My Friend’s Mom Part-2

Once when me and Latika aunty was discussing various things, I noticed a big photo album. And when I asked what it was she told it was her cousin sister’s wedding reception photos. She then opened it and showed me all the photos in the album. I saw aunty in saree in well make up, she looked very hot in the saree. An orange colored saree in make up with nice lipstick. She looked hot. No one would say even she looked like a mother of a 12 year old. The next day, when I and she were alone, I brought up her beauty in discussion. I told her she looked very beautiful in saree. She immediately blushed. She tried to change the topic, but I kept on getting back to the topic of saree and I even complained as to why she wasn’t wearing it. She kept quiet and just kept on looking at me. Sometimes giving me a smile always. And then at last she spoke. “Ok, you know what lets make a deal you promise to attend the diwali function at our house and I promise to wear a saree that day. I readily agreed.

I really wanted to know what Latika aunty thought of me really. Did she think of me as a friend? What was my status in her mind? Just her son’s friend or some thing other. But I was too afraid to ask her direct about it also. What would she think if I asked her this question? And how odd it would be if she had no feelings towards me. She definitely was behaving very freely towards me. But I really wanted to be sure. Every day the thought as to how would she look naked made me feel really excited. I would masturbate often whenever I had that thought. Was it lust or was it love? Whatever it was I loved it.

One day I got the chance. We both were alone in the house. She was going to take a bath. I was pretending to read the newspaper. After she had gone in to the bathroom and locked the door I waited for about 5 minutes. Then I made my move. If she found out what I was about to do it would be my end then and there. I looked through the key hole. It was filled with dirt. I couldn’t see anything. So I thought of cleaning it. I decided to hold on to my desire for one more day. The next day I made sure the key hole was cleaned before she went for a bath. This time I waited only for two minutes. I had no patience at all. I looked through the key hole and the sight I saw was amazing. I was able to see Latika aunt’s butt only and a curve of her left breast. My heart was pounding. I was very excited that day. I started to masturbate with the new images of her in my mind. Her milky white body really amazing. Her husband might be really enjoying her daily. As she got out of bath and came to me, I was a bit scared as to whether she might have suspected as to what I might have done, her smiling at me, gave me the relief. I love it when she wears a maxi. She looks really sexy in it. She looks sexy in everything, her beautiful butt, high profile boobs. But that day I could see her nipples through the maxi even. She had really big breasts. And I longed to see them my penis shot up at the thought of that. While she was bathing I had stolen one of the photos from their photo album. I wanted to see the photo of my lovely aunty in a saree every night. I thought me and she were getting really close now.

All is left to grab at the first opportunity to have sex with her. Wild thoughts entering in mind. But when would that opportunity comes was the question all in mind. A few days later her hubby bought her a new mobile. I was thrilled on hearing that. Now I can console myself, that on days when there is no tuition I can hear her voice at least. She and I would talk to each other now everyday. We were like really close friends now. During Fridays, we would talk in the afternoon, as soon as her son and husband would go for a nap. I was her confidant now. Whenever she would get angry at her hubby, her son, the neighbors, she would tell me and I would defend her or oppose her. Soon that started to happen so frequently that, as soon as she would quarrel with anyone she would call me. So one day I decided to ask the big question. While we were discussing something over the phone, I planted this question, “I mean who am I to say this, I am just your son’s best friend”. To which she angrily responded, “If you were just that, I wouldn’t say this to you even. You are more than that to me now. You are my best friend.” I was jumping in joy. Now I confirm that I have a special place in her heart. She even said, “You know many things that my hubby also doesn’t know.” To which I jokingly said, “Why don’t you marry me”. She started to laugh, thinking I said a joke. To which she responded trying to participate in the joke, “you don’t want to marry me, you are young and handsome and I am an old married lady”. To which I replied, “I don’t find you old, I find you irresistible, our body is still like that of a young girl” to which she laughed even more loudly. I quickly changed the topic. But now I was sure I could bring in these topics as a joke even. I even started to touch her, whenever we would be alone. Touching her in the sense, scare her from behind. During those times, I would get really try to control my penis from erecting. I tried to feel her butt against my penis many times. All I wanted to do was to lift her maxi and feel her butt with my penis. She would also take the initiative in touching me some days. Whenever I would not shave she would touch my cheeks and tell me to shave and advice me be neat and clean.

