Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-10

In our last episode, Rahul and Aarushi were seen enjoying a cozy time with each other. They both liked each other from the moment they had seen each other. And finally that night it transpired into that steamy love making. Even later, both longed to see each other again, and love each other again. So was Anita, she too was longing to get close and being loved by her dream lover – Reddy. And slowly she was getting closer in realizing that dream. She had already joined Reddy’s health club, in expectation of getting closer to him.

But Reddy was already attracted towards Kiran, and Kiran too having overcome her earlier reservations was now having an explicit affair with Reddy. They used to meet at the gym and exploit any opportunity to get cozy. Reddy, in excuse of helping her with exercises, would touch her body, her private areas, and both would enjoy that. For the others in the gym, they never suspected anything unusual between the two.

One day, it was late evening, and Kiran headed for the changing room after finishing exercising. She looked at Reddy, who too was looking at her, and winked before heading for the changing room. Reddy smiled and looked around to realize there were no other ladies in the gym, as all had left, so Kiran would be alone in the changing room. And he slipped out of the area quietly and headed for the ladies changing room.

Kiran in the meantime had went into the showers, she had left the door unlocked expecting Reddy to pick the hint. Reddy looked around in the changing room and realized that she was in the showers, and so he locked the changing room from inside and headed towards the shower. Inside, Kiran was naked and taking a bath, her body was covered in tiny droplets of water continuously pouring from above. She was looking like a mermaid, and Reddy was awestruck when he saw her like that. He had seen her naked before, but every time he sees her again, leaves him mesmerized with her beauty.

Reddy walked up to her and hugged her from behind. Kiran was expecting him anyway and so smiled because he had picked up the hint. He touched her belly and started massaging it, Kiran turned her head towards him and both of them started kissing. The water was making Reddy wet too but he didn’t care. Slowly, he explored down with his hands and touched her abdomen, rubbing his hands gently over her vagina. Kiran started sucking his lips and got the same treatment in return. She placed her hand over his hands, which was then gently massaging her vagina. And with the other hand he touched her breasts.

Her breasts were round, big, and firm with milk. Reddy was crazy for them, and he started pressing them gently. Both were still busy in kissing each other’s lips, Kiran’s lips became red with all the kissing and sucking and tasted of her blood. It was driving Reddy crazy as he just loved the taste of her and kept sucking her lips. Kiran turned around and they both hugged and started kissing each other again. Reddy turned the shower off to get rid of the water and then touched her bare ass and started rubbing his hands on it.

Kiran started taking deeper breaths as her whole body was starting to feel aroused. Reddy pushed her to the wall and then held her breasts and started pressing them. Kiran started moaning as tiny droplets of milk started oozing out of it slowly. Reddy couldn’t control and he started licking her nipples to taste her milk. It was as sweet as tasting her lips and he couldn’t just control tasting more of it. ”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Kiran moaned as she started feeling restless. Reddy by this time had started sucking her nipples, drawing more milk out of them. “mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh” Kiran could say nothing but rest back, enjoy, and moan in pleasure.

Reddy while in the mean time gave equal attention to both her breasts as he sucked, pressed, and even bit them. Kiran ran her fingers through his hairs lovingly as she enjoyed the pleasure and the pain at the same time. “I love you so much…you give me so much joy” she said to Reddy. But he was busy in enjoying the sweet taste of her nipples and milk coming out of them. He stood up and started kissing her again. “I love you too…you make all my dreams come true” he said in between, still kissing and sucking her lips.

“Let’s go out and let me explore your body more” he said as he picked her up in his lap and carried her outside from the bathroom to the changing room. The room was locked already, so there was no fear of any intrusion. He carried her to the couch and then started kissing all over her body. She bit her own lips while his moist lips rubbed and explored all over her body. He paused at her pussy and spread it with his fingers, and Kiran closed her eyes anticipating the pleasure to come. Reddy spread her cunt gently and started rubbing it with his fingers, “ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss” she said in a relieving tone.

“My pussy aches all day for your touch” she said and opened up her cunt more for him. He too rubbed it with more care and passion, and gently he put his finger at the hole and pushed it in. A torrent of pleasure ran down her body as his finger slowly went inside her cunt. She wriggled in pleasure and started moaning more as he started stroking his finger inside her cunt. “Ohhh…you will make me mad…you know how to please a lady” she said and started pressing her own breasts in restlessness.

