Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-3

Anita was in her bedroom, combing her long hairs in front of the mirror. But at the same time she was also lost in the thoughts of the hunk-ish young man she had just seen in the party, she was amazed by the close resemblance of Reddy with the man of her dreams, both of them were young, good looking, had a perfectly built body, and especially had a great appetite for sex. And once again Anita got lost in thoughts of Reddy and his eight inches cock.

And once again she started fantasizing how she would devour his cock hungrily and keep licking it until it cums all over her body, and then how that monstrous tool will devour her vagina and rip it apart. She had already developed a wet patch in her panties. She stood up and peeped outside, Mr. Sharma was busy with a drink in the living room, and Rahul was out to do some group studies with his friends and so for some time she could spare her attention to her already itching vagina.

Carefully she closed the door and then pulled down the panties from under her gown. She sat on the recliner and closed her eyes imagining Reddy with her in the room. She lifted her gown up and inserted her hands beneath to touch the bare skins of her pussy. A chill ran down her body as soon as her fingers touched the already wet vagina. She then carefully parted her labia and started rubbing her fingers gently on her clits. While keeping her eyes closed, she imagined Reddy playing with her cunt, rubbing his fingers all over her womanhood and making her twinge in pleasure.

Meanwhile in the living room, Mr. Sharma was busy with a bottle of scotch since they had returned after the party. He was sitting beside the large window and was staring outside at the horizon while sipping his drinks intermittently. His mind flashed towards thoughts of Aarushi and Sowmya, Mrs. Nair’s daughters. They were young, tender, and very mischievous. He remembered how he had been staring at their breasts during the party and how they were bouncing while the girls were moving around.

The very thought of the girls and their breasts gave him a hard on, but yet those were nothing matched to the ones he thought next. He had to touch his cock over his shorts as he thought about Kiran. She had the fullest breasts he had seen since some time now. He was aware that she had given birth to a baby recently and that would mean that her breasts were filled with milk. He then carefully thought whether he did notice any wet spot on her breasts or not but at the end he gave up and started thinking what fun it will be to get a handful of those big titties and then suck out some milk from them.

Soon he grew so horny that he immediately felt the need to please his hungry cock. Anita in the meanwhile was still amidst her fantasies. She had by then leant back on the recliner and had placed her legs on the both sides which had spread her cunt up for a better view and exposure. She was licking the sides of her lips while her fingers were rubbing down her clits vigorously. Her eyes were still closed as she was imagining her hunk-ish boy friend playing around with her hungry cunt and she couldn’t help moaning as slowly her body was being aroused towards a need to climax.

Mr. Sharma finished his drink and started walking towards their bedroom. The door was locked from inside and so he had to knock to get it opened. Anita was left startled with this sudden intrusion to her private moments and she suddenly jumped up on to her feet, her heart was beating fast as she was just nearing a climax and then this sudden development brought her back to reality. She imagined that to be her insensible husband and cursed him within for interrupting her from a wonderful climax. But she didn’t waste much time and opened the door. Mr. Sharma smiled at her as he came inside and closed the door back “Were you feeling lonely without me?” he asked. Anita smiled but lowered her eyes in order to avoid any give away signs of what she had actually been doing. But Mr. Sharma smiled and pulled her closer within his huge body frame.

He hugged her tightly and started sniffing her scents from her shoulders and neck. Anita wriggled as his hot breath made her feel ticklish. But soon Mr. Sharma started kissing on her neck and shoulders and Anita closed her eyes once again to imagine Reddy in place of her husband. Mr. Sharma rubbed his hands on Anita’s back and over the satin feel of her gown while he kept kissing on her ears, necks, and shoulders. He then held her face and started kissing her lips too, Anita was slow to respond initially but then started kissing back with the same passion. Mr. Sharma could feel his cock throbbing even more as he rubbed his hands all over his young wife’s body.

He then took off his t-shirt and shorts and asked Anita to get naked too. Anita didn’t spend much time in taking off her gown, and as she was already naked inside she had nothing else to keep her covered. Mr. Sharma too was naked by then and so he pulled her closer and hugged her back tightly. His hands explored down to her ass as they grabbed them and started squeezing her ass cheeks. Anita shivered and moaned out in slight pain but Mr. Sharma was driven further mad by her moans and shivers.

He pushed her on to the bed and then imposed himself beside her. Then he grabbed her breasts and started pressing them. Anita had started moaning by then. She was already aroused by her fingering of the cunt and wanted someone to fill her up desperately. And for once, his otherwise insensible husband seemed to have the perfect sense of timing. He then slowly spread her legs and touched her pussy, “Hey look how wet you are already” he remarked as he found her cunt already dripping and aching to be filled up. Anita felt embarrassed but managed to smile, “Then I think we should give it, what it needs” remarked Mr. Sharma before readying himself for a fuck.

