Shilpa Married to my Brother

Kunal is 42 and good looking 6-footer with fair skin and well-maintained physique. He had 2 live-in relationships that didn’t work out and he finally decided to go to a marriage broker. After 15 years of teaching in London, he had taken a UK passport and decided to stay there permanently.

I’m 9 years younger to him, a bit less fair-skinned and an inch shorter than him. I got married at 29 and had 2 kids. I maintained a small supermarket and did a lot of physical labor, so my whole body is well toned.

The requirement was simple, my parents wanted to see his marriage this year. We all wanted a healthy daughter-in-law who would bear a child. If she broke the contract, she couldn’t claim any money and would have to give up everything, including any children from this marriage.

I laughed when my brother picked some profiles and said talk to them. They were all young beautiful girls. When I asked the marriage would they agree to even meet? The broker said that it’s not uncommon for poorer girls to marry rich NRI’s to come out of poverty and have a good life.

When we went to meet those girls, most of them looked nothing like their profile picture and could barely speak English. Finally, we found Shilpa, she had completed B.A from IGNOU. She was presently going to finishing school for the second time.

Well groomed, slim, and fair-skinned Shilpa was about 5 feet 5 inches tall with a petite figure and thick black hair that was tied in a braid reaching her waist. She was 26. She had been supporting her mother and 17-year-old brother for the last 5 years, working as an English teacher at a primary school.

Her mother had retired as a teacher from the same school and her father was no more. Soon the contract was signed and marriage was held in a resort outside Pune.

Shilpa and I became good friends in the time leading up to my brother’s marriage. Sister-in-law is usually addressed as ‘bhabhi’. But I decided to just call her Shilpa because she is 12 years younger than me. I told her everything I knew from my visits to London.

My brother’s home was in Surrey. It was a small three bedroom semi-detached house with a small garden in front. She was quite happy and excited even though it’s a contract marriage.

On the wedding day, Shilpa was looking stunning. She wore the jewelry given by my mother and some light makeup with lip color. Her hair was in a braid with flowers. A white silk saree with the red border was tightly wrapped around her shapely hips. Her entire back was visible because of her backless blouse.

Only one lace was holding her blouse with the bra cups sewn into the blouse itself. The deep ‘u’ neckline of the blouse left little for the imagination, displaying her cleavage. Her flat stomach was open.

Her saree fall was neatly folded and pinned to her blouse, going across like a scarf and hanging neatly behind her. Shilpa’s slender arms had the customary mehendi designs on them. Her nose was already pierced for a big nose ring on the left side.

“Varun, how am I looking?” She asked casually as I entered her dressing room.

“Yummy,” I blurted before correcting myself, “Stunning!”

She smiled and blushed. Her kajal rimmed eyes were telling everything. She was excited, tonight would be her first night. I realized I was staring at her back and my hand was adjusting my rising dick inside the jeans. Shilpa suddenly asked, “Can you adjust my pallu?” I said sure, how does she want it.

I stood behind her. She asked me to hold the pallu tightly over her shoulder and pull it diagonally across her back. Then put a safety pin from under her blouse, right under her left shoulder so that the pin itself is barely visible. I started following her instructions.

To complete this task I stood close behind her (could smell her silky hair), holding her pallu tight over the left shoulder. I got a feel of her smooth back. Then I put my right hand out to adjust the front of pallu going across her body. Feeling her waist and boobs in one single motion going from down to up.

When she didn’t mind, I moved my hand back from top to down, smoothing the pleats once again and feeling both her boobs nicely this time. Then she asked me to pull her saree down to hide her high heels and remove the creases. For this, I started by holding her waist to check the saree tightness.

Then slowly went down feeling her ass and legs through her saree to pull it slightly down. I went up and down a few times, accidentally rubbing my dick on her ass. I knew she was intentionally asking me because she put her hand behind. I was bending and she mistakenly touched my hard dick.

We had been tempted and attracted many times before but never been this close. I told her, “If you were not my bhabhi I would have kissed your red lips right now.”

“I’m not your bhabhi,” she answered coolly, not till another 2 hours.

That was enough to open the floodgates. I heard her head with both hands and kissed her firmly on the lips. She directly opened her mouth and put her tongue out. Her body smell was intoxicating and her silky soft hair was driving me crazy.

I made her sit on the corner edge of a counter and pulled up her saree carefully. She just opened her blouse lace with one hand and her perfect tits were on display. I put my mouth to suck her boobs. At the same time fingering her pussy.

In a minute I adjusted my dick and inserted it into her cunt with one hard stroke. She gasped loudly as if it’s her first time taking a full cock inside her. I continued stroking and holding her tight, rubbing her back as I embraced her. Within a few minutes, I could feel her hot breath on my neck.

