Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-5

A new and fresh morning had greeted all the residents of our Sex apartment, though Borah and Mrs. Nair were the first to greet it but slowly all the residents were getting involved too. And most of them had gathered at the lawn to enjoy the freshness of the morning. The Chatterjee’s were enjoying a leisurely stroll on the lawns with their new born. The baby was on a stroller which Gautam was pushing with Kiran walking by his side.

The Sharmas’ were at their second floor balcony, enjoying their morning tea. Anita was busy in hanging some washed clothes, and Mr. Sharma was sipping at his tea, while gazing down at the lawn. His eyes were fixed on Kiran, her full breasts were swinging at the rhythm of her walk, and Mr. Sharma had his gaze fixed on them like a lusty old hog. Rahul who had just returned in the dawn from his supposed group study was back in his bedroom and sleeping.

Within a moment, Mrs. Nair too came down with Sowmya and seeing that, Borah as well decided to come down. He too was enjoying Kiran’s boob show till then, but seeing Sowmya, memories from the previous evening came haunting back to him. And this was the first time too, since that incident that he had seen a glimpse of her and so he hurried to get out of their flat and got down to the lawn. On his way through he met Reddy, who was getting ready for his morning jog, and both of them came down together.

“Ah! Good to see you all here” exclaimed Reddy, “I love it when I see people taking out time for exercise in the morning” he added trying to start some communication. And everyone else turned around to pay attention, especially Anita, from her second floor balcony. She peeped down to catch a glimpse of the hero of her dreams and suddenly the same strange feeling engulfed her once again. At this point, she felt like a teenager girl, those who is head over heels for her dream man.

“Well, not serious stuff, just some casual strolls, I would say” Gautam replied to Reddy, trying to contribute to the communication. Borah however paid no attention and was trying hard to attract Sowmya to look at him for once. Sowmya on the contrary managed to avoid giving any type of attention to him and acted to look seriously interested in the communication started by Reddy. Secretly, however, she was more interested in Reddy rather than in what he was saying.

“Don’t take your body casually mate” Reddy told Gautam “When it comes to your body, you never know when it stops working like it does now” he added to grab everyone’s attention. Anita had given him her full attention already, Gautam and Kiran too were listening keenly, Sowmya too tried hard to show herself genuinely interested, however Mr. Sharma still had his gaze fixed on Kiran’s breasts which appealed to him more than what his body can bear or not. In the meantime Mrs. Nair, who was standing close to Sowmya, realized that Borah was gazing at them and adding to her confusion earlier from the dawn, she thought those gazes were for her.

She gave a naughty smile back and an embarrassed Borah could do nothing more but to return a smile back. By this time Reddy was already half way in his proposal to invite the other residents to join his health centre, which was close by, and to enjoy the benefits of regular exercises and work outs. He told Kiran how she can benefit and slowly regain her pre delivery figure. He encouraged Mrs. Nair to join saying that she can still maintain and boast a youthful figure at her age, and continued sharing lucrative benefits they can enjoy by joining his health centre.

Once he had completed his speech, he looked up to ask who are interested for a week of free of cost trials. Sowmya was the first to raise her hand; she was as if waiting for that moment to come. Reddy smiled and asked whether her sister too will join or not. Sowmya, clearly jealous of Reddy asking for Aarushi, replied that she was in college and can join if she wants. Reddy nodded and looked towards Kiran, who after some enthusiasm from Gautam agreed to join along with her husband.

Anita prayed secretly for Reddy to look up and ask but at the same time she didn’t had the courage to ask Mr. Sharma, whether she could join or not. In the meantime, below at the lawn Reddy had started showing some basic warm up exercises, which most of the people had joined to do with him, especially Sowmya. She wanted to come closer to him by impressing him a lot, and so tried to attract a lot of attention. She would intentionally do something the wrong way and then insist Reddy to help her in rectifying it. Reddy too loved that extra bit of attention seeking and was not missing any opportunity to go closer to Sowmya or touch her lovely body.

Both Borah and Anita were watching this special bit of assistance, which Reddy was providing to Sowmya, and were growing jealous for their own interest. Anita, not wanting to see any more, left the balcony and went inside to indulge herself into other household chores. And she decided to divert her mind towards preparing for the day’s lunch. She had the habit to take bath before cooking and so before going to the kitchen she headed for the bathroom to take bath first.

