Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-8

Our story had taken some exciting turn already, in previous episode we have read how Kiran slowly but finally gave up and got involved in a discreet relationship with Reddy. Gautam too wasn’t far behind, as he took full advantage of his divorce seeking client – Mrs. Ahuja. But while Kiran started meeting Reddy regularly, Gautam had to travel back the next day leaving his lover of the night behind. But at the same time the rest of our residents too were lining up for some exciting turns in their life.

Anita was still dreaming about Reddy, and had already spent a number of nights, thinking about him and masturbating. She was dying to make contact with the lover of her dream, and finally one day gathered courage to seek permission from her husband to join Reddy’s gym. Mr. Sharma had no problem and permitted her to spend some of her spare time in taking care of her health. And this way Anita too got an opportunity to try her luck in getting close to Reddy.

At the other hand, Rahul and Aarushi had become close friends too. Rahul had been to Aarushi’s flat couple of times to catch up with tea and casual chats. Both felt attracted to each other but were not ready to express that yet. But the most exciting bit going on in their flat was between her mother and Borah. Both of them had only one opportunity with each other so far, but within that Mrs. Nair had made him crazy for her and ever since they had been looking for more opportunities.

And one day while Borah had returned early from office, Mrs. Nair too was free as her daughters were due to return late. They didn’t waste much time but planned quickly to make full use of it. Borah reached her flat immediately after getting fresh. Mrs. Nair welcomed him inside lovingly and both of them went to the bedroom straight away. She touched his cock and rubbed her hand over it lovingly – “so you ready to go to the next level?” she asked him.

Borah felt a little shy but he nodded his head very eagerly. Mrs. Nair smiled and asked him to start getting naked. He didn’t waste much time and started stripping down, Mrs. Nair too undid her sarree and stripped out of the petticoat and blouse. Soon both were naked, and Borah stood speechless looking at her naked body. She had 42 sized breasts, which weren’t firm at her age, yet looked quite a handful and desirable. Mrs. Nair slowly climbed up at the bed and leant against the back rest.

She spread her legs as Borah kept gazing with wide eyes. She smiled at his expression “Haven’t seen a pussy before?” she asked him in a teasing tone. Borah felt shy and lowered his eyes, but she beckoned him to look back. “I want you to give me pleasure the same way I gave you that day” she told him. Borah looked a bit confused, but soon she explained what she had in her mind. She wanted him to pleasure her cunt with his tongue and she wanted to teach him to use his tongue for her pleasure.

Borah took position between her legs and leant forward to reach up to her cunt. She kept directing him as he kept following her mindlessly. She first made him to kiss on her cunt and then lick the sides of it. The first contact between his tongue and her cunt made her squeal like a teenager. Borah was surprised to see her moan like a 18 year old, but she grabbed and held his head to keep him working on her cunt. Slowly, he spread her cunt lips and pushed his tongue deeper in her vagina, licking and teasing her clitoris and inner vagina.

“Ohhhhh! You are so good” she said in excitement as Borah kept licking and sucking her cunt with passion. Already her pre-cum juices were oozing out of her cunt and were being lapped up gladly by him. And slowly she was nearing her first orgasm, but didn’t stop him from licking as she wanted to cum all over his face. Borah too looked very satisfied with what he was up to and didn’t mind the little threat of being washed away in the heavy outflow of her juices.

And finally when he succeeded in bringing her to her first orgasm, her juices flowed out relentlessly. He didn’t mind and licked them to feel the sweet taste of her womanhood. Mrs. Nair laid back with her eyes closed and body drained, but it didn’t end her desires. She looked back at him immediately and requested him to give her a fuck. His cock was erect already and didn’t require much encouragement. He immediately positioned himself properly and readied to invade her with his cock.

Mrs. Nair settled down correctly under him as he pushed his cock against her cunt. It was already sloppy with all the cumming and hence it swallowed his cock with ease. She hugged him tightly to keep him at her cunt, as he gradually started stroking his cock inside her pussy. Borah closed his eyes as he finally broke his virginity and was banging a girl, or a woman whatever. Mrs. Nair who had already had an orgasm didn’t take much time to reach another.

While both Mrs. Nair and Borah were busy utilizing the absence of both the daughters, far away at a city hotel, Sowmya was waiting for her turn to go for a modeling audition. Ever since she was 17, she had been trying her luck secretly at modeling. She had not been able to share her ambitions with her sister or mother ever, Mrs. Nair was conservative with her daughters and would have never allowed something outrageous like modeling. Aarushi was too jealous to break the secret to her mother for stopping her from doing it.