He spread her legs while positioning himself between them, his cock was already desperate and eager to dive in the beautiful hole presented to it. He positioned himself in such a way that his cock can be pushed in with ease, and then he started teasing her a little by rubbing it at the sides of her cunt. Anita nodded her head in a mix of pain and pleasure while the juices from his cock and her cunt mixed up to form a sloppy entrance. He then positioned his cock nicely at the opening of her cunt as Anita closed her eyes readying herself for the intrusion.

While the second floor was getting heated with rising passions, the first floor was still empty. Reddy had left for somewhere after the party and Borah was out in the park, led and left by Sowmya. Reddy had actually gone out to pick Shobha. Shobha was a member at his spa since the last 3 months and by that time they had come real close to each other. Today, Reddy had invited her over to show her his new flat. He had actually invited her over for lunch but was really surprised when she said that she was busy during the lunch but can meet him after dinner. That was a clear indication to what she wanted the meeting to be like.

Reddy who had an impressive history with girls was taken aback by the attitude of this lady but nevertheless lunch or after dinner, he was fine as long as it suits his intention. He had picked her from her residence on his Thunderbird bike and then both of them rode back to his flat at around 10 in the night. Both of them were alone in the apartment, he had already told Borah not to be seen around until she was gone, and had promised help in bedding a girl in return of these small favors.

Reddy showed Shobha around the flat but she liked most the large window which looked out towards a gorgeous view. She stood at the window bathing in the moon light coming through and appreciating the view outside. Reddy was flattered by her beauty and the way she was bathed in the moon light coming through. He walked up to her and stood behind her, “That’s a nice view you have got” Shobha said to start some conversation. “Yes, but the company made it even better” Reddy replied in a flirtatious tone and he leant forward on to her body.

He placed his arms on her waist and placed a cheeky kiss on her back. “Oh! You naughty boy” she said as she turned around to face him. Reddy leant even forward and she had to lean back at the windows to keep minimum distance between the two. But he still had his hands around her waist and pulled her up to bring her closer to him. Shobha smiled as their lips came more closer and she finally closed her eyes as the 2 met and parted to let each other immerse more into each other.

They were now close in each other’s arms and were kissing and sucking each other’s lips. Reddy was a passionate kisser and loved to play with his tongue, and so when he pushed his tongue further in her lips Shobha didn’t resist. She was lost in him and the way he was treating her lips and playing with her tongue. He sucked both the upper and the lower lips of her, in turn making them rosy red. And while his lips were busy in playing with Shobha’s, his hands were busy with the straps of her dress.

Shobha was wearing a black sleeveless dress with black thin straps on her shoulders. Reddy still busy in attending to her lips pulled the straps down off her shoulder. Shobha too didn’t waste much time and helped the cause by allowing the straps to be pulled out through her hands too, and letting the dress fall off freely from her body. She was wearing a black strapless bra and a thong styled panties inside and looked all the more beautiful amidst that moonlit night.

Reddy turned her around once again and pushed her against the window panes. She reached out with her hands for additional support as he started kissing all over her back. He kissed on her neck, and followed down her spine with series of kisses until he reached her waist. He grabbed her ass cheeks lightly and squeezed them to make her moan out and then rubbed along her ass creeks until his hands reached up to her cunt. Shobha immediately shivered and shifted as she felt a rush of adrenaline running through her body.

Reddy then slowly unhooked her bra and took it off from her body, and she immediately placed her hands over her breasts to cover them. But she was facing towards the window and so Reddy was presented with the full view of her bare back and he immediately started kissing all over it. Shobha shifted uneasily as the wet feeling of his lips across her back aroused her even more and before she could settle down to the feeling he pulled down her panties to make her completely naked.

She looked like a complete diva with her curvaceous naked body against the moonlit background. Reddy was awed to see such a flawless beauty and when she turned back he was even more awed. She had such a neatly toned body with perfectly shaped breasts and a shaved pussy. She came closer to him and offered her lips once again and while he took her lips she started to undress him. One by one, she removed all his clothes too until he too was naked. Shobha was highly impressed by his eight inch tool and was now dying to get a feel of it inside her.

Reddy carried her over to the bed and started kissing all over her body. He started pressing her nicely shaped breasts and she started moaning again as her nipples became erect with the attention. He then took them in his mouth gave a good suck making them red and rosy with the rush of blood within. He kept sucking and pressing her breasts until she pushed him down and sat on top of him.

It was Shobha’s turn now as she immediately went for her prized target. She held his cock in her palm and started stroking it, and then without much delay she wrapped it with her tongue and took it in her mouth.”Oh it tastes so sweet” she said as she started sucking it and the juices coming out as the pre cum. She kept sucking at it and taking him on towards the edge while Reddy laid back and started moaning. “Oh! Your tongue feels so good on my cock” he said and continued moaning until she was done with it.

