Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-6

In our previous episode we have seen how Reddy inspired the residents of the building to join his health spa. Few of them had already decided to join and start enjoying the benefits at the earliest. Meanwhile Mrs. Nair was convinced that Borah had a crush on her, and so she too decided to take things in her hand to take that little crush forward. Aarushi was away from the building all the while but definitely not missing the enjoyment any bit as she ended up having a fuck with her boyfriend in an abandoned room at her college.

The rest of the day passed without much excitement. Aarushi returned home after completing the rest of the classes, and went out to stroll in the lawn in the evening. Rahul was at their second floor balcony, he saw Aarushi coming out of the building and going towards the lawn. Seeing her, he remembered talking to her on the opening night event. He looked her from top to bottom and secretly appraised her shapely body. She reminded him of Tina, the girl he met at the club the other night. Tina too had a similar sexy body, and he imagined how much fun it will be to see Aarushi up, close, and naked.

He was lost in his thoughts when suddenly Aarushi turned back to look upwards, their eyes met and both smiled at each other. Rahul was quite good looking, tall, and had a wonderful physique, just the kind of boys who appeals to Aarushi. Aarushi too remembered their short encounter at the party and gave a warm smile. Rahul not wanting to miss this opportunity hurriedly came out of the flat and reached the lawn.

In the meantime, Gautam and Kiran had come over to Reddy’s flat to enroll for the health spa program which he had mentioned in the morning. While Reddy started explaining the details of the various programs available, Borah peeped from his room to enjoy a good view of Kiran’s boobs. Reddy explained them all the details and also proposed some flexible program, keeping in mind that Kiran had just borne a child. The Chatterjees were very satisfied with the program Reddy had offered them and decided to join from the next day itself.

Outside, Rahul and Aarushi were having some casual chats. They were talking about their college, friends, new neighbours, etc. and gradually both of them started becoming friendly with each other. Aarushi started liking him already, and Rahul too was feeling an attraction for her. But it didn’t proceed further than the casual chat that day. But both definitely looked interested for more.

Gautam and Kiran had joined Reddy’s health spa from the next day itself. Being a neighbor, Reddy gave special attention to both of them to make them feel at ease. He too however secretly enjoyed gazing at Kiran’s boobs occasionally and so kept close to her for not missing any opportunity to look at those beautiful breasts.

All the other residents too had slowly settled in their normal daily life, and new friendships started blossoming. Rahul had become close with Aarushi and they started hanging out at the lawns whenever they got a chance to meet. Sowmya too had been able to come close to Reddy by joining his spa, but Reddy enjoyed Kiran’s company more. And Kiran too along with Gautam had become close with Reddy and Borah as well.

Borah at the other hand couldn’t yet get close to Sowmya, but somehow he started getting closer to her mother. Mrs. Nair didn’t mind either and never missed any opportunity to bump into Borah or talk to him. Bound by his friendly and innocent nature, Borah too couldn’t avoid her. And one night while he was returning from office they bumped into each other at the stairs.

Mrs. Nair was coming back from marketing, carrying a heavy bag in her hand and Borah, bound by his nature, offered help. Mrs. Nair smiled and accepted with glee, she was actually looking for an excuse to invite him over to her flat anyway, and this time no one was around either. Borah secretly wished if he could see Sowmya at her flat, but unfortunately both the sisters were away and was due to return late. Knowing that, Borah wanted to leave, but Mrs. Nair insisted him to stay back for a cup of coffee.

Borah wanted to leave but couldn’t refuse when she insisted so strongly. Mrs. Nair, happy with her little ploy, asked him to sit for some time so that she could quickly change and prepare 2 cups of strong coffee. And as Borah settled down at the couch, she rushed to the bedroom to get fresh and change. She took a quick bath in no time and decided to change into something sexy and attractive. She browsed through her wardrobe and chose a skimpy and alluring night suit.

It was a long satin robe, with a deep cut neck and thin straps at the shoulders. She didn’t wear any bra or panties intentionally, and the deep cut exposed her cleavage while her nipples too were prominently visible from outside. She applied some perfume and checked her at the mirror before going out to the living room. She first slipped into the kitchen, to get two cups of coffee, before coming out into the living room.

Borah was speechless looking at her like that. Mrs. Nair walked up with the coffee and sat right beside him. She handed over the coffee to his trembling hands – “What happened? You are feeling nervous?” she asked.

“No, it’s just that…” he didn’t found words to explain any further.

