Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-7

At the same time, fate had been kind on Reddy too. He had never imagined of an opportunity to present itself like the one he got with Kiran. He had always dreamt of fucking her from the moment he had seen her, but always believed that it will be difficult to impress and seduce someone like her. But then when the opportunity came his way – he made sure that he made the most out of it. Kiran too had enjoyed every part of it. Never before she had been with someone with such a big cock, and Cumming for three times in a row was in itself an evidence of how much she had enjoyed.

But at the same time she was worried too. She was worried due to a realization of guilt which kept reminding her that she had cheated on her husband. The more she thought of the incident, the more the face of her husband flashed in her mind. She was afraid thinking what Gautam would do if he ever comes to know about it. Though she remembered that Reddy had promised to keep that incident secret, yet she was afraid of Gautam knowing about it by any chance. She was also not sure on how to face Reddy again. For her it was an unconscious moment which went beyond her control, but for Reddy it meant a change of feeling towards her. And she was not ready to get into those complications and hence decided to avoid him and the gym for good.

Yet whenever she thought of Gautam, the feeling of cheating on him made her restless. “Oh! Why did he have to go? All this wouldn’t have happened otherwise!” Kiran asked herself. Gautam too wouldn’t have left her and the baby alone at that stage if not for the crucial seminar. There was a client meeting too which was more crucial for his firm. And Gautam was the only senior person who could have represented the firm aptly.

The seminar was for 3 days, to be followed by a meeting with Mrs. Ahuja, one of the rich and influential clients of his firm. The seminar was a pretty boring and mundane one which was over in the first 3 days of his stay. And then he intended to utilize the next day to meet Mrs. Ahuja, and then leave back for his city on the day next. So he called up Mrs. Ahuja and setup an appointment with her for the following day. Mrs. Ahuja was a rich and influential lady in her late thirties. Already married twice, she had employed Gautam’s firm to represent her side for a divorce case with her current husband. And when Gautam asked her for an appointment, she invited him over for dinner at her place.

Gautam was overwhelmed by the dinner invitation, that too from a lady like Mrs. Ahuja. He had bought some fancy flowers and chocolates to impress the client. But behind he was totally aware of where a dinner invitation with a wily lady like Mrs. Ahuja can lead to. He wanted to be prepared for any situation if the need be. And so at sharp 6.30 he reached Mrs. Ahuja’s posh South Delhi Bungalow.

The door was opened by a butler, who then went in to check with his mistress’ appointments of the evening. Once confirmed, he let him inside and also informed his mistress of Gautam’s arrival. Mrs. Ahuja was waiting at the first floor; she was quite tall with a healthy yet attractive figure. She was dressed casually in a top and pajamas, and looked quite attractive in appearance.

Gautam was slightly taken aback with her appearance and for a moment he struggled to find words to greet her. Though eventually he regained his composure and the two started discussing business, he couldn’t resist glancing at her occasionally. Mrs. Ahuja too, on the other hand, found Gautam charming and handsome. He had this uncanny knack of impressing women with his charming ways and presence. Kiran too, his wife, fell in love with him, out of his charming and cute nature.

And within moments, Mrs. Ahuja looked more interested in her lawyer than the law they wanted to discuss. Gautam was going through a list of questions he wanted to know from her in order to prepare her case, and fortunately, some of them happened to be too personal.

“So, what is the primary reason for which you want the divorce?” Gautam asked her casually.

“Lack of sexual pleasure, he was not able to fulfill all my bodily needs and desires” Mrs. Ahuja replied with the same ease with which Gautam had asked the question. She didn’t looked perplexed at all, on the contrary looked at Gautam’s eyes boldly to see his expressions.

Gautam was not expecting such a bold reply in such a curt way, and hence found it difficult to react. Mrs. Ahuja took cue from his hesitation and offered him a drink to get relaxed. Gautam gladly accepted, and they decided to discuss more over the drink. And within moments, the butler served 2 glasses, and a chilled bottle of finest white wine. Gautam poured them 2 glasses and they settled back in a set of cozy couch, sipping their drink.

“Are you married?” Mrs. Ahuja asked Gautam in a casual tone. Gautam was realizing where this meeting can turn towards and then this sudden question left him thinking about the impact his answer could have on that evening.

“Well yes, and have a baby too” he replied, not wanting to complicate the situation by lying unnecessarily. He remembered why she was seeking a divorce, and thought the truth to be more helpful in that situation than a lie.

“Must be a very lucky woman…” She said, between sips at the glass full of wine. “…I am sure you take very good care of her” she completed.

Gautam felt a bit embarrassed, “Well anyone would do that for his wife”, he replied, still feeling shy.

“No, not everyone is that lucky” she said with intent, “I envy your wife, wish I had a charming and caring husband like you” she said looking straight into his eyes.

