Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-4

On the same night and far away from the apartment, Rahul, Mr. Sharma’s son, was out for having group study with his friends. But, in reality, Rahul and his friends had decided to enjoy the night at a newly opened disco. The Club Prada was opened a week ago and already the popularity of the place was overwhelming. For young crowd like Rahul and his friends, the place was like a magnet – attracting them from all corners and ages. And ever since Rahul and his friends had heard about it, they had been dying to visit. And so finally after a lot of planning and a few lies they managed to spare a night to indulge in this newly opened palace of sin.

Upon arriving at the club, they were received by a huge queue waiting for their turn to get in. Even at 11 in the night the place was buzzing like a mid evening market and the feet banging music can be heard from miles away. Rahul was disappointed at the huge queue initially but luckily one of his friends knew someone from the management, and within minutes they were frisked inside through an alternate door.

The inside was more rocking than anyone could have imagined from outside. It was dark and smoky with a huge dance floor in the middle, which at the first glance looked like an oasis amidst a desert of mist. There was a lavish bar counter at an end with all kinds of drinks available at the shelves. They scanned the enormous hall around them which was filled with couples, single girls, and single males who were looking at those girls. And their eyes stopped at one girl standing at the bar and looking pensively towards the dance floor.

Rahul was always the most extrovert kind among his friends and one look of the lonely girl inspired him to follow his instincts. While his friends settled down at one of the couches at the corner, Rahul headed towards the bar to try his luck. The girl looked quite young, not older than 19 years perhaps, she was tall with an attractive figure too. She was wearing a short silk skirt just up to her thighs which complemented her long toned legs beautifully and was matched with a smart sleeveless shirt which gave away vital facts about her 34B breasts.

Rahul walked up to right beside her and ordered a pint of beer for himself, and then turned towards her to start some communication. “Hi, are you alone?” he asked trying to attract attention from the girl. She too turned around to look towards this sudden intrusion. “No, I am with my friends, they are at the dance floor” she replied courteously. “Then why haven’t you joined them?” asked Rahul, and she smiled this time saying she didn’t knew how to dance.

The girl’s name was Tina and she was 19 years old, studying in first year in a college in the city and had sneaked out of the hostel, just like them, with her roommate and her boyfriend to come to this increasingly popular joint. Her roommate and the boyfriend had then left her alone and got mixed in the heavily crowded dance floor to spend some cozy time with each other.

After some initial round of nice talks Rahul managed to befriend her and bought drinks for her as well, and while she was finishing it, he couldn’t take his eye off from her lovely figure. He had cancelled his order of beer and had ordered four shots of tequila for both of them and after finishing a couple of shots he told Tina that he can help her by teaching her some dance steps. Tina felt shy but smiled and nodded in approval. And by the time they had completed their third shot she looked quite under the influence of the drink. Both of them made way through the thick crowd towards the dance floor which was buzzing with couples and gangs of girls and boys matching their feet to the hot numbers played by the house DJ. Rahul looked around and spotted a cozy and dark corner and thought it perfect for his intentions. There were other couples at the corner too – kissing each other or making out but no one gave much notice to anyone else.

Rahul brought Tina to the corner and she was quiet under the influence of the drinks to realize Rahul’s intentions. Rahul at the other hand told her to follow him to learn some dance steps, he placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer and asked her to place her hands on his shoulder and move her body along with the rhythm. Tina did as he told and both of them started enjoying. Slowly he was pulling her more and more closer to his body. “See it’s not very tough, are you enjoying it?” Rahul asked Tina and she nodded in reply.

Both of them were so close by then that when Rahul leant his head forward and Tina automatically closed her eyes. Rahul took the opportunity to lean even further and both their lips met. He started sucking her lips gently while she tightened her grip on his shoulder. That made him even bolder and he decided to use his hands too which was on her waist till then. He started rubbing her back, bringing her more closer and she too wrapped her arms more tightly around him.

Rahul pulled her closer and trapped her within a tight hug, squeezing her breasts within his body while still enjoying her fluffy and juicy lips. Tina too started enjoying the moment and had surrendered herself completely to his wills. Rahul growing bolder with this, gently put his palms inside her top and started rubbing them on her bare back and Tina rested her head on his chest and started moaning.

He was enjoying the feel of her bare back while Tina’s state too was evident from her moan. And shortly once again both of them started kissing each other’s lips. Rahul by then with his palms had reached beneath her waist and had pushed them inside her skirts and started rubbing them over her ass. Tina by then had slowly started feeling a wet patch being developed on her panties and with his hands so close to her pussies and pressing and rubbing against her ass crack, she was getting continuously aroused.

He then dragged her to a corner and pushed her against a wall and started kissing all over her neck and shoulders as his palms kept on rubbing over her ass. Both of them were growing restless rapidly and even being in public they didn’t stop either. Rahul paused briefly and asked her whether she wants to go out with him or not. And when she asked where, Rahul told her that they can make out in his car. Tina thought for a moment but she had been too horny to refuse and so both of them headed out of the dance floor. Rahul took a moment to tell his friends not to look out for him, and both of them disappeared in the thick crowds at the door.

The parking was quite empty and deserted apart from occasional coming in or going out of cars. Fortunately, Rahul’s car was parked at an obscure region covered by 2 sides which provided a natural cover from any possible intrusion. Tina’s heart was beating faster as she followed him to that dark and lonely parking lot. Rahul looked around carefully before both of them disappeared inside his car.