But fortunately she had been able to attend various auditions secretly but unfortunately she hasn’t been able to make anything out of them. And with growing ambition and rate of failure, she was growing more desperate about a break. This was the 20th or 21st audition she had been attending in that year itself and was praying to god for some miracle to get selected. Not that she wasn’t up for it she was good looking, had a good figure, but perhaps missed the attitude required to be able to do anything for a good opportunity.

She knew someone from that industry who had tipped her about this audition. It was smaller in scale than the regular ones where she would have to wait behind several girls including professional models. And the job would have gone to someone professional and already popular. But this audition was different, these people were looking for fresh faces, and she was among the only 5 of those who had been called for the audition. She patiently waited for her turn and finally after three hours she was summoned inside.

The audition was held in one of the rooms in the city hotel, it was not something very special. A suite where a team of three were seated in the living area, and they offered her to sit on one of the couches when she entered. One of them was looking at her portfolio while the others were looking at her. “Have you done any campaign before?” asked one of them. Sowmya nodded her head in reply, a sense of rejection sinking in her already. “That’s OK we are looking for a fresh face anyway” remarked the other guy, dismissing her fears and dejection.

The third guy had completed looking at her portfolio by then and had looked up at her. She was wearing a tight top and a body hugging jeans, which she thought was complementing her figure the best. “Can you walk for us please” said the third guy, and Sowmya stood up to show them a sample of ramp walk. She walked up to the end of the room and then walked back with grace and attitude like a real model. The guys looked at each other but didn’t look quite convinced with her – “Well don’t know what to make out of that” remarked one of them saying that she was not up to the mark.

And once again the terrible feeling of dejection started seeping in her. “Please sir, just give me one chance and I will do anything to improve upon my skills” she said in a pleading tone. She had attended a dozen of audition in that year already and didn’t have the patience like a gritty struggler. She was obsessed with the glamour and fame the profession brings, but was not ready to see the hardships involved. For her she wanted to become a model instantly without having to work hard much.

“Why should we?” one of them asked, “We could get anyone else, who can do this much better” remarked in continuation. Sowmya looked at him not knowing what to say, she had been through this a number of times before where someone or the other had always been preferred and selected over her. And soon her eyes became moist with the realization of yet another rejection. The guys too had realized her eyes getting moist, and so they discussed something within them.

“How many auditions have you been through?” one of them asked her to divert the topic. Sowmya looked at him and gave a rough count of auditions she had attended in the past couple of years. “And you have never made through any of those?” One of them asked surprised, and Sowmya nodded to confirm his amazement. “Look we can give you a break, but do you have it in you, what it takes”? Asked one among the three, and immediately Sowmya looked up in joy and nodded her head with enthusiasm.

“Do you think all those girls who have beaten you before, have beaten you because they are beautiful or something?” continued the same person. And when he saw that he have got Sowmya’s full attention, he continued – “Because they had in them what it took to en cash on an opportunity. You have to give something to gain something”. It was not that she had never been approached for a compromise before, but that day she was as if ready to take whatever was on offer, and so as the person continued she nodded her head in agreement.

“So if we ask you to take off your clothes and show us how you look naked, will you be able to do that?” one of them asked. Sowmya was surprised with the sudden directness of the proposal, but she had already reached the last level and there was no turning back from there. And so she stood up and slowly started taking her top and jeans off. Shortly she stripped out of them and was standing in her under-garments only. The guys were looking at her with more interest now. Her breasts were small but the supporter bra made them look big, her cleavage was beautiful and attracted a lot of attention. A nicely toned belly with a beautiful navel complemented her abdomen which was covered by the purple panties.

“That’s much better, now show us some walk again” said one of them urging her to do a ramp walk again. Sowmya obliged with pleasure and walked up and down the room quite a number of time, each time with equal grace and panache. All of them had smiles on their face and an erection already in their pants. “Pose for us, be as sensual as possible” one of them said urging her to pose in vulgar posture. Sowmya obliged this too and for the next few moments she posed for them in various sensual postures.

She bent forward showing her cleavage more, rubbed her hands on her pussy, lifted her breasts with both hands, all of these and many more she did while posing to keep the guys ogling at her. Inside she knew what was to happen next and she was preparing herself mentally for that. She was now ready to do whatever for her little break into the world of glamour and modeling. But little did she realize where these shortcuts take them to.