Shobha kept sucking until his cock went more erect and throbbing and ready to enter her, and once it was fully erect she stood up and positioned herself on top of him. Slowly she squatted down and rested just above his cock. It was now rubbing against the pussy region, rubbing all the pre-cum all over her pussy. She carefully held it in her palm again to guide it inside, and pointed the head of the cock at her cunt and slowly squatted further down. The cock went inside with ease and Shobha went all the way down to rest on his waist. She had taken the entire 8 inches inside her and was shivering with a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure.

Reddy held her breasts and started pressing them as Shobha slowly started to move her body up and down in order to fuck herself. Reddy closed his eyes and started moaning again as her pussy rubbed across his cock so tightly that it gave him an urge to cum immediately. “Oh god, you have such a tight cunt” he remarked in between his moaning. While Shobha kept moving up and down in varied rhythm to make full use of his tool.

Slowly her efforts were growing more and more vigorous as she was nearing towards an orgasm. Reddy too was now close to a climax himself and held her breasts and pressed them harder in wake of the churning he too was feeling. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, I will cum, I will cum, I will cum” Shobha started saying as she reached the peak of her limit and immediately after that she bent forward and grabbed his chest. A hot stream of juices flooded her pussy as she was hit by a powerful orgasm, but Reddy grabbed her immediately and turned around to get on top.

Her pussy was already dripping with her juices as he started thrusting now, and within a few powerful thrusts he too came inside her. Shobha wrapped him up with her arms and legs and they spend the next moments like that – wrapped within each other’s naked body and flooded with each other’s juices from inside.

While on the 3rd floor – Anita was all ready for Mr. Sharma to push his cock inside, she was already horny and aroused from her thoughts of Reddy and so had already spread her legs eagerly for her husband to fill her up. Mr. Sharma too didn’t waste much time and pushed his cock deep inside his wife’s inviting pussy. Anita bit her lips in pain as Mr. Sharma’s cock intruded deep inside and then came out but only to be rammed in once again. He continued the ram in ram out action until her wife started wriggling in pain.

Mr. Sharma bent forward on her and hugged her tightly as he kept ramming his cock in and out of her. Anita closed her eyes and imagined of her new flat mate and being arrested by him like this and then being treated like this by his monstrous cock. She was slowly nearing a climax and as Mr. Sharma kept on ramming his cock in and out the more she started to feel a churning feeling from inside. She could feel a heat slowly spreading all across her body, engulfing anything coming in its way.

Soon the heat had covered all her body leaving her blood and veins on fire, now a strange shivering feeling was growing up her feet and was moving towards her abdomen. She started feeling her pussy suddenly to be wet and getting heavy, a piss like urge was slowly developing within her abdomen as she prepared herself for a fulfilling orgasm. “Just a few moments more and I will cum like hell” she thought within as her husband’s thrusts had grown more vigorous by now. He was moaning loudly as he was literally thrusting the weight of his entire body behind his cock.

And just when she felt she was getting nearer to the edge, Mr. Sharma gave out a loud moan and fell on top of her. He had already climaxed and now was spent up. Tears came almost immediately to Anita’s eyes as she was almost at the edge and now Mr. Sharma left her unfulfilled and lay wasted on top of her. Disgusted, she pushed his body aside and closed her eyes in embarrassment and anger. The tears ran down freely as the horny feeling quickly started to vanish and once again she was left stranded unsatisfied and feeling like a whore who was there only for the client’s fulfillment.

She looked at her husband, who was happily snoring by then, and felt more disgusted. She closed her eyes and the image of her imaginary lover came up again but with the face of Reddy this time. She stood up and wrapped the bed sheet around her, and walked out to the balcony. The balcony was nicely lit up with moon light and she thought of finding some solace there. She walked out and leant against the railings, bathing herself in that moonlit night.

Her eyes went to the movements at the ground floor. She saw two figures close to each other at the parking. Anita strained her eyes to see clearly and was surprised to recognize Reddy along with a young woman at the parking. Reddy and Shobha were at the parking before dropping Shobha back at home. Shobha was leaned towards to Reddy’s body and was teasing him. They were stealing occasional kisses too. Anita took cover immediately not wanting to be seen watching.

But the image of the playful Reddy with that young girl left a burning feeling within her. She couldn’t resist but to peep once again to steal a glimpse of the man who matched the lover she imagined and once again her heart started beating fast. Automatically her hands went down to her thirsty cunt as she felt a strange tingle at it. She looked at him from the distance and then looked back at her snoring husband and then pledged within that by hook or by crook, she will have to have his cock in her.


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