Transformation of Stepmom

I was studying in the UK when it happened, my dad got married to Rashmi. Then I worked for a year and finally came back to take care of our family estates in Faridabad. My elder brother was happily settled in New Delhi with his wife and daughter.

My real mom stayed with my brother and used to teach at the local school near his apartment. I had always been in boarding school and was never too close to either of my parents. My dad wanted me to take over the family business so that he could retire in 10 years.

So here I was after leaving London, alone, having broken up with my MBA girlfriend recently. I didn’t know what to expect. The first time I knew dad had a second wife was a year ago when he sent a wedding card. Obviously, I didn’t go. I had simply called my brother to confirm it’s true.

The old Mercedes was sent to pick me up. Dad was really happy to see me and introduced me to his wife. She was 30, 5’5”, slim and fair. Unlike high society ladies of Delhi, she wore a salwar suit and had a braid that almost touched her hip. She said, “You don’t have to call me mom, you can just call me Rashmi ji.”

I was thinking how and why? She’s quite a beauty and dad is 20 years older than her. Still, I moved on, settled in my old room upstairs. I started partying with my friends. It was over 2 months before we saw each other again. As I woke up from my hangover from Friday night, Rashmi was arguing with dad.

I went down to see what’s going on.

“Darling, I have to go to Singapore you know that, why don’t you come with me?”

“So that I can stay in the hotel while you are doing business? Sanjay you always change plans at the last minute, you go alone this time.”

My dad left after giving excuses and promises to make up. As I started having breakfast, Rashmi came over to the table. “There is Aloo paratha in the donga,” she said, bending over and opening it. For the first time, I noticed her tight figure in a t-shirt and track pants.

“Do you go to the gym?” I asked.

“Not regularly, normally I go for a walk around the park, about 4kilometers daily,” she said, putting some yogurt on my plate.

Her dark hair was in a big tight bun. So I could only guess how long it should be based on the size of the bun. I guessed it must be at least till her waist. Slowly I was getting a hard-on just looking at her.

“Hello! What are you staring at?” she said smiling at me.

“Nothing, we never got a chance to talk.” I noticed her big eyes had mascara, she likes to keep herself well.

“Gaurav, I’m just a housewife, that’s all, and I know everything about you.”

“Don’t you get bored I asked?”

“Weekends are boring,” she agreed. “If you are free you can come with me to the mall. We can have lunch there,” she asked.

So we started talking and shared a lot of things, I was liking her. If she was not my stepmom I would have flirted with her openly. But right now I was just controlling my heat inside. I hadn’t had sex in almost 2 months. It was impossible to get laid in Faridabad unless you went to the right parties.

“So where are we starting?” I asked after we got to the mall. Rashmi said, “Oh, I have an appointment in the salon, you can wait or browse the shops.”

“Can I come along? I need a haircut,” I said.

For the first time, I saw her hair and instantly got a raging hard-on. She had thick shiny black hair till her waist, blunt cut in a U shape, just above her ass. What a sexy ass I thought, looking at her figure in jeans and short kurta. Anyone would think she’s my girlfriend.

“You maintained your hair very well,” I complimented her. Rashmi blushed for the first time. I saw her almost laughing, showing her pearly white teeth.

“Ya, it’s beautiful I know, but not stylish, I came for a consultation to cut my hair.”

“Just get bangs and leave your hair long,” I blurted.

She just smiled back, no reply.

We came home and started watching TV. She suddenly said, “Do you think bangs would suit my face?”

“Rashmi, anything would suit your face. I’m not kidding. If you want to check in the mirror,” I said. As she faced the mirror I held some of her hair from back on her forehead to make it look like bangs.

Rashmi said, “No I don’t like straight bangs, what about side bangs?”

I said, “There’s only one way to check, you have to cut it. Let’s do it.”

“What now?” Rashmi said.

“Ya, why not? It’s only hair.”

She went to her bedroom and brought a comb and hair cutting scissor. We went to the vacant guest bedroom and she sat at the dressing table. I carefully parted her hair making a box section on top from corners of eyebrows till the top of the crown and square in shape.

Once the section was perfect, I combed this section in front and held it at the chin level. There was the snip-snip sound of cutting thick hair as I ran the scissor without confirming. Rashmi just kept watching, shaking her head after the hair was cut. A lot of hair was cut. Her back hair was still thick.

“What about the back?” she asked.

I just combed all her remaining hair and held it at 90 degrees from her head and cut off 2 inches. This made har back ends slightly layered and the ‘U’ shape became a deeper ‘U’.

