Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-11

It was raining hard outside, the sound of the rain creating a mystical effect of music around them. Mrs. Nair and Avinash were alone in the house, cold breeze making them feel the need for warmth. It was dark too due to the sudden power cut, however a warm glow was cast by the candle she had in her hand. Both of them were close to each other with only the candle between them. Their hot breaths colliding against each other, and the warm glow of the candle was weaving a magical mystic environment around the two.

Mrs. Nair’s heart was beating fast, she was been torn in a dilemma whether to get drifted with the situation or hold back and control herself. Avinash too was greatly aroused and he was dying to get rid of that distance between them. Their faces were just inches apart, glowing in the soft candle light, sweating from the heat of the situation. Avinash looked at her eyes, and she was unable to meet his gaze. Mrs. Nair lowered her eyes, tiny droplets of sweat settling around her eyebrows. Avinash looked at her lips. They were juicy and looked amazingly red from that close.

Avinash couldn’t control anymore and slowly he leant his face forward towards her. Mrs. Nair felt his breaths from closer as he brought his face more and more close to hers. She too wanted to get drifted in that sudden tide of desire. And so when there was less than an inch remained between them, she decided to close her eyes. That gave Avinash a green signal, and he moved further, and both of their lips met smoothly. Avinash wrapped his hands around her too, and then pulling her closer, he continued kissing her.

Mrs. Nair too wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. She was enjoying the touch on her lips and was slowly starting to reciprocate herself. Soon both of them were in each other’s arms and were sucking each other’s lips. “I dreamt about this for so long” Avinash said while still kissing and sucking her lovely red lips. Mrs. Nair was silent but she too was enjoying the moment with Avinash. He was almost 15 years younger to her, and ever since her husband’s demise, he was the first man she had been close with.

“I am sorry I cannot control my feelings” said Avinash, “I am in love with you ever since I have seen you for the first time” he added while still kissing her and rubbing his hands madly all over her body. It was making Mrs. Nair feel crazily aroused too. She was also kissing him back quite passionately. She rubbed her hand on his naked top half of the body, feeling each cut and muscles on his lovely body.

Avinash picked her up on his lap and then carried her out of the kitchen. She was too embarrassed and felt shy from keeping her eyes open. In the meantime, he carried her inside the bedroom. It was dark as they had left the candle in the kitchen itself. But it didn’t matter as long as they were so close to each other. Avinash carried her on to the bed and dropped her gently on it. Mrs. Nair quickly took a convenient position and Avinash too imposed himself on her.

He had removed the towel, and was completely naked by then. Mrs. Nair couldn’t see him in the dark but was able to feel his cock on her body. He started kissing at her neck, shoulder, ears, cheeks, lips, while she put her hands around him and rubbing them over his naked body. She rubbed her hands on his bare ass, feeling the soft and firm ass cheeks of his. She continued rubbing them on his back while he kissed and often bit her in return.

“You are so sexy, you have a wonderful body” Mrs. Nair said while feeling every bit of his naked body with her hand. “You too have a wonderful figure” Avinash replied while feeling her breasts from over her dress. “Why don’t you take it off” said Mrs. Nair, “Make me naked, touch all over my body, fill me with your love” She said unable to control herself. Avinash kissed her once again and started stripping her naked.

He removed her night suit. She was wearing only her panties underneath, and her breasts were naked. Avinash touched them and was amazed with its firm yet soft feel. “Wow you have so soft breasts” he said and started massaging them nicely. “Oh! It’s been a long time since anyone had touched my breasts like this” she said in reply while enjoying the nice and arousing massage on both of her breasts. “I wonder how sweet your breasts would taste, your nipples are erect already” he said in a teasing tone. He was rolling his fingers on her large brown nipples, making them erect from the attention.

“Why don’t you find out yourself, suck my breasts, they are still very juicy” Mrs. Nair said in an inviting tone, urging him to suck her nipples. Avinash held her breast in one hand and started kissing the other breast. He licked around the areola, teasing her nipples more. And slowly started licking her nipple and gradually he put it inside his mouth and started sucking. Mrs. Nair moaned out loudly – “Ohhhhhhhhhh, you are driving me mad, Avi” she said. She felt being churned from inside when he started sucking her nipples deeply and with more passion. He switched breasts and gave equal attention to both the nipples.

Soon she felt her pussy twinge as the sucking was slowly pushing her towards an orgasm. And she started moaning louder. Avinash too was aroused by her moans and he continued sucking her more vigorously. “Ohhhh….I can’t bear it anymore…can’t stand it” Mrs. Nair had grown very aroused as she was getting closer to an orgasm and started quivering like a horny slut. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…I am going to cum now” she started shouting as she felt her bladder getting filled and close to explode.

Avinash was amazed the way she was now squealing like a horny slut. She was thrusting her waists wildly, wanting her cunt to be touched and loved too. Avinash realized her need and slowly put his hand into her panties. He put his hands over her pussy and started rubbing it. “eeewwwwww” she squealed again as his touch sparked a current within her body. She started making weird noises and slowly, she crossed the limit of her control and suddenly her cunt was filled with her juices. She felt relaxed as the juices started running wild out of her cunt.

Avinash was excited on being able to make her cum and started rubbing her cunt for more. He pulled down her panties, making her completely naked and started rubbing her cunt with more ease. Mrs. Nair spread her legs, opening up her cunt more to allow him to have a better access to her vagina. She laid back and enjoyed the last of her drops being drained out by him. She had allowed someone to touch her cunt after a long time. Ever since her husband’s death, she had resorted to fingering to keep herself satisfied. But that day, she couldn’t control her desires to be touched by a real man.