Gautam couldn’t find words to reply. He was mesmerized by the way she looked at his eyes and couldn’t avoid looking back in those deep and dark pair of seducing eyes. They were sitting next to each other. Mrs. Ahuja was leaning slightly forward towards him, still looking into his eyes. Gautam too was frozen, as if captured by her gaze, and something transpired within them as both slowly started to lean further towards each other. Both of them slowly came closer, yet kept looking at each other’s eyes, as if they were telling a lot of things to each other. Finally when their lips were only a breath apart, Mrs. Ahuja closed her eyes to let her lips do the rest.

Both started kissing each other’s lips passionately. Gautam held her face gently to and rubbed his fingers on her cheek, chin, and neck, feeling her soft and flawless skin. Mrs. Ahuja too had one of her hand behind his head and playing with his hairs. And neither of them cared about anything else but what was going on and eventually their lips were locked. Mrs. Ahuja opened her lips slowly and just a little and sandwiched his upper lips between her lips, and then started slightly brushing her tongue against it. Gautam couldn’t resist but responded in a similar way by brushing his tongue against her lower lips.

Happy with the response, Mrs. Ahuja opened her mouth little bit more and pushed her tongue little farther into his mouth. Gautam too did the same as both of them started exploring each other’s tongue and started teasing and playing with it. Needless to say, both of them were gradually getting aroused. Gautam had already developed a hard on and wanted to get laid badly. Mrs. Ahuja too was developing a wet spot up her legs, but none wanted to ruin the wonderful moment of playing with their lips and tongue.

In the meantime, back in our apartment, Kiran was not aware of what her husband too was up to behind her back. She instead grew restless of what she thought she had done, and so decided to avoid going out, especially to the gym where she could come face to face with Reddy. Reddy however was very keen towards meeting her the next day, and when she didn’t turn up at her normal time, he looked in dismay. Reddy waited the entire day, but Kiran never showed up, and finally he decided to take the next step himself. He waited for the day to be over and decided to pay a visit at her flat on his way back home.

Meanwhile, back in Delhi, Gautam and Mrs. Ahuja were enjoying a passionate moment between the two. They had been kissing for over half an hour then. Gautam in the mean time had also started exploring other parts of her body. He brushed his hands slightly on her breasts, shoulders, back, etc. and she didn’t protest. Finally when they stopped kissing, Mrs. Ahuja pulled off her top and leant back to allow Gautam do the rest. She had lovely 38DD breasts, which were much bigger than his wife’s, and he couldn’t resist any more.

Gautam lifted her bra over and eventually off her body to get an uninterrupted view of her naked breasts. They were huge, and greatly shaped with a large brown nipple at the centre of each breasts. He immediately took one in his hand and started pressing it. Mrs. Ahuja closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief. In the meantime, he had started teasing the other breast by licking its nipple with his tongue. He didn’t always enjoy playing with his wife’s milk-filled breasts, and loved this opportunity with the equally large and desirable pair of breasts.

He started sucking and pressing them in turn, making Mrs. Ahuja moan in pleasure and wanting for more. Gradually he started exploring other parts of her body and started kissing all over them. He used his tongue on her navel to lick around and in it, making her more excited. She started licking her own lips in excitement and started pressing her breasts by herself. Both of them were so aroused by then that they couldn’t contain themselves with kissing and licking only.

Gautam quickly pulled down her pajamas, she was naked from inside with a pair of beautifully toned legs and a neatly shaven pussy. Gautam quickly got rid of his clothes too and got down between her legs. He spread them away and buried himself at her pussy, she smelled so nice within. He used his fingers to part her cunt lips and then stuck his tongue out to start licking that area. His wet and slimy tongue against her wet cunt, created a magical experience, making her feel goose bumps all across her body. Gautam kept on licking her cunt until she stopped him, while on the verge of Cumming.

Mrs. Ahuja stopped Gautam as she exploded into her first orgasm. She shut her eyes and enjoyed the warm stream of juices flowing out of her body. Gautam however didn’t spare her pussy from getting attention. Gautam stopped licking, but he kept fingering around her cunt and as a result her finger became wet from the juices coming out from her cunt. But he didn’t stop and continued to stroke it to make her cum more. Finally when she finished, she decided to level the scores with Gautam.

Mrs. Ahuja pushed Gautam on his back and started stroking his already throbbing cock. She didn’t waste much time and directly put it in her mouth to give it a nice and wet suck. Gautam closed his eyes, enjoying the treatment, while Mrs. Ahuja too was enjoying sucking his juicy and fatty cock. Mrs. Ahuja spent some time in giving him the pleasure, but once again, she too got aroused and felt the need to fill her cunt up too. She leant back on her back and spread her legs in an inviting posture.

Her cunt was opened up, inviting Gautam to fill it up. Gautam too didn’t disappoint her, as he took position between her legs and readied his cock to explore further inside her. Her wet pussy accepted his throbbing cock gleefully as it went smoothly inside. Gautam then started moving his cock in and out in a steady motion. She wrapped her arms around him, locking him against her, and encouraging him in keep going. Gautam too raised the speed gradually, and it drove both of them crazy as both started moaning passionately.

