Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-12

Kiran was just back from the Gym, she had started visiting the gym in the evenings. That is when there are not many girls there and she would wait for the rest to leave. And she would utilize the changing room with Reddy. That day too wasn’t much different. Both of them had an hour of steamy sex at the empty ladies room. Afterwards she was back at home, with her baby, watching her favorite TV show – the Big Boss. Suddenly the door bell rang, and she was surprised.

She remembered Reddy had once come at the same time, and smiled within expecting him again. Even she was feeling the need to see him again. No matter how much they enjoy, it never quenches the thirst and they long for more. Kiran ran up to the door to let him in, already planning that she will not let him leave in the night, and enjoy the entire night.

“Hi sweetheart, I am back” said Gautam as soon as she opened the door. Kiran was stunned, surprised, and shocked. She knew Gautam was due to return in a day or two, but she didn’t expect him there so suddenly. She had to do something to hide her expression, and quickly she managed to smile back and look elated. Gautam held her waist and brought her closer. He kissed her on her lips, “Did you missed me?” he asked. “A lot” replied her and hugged him back like a perfect loving wife.

Both came in and closed the door behind. Gautam spent some time with the baby, and then got changed and they completed their dinner. Kiran was afraid that she might get caught regarding the explicit affair with Reddy. She tried to keep as much distance as possible. Her body was filled with several bite marks from her earlier encounter with Reddy. And she was afraid that her husband will realize what she was upto.

Her fears became prominent when Gautam hugged her suddenly on the bed. He started kissing her lips and shoulders. She didn’t want to be caught like that and had to think of something quickly. “Can we turn the lights off?” she asked him. “Or the baby may wake up” a perfect excuse that came to her mind instantly. Something even Gautam couldn’t ignore, “I thought I will see your naked body for hours” he said sadly, “It had been a week since I had tasted your sweet milk”.

Kiran smiled at her wit, “Come here, my body is all yours only” she said, switching the lights off cunningly. Gautam quickly stripped her naked and started pressing her breasts. “Ohhhh, after so many days someone touched these” Kiran lied. “I don’t want to touch them, I want to drink them dry today” Gautam said before starting to suck her nipples. Kiran too started moaning as she started oozing out milk from her breasts.

Gautam was sucking them greedily. Kiran was moaning and afraid at the same time. She cannot believe how in one day she is having sex with two different person. Gautam in the meantime touched her cunt and started massaging on it. “mmmmmmmmm” Kiran moaned her appreciation for the act. Gautam left her nipples and started kissing her lips. For a moment, he remembered Ms. Ahuja’s juicy and fatty lips. Kiran too had beautiful lips, but these were nothing in front of those. He kissed these remembering Ms. Ahuja’s lips.

He was rubbing his hand all over her body, “I am so lucky to have a wife having such a lovely body” he said. But, in his mind, he remembered his encounter with Ms. Ahuja, she too had a wonderful body. Something which he was not able to forget very easily, even thinking about that night can give him an instant erection.

Kiran had got aroused by then, she was rubbing her thighs against each other, trying to control her state. Gautam was sucking both her breasts in turn, making her more mad and horny. “Oh you look so thirsty” she said, unable to bear what he was doing to her. “Thirsty? I can suck you dry today” he said in reply, not wanting to waste time in anything else but on her breasts.

Gautam kept sucking her until he thought he had enough and then he started kissing all over her body. He kissed on her neck, shoulder, ears, lips, cheeks, and other parts of the body. Kiran was trembling out of arousal by then. “Don’t tease me anymore, fuck me now” she urged to Gautam. “Not so soon, I have spent so many days without you, I want to see you desperate for my cock” Gautam said wanting to keep teasing her further. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as Gautam started rubbing her cunt hard.

She already had reached an orgasm. Her body was shaking in excitement. She couldn’t control herself and was almost jumping up and down. “I will kill you now, if you don’t fuck me” she shouted out in desperation. Gautam smiled to his wife’s state and finally decided to give her the pleasure she was dying for. But he had something else in his mind. “Not that easily, if you want it, have it yourself” he whispered in her ears and then lied down beside her.

Kiran had already crossed the line, and she was ready to do anything needed. Otherwise she didn’t liked being on top much. But this time, she had to quench her thirst and so she rolled on top of Gautam, and then started undressing him. Gautam already had a huge erection, which came out as soon as she pulled his pants down. She looked at his cock and it looked small in comparison to Reddy’s. Reddy had a huge 8 inch boner while Gautam had a mediocre 5/6 inches cock. She had grown used with Reddy’s deep reach and once again the guilt of cheating zeroed on her.

But for the time being, she shrugged all that, and climbed on top of him. Gautam held his cock upright for her ease and slowly she positioned herself on top of it. Then gradually Kiran lowered her body and sat directly on top of his cock. It went inside smoothly, Kiran felt a jolt, but nothing close to what she has grown used to. She started stroking her body up and down to fuck herself. Gautam extended his hands and held her breasts. He started pressing them while Kiran kept on riding his cock.

Though she had grown fond of Reddy’s large cock which used to penetrate even further, yet she was getting aroused and was able to keep herself at that state. She continued fucking herself and driving herself towards another orgasm. Gautam kept pressing her breasts, pumping them to ooze out tiny droplets of milk. “Oh you are fucking like a professional whore, what have you been eating in my absence?” Gautam asked Kiran, seeing her enthusiasm. (Only if he would have known what she was actually up to).

It didn’t take long before Gautam came. “Ohhhh, I am going to cum now” he announced as she was close to successfully milking his cock. And within moments, he exploded in a huge ejaculation. Kiran settled on top of him and then stroked further to drain all of his cum inside her. And finally she collapsed on him, out of exhaustion and both remained like that and fell asleep.

