My Friend’s Mom Part-1

It all started two years ago. When a boy named Ashutosh from our neighboring street admitted in our school as a new student. We came close each other gradually. From him i came to know that they are new to our place and staying in next street. So friends after a couple of days he invited me to his house. Up to that time I don’t like to visit other’s houses. Because that makes me feel very uncomfortable there. Anyway, i went there that day along with my junior friend. I still remember the day like that of yesterday happened. As we reached his house a very beautiful lady opened the door. My friend introduced each other. She was Latika his mummy. She was soooo hot in physical appearance and in dress that I could feel my erect penis bulging in my jeans. She was 38-28-36. I was shocked when he introduced her as his mom. I was heartbroken. She was a cute girl like- just I felt like that. I couldn’t hear also what she spoke at first sight. From that night and every night I used to think about her. She was the heroine of my dreams every night. Gradually I used to masturbate thinking about her. Not even in my wildest dreams I ever and always dream’t that this beautiful lady would fall in love with me. Yes, within three months she and I are so madly in love. We cannot take our hands off each other. Constantly talking to her on the phone whenever her husband leaves for work. Talking about how we love each other. Having fights for silly matters. I used to go her house at least once a week. The sex I have with her still excite me especially I did the first time with her. I always think of making this lady my wife and having kids but I know that would never happen.

I still remember the first time I touched her body, we kissed, my first sex attempt with her, the first bath with her, the tricks I applied to get her in line, and more and more. We had together many times and her seductive moves towards me and the naughty games we played each other- I wrote in my secret diary at that time. How it happened! I think you people are also curious to know about it. At first, I didn’t have the courage to speak to her in the beginning. In fact the first time she saw me, she even asked “you don’t speak right and why are you so shy are?” I couldn’t answer her question even. But as days passed, I got the courage to speak with her frankly. In fact I even took interest in her son’s studies. He was only an average student. And I was one of the toppers of my class at that time. I helped him out in test papers. I didn’t do it with the intention of impressing his mom. Once I was invited to my friend’s house for lunch on a weekend evening for the first time. She was wearing a pink sleeveless maxi. She looked damn sweet in that dress. She left her hair untied – just after evening bath. Her face was really glowing that day. Following her to the hall I got a view of her wonderful and well shaped ass and how I wished if I could hug her from behind and kiss her. That day I saw my friend’s father for the first time. How jealous I was at that man for marrying this lady of my dreams, I know it was childish to think. But I already accepted her in my mind as my own. But his husband in fact was good natured man.

I couldn’t eat the food properly because she was sitting right in front of me. The dining table was quite small. So a slight movement by my toe would touch hers after dinner we sat down for watching a movie. My friend already went in to his room for sleep. She sat near her hubby and their bodies touching each other. And as the movie progressed I noticed his hands feeling her stomach. She was neither too fat nor slim. She was a bit plum, yummy! Anyway as we were watching the movie in between the movie I noticed her hubby talking to her some thing with his eyes and he excused to their bed room. There me and Latika aunty remained there. When she turned towards my side to explain something with regard to the movie I noticed her maxi revealing her thighs I pretended not to notice, but it was impossible for me to divert my eyes from viewing those thighs. How I wished to touch those marvelous thighs of hers. When the movie was over I decided to go home. Both her hubby and my best friend were already slept, so I thought of not waking them up. She accompanied me to the door step I said good night to her and left. Gradually I was getting really comfortable talking to her. Her eyes and smile virtually attracted my attention. During my next week visit – then she said something that made my heart jump up in joy. Both I and Ashutosh (her son) can go for tuition together. Our tuition timings are from 10:30 to 12pm. “why doesn’t u come to our house in the morning, so that you and Ashutosh can go together for tuition if u doesn’t mind”. She said her hubby’s office starts at 9. I told her I would come at around 10. She agreed.

The front door was remaining closed. I pressed the calling bell within few seconds she appeared in the door step as I was entering she started to tie her hair up. Her hands were up to tie her hair her shaved armpits was visible through her maxi hand side. She looked hot even with her hair up. When she said the final bye to me how I wished to lift her up and grab and hug her. From that day onwards I was a regular visitor to their house. Some times I was alone with for just 15 minutes but those 15 minutes was enough to admire her beauty. As I longed for the next day to come and so I can be alone with her. Someday when I come I would see her fresh after a bath. I would sit there and chat with her not concentrating on what she said. I would just stare at her as she would dry her hair. It was amazing to see her do it. Someday she would sit on the dining table and read the newspaper, and I would join her. One day our tuition was suddenly cancelled. So I and my friend decided to hangout at their home. We three sat to play caroms. She was sitting near me, and sometimes unknowingly her leg would brush mine, though it was incidental bit it giving me an electric shock.