My big moment almost came one day. That day I went an hour early. She was busy watching a movie. She was seriously watching it, and told me not to disturb her, as it was the last part. I thought of disturbing her, by coming in her view. Sitting near her, and blocking her view with my hand. She got annoyed by it. Suddenly I just decided to lay my head on her lap. She seemed not to mind. I decided to make sure and tried again blocking her view with my hand. She took my hand and kept it on my chest and didn’t remove her hand. I was in heaven. Here I was in the lap of my dream woman. I tried, to move my head trying to show, that I want to break free but actually I was feeling her wonderful thighs. It was a great feeling. I removed my hand from its fixed place and first tried to feel her palms of her left hand which was placed on my chest. Slowly I went up her hand, and I reached her shoulders. I once again tried to block her view to make this as naïve as possible. And then I started to feel her face. Wow, here I was, feeling her face. My fingers just caressing her cheeks, touching her ears, hair. I thought, this could be the green signal. This could be the moment, which I had dreamt for the past 4 months.

The movie got over, and I decided, to stop it, other wise she would get suspicious of my intentions. I pretended nothing just happened. And she caught my neck as she was in a playful mood, Latika aunty said “you stupid, didn’t allow me to see the movie,” pushing me to the other side of the sofa. Now I was lying down on the sofa and she was almost on me. I separated her hands, pretending she was strong trying to feel her on me. Suddenly she slipped and she fell on top of me. That was a magical feeling. For two seconds she was in a position I could wrap my hands around her. But didn’t. She got up. Suddenly her hubby came. I thought she would lie, as to what we were doing, but she told him the truth. She seemed to have to no sexual feeling towards me. After her husband left, I changed the topic and asked about her marriage.

She got married at the age of 18. She was very naïve then, and was not ready to marry even. But then she said something that broke my heart. She said, “But over the years I realized what a wonderful husband I have. I love him very much.” I was speechless. All my dreams weren’t going to be true. I was about to cry then. I was kinda mood less the rest of the time I was there. She seemed to notice it, and kept on asking what the problem was. But I said it was nothing. She called on my phone, and asked me to meet him downstairs. This was the first time, I actually waited for him to call me, and say it was time to go for our eco tuition. She tried to stop me, and demanded the reason of my sulkiness. She asked if I would come the next day, I told her that I couldn’t come as I had to study. She then caught my hand and asked me whether it was her fault I was sulky. I told her it wasn’t. But kinda got the sense that it was something that she said that made me sulk. She asked me if it was because of what she said of me disturbing her. I said yes to that, so that I could get out of there. She pulled me towards her, held my cheeks by her hands and looked me in the eye and said “for your info, Mr. moody boy, you didn’t disturb me. I was joking yaar, I can’t joke with my jaan also?” Now I felt I was not out of the race, and I was back on track when she said the word “my beloved” to me. I know that she didn’t actually mean to say this in the literary sense, but however naïve her thoughts might have been, I was feeling very happy. If she didn’t have any feelings now for me, I could build it easily, because of the foundation I had built. I was overjoyed that day, of the special relationship we were having.

The next day I was not feeling very well. I was having high temperature. My mom and dad, were out of city with my cousin sister, and would be coming in the evening only, and I didn’t want to stay home. I wanted to see my princess. So I went to her house. She was surprised to see me kinda tired. When I told her, I was not feeling well, she touched my forehead, and started to worry, as I had fever. She told me to lie on the bed. I refused at first, but she refused to hear me even. She took me to her bedroom, and made me lay in her bed. At first I told her, that I wanted to go home, but she refused, she told “no one is at your home right now, its better you sleep here, I am here at least to take care of you.” She called his son, and told him that I wouldn’t be coming for tuition and school even. He even called me and told me, to take rest in his house, and that, he would give his notes to me to copy when he comes back. I was feeling excited. Wow, now I could spend a lot of time with my princess. She gave me medicine and sat by my side. I dozed off for a while, and woke up when her hubby came by, I pretended to be still asleep. He was kinda worried, when she called him and told him about my fever. He touched my forehead, and agreed with her, that I should be here only, at least I get better. He even told her, he wouldn’t be home for lunch and would come home in the evening. I was so happy. After he had gone, she came, and sat by my side. I was all the time smelling her. I slept for a while and when I woke up, my God, she was lying in the other side of same bed. Lying in bed by her stomach she was watching a movie. I can see very near her butt, maxi was tight, the curve of her panty is visible even though it was under her skirt, and her bra in side of maxi I thought of having fun, I went really close to her side and placed my thighs on her butt, she smiled at me. “How are you feeling?” I told I was feeling better then. I was really feeling better, now I could smell her body,