She now wanted to touch him, feel his body, his cock, make love with every part of his body. And so she sat up and imposed herself on him. Avinash couldn’t keep balance and fell flat on the bed. She climbed on top of him and started kissing all over his body. She was wriggling over his body like a snake, kissing on his neck, shoulders, chest, and belly. She rubbed her hands over his pubic hairs. His cock was already erect and throbbing. She held it in her hand and started stroking it gently.

He had a fatty, seven inches cock. For Mrs. Nair who hasn’t seen a cock for years, it was like touching heaven. She couldn’t decide what she wanted to do with it first. She started with kissing his cock and started licking it with her tongue. She was getting mad with the arousing smell of it. “I am going to suck your cock dry today” she said in a horny tone. Avinash closed his eyes, anticipating the pleasure to come. And then Mrs. Nair wrapped her tongue on his cock and took it in her mouth.

She started sucking his cock and playing with his balls at the same time. “Oh you are such an expert sucker” he remarked while enjoying the touch of her tongue all over his cock. Soon she started sucking so expertly that she forced him to start moaning out loudly. Avinash reached out for his cock and tried to stop her from sucking further. “Please don’t do anymore or I will end up Cumming now” he said, wanting to stop her from making him cum.

“What’s wrong? Cum in my mouth” she said wanting to carry on further. She loved the feel of his fatty cock in her mouth and the smell of it too. “No” he said and sat up. “I don’t want to cum so early. I want to make you feel my cock in your cunt”, Mrs. Nair bit her lips in excitement. “I don’t want to cum in your mouth, I want to cum deep inside your pussy so that you can feel it inside you”. Mrs. Nair held his face and started kissing his lips.

Slowly he pushed her back on the bed and took position between her legs. Mrs. Nair opened her legs up to expose her cunt to his cock. He rubbed his cock around her pussy nicely before positioning it to push inside. Mrs. Nair closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Avinash leant on her body and his cock ready to penetrate inside. She opened her eyes and looked into his eyes. The lightning from outside was lighting the room up for both of them to occasionally look into each other’s eyes with a burning desire. Avinash pushed forward and his cock slowly rubbed into her cunt. Mrs. Nair gritted her teeth in that slight moment of pain, but Avinash leant further and started kissing her lips.

He was well inside her by then and was stroking his cock in and out of her cunt nicely. Mrs. Nair too was enjoying the nice feeling in her pussy. Slowly and gradually, it was driving both of them mad. She threw her hands aside and grabbed the bed sheets. The dominated desires were slowly rising up through their body. She had already had an orgasm by then and was getting driven towards another. She held the bed sheets tightly and was throwing her heads around wildly.

“Ohhhh…I can’t stand it…harder, harder…fuck me harder” she was urging for him to keep thrusting harder. Avinash too was enjoying it at the fullest. He was banging her vigorously. He kept kissing her and sucking her breasts too. Occasionally he would bite her flesh to leave marks of his love bite on her. She too would hug him tight and bite on his shoulder to leave the marks of her desires. Both were getting drifted in that tide of excitement and pleasure. Avinash wanted to cum inside her, he did but not once, but several times during that night.

The rain didn’t stop, neither the two. Avinash stayed back for the night and they continued fucking throughout the night. When they were done missionary, they tried woman on top, followed by doggy. Both of them had become mad that night, which looked like an endless dream of fulfilled desires. Entire night they were naked, wrapped in each other’s body, devouring each other like two sex-hungry souls from centuries.

The encounter had happened many years back, but yet whenever Mrs. Nair thinks about it she ends up feeling the same wetness in her cunt. This day too she ended up fingering her pussy, inviting a fulfilling orgasm. She had solid two years of affair with Avinash from that day. They met and had sex whenever they could, but later Avinash had to move out of the city for higher studies and then job. So the frequency at which they used to meet was changed, yet he used to come to meet her whenever he was in the city.

She was deep in her thought when suddenly the bell rang. She went to answer the door. Sowmya was back from college. “Mom, an educational tour is being planned at my college for a couple of days” she informed her while taking off her shoes. “Educational tour? Where? When?” she inquired with a frown.

“Yes, in a nearby science lab over this weekend” she replied, trying to answer her mother’s suspicion. “This weekend?” she asked. “Yes it is quite important and linked with the semesters” she tried to create more importance to the visit. Mrs. Nair had no more option. She didn’t want to stop her from something which would affect her career. “Ok, that is fine, but you will have to call me regularly or I will be worried” she said unable to find anything else to ask.

Sowmya went inside her room, and locked the room in the pretext of changing. She took out her phone and went to the call list. She selected the number on top of the list and dialed back. Her heart was beating fast as she heard the ringing tone at the other side.

“Hello?” a male voice answered at the other side.

“Mr. Dutt? This is Sowmya” she said.

“Yes Sowmya, what is it?” the voice asked back.

“Yes, I can come over this weekend.” She confirmed to him.

“Very good, that is a wise decision you have made” he congratulated her.

“Where do I need to come first?” she asked, still tensed and afraid.

“Don’t worry, all that details will be sent over a sms to you” he replied, assuring her to some extent.

They talked for a few more seconds and then dropped the phone. Mr. Dutt was the casting agent she had seen over in the hotel the previous day. He had called her a couple of hours ago to confirm if she can come over to a resort to meet the director of the shoot. Sowmya was tensed as she was on the brink of getting her dreams fulfilled, but at the same time she was afraid as she was aware of the cost of it. She had then made up this plan of educational tour to convince her mother, and finally she was ready for the bigger leap towards her dream.

Mr. Dutt’s and his director used to pick up young aspirant girls and then exploit their dreams for their desires. Sowmya already knew what she needs to pay to be chosen. She was asked to spend two days with them in a resort.

To be continued..


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