Rashmi parred her hair and combed it. Now she had a nice sexy hairstyle that was swinging ever time she moved her head. She gave a flick and smiled, came closer, and kissed me in the cheek, saying thank you. We looked in each other’s eyes and magic happened.

I held her face in my hands and kissed lightly on her lips. She came back with a stronger kiss, next thing we had our tongues inside, kissing deeply. I was rubbing her back while kissing while she came and sat in my lap. I was sitting in the bed, and holding her hips with my free hand.

She hung on to me with her arms around my neck. I started checking her boobs. She had tight round boobs in a cone-shaped padded bra. The only way I could fondle her tits was to remove the bra. So I slowly made her sit straight, her back towards me, and removed her shirt buttons.

I could feel her silky hair in my face and kissed her neck. She turned back revealing the perfect pair of tits and a flat tummy. I sucked both her tits one by one and then pulled her into the bed. We had to awkwardly take off our jeans and she simply waited for me.

I took out my 6-inch dick and rubbed it at her pussy to see if it’s wet. It was already dripping. I inserted into the hot cunt and instantly felt it’s tightness. It was so tight and warm I was having a hard time controlling my cum inside. After a few strokes, I asked her to change.

She came on top and started riding me. Her hair brushed my chest whenever she bent down. I held my cum as much as possible, closing my eyes. She came with a shudder, then I instantly came inside her. After she got off, I washed my dick and came back to lie down.

In a few minutes, she was rubbing my cock. I was also ready for a second fuck. Slowly my cock became hard, she bent down and started sucking, instantly it became hard. Once again she started riding me, this time she came but I didn’t. I took out my dick and started jerking off looking at her face.

Soon I was ready to cum and she was ready for the cum shot. I gave the first drop in her mouth and the rest of the cum on her head. She drank the drip of cum, licking her lips and I rubbed the cum on her head into her hair. We parted without words and I went to my room.

That evening we went back to the salon. Rashmi got a sexy bob haircut till her chin till where I had cut her side bangs with neatly shaped nape line. We came back kissing a few times in the Uber cab. I couldn’t resist playing with her bob hair.

We fucked again at 2 am and woke up at 10. Back of her bob was ruffled and it took her 20 minutes to straighten it and curl it in. I said it would be easier to maintain if her back hair was graduated as in cut shorter, sloping from ear level to nape, and the same length in front.

Rashmi said, “We have to be quick. Before Sanjay comes home I need to have my final haircut.” We quickly went back to the salon and her stylist cut off her curled bob from back to make it look tapered like a mushroom cut from behind. From the front, he left it untouched.

I texted Rashmi to cut her sideburns and she just called me over. I told the stylist and he cut the sideburns in a pointed shape. then used the trimmer to shave off in front of the ear to make it look neat.

In the Uber going back home, I held Rashmi’s face and rubbed both her shaved sideburns with my thumbs, instantly turning her on. She gave me a deep kiss with her tongue almost fucking my mouth like a sex hungry slut.

We fucked 2 more times on Sunday night.

My dad returned from Singapore and went straight to work. When he came home that night I texted Rashmi to ask his reaction. She had combed her hair back with a center part and wore a salwar suit to greet him. At first, dad didn’t notice anything.

When Rashmi told him about the surprise haircut, he just said, “You look the same from the front. Behind is a bit too short but it will grow out. About time you changed your hairstyle,” saying he took out his whiskey and drank himself to sleep.

Rashmi came to my room and cried. We made love like never before. Her hair was so sexy, with the chin-length bob part hanging down when she bent and swinging as she moved her head.

Next week my dad said he got a building project in Singapore for 2 years, Rashmi said she will stay at her parents’ house and visit him whenever he comes home.

All was going well, I was handling family estates. Rashmi came every night when I reached home and left in the morning. I took her to the local barbershop and got her a regular bob-cut. It was six months by the time dad came back.

He didn’t notice anything since Rashmi’s had grown back to chin length in front and below neck length at back. All he said was, “Your hair hasn’t grown back yet? “To which Rashmi replied, “I like to keep it trimmed if you want I’ll grow it out.”

Dad said yes keep a bob cut atleast, not this style. So the next day she came to my room, I took my trimmer and cut her back hair till the nape, making a straight line like a bob, front hair was till chin anyways. This time I just went over the sideburns and around the ears with the trimmer and shaved in neat lines.

Both of us realized we had haircut fetish and enjoyed our regular fuck session after the haircut.


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