While Sowmya was busy showing herself up to three complete strangers in a hotel room in the city, her mother, Mrs. Nair was making the most of her and her sister’s absence from home. Borah who was fucking a lady for the first time was over the moon as Mrs. Nair guided him effectively towards the climax. They had by then tried several postures already – Missionary, Doggy, Woman on top, and now they were back to missionary as Borah was stroking his cock in and out of her cunt in a constant rhythm.

Both of them were moaning as both of them were nearing a climax. Mrs. Nair had already come twice and now it was Borah’s turn. He knew that he had already reached the peak of his abilities and was now banging senselessly and moaning hard in anticipation of a flooding experience. He held onto her tightly as slowly he kept on rising to fall off the edge, and when that moment came – he hugged her tightly and started thrusting heavily. Mrs. Nair realizing this, held him back tightly, as he was flooded with a hot torrent of come which filled Mrs. Nair up from inside. Both of them came like never before and collapsed on each other for a brief moment.

Mrs. Nair knew that her daughters will be coming late, and so wasn’t in a hurry but enjoyed the moment with her new lover elaborately. Last time she had such a fulfilling sex was when Mr. Nair was alive, and once with Aarushi’s tutor for a brief period in between – but that’s a tale for some other episode. At that moment both her and her new lover was enjoying the satisfaction they had derived from each other. Later they headed for the bathroom together to get a shower and clean each other up.

While Mrs. Nair was busy with Borah in the shower, at another corner of the city, in a room of a popular city hotel, Sowmya was almost naked and among a pack of three hungry wolves. They had seen enough of her half naked body and were now lusting for more. “Why don’t you remove your bra, and show us a glimpse of your breasts” said one of them, making their intentions more obvious.

Sowmya was preparing herself for this anyway, and so didn’t take much time to remove her bra and expose her breasts to them. She didn’t have a huge pair of breasts, but even at 32 they had a beautiful shape and were firm. The three were speechless as they kept staring at her breasts. “Why don’t you come here and sit with us” said one of them as they made space between the two. Sowmya walked up slowly and settled between them. And as soon as she sat, both started touching her breasts.

“You are definitely very bold and accommodating” one of them said while gently pressing her breasts. The other was already busy is kissing and sucking her nipple. Sowmya smiled as she let them do whatever they want with her breasts. Soon they both started pressing, sucking, and kissing her breast and nipples. And Sowmya couldn’t control and started moaning, she closed her eyes too in order to avoid some embarrassment. While the two were busy at her breast, the third came up and slowly pulled down her panties from her waist.

Sowmya couldn’t protest but didn’t open her eyes too, she wanted to be over with it soon, but gradually she too started liking the treatment. The sucking and pressing had aroused her a great deal and she was already aching for her pussy to be touched. And the third guy did that exactly – he pulled down her panties and started rubbing his fingers over her cunt. Sowmya started moaning more as the three were now playing with all her sensitive areas.

Realizing the effect, soon the fingers were joined by other’s as the others too started rubbing her cunt with their spare hand. Sowmya was already aroused to a great deal and already had a moist pussy and all that rubbing made it more and more wet. They kept rubbing at it more, making her moan and wriggle more, out of pleasure. Sowmya was leant back at the couch, with her head leant completely back, her legs spread exposing more of her cunt to be rubbed.

She was nearing an orgasm and the steady rub brought that sooner as she squirted a great deal of her juices while they didn’t spare her even at the onset of it. They made sure that she had a huge orgasm to fill up the area with her juices. They left her when she was done, and headed for the toilet to wash their hands. Sowmya was surprised as she didn’t expect them to spare her before fucking. She looked back at them in surprise as they came out of the toilet, as if asking them literally, why they aren’t fucking her.

The guys looked at them with satisfaction now – “You are quite bold, and fit for our requirement” one of them told. But they didn’t confirm her selection as they requested her to accompany them to a nearby resort during a weekend, only upon which they can confirm her selection. Sowmya understood the trick, there were still two girls waiting outside, so they didn’t want to go beyond that that day but left the bait hanging with the proposal of the weekend.

Sowmya was at a point of no return, so she had no other choice but to accept their proposal. She gave them her contact number and finally left the room to head back for her flat. The two girls were still waiting outside and she looked at them, and felt a strange satisfaction. The feeling of compromising with her modesty was no longer there, she felt a strange satisfaction – the kind of satisfaction she always believed what the selected models from her previous auditions would have felt. Now this was her turn, her opportunity at glamour and success.

Mrs. Nair and Borah had enjoyed a lot in each other’s company, and they resolved to meet atleast twice a week to enjoy some hardcore sex. At the same time, Sowmya was getting dragged in a racket of sex and glamour and wanted to keep blind at the consequences.

To be continued..


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