Whatever be the reason, I was enjoying it. Never in my wildest dreams, would I ever imagine this. I noticed my leg was on her maxi. Instead of touching her leg with mine, I thought of pulling her maxi up, pretending that I was doing it unknowingly. A few turns of my body to my right and left, alas, I was able to lift the back side of her maxi to upper side. She seemed to watch the movie, and in between see how I was feeling. She had no idea, that her maxi little up to her upper thigh only. But the problem was I couldn’t see her inner thighs. I even thought of running my hand through her butt and thighs innocently and gently touching her panties. But I knew that was dangerous. But I desperately wanted to see it. I couldn’t think of a way. Suddenly someone rang the bell, I pretended to sleep, and Latika aunty got up my leg which was on top of a portion of the maxi, kinda pulled her back. I opened my eyes a bit, to see my dream come true. Even if it was just for a second, I saw her butts and thighs with my body. Now all I needed to think of for a way to get a chance to remove those panties.

It was her neighbor. The moment was gone. Now she wouldn’t come in that same position, as she was two minutes before. I lost my chance. But I was excited of the progress I made. After an hour I told her I was feeling better and I wanted to go home. I was excited to go and masturbate thinking of that day’s events. She accompanied me to the lift. I decided to do something big. It even took her by surprise. Before entering into the lift, I turned and hugged her just for a second. Before she could say anything I told her “thank you for looking after me.” She smiled and said, “Anything for a friend.” I was excited by her not getting angry by my hugging her. I didn’t go the next day. We used to talk for hours on the phone. I could now ask frankly as to what she was wearing, what color is her panties and all. These types of talks always made me feel very erotic. And she enjoyed answering to my queries. She even revealed her inner most secrets, as to how she desperately waited everyday to see me. How attracted she felt to my body features. How young she felt in when she was in my company. And she also told me that she kinda figured that I was attracted to her. I decided to visit her less now, since I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of tearing off her clothes, and making love to her. I wanted to talk with her 24 hrs a day.

One day our topic of discussion was sex. Once I asked about their lovemaking, about her view of second child, what is the contraceptive applying during love making etc. How many times per week etc. About weakness and hangover after love making etc. She was not so frank in answering to any of my direct questions but responded with hints.

We got into real dirty talking from then onwards. I was waiting for the right time to do it with her. I told her I was getting desperate to do it with her. She maturely said, no you are not a matured for it “let’s wait for the right time. . . I don’t want to abruptly stop our love making.” So one day I just went without the intention of love making with her. She was wearing that sexy sleeveless pink maxi that time. She was talking over the phone at that time. I just sat there and stared at her beautiful eyes and boobs. She couldn’t concentrate to what the person was telling her over phone. I thought of playing naughty tricks. Standing just back to her I first started to rub her butt with my front aside little budged due to erected penis. My hands tied her from back and touched her high profile boobs on top of her maxi and bra. I pressed hard her butt crack side with my penis bumped jeans. She felt tingling sensation, she gave me that wicked look. Then I surprised her, when I started slowly lifting her hem of maxi. She tried to resist me. But I refused to stop. She was in talks on phone and my hands now, in full force, ventured into her maxi. She stopped resisting now. She was wearing underskirt, and now I was royally massaging her heavy whitish thighs and inner thighs. She tried not to moan. My fingers slowly moved upwards. She gave me the look trying to say “no”. I pretended not to understand, and continued. My fingers got in touch with her panties. I rubbed her triangle over her panties. I pulled her closer. She suddenly told the person whom she was talking on phone that that she would call later. She cut the phone. Then she came closer to me, and kissed me. Her hand was on my face, and my hands, now my hands got into her panties. But she was standing with tighter thighs, I was now feeling her pubic hair, very thick and curled hair there and played with her pubic hair, then down below, my face on shoulder and ear side, I touched her vagina lips, first I could not understand what this skin piece was. I pulled her pussy lips fingered her pussy canal, but I can’t understand the shape of it, continued rubbing and fingering there. She moaned very loudly. “Lets not do it now, he (her husband) will be coming soon. Please…….please!