After a game she excused herself, saying she wanted to take a bath. As she went, I was in no mood to play. I could feel my erect penis hitting against my pants, and how I longed to go and see her naked. I imagined, how much she naked during her bath, how she would be applying soap to those marvelous breasts of hers, how she position for soaping and washing her cunt etc. Also I wished to wash off the soap off her body. But that time it remained only sweet dreams to me. After a couple of weeks, when me and Latika aunty really got to talking, I started to come early by half an hour or so. Now I had 45 minutes of precious time with her. Now I had the full freedom in their house. I usually accompanied her in kitchen and talking. She had a hobby of cooking new dishes weekly. I remember the first time she asked me to taste her new dish. She took a small teaspoon of the curry and came near me. I could really smell her. She used to lux soap in bath. She usually kept her mangalsutra outside. I never knew that this hubby loving lady had a really wild side in her. Our tuition was shifted to a weekend one day. My friend still had another subject’s tuition at 7:30. So I thought of going at regular time to his house. As I rang the bell excited to see her none was opening the door. After about 5 minutes she opened the door. Her top two buttons of her maxi was open, her hair was not combed and she was kinda gasping. I got the feeling confused and eager as to what she was doing there in privacy. What made her to reach near door step so late? After some time when her hubby came out to take some water from the fridge my doubts were confirmed.

She and her hubby were having sex in privacy as their son was left to tuition just half an hour ago. In my inner heart I felt so angry at him for having sex with my beloved. One day we both went out together to a shop to buy her son a birthday gift. She wore a lovely yellow colored salwar, which was really tight. As we were testing I really had the feeling that she was my wife. She would often see how the watch fit on my hand. We were getting really comfortable with each other. After our shopping I asked her if she could come with me to my house as I had forgotten to take my tuition book. She agreed. I then was playing host, showing my house. Both my parents were working personal so we were alone. I grabbed her by the hand to show some of my childhood photos. She was surprised to see how I looked when I was young. She was so close to me that time, sitting together some times our body touching, I could just kiss her rosy lips. We were so comfortable now we would hold our hands together quite often. Latika aunty usually wore an underskirt beneath her maxi. It didn’t give me a picture of her butt would look like. I was so curious about. But one day I noticed she wore this blue maxi and no underskirt. I was very excited to see the outline of her panties. Wow that was a sight! We were sipping tea in her kitchen. I cracked jokes that made her laugh really laugh. It was amazing to see her laugh. She offered me breakfast. She told me to complete the breakfast which I left in plate. I bluntly refused. But she kept on telling me to finish it. She sat really close to me and started feeding me the bread and egg.

I tried so hard not to show any reaction to it. I felt like holding her cheeks and giving her a hot wet kiss. But I couldn’t do it. What would she think? I would be dead if her son- my friend- knew I had this feeling to his mom. I quickly got rid of that feeling from my mind for that time only. As I followed her to the drawing room I noticed she was wearing a black bra. From there I started to enjoy every moment of life while with her. I was now a part of their family. I could go to their house any time of the day and there would be no complaint on their part. I was very careful in my flirting with her. When her husband and son were in the house I would try not to speak much with her. I learned to control my temptations as per prevailing conditions. When we were alone I would openly flirt with her. I know that ladies want to hear praising words from others. Telling her how beautiful she was and all. And she liked the attention she got. I knew she carved for the attention. I would just keep staring at her. We became really close now. We would discuss various things in our regular chats at the kitchen. Some time I tried tactics as to not going to their house for weeks. And then when I would turn up at their house after a gap she would be angry at me for the long absence. But I was still not ready to take the drastic step. It often crosses my mind but I would resist it. I liked it the way it was going at that time and I want to know how she consider and care me. Neither her husband nor her son liked to go shopping. So we both would go out together someday to different shopping.

Once while we were just looking at clothes I saw some nice night dresses for ladies. It was a colorful loose shirt and loose pants. I suggested it for her. She was skeptic in the beginning but when I told her she would look pretty in these, she agreed in the end. I accompanied her to every section. But she avoided me by saying “you wait here” I understand that she was going to purchase bra, panty etc. I felt hurt. Why she avoided me? What is wrongness in it? At first I though I must convey my grievance. But at last I though it was awkward to talk to her about. I couldn’t understand why she is keeping barrier lines in our relation.


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