While Gautam was busy sharing Mrs. Ahuja’s loneliness, back in the housing complex, Reddy was getting restless. He had waited the full day but still there was no sign of Kiran. He grew obsessed with her and couldn’t think anything else but her body and his experience on the previous day. And unable to keep patience any more, he decided to see her on his own.

Kiran had just got her baby to sleep, and had gone to take a bath. She had changed into something relaxing and was about to sit back to catch up with the TV. She had turned on Sony to watch the episode of her favorite show – Big Boss. She was busy watching the fun and scandal filled program when suddenly the bell rang. She peeped through the peep hole and was surprised to see Reddy outside. Both her mind and heart had been engaged in a terrible battle since that incident, and now with sudden intrusion of Reddy himself, she found it difficult to control her desires.

At first she decided to ignore him and not answer the door. But with a second bell, as if automatically, she opened the door. Reddy was much relieved to see her, and asked permission to come in.

“Why didn’t you come to the gym today?” he asked.

Kiran kept quiet for some time, her heart and mind yet to reach a decisive stage, but slowly she made up her mind and replied – “Look what had happened between us that day was wrong, and I don’t want to allow that situation to happen again”

Reddy was shocked as he didn’t expect such a straight forward refusal. He was hoping to convince her to continue between the two discreetly, but seemed Kiran was looking at it as a mistake in the first place.

“What do you mean by wrong?” he questioned her, and held her hand while looking at her eyes, “You mean it was a mistake, and you didn’t enjoy a single bit of it?”

Kiran avoided looking back at his eyes, but couldn’t pull her hand out. She didn’t have any answer for his questions either. She had never had that kind of an experience before and every inch of her body liked it that day. Yet burdened with the guilt of cheating, and unaware of what Gautam was up to in Delhi, she kept mum. Sensing her dilemma, Reddy pulled her closer and wrapped his hand around her waist. Kiran couldn’t protest though one part of her resisted silently.

Reddy held her chin and brought her face closer to his – “Tell me that you didn’t like what we did that day” he said in an insisting tone. “Tell me that you didn’t like my lips on yours?” saying this he started kissing her lips once again and Kiran could do nothing but stand dumb and being kissed. Reddy started sucking her lips while she closed her eyes and started breathing heavily. Reddy sensing his goal closer, smiled within as he started using his tongue.

He rubbed his hands on her ass, fondling and pressing them and then slowly lifted her gown to touch her bare ass. Once again Kiran couldn’t resist as finally her mind won over her heart and she decided to give herself away once again. Reddy made full use of her state of mind and didn’t waste much time and got her naked. He too got naked before both of them settled in the couch. Reddy started enjoying her milk-filled breasts and the sweet taste of her milk, while Kiran closed her eyes and laid back and started moaning in arousal.

Reddy kissed all over her body, neck, shoulder, while positioning himself to explore her cunt again. Kiran too welcomed his cock by spreading her legs and opening up her pussy. She closed her eyes and her heart started beating faster in anticipation of the feeling to come. At first, when he pushed his 8 inches cock inside, she felt a terrible pain tearing her pussy from inside. But slowly as her cunt adjusted to it, a sense of maddening pleasure filled her up. Reddy built up a steady pace while Kiran held on to him tightly, readying for the first of the numerous orgasms to come.

Back in Delhi, Gautam had just came inside Mrs. Ahuja, who herself had a couple of orgasms while Gautam was inside her. Both of them started kissing each other in a display of gratitude for such a wonderful evening. Mrs. Ahuja had poured some more wine for both of them and yet half naked and half covered in blankets, they enjoyed the wine in between occasional kisses on each other’s lips. Gautam told her that he had to leave, as it was already pretty late, but Mrs. Ahuja insisted him to stay over and then leave for the airport directly from her place. Gautam thought for a while, but couldn’t make up mind to refuse a lovely and especially naked lady like Mrs. Ahuja.

Mrs. Ahuja smiled as she once again removed her blanket and pulled him closer to hug him and started kissing his body. They spent the rest of the night like that, in each other’s arms. They mated several times during the night until both of them were tired and fell dead asleep.

At the same time in Gautam’s flat too – Kiran had climaxed at least three times before Reddy had squeezed the last drop from his cock. They too kissed each other in silent gratitude, and made promise to keep that special relationship alive and discreet from the eyes of the society. Reddy wished if he could stay back, but had to leave late in the night, with his restlessness had turned into a heap of satisfaction by then. Both Kiran and Reddy fell asleep in thought of each other. Kiran, especially, no longer felt the burden of guilt or cheating and accepted Reddy as a fresh air to her otherwise mundane regular life.

And both the couples – Kiran and Reddy, and Gautam and Mrs. Ahuja, for a night forgot their normal life and tried something different.

To be continued..


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