In the meantime, in the lawn, Sowmya was fully enjoying the attention she was getting from Reddy, and in the broad day light she didn’t had the fear of making the same mistake she did last evening. Reddy too was enjoying the freedom she had given to him. He would put his hand on her back to support her while she was trying some arches, and would occasionally brush his hands on her ass. And both of them were fully aware that both realized what was going on.

While back in the second floor, Anita was in the bathroom readying for a bath. She had taken off all her clothes and got naked. For a brief moment she stood in front of the mirror, looking at her body, and thinking what less she has from the girl below who was successfully seducing her dream man so much. She entered beneath the shower, letting the cold water run through her naked body, but her mind was still outside at the lawn trying to win her man back from that bitch of a girl.

Images of Reddy, in the vests and shorts and flexing his muscles, came flashing in her mind and she leant against the wall and closed her eyes. Automatically her hand reached beneath between her legs and she touched her pussy. Slowly she spread her legs wider and pushed her palm more on her vagina – and a chill ran down her body making her shiver in excitement.

She then used her fingers to start rubbing on the hood of the clitoris and soon started moaning due to the simulation it provided to her pussy. The noise of the running shower was enough to keep her moans confined to the bathroom and she took full advantage to give a good rub on her thirsty and aching cunt. Soon the fire of desire got ignited in her body and it drove her mad with arousal.

She started rubbing her fingers hard and fast while her moans too increased. She started using her other hand to touch her breasts and started pressing them gently. Her eyes were still closed and she imagined the presence of Reddy with her, and imagined him playing with her breasts, and vagina. Slowly and gradually she was pushing herself closer to a climax and soon felt the need for something more than just a rub on the clit.

She needed a cock, a thick cock, that too of her imaginary lover. She kept her eyes closed, imagining Reddy bringing her down and readying for a fuck. Slowly she slid down to sit on the floor, with her legs still wide open she used her fingers to spread her labia, and then with the help of other spare fingers she pushed them against her inner labia walls. An electric current shot across her body and she moaned out loudly. But that didn’t stop her from pushing her fingers further against the wet vaginal opening, and soon one of her fingers was deep inside her pussy.

As soon as her finger was dug inside her pussy, a hot torrent of pleasure flooded her vagina and she felt the first orgasm. With her head still leant back against the wall and eyes closed, she kept rubbing her finger inside her pussy, while the juices kept running out of her cunt. The orgasm had detonated an even bigger bomb of desire and she kept rubbing her entire pussy to experience more orgasms.

She pushed one more finger inside and kept rubbing with both of them. The cunt too reacted back to the treatment and once again started building up for yet another orgasm. Anita’s entire body was trembling and shaking with pleasure while her hands were busy rubbing her pussy fast and hard. Her moans were loud but were still drowned in the noise of running water. Reddy had just completed his session and everyone was returning back to their flats, but that didn’t matter anymore for Anita. As for her, her dream lover was present with her and was driving her towards another dreamlike orgasm. She bit her lips in excitement and shut her eyes tightly once again, as once again she crossed over the edge and a large stream of juices drowned her in a pool of her own desires and pleasure.

While the rest of our residents were enjoying a fine summer morning, far away in the City College, the economics class was yet to finish. Aarushi, Mrs. Nair’s elder daughter, looked at her watch and sighed as it was still another 30 minutes to go before the period was over. This one day of every week, they had this extra-long economics class which almost drove everyone to death, of boredom. She looked back at Vikram, and he too had the same expressions.

Vikram was Aarushi’s classmate and they were dating each other for over six months now. And during this time they have had sex on a number of occasions. Aarushi was a bold and open girl, she didn’t mind about being free with boys, but only with those she considered good enough to mix with. She had a number of boyfriends before too, and had sex with some of them as well. For her relationships were more about fun and enjoyment, rather than commitments and loyalty.

Slowly and finally the period was over, and everyone rushed out like birds freed from a cage. All of them headed to the courtyard or the canteen for a break. Aarushi too walked out with Vikram thinking for a suitable place to spend the next hour before their next class.

“This forever long class left me feeling so horny” Vikram said, in a naughty tone.

