realized too that her cunt had already become wet but yet she didn’t want to give up to his will. Gautam too had just reached the area. He couldn’t go inside the ladies room but looked around. He saw Anita at one end, busy in something, and recognized her as their neighbor.

Gautam thought he can approach her to check inside the ladies room to see if her wife was Ok, “Mrs. Sharma” he called her from a distance. Anita was suddenly surprised on her name being called. She too had followed Reddy out and had been peeping through a broken glass pane inside the massage room. Her face was red with anger as she had been watching Reddy and Kiran inside. But being suddenly called from behind, she was startled and looked back at Gautam.

Looking at Gautam, she realized that he might be there looking for Kiran, and a sudden urge to give away his wife’s whereabouts rose in her mind. But she walked up to him and looked back at him questioningly. “Sorry, you may not have recognized me. We stay in the same building and I stay at the ground floor” Gautam told her to ease her frowns.

“I am actually looking for my wife, she went for the toilet some time ago, and haven’t returned yet” he started to explain why he had called her, “I was wondering if you could check if she is alright”. And he looked at her with hope. For a moment, Anita wanted to take him to the corner and show him where his wife actually was, but then decided against it and smiled back at him. “Yes sure, I will just check” she said and walked inside the ladies room. She wanted to take that time to think whether she should tell Kiran’s husband about it, or just ignore.

At the same time, Kiran and Reddy too were alerted by the faint noises in the corridor. “Someone’s talking outside…please let me go” Kiran pleaded again. “No…until you let me fuck you…I am not going to leave you” Reddy remained firm. “Plllleeeaaassseee…” Kiran broke into tears, not able to take that pressure any more. At the same time, Anita was inside in the empty ladies room, deciding what to do. Gautam was waiting outside keenly for his wife.

To be continued..


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