Satisfying Punjaban Married Lady

The story is of the period when I used to study at Punjabi university in Patiala and where I used to stay in Patiala, there was a Punjabi family in my neighborhood that family had one old lady and a son and daughter in law. Son was 27 years and working in some mnc and daughter in law was 24 years house wife. Son was Harman, and her wife name rupinder (rupi) I used to call her as rupi bhabhi.

Let me tell you rupi bhabhi is pure punjaban, with killing stats and white colors skin, I always used to admire her beauty and was dying to capture a chance to sleep with her, as I know her husband is a job loyal man, so always on job even at time of being in bed with his wife. She was okay talking to me not so frank but she somewhere understand my intentions towards her.

One day my landlady asked me that our neighbors was unwell and Harman is also out of station so she asked me to go and give them lunch. I went and knocked the door no one responded so I just pushed it and it opened and then I heard a voice shouting loudly “who is there I am changing please don’t come in” and I knew what was in store for me. I went inside and caught rupi bhabhi in her nude she was surprised and left in midair reacting surprisingly to take her stole to cover her nude body. She asked me to go away but instead I kept the lunch and moved towards her until I was really close and seeing directly in her eyes. I slowly put my hand on her face and seductively moved it down on her body to her neck and suddenly put my lips on her she was pushing me away me but I caught her and finally opened her mouth with my tongue. I move downwards to kiss her boobs. She was hesitant but offered not much reaction accept that “I am married” I continued touching her and feeling her large pigeons and then suddenly snatched the stole to leave her completely nude. Oh my! What a hairy cunt I think she have never shaved since she started getting hair there. I immediately bent down and wandered my lips on her pussy to find her clit she was already wet and tasted salty. Slowly and slowly she was loosing her composure and started to move her pussy in my face so that my tongue could penetrate more inside her. Then I took her and laid her on the bed and I fondled the breasts to my fullest pleasure. I squeezed them, I molested them, playing fondly with each nipple. Her breasts bobbed with delight and they juggled as she protested with participation. I then undressed quickly and put my throbbing 7″ dick in her mouth to an intense feeling of her warm hot lips surrounding my meat. She was almost choked on it. She slowly began to suck my swollen dick like a huge lollipop and I was on the verge of collapsing on her with excitement. I held on to her breasts and pumped the spongy cakes merrily until I was ready to shoot my load uncontrollably into her mouth. She was enjoying my work! I tongued her magnum cunt alternatively inserting my fingers and she now began to moan with pleasure: oh please fuck me…fuck me! I now took my hard erect prick, bent her on nearby laying stool and rammed into her pussy lips from behind with all my might. I battered her and she cried out: “oh…ahhhhhoooooooo…hhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Meeting every thrust of mine she was a little loose but never mind. I raised my intensity of ramming in her and after about 20 minutes I began to slow down a little licking her navel hole. Then I began to cum, to my surprise she did not object and I came in her and I pulled out eventually. This has been by far my best sex experience since I always fancy fucking older ladies in my fantasies.

Rupi bhabi was not talking to me after this day, I tried calling her many times on the way but she ignored always, I was very depressed. Some how many days passed , I went Chandigarh to my native place. But suddenly one day I received call from a girl who asked me that she is house servant of rupi bhabhi named preeti & she told me Landlady is vomiting & Harman sir and others have gone to Delhi for some work, so I must rush her to hospital. I took a car & rushed to Patiala, went to her place.

To my surprise rupi bhabhi was watching t v. I was shocked & complained her what the hell was the joke, why did she call me as I was in chandigarh and rushed to patiala just for her. I also fired preeti for this joke, she said landlady asked to phone. To tell you preeti is also punjaban servant.

Rupi bhabhi said why do you get angry right away. She cam to me and just kissed me, I was amazed with her such a behavior. She asked preeti to go to her room. She closed TV & passionately started hugging me, she put one hand on my manhood, which was now showing me reactions. I was tensed she said don’t worry no one gonna come today. I was waiting for this chance since long time. She unzipped my trouser & my tool came out. She said why are you feeling shy while asking me this she took my dick her hand and shake it up and down, it get erect.