And her grip was getting strong around me. She wrapped her legs around my hips and locked her pussy tight. At that moment we both came with shivers. I ejaculated deep inside her. We got back to the dressing table and adjusted her saree again.

Her braid had become uneven. So I just pulled it down tightly, then took a scissor and just cut off a couple of inches at the bottom to make it neatly even.

“Sorry, running out of time,” I had to trim your hair.

“It ok Varun, I’m going to get a haircut for reception anyway. I called the barber tomorrow evening.”

I have to fuck her with long hair before she cuts it I thought to myself. The marriage was over and all the guys got drunk. Some people were drinking, some dancing, while some couples moved on to other pleasures.

I had dinner and slept soundly till about 5 am when I heard my phone ringing. Shilpa was at the door in a bathrobe. I was surprised. “What happened, it’s your suhagraat! Is Kunal ok?” I asked.

She sat down in my lap and put her head on my chest sobbing, “He didn’t make love to me. He said tonight is too stressful. Not even a kiss.”

Having no proper response I just lifted her head and kissed her. Her silky hair was open. She had washed off all her makeup and was completely nude inside her robe. I turned off the light and we got into the blankets nude. Her eyes were burning with desire, the bedside lamp was shining on her body.

First, she went down and sucked my dick nicely, licking all around my balls. When my dick became fully hard, she positioned it at her pussy and sat down, taking the full length inside. Her waist-long hair was handing half in front and half behind her as she was riding me like a cowgirl.

I wrapped her hair on my hand and pulled it. She arched her head with the sudden pain of hair pulling and started cumming. Looking at her arched back and facial expressions, I could no longer control myself. I came for the second time in 10 hours.

We slept cuddled in each other’s arms until about 5:45 am. Then she got up and left.

The Reception Party.

Guests would start coming from 6 pm onwards, the cake would be cut at 9 pm. It was a long drive from Pune. My brother didn’t come down for breakfast. Later Shilpa told me he took some pill and fucked her for 5 minutes straight after waking up, then went straight to the shower.

She had no idea if he had cum inside her. We all met for a family lunch. Then my brother took off with his friends to play cards. Shilpa asked me to come to the dressing room in her honeymoon suite. When I reached, the barber was setting up his tools for a haircut.

He had wrapped a white cloth around a dining chair and turned on all the lights. Shilpa showed me a picture of an actress with a layered haircut till her mid-back. I told her it looks sexy but high maintenance. Shilpa just winked, it’s only for reception party she said.

Shilpa sat in the chair wearing a kurta and jeans she had worn for lunch. The barber started cutting her hair in steps from shoulder to mid-back. After a shampoo and blowdry. She was looking exactly like the heroine in her magazine she showed me earlier.

The barber cleaned up and left. We were both alone once again. I started running my hand in her hair. Then I got an idea and opened my jeans to take out my dick. I rubbed my dick in Shilpa’s curls to make it erect in no time. As she turned around, my cock was literally in her face.

She just looked up smiling and held it with her slender white fingers and put it into her mouth. We kissed and fucked for an entire 20 minutes before discharging and draining completely. We decided not to risk it for another few days. Kunal just complimented Shilpa that her reception hairstyle was ‘nice’.

After about a week, Kunal left for London telling me he would send Shilpa’s documents in about 3-4 months. Then it takes only 2 months for her visa application. Meanwhile, he asked me to try and make her more modern, learn car driving, etc.

That weekend Shilpa came to our home in Pune. We had an old bungalow with two floors and 10 rooms. My parents were happy to see her. After lunch, my parents retired to their room. My wife took the kids and left for her parent’s place in Navi Mumbai.

I pretended to leave in my car and turned around after 10 minutes. Shilpa had called the barber at 3 pm. This time she showed me a long bob reaching her shoulders and turning out, with the upper part thick and tapered towards the lower end.

I could hear the ‘snip snip’ sound of scissors cutting through her thick hair and got turned on. Soon the haircut was over and barber left after doing a full blow dry and flat iron. No shampoo was required this time. Shilpa’s bob-cut hair was swinging and shining like a shampoo ad.

I just held her head and smooched her for a long time. We fucked like crazy discharging my full load into her. By next week Shilpa has skipped her period and confirmed that Kunal was going to be a father soon. Everyone celebrated, but we both knew it was mostly Shilpa and my baby that’s coming.

Still we kept fucking at every chance we got, till she left for London. Before leaving Shilpa asked to a promise. “Varun, promise me you will give me another baby whenever I’m ready,” she said, kissing me goodbye.


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