She said “my husband is planning for a tour along with son then day after tomorrow. I don’t want to go, and I will be here. Then we can have the entire afternoon to ourselves.” I agreed to stop, but not before give her a long kiss. She noticed I was not happy with this abrupt stop to once again what could have been a hot wild sex. “Wait, before we stop, here’s one sample for you what I will do to you on Friday.” She got on her knees, unzipped my pants, and took out my penis from shuddy for sight of my penis. Her right hand held to bottom of my erect penis, and she started kissing my dick. I moaned in excitement. She then gave it a big kiss, and then said, “The rest in next” and she guided my penis inside of my shuddy and locked the zip. I smiled at her. I then pulled up my pants.

I couldn’t bear with the wait. The wait was exactly killing me. I wanted her now. I cannot take her out of my mind. The magnificent moment that we had, was in my head, and I would think about the entire incident again and again. I couldn’t even sleep in night thinking about it. I was waiting for the next day to come, not to make anyone suspicious. My hand kinda shivered when I rang the bell. It was she who opened the door. Latika aunty gave me that million dollar smile. She was wearing a red t-shirt and her husband’s jeans. Oh, how close I was that day to see those enormous breasts of hers. Her butt, tightly covered in jeans, when she started to walk I have a view of her tight panty line through her butt, I thought, now she would really be close to me. But surprisingly she seemed to act normal.

My studies started, and I was back to my daily routine. I was surprised to see her act normal. I wanted to bring up that topic, but I was scared. What if she refuses to continue from where we stopped. Then one day, I took the courage to bring up that topic during our conversation. My fears were true. She said what happened that evening between us was wrong. “Is kinda acted stupid that day. I don’t know what got over me. But it has to stop. You are my son’s friend…” I didn’t let her finish, “don’t say that. You even once said you considered me more than that I love you, please don’t ditch me like that,” we argued for quite sometime. At last I had to agree with her. I was disappointed. But I knew, nothing would convince her of my love. The next few days, I was very reluctant to go to her house even. Some days, I purposefully didn’t go. But she neither called, nor enquired when I would go to their house the next day. I began to believe it was all over. One day when I went their house, I saw playing with a very cute baby. It was her neighbor’s baby. The neighbor had gone out for shopping, and she volunteered to take care of the baby. I also got to playing with the babies. After that uncomfortable conversation, this is the first time, we were comfortable with each other. I would take the baby, and make all sorts of funny faces to make it laugh. She would come close to the baby who is in my arms, and sometimes kiss it. I got really erotic at that sight. At one instance, the baby happened to catch her mangal sutra, and refused to leave in an attempt to release the baby’s hold, she bend over, and that gave me a chance to see the inside part of her maxi. The baby and I got a glance of her enormous breasts. The baby some times tried to pull her maxi buttons to suck her breast. She sighed. It was a wonderful sight. We had a lot of fun that day. The baby in fact was a blessing in disguise for us to get back close to each other.

