Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-9

In our previous episode we have seen how finally Borah got rid of his virginity, and had a fulfilling experience with Mrs. Nair. And Mrs. Nair too experienced the pleasure of being fucked by someone after a long time. Borah was not all that experienced as she would have liked at the first place, but she didn’t mind at all to train him to suit her need.

While Mrs. Nair was busy enjoying with the naïve Borah, her daughter Sowmya was busy in chasing her ambitions. She always dreamt of becoming a model since a long time, but her mother’s possessiveness and conservative nature for them made her hide it from her and Aarushi. And so she had been trying for all the auditions secretly, but with not much success so far. Finally, driven by desperation, she decided to do what it takes to please the judges, and ended up giving sexual pleasure to the three men auditioning her for that modeling campaign.

And while Sowmya and Mrs. Nair both were busy in fulfilling each other’s desires, in the same night, her other daughter was away for a dinner date with their neighbor Rahul. Rahul and Aarushi were close friends by then, and Rahul had also become a regular visitor in their house. He used to visit Aarushi often at tea or any occasion for a casual chat etc. That evening he had invited Aarushi over for a dinner and had taken her for a long drive after it.

Both of them had a long discussion about their life, their hobbies, about love, and relationships. Rahul was surprised to find Aarushi so open minded and having bold ideas regarding love and relationship and slowly started showing a keen interest in her. Aarushi too was attracted to him greatly and even though she had a boyfriend, she didn’t mind hanging out with him. And while they were on their way back, Rahul was constantly thinking how to approach her to get more out of their casual relationship. And suddenly he parked the car in a sideway – “Would you mind if I kiss you?” he asked suddenly.

It was a wonderful weather outside, and dark, and they were lonely in the middle of the highway. Rahul was handsome and she was already attracted towards him. And that sudden bold move impressed her a lot, and she smiled back in reply. Nothing else was required to be spoken of as Rahul pulled her closer and they started kissing each other. Both of them started sucking each other’s lips and Rahul especially loved to use a lot of tongue. And so when he pushed his tongue further in her mouth, she didn’t protest and they started tasting each other closely.

“Can I take off your top please?” Rahul asked, rather requested, while still within the passionate moment of kissing each other. “Oh yes” she replied hastily before Rahul pulled her tops out and off her body. She was wearing a black brassiere which covered her lovely 34B breasts. But Rahul soon cupped them with his hands and started pressing them. “mmmmmmm” she moaned in reaction, feeling his hands crawl all over her breasts and upper body. Rahul slowly unhooked the straps of her brassiere from behind and took it off, exposing the pair of cute white breasts.

Aarushi had a naughty smile on her face, and she too retaliated by pulling out Rahul’s t-shirt and both of them hugged each other and rubbed their naked bodies against each other. Rahul then pushed her back to have a good view of her almost naked body. “I have never seen such beautiful breasts” he remarked in a flirting tone. Aarushi felt embarrassed, but before she could react, Rahul had already leant forward and had started licking them with his tongue. She felt ticklish and almost started jumping in joy. Rahul held one of her breasts and started pressing it while the nipple of her other breast was between his lips. She closed her eyes and thrust out her breasts even further as he started sucking the nipple.

“Ohhhhh, I love it when someone suck my nipples” she said while fully enjoying the treatment. Rahul smiled as he realized that she was slowly getting aroused. Both her nipples were getting tighter and soon they became big and erect. He bit on them occasionally to make her wriggle and moan in pain, but then immediately plunged her in more pleasure by sucking and pressing them gently. This combination of pain and pleasure continued until she started moaning as if she was about to cum.

“Ohhhhh! You are making me wet, you are going to make me cum” she started saying while rubbing her two legs against each other. Rahul realized that she was already close to an orgasm – “Not so fast, let me feel your wetness first” he said before putting his hands inside her skirt and touched her panties. “Oh you really are so wet” he remarked, finding her panties soaked with her cum. “I am feeling the need to love your pussy now” he said as he gently lifted her skirt and pulled the already wet panties down. Once again Aarushi made the work easier as she too wanted to enjoy the touch of his hands on her cunt.

Rahul spread her legs and looked at her cunt briefly before putting his hand on it. A wild shock ran down her body and she sizzled as he started massaging her cunt slowly. And along with it, he bent forward to enjoy sucking her lips again. Aarushi closed her eyes as she enjoyed his lips on her lips and his hands on her pussy. He was massaging the pussy at a gentle pace, but that was slowly driving her mad and crazy for the need to let her juices out.

“Ohhhhh! I want more, I want to be touched, I want my cunt to be fingered” she kept whispering while her waist moved automatically along with his hand movement. “Please, don’t tease me anymore, please put a finger in my cunt” she said in a pleading tone. Rahul till then had his fingers around her cunt hole, spreading and massaging the area nicely. But with Aarushi pleading to finger-fuck her, he pushed his index finger at her hole. “Oh fuckkkkkkkkk” she shouted in excitement as his fingers rubbed the walls of her cunt and slid deep inside her fuck-hole.