Reddy kissed on her belly and said how much he loves to be with her and please her body. He kept on rubbing her cunt from inside which pushed Kiran more and more towards the edge, until she started moaning and fluttering like a fish out of the water. “Ohhhh…I cannot hold it any longer, I will cum…I need to cum” she started saying as she was slowly getting drawn towards an orgasm. But one was yet to come. Reddy kept on building up the pleasure and driving her mad. She too kept on moaning and fluttering for an orgasm. His fingers were close to her g-spot and often made contact with it. She would howl in pleasure and squeeze her fingers with her pussy whenever he touched her g-spot.

Gradually she got aroused to the peak and suddenly burst into an orgasm. Her juices started running out of her cunt while Reddy kept on fingering her for more. She felt her muscles contract as more was to come and she lay back like a horny bitch and kept cuming more and more. “Mmmmmmmmmmhhhhh” she moaned more as she came more, and bit her lips and squeezed her own breasts in her restless self. Reddy was satisfied in being able to bring her to that state. He kissed on her pussy before standing up. He started taking off his own clothes and Kiran sat up and touched his cock over his pants. Reddy smiled as he saw her getting down and pulling his pants off.

Reddy’s cock was already throbbing when she freed it out of his pants. She loved this eight inch monster a lot, and so kissed it as soon as it was out. She started tapping her fingers on it, as if she was playing a piano. Reddy sat down on the couch, letting her do whatever she wished with his cock. She placed her palm either side of his shaft and started rubbing them back and forth. Reddy was starting to enjoy the treatment too, and when she started licking it with her tongue, he closed his eyes and started moaning gently.

Kiran loved the smell and taste of his cock and licked his cock all over before putting it in her mouth. She started sucking it. She licked the head of the cock and its body well inside her mouth. Reddy too was getting excited and moaning hard. She once again took it out and started stroking it, and it was all wet by then when she stood up. Reddy opened his eyes to see what was going on, and found Kiran on his lap, and settling above his cock. She held his cock upright and was bringing herself down on it. Soon his cock made contact with her pussy and it went in smoothly. Kiran closed her eyes and started moaning and he felt her hot and fast breath.

Once settled on top of him, she bent forward and started kissing his lips. “I just love how your cock reaches so deep inside me” she whispered in his ears and kissed them too. Reddy hugged her and pulled her closer, kissing her lips again. She started moving her hips up and down to get fucked, and Reddy too moved his waist in rhythm to please her. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she started moaning as both of them started shaking their waist to create a pleasurable experience for both. His eight inches cock was buried deep inside her and was filling her up with pleasure. Her entire body had started churning by then.

They had quickened the pace and were now banging hard. Kiran was out of control and was moaning loudly. Her firm and large breasts were swinging wildly. Reddy held them suddenly and pulled them closer. “The only place for your breasts is at my hand and in my mouth” he said as he pulled her closer and started sucking her nipples. And once again he started drawing out her sweet tasting milk. That made Kiran all the more restless as she started jumping on his cock and getting herself fucked. Soon she started moaning like the horny bitch she was and slowly started nearing another orgasm.

Reddy too was nearing a climax and he held her more tightly and started kissing and sucking her madly. Kiran dug her nails in him and held him tightly as all her muscles contracted again for another big orgasm. And just like magic, both of them came together with an eternal feeling. Reddy held her in a hug more lovingly and Kiran, exhausted, kept lying on him like that. She closed her eyes and just let herself lie there like that on top of him.

It turned out to be a pleasant evening for both of them. Slowly they had to get up, get cleaned and leave like 2 normal friends. However it was not before Reddy hugged her again and they enjoyed another passionate moment of intimate kissing. They went to the shower together and took a bath together, before getting dressed and then left as if nothing had happened between the two. As usual, no one noticed or suspected anything.

At the same time, Anita was trying hard to attract Reddy’s attention. But Reddy was head over heels for Kiran. Though no one noticed otherwise, but Anita felt the connection between the two. And she became jealous instantly. Away from the gym, she started thinking ways of drawing Reddy’s attention from Kiran and then towards her. All her enthusiasm in joining the gym was ruined with that silly affair she suspected between Reddy and Kiran. And in all of those lonely moments she spent alone in her house, she thought pensively on how to win her dream lover back.

She wasn’t the only one pensive at that moment however. On the top floor, Mrs. Nair was spending some time with herself, thinking over her recent weakness towards Borah. It had been many times that she had been with someone else, apart from Mr. Nair. And slowly she drifted into her past, thinking about the first incident when she had been in someone else’s arm, apart from her husband. She had been a loyal wife throughout her life, but this incident had happened a couple of years after the death of Mr. Nair.

Aarushi and Sowmya were in middle school then, and it was difficult for Mrs. Nair to give attention to all their needs, alone. Aarushi, her elder daughter was in the eighth standard when this incident happened. She remembered Avinash, she had appointed him to teach Math to her elder daughter.