Rahul didn’t waste any time further and pulled her closer and started unbuttoning her shirt. One by one he undid all the buttons and pulled her shirt out and then started unhooking her bra. Within moments the bra came off leaving her topless. Tina tried to hide her breasts but Rahul pulled her hands off and started kissing them. He started kissing and licking both her breasts and the nipples. Tina closed her eyes and started enjoying as her nipples started to grow even harder.

Rahul took turn at each of them and started sucking. A strange feeling hit Tina as she felt something churning her from inside and a heavenly sensation gripped her entire body. She grabbed his head tightly and started moaning for more. Rahul took the hint and kept sucking more passionately to make her more and more restless and wet from it. He put his hands underneath her skirt and felt the wetness over her panties and didn’t waste much time and pulled it off.

He started rubbing his fingers on her clits while kept playing with his tongue on her nipples. Tina by then had surrendered herself completely to him and kept lying unprotestingly while enjoying every bit of the moment. Her cunt was already wet and the more he rubbed his finger on it the more she wriggled and the more her cunt dripped with her juices.

Rahul paused for a moment and took off his own shirt and then he pulled down her skirts too leaving her completely naked. The wall in front and the tinted glasses of the car around saved them from any uninvited peek as Tina looked around nervously when she realized that she was lying completely naked inside a car in a public parking. Rahul imposed himself on top of her and started kissing over her neck and shoulders, occasionally biting and leaving marks behind.

Tina too threw her arms around him in order to keep him locked and make him keep doing what he was. But Rahul didn’t need any additional enthusiasm as he himself was enjoying the way he devoured her beautiful body. Tina was so horny and restless by then that she threw her legs wide to open up her cunt invitingly. Rahul’s cock was already throbbing and rubbing at her cunt area and with that inviting little act, he couldn’t hold himself together.

Rahul lowered his pants to allow his cock breath in the open air while Tina held it and started stroking it lovingly. Rahul positioned himself carefully, readying to invade deep inside her. Tina too widened her legs to open up her pussy more allowing Rahul a better view of her most private areas. He started with rubbing the head of his cock on her cunt and teasing her of the inevitable. Tina closed her eyes and wiggled more expecting the invasion any time soon.

And as both of them grew restless to hold any further, all it took was a gentle push and his cock sunk into the depths of her wet pussy. Tina threw her head back at an initial rush of pain and moaned out as a chill ran up her body through her spine and veins. Rahul quickly started stroking his cock against her vagina making her moan and queer more. She too jerked her hips invitingly to get more and more of his cock inside.

Her nipples too didn’t get spared as Rahul bent forward to take them in his mouth and suck them while his hips were banging hard to give her the fuck of her lifetime. The feeling was maddening for her as she dug her nails on his back and started scratching in a spell of craziness. Rahul too became more and more aroused with all that and kept going hard at her. Soon both of them forgot where they were and started moaning harder. Tina occasionally tightened her cunt to squeeze his cock inside her which made him feel more aroused and horny and he bit on her nipples to make her moan harder in pain. And gradually both of them neared an orgasm.

Tina went first as Rahul realized a hot stream engulf her pussy and rushed out like a stream and it detonated the monster too as Rahul failed to control any further and spitted out his manhood. It was so passionate and exhaustive that both of them collapsed on each other and laid lump for a good few moments.

Once they had recovered back to their senses, Rahul held her one last time and kissed on her lips passionately before they came out of the parking and disappeared into the thick crowd of the club again. It was 1 am by that time and her friend was greatly relieved to find her back and they left immediately after. Rahul too joined his friends back who were waiting impatiently to hear excerpts from the encounter which they did on their way back home and gradually the night slipped further away towards a new dawn of fresh encounters.

Back at our apartment and on the first floor – Reddy had gone out to drop Shobha home, and Borah had been back in the mean time. But he was finding it difficult to pass the night, especially after how Sowmya had reacted seeing him and had ran away at his face. He still had the taste of her pussy all over his mouth and licked them to savor the moment which had come his way accidentally.

He looked out through the windows at the eastern skies which by then already had flickers of the first light. He woke up and walked out at the balcony, the surrounding was calm and silent, hiding the tales of the night within its serene silence. He looked up at the top floor towards the balcony and imagined Sowmya standing there and looking back at him, and he smiled.

Borah realized how quickly he had fallen for that girl and that he cannot rest until he gets her fully, gets her to complete what they had left unfinished the previous day. And as he kept staring at that imaginary figure of Sowmya he felt something ache down his abdomen and realized that his cock had swelled big even at the thought of her.

As soon as it was morning he decided to do anything to attract her attention. He thought of the excuse to go to the terrace and took the lift up to their floor. The door was closed and so he had to go up to the terrace unsuccessfully. But within the next hour he had came down and went up quite a few times expecting the door to be open. On one of the occasion when he found the door open and tried to peep inside he came face to face with Mrs. Nair. She was coming out to collect the milk, embarrassed Borah smiled at her and then ran back up to the terrace. Like that their eyes met for more than a couple of occasion when Borah wanted to enquire about Sowmya but couldn’t show the courage. Mrs. Nair however, from his shy and sheepish behavior got the impression that the little Borah was actually trying to attract her attention. And after spending so many years as a widow she saw a flicker of attraction for her in the eyes of the little young man and soon the lady decided, whatever it be, she will have to seduce him and show him how much youth is still left in her.


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