“Can you feel it?” Rahul asked, “Can you feel my finger fucking your tight cunt?” he asked to excite her even more. “You have a nice tight hole, and I am going to make it lose for my cock” he added while fucking her with his fingers, now two. “Oh yes, I want to take your cock too, I want you to fuck me, right here, right now, in the middle of the road” she kept moaning madly. And that encouraged Rahul to keep on fucking her with his fingers until she came. “Oh yes…oh yes…a little more” she whispered while her body contracted in a need for an orgasm. An orgasm was building up anyway, wanting the attention bit more before it can flood out.

Aarushi got her hands in a tight fist and closed her eyes and took a deep breath, readying her body for the first orgasm of the evening. “Here it comes, here it comes” she shouted twice before starting to make wild noises. Rahul still had his fingers in her cunt when it was filled with her juices and started overflowing. It was uncontrollable and she moaned like a bitch on heat. For several minutes, she just kept lying and came. Rahul too massaged her cunt more helping her to get the most out of it. She felt wonderful after the orgasm and was ready for more.

Rahul had then leant back himself and asked her to suck him. Aarushi immediately bent forward and pulled down his pants. His cock was already erect and was sticky with all the pre-cum he had while making her cum. She didn’t care about those much and started stroking his cock expertly. Rahul turned the AC higher and leant further back enjoying the treatment. “Take it in your mouth now” he urged her, and she started rubbing his cock around and on her face. And then gradually started licking its body and then took it in her mouth smoothly. “Ohhhhh…heaven” he said as he felt the slimy touch of her tongue around his cock, and the feeling of being sucked and licked at it.

“mmmmmmm” she too was enjoying clearly, which was evident from her moaning. She had recently had an orgasm but was soon getting ready for another from all that sucking. “I am in love with your cock” she remarked in between sucking it and licking its body. “Oh yes? You are going to love more when I will put this in your love hole” he remarked making her feel all the more horny and bitchy. She grabbed his cock tightly and started sucking even more passionately. “Oh yes…suck me like that…show me how you would want me to fuck you” he said as she kept sucking more madly. And soon he too reached the peak of climax, but didn’t want to cum in her mouth and so he pulled out in time, and asked her to go to the back seat.

Aarushi went back and sat spreading her legs wide. She placed her legs on the headrests of the two front seats, opening up her cunt for a better access. Rahul positioned himself between her legs with his cock throbbing like a monster which he started rubbing against her pussy. “Oh yes, put it in me, let me taste your cock in my cunt” she said but an encouragement was not needed as Rahul himself was dying to feel her tight cunt squeezing against his cock. And so he pushed gently at her fuck-hole and it sucked his cock inside with ease. “Ohhhhhhhhhh” she moaned out as the monster went all the way in, giving a good rub at her pussy walls.

Rahul once finding his foot hold started stroking his cock in and out of her pussy, making her moan even further. Rahul bent forward to support himself and started sucking her lips once again. And once again they started playing with each other’s tongues while his cock was hard at work inside her pussy. “MMMMMMM…NNNNNNN” she moaned in desperation wanting his cock to be more inside than out. But his cock was churning her cunt completely making her juices flow again. And within moments she was at the peak of yet another orgasm and before they could realize, once again she was flooded within with juice of desire and her womanhood.

Rahul enjoyed the sensation of her juices flowing as he still had his cock inside. That feeling somehow triggered his climax too and both of them came hard together. It was uncontrollable as juices kept flowing out from both of them. He had by then hugged her tightly and was sweating profusely even in that high AC. And by the time it was over, they were in each other’s arms, in each other’s sweat, and with each other’s juices on them. And once again they kissed each other – this time more passionately and more deeply with a sense of fulfillment.

Later they got dressed and started back for the housing complex – but no one could share any further casual talks, and each thought only about the wonderful moment they had just spent. Before leaving for their respective flats, Rahul once again drew her in his arms and they kissed each other long and deep before promising to meet again whenever they could. And then Rahul headed back to his flat and Aarushi back to hers.

Borah had left just moments before Aarushi had returned. Mrs. Nair was at the bath, while Sowmya was still outside yet to return from her audition. Both the sisters had made excuse of extra tuitions, while both were busy in teaching their cunt a lesson or two about Cumming. Mrs. Nair too had taken full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a male company after a long time. While, back at Rahul’s flat, he thought everyone was asleep and so didn’t disturb anyone. There was a faint streak of light coming out from his father’s bedroom though.