“Just what? You haven’t seen any woman like this before?” Mrs. Nair asked playfully and placed her hand on his thigh. Borah was shocked and put the cup down, he further mumbled to find any words to answer her with, and this made Mrs. Nair laugh out.

“Why are you so afraid? I am not going to eat you” Mrs. Nair said, while starting to rub her hand on his thigh. Though Borah was feeling uncomfortable from the beginning, he was never expecting such a bold and direct move from her. He wanted to reply something but once again the words betrayed him. But even before that, Mrs. Nair put her finger on his lips “No need to say anything, just relax”, she said.

She had an intent look in her eyes as she pushed him back on the couch. Borah had no other option but to lean back, while Mrs. Nair put her hand directly on his cock. Borah was surprised, but couldn’t protest as she started rubbing her hand on his cock, over his pants. “Have any one taken care of him before?” she asked, still rubbing her hands on his cock. The only girl who has ever touched his cock, apart from Mrs. Nair, was Sowmya. Though only for a short accidental moment, she was still the first and the only girl who has ever made contact with his cock. But he quickly remembered the relationship between the 2 ladies and decided to keep quite.

Mrs. Nair took his silence as an acceptance of being virgin, and had a broad grin. “Looks like it is all up to me to teach you about pleasure” she said in a naughty tone, while getting down on her knees, and in between his legs. And then in one swift movement, she pulled down his zipper and brought his cock out. Borah couldn’t move and was enjoying every bit of it even though unintended. And that was evident from his erection too. He didn’t have a huge cock, but whatever it was, it was up and ready.

Mrs. Nair held his cock tightly in her palm and started stroking it. Borah closed his eyes and laid still to enjoy the simulation. Mrs. Nair not only started stroking his cock, but also started teasing him vocally – “Oh, it’s time someone loved your cock, I will give it a true lesson of pleasure today, I will milk your cock like never before, can you feel how it is like being stroked by a lady, are you enjoying”, she kept teasing and arousing him verbally.

And soon Borah started moaning, his entire body got stiffened and he couldn’t help but start moaning. He opened his eyes once in between, but saw Mrs. Nair staring directly back at him and so quickly closed them back in embarrassment. He had after all let her take away his modesty. Mrs. Nair enjoyed the expressions on his face and kept stroking his cock relentlessly. Gradually Borah was reaching the zenith of his desire, from where he was ready to explode in a huge stream of orgasm. Mrs. Nair too had realized this but did not want to let him cum so soon, and so she decided to stop and stood up.

Borah too, suddenly being deprived of the pleasure, stood up hastily to see what had made her stop. Mrs. Nair smiled back at him, “Not here, let’s go into the bedroom and get a bit more relaxed” she said pointing towards the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Mrs. Nair started unbuttoning his shirt. And one by one she stripped him naked. Borah was so much in need to complete the unfinished business that he didn’t protest and obliged like a small child. Soon Mrs. Nair got him naked and pushed him on the bed, and once again positioned herself between his legs. Borah took a deep breath in anticipation of the coming pleasure, while Mrs. Nair held his cock once again and started stroking.

But this time she was not satisfied by merely stroking it. So she leant forward and started licking at its sides. “Ohhhhhhhhh” was all Borah could manage when he felt her wet and slimy tongue all over his cock. He closed his eyes once again, leaving Mrs. Nair to do whatever she liked with his cock. Mrs. Nair licked his cock all over with passion, making it wet and sloppy. She pulled down the skin and licked its pink head too.

Borah was rapidly growing restless, and when Mrs. Nair put his cock in her mouth, he started moaning loudly. “Mmmmmmmmm” moaned Mrs. Nair, enjoying the feel of his cock in her mouth, and started sucking it passionately. She too started feeling a tinge between her legs with all what had been happening. And that made her all the more aggressive and passionate in the way she was sucking his cock.

She didn’t only use her tongue but her hands as well. She held his cock at the base and started stroking while sucking the head of it. She used her other hand to fondle his balls too, and occasionally squeezed them to make him jump up in pain. Soon the treatment became unbearable for Borah and he almost reached the peak of his control. “Oh I cannot hold any more, I want to cum, please, I want to cum” he started saying in between his moans.

Mrs. Nair smiled seeing him at that state and quickly realized that if she keeps sucking his cock he can cum inside her mouth. So she took it out of her mouth but kept stroking it with the same vigor, she produced a squeezing effect, as if milking him like a cow. Borah had reached a heavenly cloud of desire by then and all he wanted was to explode in a big flood of orgasm. His body arched up as an intense climax built up.