Aarushi looked back, “I am sure that you are dying to jerk off” and replied with a wink.

“Why not?” asked Vikram “Let’s make out together” he suggested.

Aarushi was surprised – “Here? In the college? Have you gone mad?” she asked taking it for a stupid idea.

“Why not?” Vikram asked again, “I know a place where no one comes, wanna check out?”

Aarushi was still surprised but she was not the kind of a girl who fears from challenges. And with the last suggestion, her eyes twinkled with a glimmer of excitement and daring. Vikram smiled as she started leading her towards the stairs. Both of them climbed up four floors to reach the terrace, the door was open and a barren sun-filled terrace laid empty in front of them. Aarushi at first glance thought that Vikram was hinting to have sex on the terrace under the sun, but Vikram quickly made his intentions clear by pointing out towards the solitary room at a distant corner.

The door was simply bolted from outside without any lock, so nothing stopped anyone from entering. Inside it was filled with broken desks and chairs and looked like an abandoned store room. Most of the room was also filled with spider webs and dust, but Vikram cleared out an area for them to settle. Aarushi looked around with a hint of disgust, but an abandoned room and an opportunity to fill up her cunt stopped her from running away.

Soon both of them embraced each other and started kissing. Vikram didn’t waste much time and pulled out her top. She too unbuttoned his shirt to make his upper body bare, and once again both of their lips met in a kiss. They kept playing with each other’s lips, and neck, and shoulder for some time before Vikram picked her up in his arms and carried her to a nearby desk. He put her down on the desk and imposed himself upon her. He pulled down her bra to bring her breasts out and started pressing them and playing with the nipples.

Aarushi laid back enjoying the treatment while Vikram by then had started sucking her nipples. Aarushi wanted to moan but the sense of being in the college stopped her, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying the treatment though. Vikram kept pressing and sucking her breasts for over ten minutes making her wet and more and more horny. Finally unable to bear the tension of being caught and the state arousal anymore, she stopped him and asked him to start fucking her.

Vikram too was not willing to get caught at that state by any chance, so decided it wise to keep it less extended. He quickly unhooked her jeans and pulled it down, he pulled the panties too, enough to not to pull them down fully and yet enough to allow her to spread her legs to open up her cunt. He pulled down his own pants too, and his 7 inches throbbing cock sprang out in the open. Aarushi spread her legs open, letting Vikram position himself between them. Her cunt was already wet by the kissing and sucking before, and so Vikram’s cock got inserted smoothly at the first attempt itself. And Aarushi started moaning lightly as Vikram started rubbing his cock inside her cunt in a gentle pace.

Meanwhile, back in the apartment, everyone was back in their flats, and almost all of them were talking or thinking about Reddy’s health club. Kiran was excited with the proposition of losing some weight after the child birth, and she planned with Gautam to visit the gym together every day. Sowmya was savoring the short encounter with Reddy and was planning further on how to exploit the future opportunities in a better way. Reddy too was thinking about the little girl trying to get close and was thinking ways to approach to her more openly.

Mr. Sharma had left for the shop by then. The Sharmas owned a popular and large tailoring store in the city which was a part of their family business. Anita as usual was left alone in the house for the rest of the day. Rahul too had left for his friend’s house sometime back, so Anita got some spare time to think about her dream lover for the entire day.

Borah had left for office too, but he was not very happy from what he has seen of Sowmya and Reddy in the morning and felt quite depressed and unsatisfied. While Mrs. Nair at the other hand was sure that the poor fellow had a crush on her, and so she was thinking of ways to seduce him in submission to her. And so for the coming days everyone was gearing for something or the other to make the days more interesting and pleasure filled.

In the meantime, in that abandoned room at the terrace of the City College, Vikram had quickened his strokes as he was nearing a climax. Aarushi had already experienced an orgasm and was on the verge of another one. Vikram was leant forward holding her arms as his thrusts quickened; Aarushi closed her eyes in a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure while Vikram started moaning loudly, his muscles got stiffened as he tightened his grip on her arms and in one last thrust he climaxed heavily in her cunt. Aarushi too climaxed at the same time and both of them wrapped each other tightly and kept lying like that, savoring the moment.

To be continued..


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