On another day, I noticed aunty was sitting and writing some things in her diary. I sat opposite to her and started chatting with her. I thought of playing with her, by disturbing her concentration. She would ask me to stop it, but her smile showed that she was not serious about it and she was enjoying it. Slowly, my toe started to rub her toe. From rubbing her toe, it went to her ankle. She didn’t say anything. My toe started its journey in to her maxi feeling her legs. Then she gave me the stare but with the smile, telling me to stop it. I was enjoying it. Then she got up to make coffee. I followed her. I stood right behind her, and started playing with her hips. She was definitely enjoying my silly gestures at her. I would also make sure her butt had the feel of my aroused penis. My hands were feeling her stomach and boobs over her maxi. She stopped making coffee and decided to go to the bedroom, I ran up to her, wrapped my hands around her stomach from behind, lifted her a little, and took her to the bedroom. She started to laugh all the way into the bedroom. We stood in front of the mirror. She took her talcum powder and pretended to ignore me. My hands started exploring under her stomach on top of maxi. I got to her triangle area. Started to pressing and rubbing there. I started to really feel it now. She kept on telling me to stop it, but I couldn’t stop it anymore. She turned around, and began to kiss me slowly, we did the french kiss. Aaahhhh, it was a magical feeling. I began rubbing her breasts more, and started pinching her nipples through her maxi. Suddenly she stopped. “He will come any minute, we can’t do this now.” I got really angry. “We can do it tomorrow, I promise.” But I was not in the mood for waiting for the next day to come. She began to plead me. “I haven’t enjoyed you properly, what if tomorrow u change your mind?” “No, dear” while she was saying this slid her hands into my shuddy, and got hold of my dick… “I was desperate. Please show me your breasts, and I will agree.” “You promise!” She said, and I agreed. She removed her t-shirt, and now she was in her bra. I quickly removed her bra hooks at back. Yes, at last I got to see her breasts. Little sagged, it was really huge. Her nipples like grapes were standing erect out. It was damn sexy. She was feeling nervous, standing topless in front of me. I began touching it, and started to kiss it. “No, dear, not today please” I didn’t listen to her, I began licking her beasts, kissing, and small bite of her nipple. She moaned simply. She tried hard to push me. But at last I stopped. “tomorrow, I am not going to take no for an answer,” she looked into my eyes and started to massage my penis as well, shaking my penis with her hand, pulled out my foreskin fully, shaking faster and faster I ejaculated in open, my sperm made a long jump. Then she said “next time, I won’t say no. I have begun to love you. I know this is extremely wrong. But let’s keep it as top secret strictly between ourselves.”

My exams were getting really close, so I thought of not visiting Latika aunty anymore. I was now waiting for the exams to get over. We would talk on the phone. Our talks would last for hours. I would sometimes ask naughtily as to what she was wearing today and she would jokingly say “a bra and shuddy”. What is the color of your shuddy today? Do you wear it in night, do you sleep nude at night? She responded my every question with yes or no. Answer. Another question to her “did you done it yesterday with your husband?” I asked! She said `no I am in my period’ how may days it will take? I asked. She said 4 to 5 days. I said “that means now your flower is packed in extra cloth isn’t it? She said, no, “Now days I am using stayfree pads in place of cloth piece. Then she asked to me what about your yesterday night? Did u masturbate yesterday thinking of me? I said “yes, imagining your pussy”. Then she told “till you didn’t see that then how can u imagine it? I said “once I touched your pussy lips and the crack there. Then I smelled my fingers. Still I can feel your pussy smell in my fingers”. She laughed and said “you naughty like that smell”? “Yes very much, it felt very erotic” I said in return. “Do you shave your pubic hair?” I asked. She said “some times”. You do it daily? She said “2-3 days per week. “May I help you in shaving your flower” “please” I requested in phone. Does you give me your panties to feel it in my thing. She said “wait” then I asked the most embarrassing question to her “how does you feel your hubby’s dick entering in your flower”? She said after some seconds “feel something fitted extra in the abdomen”. My dick started to leak. After completing our talks on phone I had done a speedy masturbation.

I was getting really excited as the exams were slowly one by one getting over. The last day of the exam. That night was crucial for me. I mend many plans how to seduce her and how to work with her body and how to talk to her more erotically in order to build in her crave for full nudity and intercourse. I wanted her to know that I loved her, and how I want to have sex with her. How I wanted to love her passionately. I would imagine myself getting married to her. About our passionate wild sex, she is getting pregnant by my penis. Even if none of those dreams get fulfilled, just I wanted to see her naked, and make love to her. I wanted to see her desperately. I was getting really excited. After completing the last paper of my exam I reached her house. There I saw small crowd, I inquired about it too people standing there what happened. I came to know that her grand father-in law expired at his native place. Her husband and son were leaving for funeral. After they left I thought of leaving her alone, and go home, but she asked me to stay for a while. She explained me the sad demise of her grand father (in-law).