Mrs. Nair saw the contraction in his cock and doubled the pace of her stroking, and within minutes a bulge formed at the head and a hot stream of cum was spit out from it. Some of it was shot at Mrs. Nair’s body too and the rest spilled on her hand, but she kept stroking to squeeze out the last of his juices. Borah kept lying like a spent out rubber tire while Mrs. Nair rubbed his cum and put some on her tongue to taste his manhood.

Borah had never experienced something like that in his entire life. He was after the daughter but now had fell in complete love with the mother. They couldn’t do anything else that evening, or rather Borah was so spent out that he couldn’t make it erect again. But they promised to meet in eventual evenings and Mrs. Nair promised to teach him a trick or two to satisfy women. But that night was filled with a sense of fulfillment, and Borah had a deep, fulfilling sleep after many years.

Next morning at the health spa – it had been a few days already since Kiran and Gautam had become regular visitors to Reddy’s health spa. And over the time the three had become good friends too. Gautam was associated with a law firm and had to leave for Delhi suddenly to attend a conference of the bar council. Kiran was left back alone and so was going alone to the health spa from the last 2 days.

Though Reddy had become good friends with the Chatterjees, yet he couldn’t miss any opportunity to secretly gaze at Kiran’s beautiful breasts. And that day, as if, God had willed for him to realize his dreams. Kiran, ever since the birth of their child, used to feel occasional discomfort at her breasts. It normally happened when they got filled with milk but had not been drained for a long time – and it starts paining and causing discomfort, which can only be resolved by draining some of the milk out. Normally it had always happened at home, so she was able to address it quickly, but that day she suddenly started feeling a similar discomfort while at the spa.

She had been doing some exercise of the upper body which was having cascading effect on her breasts too. Initially she ignored the initial signs of the discomfort and kept carrying on. But gradually and in conjunction with the cascading effect of the exercise, the level of discomfort rose. And Kiran suddenly had to stop her exercise and sat down in pain and discomfort. Reddy was quick to notice and he rushed to her and, not still knowing the nature of the discomfort, he offered assistance.

Kiran nodded her head saying that she was feeling some general pain at her hands and assured that she will be fine soon. She decided to leave for the day, but the discomfort had reached such a level by then that it was impossible to stand either, she couldn’t even touch her breasts in the public. Reddy realizing that she was in terrible pain offered to take her to some other place. And he took her to one of the body massaging chambers.

Kiran leaned back at the recliner, tears coming out of her eyes unable to bear the pain any more. Reddy gently put her hand on her head and asked her what had happened and if he can help her anyway. Kiran by then was in a pool of dilemma, she needed a relief quickly, Gautam would have given her one in no time but even he was away. She thought about Reddy but dismissed the thought right away, but at the same time the discomfort too was rising up. She thought about Reddy again and again and finally gathered some courage to approach him.

Reddy in the mean time waited gently if in case she needed some help. And finally Kiran looked up at him and started explaining what she was happening. “I feel this occasional discomfort in my breasts, it happens whenever they are filled up with excessive milk” she said and explained a bit further on how and why this happens. Reddy listened with empathy but at the same time he couldn’t believe what he was hearing – ‘can god be so kind to present me with this opportunity!’ he thought.

“I need you to drain some of the milk out, but you will have to promise that no one will ever know about this” Kiran requested. Reddy nodded in agreement but was yet confused about what was that he had to do. He could guess but was not sure if that was what Kiran meant. “You will have to press my breasts and suck some of the milk out” she said embarrassedly. Reddy wanted to run around in his health spa in a sudden joy but at the same time had to wear a friendly and empathetic look on his face. He nodded his head seriously and asked her to lean back and not to worry.

Kiran took a deep breath and then took off her top, she was wearing a padded bra inside which was almost wet with oozing milk. And while Reddy was locking the door, she took off the bra as well. Reddy was left speechless with the sight. He had never seen such wonderful and perfect pair of boobs. They were well shaped and firm with milk. She was extremely fair and had cream colored nipples, with tiny droplets of milk on them. Kiran leant back and closed her eyes to avoid further embarrassment.

Reddy didn’t waste much time and held both of her breasts expertly, and then started pressing them. More droplets of milk started appearing out of her nipples and Kiran started moaning in pain. He didn’t wait much and took one of her nipples in his mouth and started sucking. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Kiran moaned in a sigh of relief. Reddy couldn’t believe how sweet the taste of a woman’s milk can be, he started sucking at it greedily. While with the other hand he kept pumping at her other breast too.

