Ended up Lesbian

This happened as a part of ragging in the ladies hostel. It was one Friday evening after three days from the start of college. As next two days are holiday, most of the girls from nearby places went to their home and were expected to be returned back only on Monday morning. There are very few girls in the hostel. My self and my room mate Latika, another new girl were watching a movie in TV hall at around 8.30 PM after dinner. Latika is a girl from Hyderabad. At that time, one senior girl came to us and informed us to come to her room in 3rd floor. First I hesitated, but I was told by some other girls that those girls are arrogant you must obey and go to their room otherwise it will be very difficult for us to stay in hostel. They may pose problems in future, the girls told us. So my self and Latika decided to go to their room.

We went to their room, which is in the 3rd floor. As we entered the room one girl locked the door. Totally three senior girls were there. 3 girls (Shati Isha & Anupriya) were there. They all were in casual dresses. Shati in nightie, Isha in skirt and T-shirt and Anupriya in short & shirt. They were all sitting in chair and cot. We were asked to stand at the middle. Actually that was the 1st time I met these girls. I knew their name after that event only. First they started asking some general questions like our name, native place, parents and about our family.

Suddenly they started asking about sex. Isha asked me whether I have seen any one nude and whether I have any sexual experience. I was shocked by this question and didn’t replied. Then they asked as whether we masturbate frequently. We both said that we do masturbate when we are at home. Suddenly Shati stood up and told as in loud voice that we should obey us whatever they say otherwise we will have problems in college. We said that we will obey them.

Then Isha told us to remove our dresses and asked to stand nude. My self was wearing skirt and T-shirt and Latika was in nightie. We refused to remove dress. Anupriya came near to me and tried to remove my T-shirt, but I resisted and moved away. At the same time Latika was also moved away to the corner of the room and she also objected to be nude. After that the 3 senior girls got angry and Isha told us that they are going to punish us for not obeying them. Isha came near to me and pushed me against wall in such a way that my face side is facing the wall and she pushed me against it. By pushing me with one hand she lifted my skirt up to hip as butt is exposed with black panty. Now Shati came near and took the skipping rope, which was lying on the table. She hold the skipping rope in such a way that the rope in the hand of bullock cart driver. She came near to me and dropped my panty down to my knee. Then she started to beat me with rope on butt. I could not move as I was pushed against wall by Isha. Shati told while beating that she continue beating till I accept to obey them. Every beating was very painful. After 10-15 slaps on butt, my butt become red and I could not bear pain and started shouting and crying. I told them that I obey whatever they tell. After that they asked Latika whether she need the same treatment and Latika accepted to obey without thinking ahead after seeing my situation.

Within another 5 minutes we two were standing nude in front of them. I had a figure of 34C-26-34 and Latika was 32-24-34. Both of us were having un-shaven pussy and I had a very thick jungle around my love tunnel . Even though I got enormous pain due to beatings, I got some nice feeling in mind while I saw Latika fully nude.

Then they ask us to come closer and to kiss on each other’s mouth. We obeyed this time. I was bit afraid during that time but later I feel very nice. Now they asked me to kneel down before Latika and to suck her pussy. Actually her pussy was wet with her juice and her urine. The urine might have come out little due to fear in the beginning. First I was not sucking fully, just touching with outer part. Suddenly Anupriya came near and pushed my head against Latika’s pussy and asked Latika to widen her leg. My mouth started sucking inside her pussy and she started moaning with in 5 minutes. I sucked her in that pose for nearly 15 minutes then they told me to lie on the cot. With in no time Shati removed her nightie and she was wearing only panty and no bra. She removed her panty also and she came to the cot where I was lying. She is little taller than me but having almost figure like me. She had a neatly shaven pussy. She came top of me like a male, doing on top of woman and started kissing on my mouth and squeezing my boobs. She did everything like a male except the insertion of penis instead he put her finger and took me to the climax.

During this time, Anupriya who was wearing a short removed her shorts and lay on another cot only with shirt. She was not wearing panty. She was lying in such a way that her foot touched the ground. Her buttock was at the edge of the cot. She called Latika to kneel down and suck her pussy. Anupriya was the big shouter among that group while another girl sucking her. She shouted and used many dirty words like bitch, fuck your father, fuck your brother etc. While Latika was sucking them. This shouts and moans of Anupriya made me more horny, I co-operated with Shati whatever she does in another bed.

In the chair nearby Isha was fingering her pussy herself by just lifting her skirt. She was also not wearing panty. After 30-45 minutes we were all exhausted and we all slept in that room nude. As the next day was Saturday, we know it was holiday. In the morning around 6:30 AM, Isha, who was standing nude, waked me up. She asked me to suck her pussy. Among the 3 senior girls, Isha was having hair in the pussy but neatly trimmed. First I sucked her straight for 5 minutes, then she came to 69 position and we together sucked each others pussies. During that time all the other 3 girls were fast asleep. We sucked nearly 30 minutes and finally we exhausted and simply lying there hugging each other in bed. Then around 9:30 AM, we all woke up and got dressed. Then my self and Latika went to our room.


Please help the author in his tough time.


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