I couldn’t even watch my princess crying. I told her it’s all right, and hugged her. She placed her head on my shoulders. We were in hugging each other for some minutes. I couldn’t control it anymore. I desperately wanted to kiss her, and I knew, since her hubby and son are going on leave, this was my only and best chance for it. I kissed her cheek. At first she thought, I was doing it to console her. But as I began to kiss her again, she slowly started lifting her head, and feel suspicious. “What are you doing?” She asked angrily. “I love you dear. I know this is not right, but I couldn’t hold it anymore. Ever since I laid my eyes on you I fell in love with you. Every night I thought of you. I cannot live without you. I know this is not right. But the fact is I am really in love with you, and there hasn’t been a day where I would pray to god and ask as to why he is torturing me.” She was trying to push me. “No, this is wrong, you are my son’s age, and you are like a son to me.” I got angry when she said that, “no, but I love you. You can do whatever you want. If you tell me to get out of this house and to never see you again, and then fine, I will do as you say. But I just say you that I love you” I didn’t complete the sentence and I planted a big kiss on her rosy lips. Suddenly to my reply, she kissed back. Yes. My big dream was coming into a reality. I was living my fantasy. My tongue began to go inside and explore her mouth. I pushed her, and was kissing her against the wall. She was now passionately kissing. We stopped smooching for a while and began kissing each other’s neck, cheeks, ahhh, it was a wonderful feeling. We were kissing each other passionately. I began to caress those big breasts of her. At last I got to feel those lovely breasts of hers. I was feeling her nipples. Then my hands slid down and I slowly started pulling her maxi up, with one finger feeling her legs as I was pulling her maxi up. She was starting to slow down realizing as to what I was doing. She stopped kissing. “No, dear please, this is wrong, please” she began pushing me away, but I was not ready to quit. Her maxi and underskirt were up to her panties now. I without thinking more slide my hands inside her panties, and in one swift motion felt her hairy pussy. I pulled down her panty, the spot of her panty covering her pussy was dam wet. She resisted at first, but then at last put a kiss on it. She started to moan. She took me to the bed room. She laid herself on the bed. I helped her out of her panty, a big panty having colorful flowers on it. I had a first time view of her pussy and the first sight of a pussy in my life. We kissed for a while. Her black bra was somewhat visible through her maxi. My dick was getting impatient then she started to remove her maxi, then underskirt. Then I came out of my jeans, now I was laying with her in a frenchie shuddy only. She inserted her hand in my shuddy. Freed my dick out of frenchie, she tried to pull out my frenchie but it was so tight that I helped her to through it out.