Kiran started breathing heavily as she started feeling aroused. And soon, unable to control her feeling, she was rubbing her legs with each other. Reddy realized this and kept sucking her breasts to make her feel hornier. He switched between her two breasts to give equal attention to the both, and by the time the discomfort in her breasts eased down, she was aroused and was unable to stop Reddy from continuing.

He kept sucking and pressing her breasts to keep her at a constant edge and then slowly lowered his hands down towards her crotch. Kiran was lying topless all this time, but had her pants on. She was wearing a sweat pant with panties inside, Reddy pulled the strings of her pants loose and then pushed his hand further inside. Kiran couldn’t protest and laid still while his hands explored all over her cunt. He soon touched her clits and started massaging it.

Kiran started moaning more by then, but more in pleasure than relief. She knew that it was not correct but couldn’t gather the will to stop Reddy. She was taken adrift by the relief and then the arousal she felt from all that sucking and touching, and so surrendered herself completely to him. Reddy realized Kiran’s state and so not wasting any more time, he pulled down her pants to make her completely naked. She looked beautiful, she was tall, fair, and had a nicely toned body. Looking at her naked body no one could say that she had given birth to a baby recently.

She had nicely toned legs and a neatly shaved vagina, her belly was not flat due to the child birth, but yet sexy enough to gaze for hours. Gautam must have been one lucky husband, thought Reddy. He touched her cunt once again and started rubbing his hands on it lovingly. Kiran kept her eyes closed to avoid embarrassment, deep down her heart she knew that she was cheating on Gautam. But she was helpless, she needed to get relief from the breast pain and then got aroused by all that touching and couldn’t control her will.

Reddy had taken off his pants too, and his 8 inches cock was ready to explore Kiran’s most private parts. He spread her legs apart to make position for him, and started rubbing his cock on her vagina. Kiran kept moaning and biting her lips, readying herself for the next level. Her vagina had already been very wet and so when Reddy pushed his cock at it, it went in very smoothly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” a sign of relief came out of Kiran and Reddy started to rub his cock in and out of her cunt. He bent forward to seek for her lips which she obliged happily. Both of them started kissing each other’s lips while settling down at a gentle pace of fucking. Kiran was surprised by the enormous size of his cock and by how deep it can reach. She felt the entire depth of her cunt being filled up whenever Reddy thrust his cock in. Never before she enjoyed sex like that and so started moaning like a teenager girl who was having sex for the first time.

Reddy kept a gentle pace to continue for a longer time and was thrusting his cock in and out very lovingly. The feeling in her pussy was so effective that within minutes it brought Kiran to her first orgasm. She hugged him tightly and started kissing and biting him passionately all over, as the enormous orgasm drove her mad. Reddy enjoyed being kissed and bitten like that and started banging her faster. The more he varied his pace, the more she felt being crazy.

Reddy kept on fucking her on and on, and within another few moments Kiran experienced one more orgasm. By then she had grown very tired and kept lying, enjoying the treatment her pussy was getting. Reddy too was slowly building up towards his climax, and by the time he reached the peak of the feeling, Kiran had one more orgasm.

Never before did she had sex like that, so much passionate, and so much fulfilling. She had three orgasms in a row and Reddy was still going on. She never had this size of cock either, and all in all it was an encounter to fall in love with. Reddy finally crossed the peak of his desires and climaxed hard. But even till the last drop he kept on pleasuring Kiran with his fast and deep reach inside her. And once again both of them kissed each other, in gratitude of the pleasure both had given to each other.

Reddy was smitten by the beautiful body of Kiran, and even after she had left he couldn’t forget her flawless body, round firm breasts, and the shaved vagina. He felt it difficult to sleep at the night and kept thinking of the next day, when once again he can see her in the spa. Kiran on the other hand was haunted by a prang of guilt. For one weak moment she was driven by a mad desire, but back at her home, the guilt of cheating her husband was tormenting her.

Everyone had something to think about in the night, Aarushi and Rahul thought about each other, Borah and Mrs. Nair too were lost in thoughts of each other. Reddy was busy imagining Kiran once again with him, Kiran however couldn’t sleep with her heavy burden of guilt. But deep within she accepted how much she had enjoyed that encounter with Reddy. Anita still had to spend her night in dreams of Reddy and touching herself. And all of them dreamt of a new morning when they will be with their desired ones.

To be continued..


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