She immediately took off my trouser & asks me to undress. I had no choice. Now I was naked & very happy in mind but equally shocked also as I have never seen such an attitude of rupi bhabhi, she was looking at me and suddenly asked me to undress her but I was unable to reach to her & still feeling shocked. She herself took each & every cloth of her. When she took her panty I could not believe. Such a clean shaved pussy. I asked her how come this change? She replied that last time I complaint and now she want to give me equal shock and happiness as I gave her last time.

She spread her legs & she said don’t worry come on, she hugged me. Now I was also getting little courage & started kissing her. I put my tongue inside her mouth. She asked me to suck her boobs, I obeyed it. Some current was going inside me I was electrifying. Suddenly she lay down & asked me to come on her top, I did, my dick found a way in between her thighs & went inside her tunnel. I started digging the deep tunnel. My dick was going inside her cunt which was very much lubricated and it never stopped. I was finding myself in 7th heaven. Oh my god she was crying oh please goooo haarddeerrrrr fuck meeee make me your slut. The way she was saying it made me more erotic. I started fucking her hard. Back and forth. . . I was biting her nipple sucking the boobs. Pressing her every corner.

Then I heard a knocking sound behind the door, immediately went to open the door, there I saw preeti standing and looking towards to me as I went naked to open the door I saw hungry eyes of her servant preeti. She was a virgin girl. I said rupi bhabhi you have taken my virginity let me take preeti’s virginity. She said ask preeti. If she agrees okay. Preeti was already ready even before asking she came all bare naked. She started kissing my dick and it became hard in next 5 minutes. I started kissing preeti’s cunt it was very tight. Preeti said this is not like landlady its tight as i am virgin. Then I asked rupi bhabhi for help. She said can help but I must fuck her one more time. I said okay but now she must help me in fucking this virgin cunt. She said okay and asked preeti to stand up. She told me to lie down. Asked preeti to come on top of me and put her cunt on my mouth. I started licking her hard. She asked me to lick her in this way I could make her cunt hole wider. As i was licking preeti’s cunt rupi bhabhi came on me and started licking my dick.

I told preeti to come in missionary position and I pushed immediately my dick inside her cunt. I tried one/two attempt and finally I was able to penetrate my dick inside her virgin cunt. Oh my god my dick felt having a different feeling altogether.

She was in real pain i felt guilty about it tears are rolling down to her cheeks i was about to move from preeti’s body she hold me tightly against her body & told shyly why are you leaving when the pain is subsiding fuck me as hard as you can fuck me please make me your slave and i started to hump her, she was matching with my every stroke i bite her ears while playing with her hairs.

Suddenly bhabhi came and ask me to get up I said bhabhi no power left, she said I will give you more power. She asked preeti to go in kitchen and make almond milk cocktail for all of us. We drank. After 30 minutes now I was bit ready. She came on me. She started kissing my dick. She took my dick inside her mouth and asked me to roam my tongue inside her cunt. I did. My dick now was full erect and she did not want to loose this opportunity. She came down. I came on her and asked preeti to come near me. I inserted my dick inside rupi bhabhi’s cunt and pressed preeti’s boobs she laughed. Now preeti came back to me. She started pushing me. With preeti’s pressure my dick was going more steeply in rupi bhabhi’s cunt. Rupi bhabhi was crying oh you are great. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh godd fucckkk. After 10 minutes of intense fucking we cum together. You have fulfilled my desire today. I am very happy today. You can come anytime you like. Also preeti said you made me women today. I said preeti your cunt was great. Preeti laughed shyly.

After this I cam back to chandigarh and slept but could not control myself thinking about all the incident. Now rupi bhabhi is being fucked by me whenever I get chance, but this year I completed my studies and come back to chandigarh but still whenever I get chance I visit patiala to her house to fuck her.


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