In the meantime, at the top floor, Aarushi was busy in her laptop, chatting with her friends, when she suddenly saw Rahul coming online. Rahul too saw her online and send her an instant message.

Rahul: “Hey, haven’t yet gone to sleep?”

Aarushi: “No! Thinking about you! And you?”

Rahul: “Lost in your thoughts!”

Aarushi: “What are you thinking?”

Rahul: “Thinking about your sweet smell, your lovely lips…”

Aarushi: “And?”

Rahul: “The softness of your breasts, the wetness of your pussy…”

Aarushi: “And?”

She started flirting with him again.

Rahul: “Your hot breaths against mine, your juicy lips on mine…Why are you so far away?”

Aarushi: “I am not far away, I am just on top of you…”

Rahul: “What is your sister and mom doing at this point?”

Aarushi looked around and then replied: “Sleeping! Why, you want to come?”

Rahul: “What do you say? You can make out to the terrace?”

Aarushi looked surprised, but at the same time she too wanted to be with him and enjoy while she can. She looked back at her sister once again – Sowmya was deep in sleep. Her mother too, she assumed will be sleeping.

Aarushi: “Ok, I will be there in five minutes, but will have to be back before anyone wakes up”

Rahul: “I will be there immediately too”

Both of them signed off and slipped out of their flats. Aarushi slipped out to the living room. She peeped in her mother’s room and saw her sleeping. She then silently unlocked the door and stepped out. It was dark outside, but she quickly climbed the stairs and opened the door of the terrace. Her mother used to keep all those keys, so she had already sneaked those out along with her.

Rahul too found the room to his parents closed and so sneaked out easily. He climbed up the floors hurriedly. The door was already open. He entered the terrace and saw Aarushi was waiting at one corner. She was leaning at the boundary rails, looking down. She was wearing a sleeveless ganjee paired with hot pants, and was looking really hot. He shut the door behind him, and Aarushi turned back at the noise. She smiled at him as he slowly walked up to her. They hugged each other and started kissing.

“That was a brave idea” she said to him. And Rahul smiled back “You too was quite bold to get ready at this time” he remarked. “What to do, I too wanted to be with you” she said back and both of them started kissing each other again. He then pushed her to the boundary wall and started kissing at her neck and shoulder. “Be quick, I need to get back before anyone is awake” Aarushi urged Rahul to get straight to the actual act.

“You want to get back early? Or your cunt cannot wait to get my touch?” Rahul teased her and she pulled him closer by his collar and kissed him on his lips. “If you have understood already, what are you waiting for” she said in a bitchy tone. Rahul turned her around at once and hugged her from behind. He pushed his palm inside her hot pants and started rubbing her pussy. At the same time she turned her head sideways and once again both started kissing each other.

Rahul held her breasts with his other hand and started pressing it. It was a moonlit night and the two bodies were nicely lit and bright under the full moon. Aarushi leant her head back on Rahul’s shoulder and started moaning while Rahul continued rubbing her cunt and breasts. “I will take off your top now, I want to feel your breasts more closely” Rahul cautioned her before pulling out the ganjee off her body. She was now topless and Rahul started mauling her breasts with both the hands.

“Uffff…you squeeze my breasts so hard, that you make me wet instantly” Aarushi commented on the way Rahul was pressing her breasts. “Is it? Are you getting wet? Let me check then” Rahul said in reply and hastily pulled her pants down, making her completely naked. Aarushi bit her lips while Rahul put his hand on her cunt and started massaging again. She spread her legs more in order to let him have a better access to her cunt.

He kept on rubbing both her cunt and breasts until it became irresistible for her. “Please Rahul, enough of teasing, give me your cock now, or I will die out of excitement” Aarushi pleaded, wanting to be fucked. Rahul understood that she was already very wet and was in dire need for his cock inside her. She still had her back against him, and so Rahul pushed her towards the boundary wall and made her bent against it. She bent on her belly, over the boundary wall. She opened her legs up to spread her pussy.

Rahul pushed his pants down and took his throbbing cock out. He saw Aarushi bending over the wall with her legs open for him. She looked inviting and like a whore. Rahul stroked his cock twice before pushing it at her cunt hole. Aarushi trembled in excitement as Rahul’s cock penetrated inside her tight cock, and then started feeling the pleasure as Rahul started stroking it in and out of her. Rahul held her waist and kept banging her at a constant rhythm, while Aarushi rested on the boundary wall and kept moaning.

Rahul banged her for around half an hour until he managed to Cum. Aarushi too enjoyed the entire half an hour and kept on moaning like a slut. She too experienced a couple of orgasms in between which left her cunt dripping with her juices. Finally, she turned around and both hugged each other. They finished with a long romantic kiss before both got dressed and headed back to their apartments.

No one was awake, so both slipped back in secretly and went back into a cozy sleep. Exhausted, both easily got drifted into a deep sleep with the sweet aftertaste of the fulfilling fuck. And gradually, the night passed into the freshness of dawn and the residents of the housing woke up to a new morning.

Gautam was getting ready for the gym. He woke up Kiran and asked her to get ready too. Kiran’s heart sunk, she didn’t know how to face Reddy and her husband together. On the other hand, Reddy was so pumped up from his regular encounter with Kiran, he had never been with someone like her before. But Kiran was afraid of anything silly he might do on seeing her with Gautam again.

Reddy was looking fresh. He was directing others on exercises enthusiastically. Anita too was in the gym in the morning, she had started coming twice in a day to spend more time close to her dream lover. Gautam and Kiran too had started from their home, Kiran was extremely nervous. Reddy was unaware that the days of his affair with Kiran is about to get a setback.

To be continued..


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