Mr. Sharma was already asleep, but Anita was not at the bed, by his side. She was on the recliner at the balcony – gazing towards the moon light. Mr. Sharma had already given permission for her to join Reddy’s gym, and she had already taken the admissions. Reddy didn’t pay much attention then, but she treasured the moment when his hand brushed against her and she treasured the touch too. One day, she thought, that her dream lover would not care for anyone else but her. And gazing at the moon she thought all what she can do to attract him toward her.

She imagined him in the first day of her gym – he would be topless with his lovely and curvaceous body exposed for her only. He would welcome her in the gym and show her around the facility. And then will assist her personally with the exercises, he would touch her hand, belly, waist to make her do the exercises properly. And slowly she started feeling a steady wet patch developing between her legs. She leant further back and touched her cunt with her hand and gently started rubbing on it.

She imagined being taken towards the changing room after completing the exercises for the day. There he would pull her closer and will start kissing her. The taste of his lips will be like pure nectar which she would not want to stop tasting, neither would he. They would be there alone and lost in each other, and in each other’s lips and body. Slowly he will strip her off her clothes one by one. She had bought a sexy outfit to capture his attention – and imagined herself in it, being stripped out of it. He would take great care in stripping her down, and then once naked he would pull her in his arms and start kissing all over her body.

She bit her lips in excitement as all that imagination made her aroused and she started rubbing her pussy even more. “I want to kiss the entire of your body” she thought he would say, and then take her to a wall where he will pin her and start kissing all over her body again. She would stand still with her body exposed and being loved by the lover of her dreams. He would not only kiss all parts of her body but will also rub his hands over them delicately, making her wriggle in pleasure.

She started feeling goose bumps by the mere thought about it, and by then was beyond her own control. All she cared for was her lover’s touch, and a nice fulfilling fuck and orgasm. Mr. Sharma, like the other nights, had made love with her. But that was as good as not making. It took him a couple of minutes to get into the mood and the blow it all off, leaving her unsatisfied and craving for her lover’s touch. But there in the balcony, though within her imagination, she had her lover with her. And he was fulfilling all her desires too.

He had her pinned against a wall and was kissing all over her body, and was rubbing his hands all over her body. “You have such a beautiful body – it resembles with the Taj Mahal” she thought, he would say. And then pull her to his arms once again to hug her and kiss all over her neck and shoulders. And then he will pick her up gently and carry her to the nearest couch. Her dream was working like a magic – he put her on the couch and then knelt down beside. He started rubbing his hand around her breasts gently – “I have never seen such beautiful, and firm, breasts” And saying this he couldn’t control anymore and started sucking her nipples and pressing her breasts.

She removed her nighty a little further and pushed her hand inside to touch her breasts. She rubbed her own breasts and played with the nipples, while imagining Reddy doing all that out of love with her. Gradually, her restlessness aroused but he was not ready to stop, he continued sucking and playing with her breasts. And the more he sucked, the more she reached near her orgasms. “Please dear, don’t do anymore, I want you to fuck me now, fulfill me with your huge cock” She would plead to him, to spare her the tease and give her the pleasure of his cock ultimately.

He would be kind and will then position himself between her legs. She would spread the legs and he would lean forward with his cock ready to invade inside her. And with this she inserted a finger deep inside. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as she imagined his cock pushed inside briefly, before being pulled out. Then both of them settled down in that gentle rhythm and he stroked his cock, within her, in a gentle pace. She had already reached the peak of her control and it was about time before she would burst into an orgasm.

That didn’t take long either as a certain touch in her pussy, inspired a huge orgasm to flow her away with it. She took her fingers off but kept lying like that – enjoying the orgasm and the wonderful feeling of being touched by her dream lover. It is not often that she gets to enjoy such a fulfilling orgasm, but now that she had joined Reddy’s gym and can be with him atleast a couple of hours a day – she thought of how to utilize that time to attract his attention. While she was so busy in the thoughts of Reddy, Reddy himself was lost in the thoughts of Kiran and their subsequent meetings after the encounter at Kiran’s house.

Gautam however was on his way back, and Kiran was very afraid of Gautam ever coming to know about her little secret with Reddy. But, at the same time, she felt attracted towards him and wanted to meet him and make love with him every minute, every day. And with Anita at a high, the night slowly started getting converted into the first light of the morning. Kiran and Reddy were not aware how they would meet freely after Gautam’s return. Mrs. Nair and Borah kept thinking about their next opportunity. Rahul and Aarushi too were busy messaging each other on phone.

And Sowmya and Anita were preparing themselves to fight for and reach their true destination. Anita had a clear path which led up to Reddy’s gym, while for Sowmya, there was still no set path and she had to make one out of whatever she was getting from life.

Reddy was dying to meet Kiran, but Gautam was on his way back.

Anita loves Reddy, but the unaware Reddy liked Kiran.

Aarushi and Rahul had come real close to each other.

Mrs. Nair and Borah had started enjoying with each other.

Sowmya was busy chasing up her dreams and do whatever it takes to realize those.

To be continued..


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