So at last she got to see my erect penis. She placed her right hand on it. Then she removed her maxi. I pushed her to the bed, as I wanted to take the opportunity of removing her panties and bra. I teasingly went on kissing her legs, thighs. I stopped for a second to watch that wonderful hairy pussy of hers. I quickly then unhooked her bra. Now we were completely naked. We got to kissing. We kissed and kissed more. I was getting all too excited. This was a dream that come true for me. I started to explore her other parts of the body, while I was doing that I decided to finger her pussy, but I was not enough knowledge of pussy parts. I began by licking her neck going down, till I reached those huge breasts of her. I started licking her breasts, nipples. I pretended to be a baby sucking milk from his mom. I then gave her right breast nipple a bite to increase her moaning. I went down, kissing her stomach, her belly button. I stopped fingering. Used my two hands to separate her two legs waited for a second, and then gave her pussy a big kiss and lick. I continued licking it. And she was enjoying it, by running her fingers through my hair pressing my head to her pussy. I waited for a long long time for this. While we kissed, I massaged her big breasts. Then the naughty girl, got on me. She was sitting on my dick. I was enjoying her weight on me. Her hands were feeling my hairless chest. Then she got into the exploring act. She was doing it slowly and in a very hot and sexy way. Kissing, with her tongue slowly coming out and feeling the surface of my chest. Allowing a mature woman exploring our body with her tongue is a special thing to be experienced. Slowly she got to my dick. With one hand holding it upwards, she invited it into her mouth. Starting it all off with the tongue playing with the tip of my dick she taken fully in her mouth. She then took out a condom from her handbag. She was well prepared. She fixed and rolled down it in my dick. Then came to the insertion part. I started awkwardly. I don’t know where to fit in her flower. I tried here and there. She started to laugh. Then I let Latika aunty to guide me. With her hands on my butt cheeks, she was showing me the right motion, just like sitting for pee position the full view of her pussy was an ever remembering experience for me. Pussy mouth opened widely, hair all around it, the inner part of her pussy was in full view to me, the pink clit, she positioned herself in my dick, holding it with her one hand she guided it in to her pussy then she slowly pressing her cunt on it allowing it to go deep into her pussy, she let me do the motion. Her moaning started getting loud. Her boobs were dancing in accordance with her hip movement. I started to increase the motion. Her moaning was starting to get loud. She was directing the speed of the insertion. I kissed her then to lower her moaning, just in case. We continued with our exploration. Then she whispered in my ear. “Let’s do it while bathing.” Holding hands naked we walked into the bathroom, we continued our kissing. I always fantasized screwing her under the shower. We applied soap over each other’s naked body. Her butt caught my attention while I was washing her back side, I went down and bit her butt cheek. She gave me a funny stare as to what I was doing. I was on my knees, and I continued my exploration over the lower part of her body. She parted her thighs for enough space for my mouth in her pussy, I pulled out her pussy lips to sides and started to suck her clit more and more, I felt wetness in her pussy, smelled differently, inserted my tongue into her hole, now her hole was more visible, fully pinkish inside of it , as she pressed my face more and more to her pussy, she got on four legs like dog and cow, now I can see her big butt and cracks, and her black little as hole. I kneeled down back of her positioned my dick into her pussy with a big thrust, she started to move back and forth against my thrust, at that time I was rubbing with my finger her ass hole mouth but she didn’t care what I was doing with her ass. At last my movement increased, speeded my thrust, her breasts were hanging and swinging like that of a church bell. At last I started to spit my sperm in her pussy but in condom. She was breathing heavily, she move forward to release my dick from her pussy, my dick was freed from her pussy, but still in condom, started to hang down, she turned around, catch my dick rolled the condom and freed it from condom, she started to shake it, took some time to recharge it, then she guided my dick to her mouth, started to suck it, her mouth move back and forth she was standing on her kneels, cupped my balls, and little hair all over there, when it got hardness she laid herself back opened her thighs and knees high in the air, now her pussy is more opened condition, then she used her fingers to widen her pussy lips to sides, her swollen clit was more erect condition, reddish in color, her pussy hole is more visible and can see the inner side of her pussy hole, she invited me to insert my dick into her pussy, by kneeling in between her thighs and she placed her thighs in my shoulders and tighter her pussy muscles, and ordered me to thrust harder and faster. I started to thrust, fully pulled back my penis and re-enter fully with hard thrust to pleasure her. She guided my hands into her boobs started to press my hand on her boobs with her hands along with my movement of dick in her pussy. Within seconds she climaxed, one big aaaaah sound from her along with heavy breathing happened to hear from her. But I continued it up to my second orgasm and finished fastly ejaculated in her pussy, but this time directly without condom support. Laying on top of her body my face in between her boobs waited to return back to normal breathing of both then I open the shove and helped each other to wash every area of our body with the help of soap and water, I felt some grinning pain in my dick when she soaped in the ring portion, she also said about some slight pain in her cunt, I quickly wiped myself with towel, ran out of bath room and selected her maxi, panty and bra from her fresh cloth line and positioned her panty to enter her legs into it then I pulled it up – a hard job- heavy thighs, fitted her pussy in it neatly and rightly, fixed the elastic band of her buttock v shape line clearly, then helped her to accommodate her boob in bra cups, so hard to lock it in. Then I placed a loving kiss in to her check and said many thanks. This was the wonderful sex adventure and thereby the experiences cultivated by hardship and cleverness, ended in a pleasantest first time sex experience also the ever remembering one.


Please help the author in his tough times.


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