Avinash was young and 19 years old. He used to visit their house every alternate day for an hour or two of math tution. And during then, he had secretly developed a crush for his student’s mother – Mrs. Nair. Everyday, he used to pray for an opportunity to get closer with her. And then came that evening which none of them had thought would come.

The midterm exams at Aarushi’s school were over and it had closed for the monsoon break. They had wanted to visit their grandparent’s home from a long time, and so Mrs. Nair sent them over for a week to spend their vacation. She was alone at home at that time, and couldn’t leave due to some urgent work. Avinash too was unaware of this and had come for the tuitions as usual. However there was something unusual about that evening. It was dark outside, and was raining heavily since the afternoon. Avinash was drenched in the rain, and Mrs. Nair felt pity.

Mrs. Nair invited Avinash to stay back until the rains eased down. He was completely wet with water dripping down his clothes. “Come in and get changed into something dry or you will catch cold” she said in an affectionate tone. Avinash liked the idea of staying back with her, especially when she was all alone in that lovely weather. Yet he pretended to be hesitant, “No, please, I don’t want to bother you, I shall leave” he replied. “No way, you will get sick if you get wet any further” she said in a dominant tone and shut the door behind him.

Avinash followed her inside, and she fetched a couple of towels for him, “Go and take a shower first and dry yourself well”. Avinash went towards the bathroom to clean himself up, and Mrs. Nair headed to the kitchen to prepare some hot tea. Avinash in the meantime took a shower and dried himself well. He was drenched in the rain and so his underwear too was wet. He had nothing else to wear and so wrapped himself well in the towel before coming out. He was already in a state of arousal, being alone with Mrs. Nair in that weather.

Avinash went into the kitchen silently. Mrs. Nair was busy preparing the tea and didn’t notice him entering. She was wearing a silky night gown which made her look like a fairy. Avinash stood there for a moment, appreciating her beauty, before making his move. He went close to her and “Do you need some help here?” he asked.

Mrs. Nair was completely surprised, and the pot of sugar almost fell if he had not held it in time. “What happened? Did I scare you?” Avinash asked her. Mrs. Nair had recovered by then, her heart however still beating fast, “That’s Ok. I was just preparing some hot tea for you. Why don’t you wait at the living room, and I will be back in a moment” she replied, trying to hide her awkwardness. Avinash smiled in reply and headed back to the leaving room. Mrs. Nair kept gazing at him while he left.

Avinash was topless, with just the towel wrapped around his waist. He was young, tall, and well built. His body was nicely toned, with muscular appearance and a flat belly. Mrs. Nair felt a sudden tinge of pleasure looking at him. It had been a couple of years since her husband’s death and she had not been close to any man yet. Looking at Avinash, a certain hidden desire came up from deep within her.

The tea was completely boiled by then, and she served it on a plate with some handmade cookies. Her heart was beating fast by then, wanting to see more of him. She tugged her hairs neatly before picking up the tray and headed towards the living room. Avinash was sitting on a couch, and was looking quite relaxed. Mrs. Nair realized that her hands were shaking, she was nervous and she didn’t know if she could control her long dominated emotions.

Somehow she hid her anxiousness and walked up to the centre of the room. She placed the tray on the center table and sat beside to pour two cups of tea. Avinash sat upright and bent forward, looking so eager for the tea. Mrs. Nair too was stealing some secret glimpses of his half naked body, which was driving her mad with her long lost desires. The weather too was quite suited, the rain was building up even further, and a wet stream of breeze was playing down the passage. And just when she was about to pick up the saucer, the power went off.

Just the thing both wanted. The room was filled with dark, except the occasional lightning, filling up the room for an odd moment. Mrs. Nair stood up “I will fetch the candle from the kitchen” she said and headed towards the kitchen. “Wait, I will come too, it’s dark” said Avinash, in a caring tone. And both of them headed back to the kitchen. Mrs. Nair fetched a candle and handed over the match box to Avinash. She held the candle in her hand while Avinash took out a stick to light it.

It was dark, with the rain filling up the night with the music of its sound. Avinash lighted the candle, and the darkness eased away. A soothing warm light lit up the area between the two. They were standing close to each other, and the warm glow of the candle made both of them feel the tinge of desire, more strongly. They didn’t move from there and stood like that close to each other and their hot breaths colliding against each other.

The two were just inches away from each other with no one to restrain them from being drifted away in the storm of their building desires. Back in the present, Kiran and Reddy were already adrift with each other. It was hard to borne for Anita, who could do anything for him, but she too looked forward to slowly win him over from Kiran.

To be continued..


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