Train ride with Hot Babe

This incident took place in January when I was on a trip to Varansi with my parents.

I look at sex as an art and try to give my partner the fullest of satisfaction, and in turn I also usually get fully satisfied. I believe that it’s all about giving first, then getting it back.

This time as well, I had thought of getting laid but hadn’t known how or when.

As I had read several stories about guys and ladies getting laid on trains, I thought that if I ever got the opportunity, I wouldn’t miss it, no matter what.

I hadn’t imagined that my “thought” would manifest so early but it did.

The three of us had our tickets booked from Mumbai, on the third tier AC coach of the Varanasi.

This North Indian family got on with us, and there were seven of them. I saw Latika amongst them. She had been recently married, as I could make out from her mehendi, which was still on her hands.

Her stats were 34-30-38.

Mom and I had the side lower and side upper berths and the opposite sides were theirs and their last berth was at the other end of the same coach, which is also where dad’s berth was.

At first, I didn’t have any such intentions. But friends, I get really horny when I see girls or women in red colour. And she was wearing red colored leggings, in which her curves and the panty lines were clearly visible.

Because my mom was sitting in front of me, I didn’t have the courage to check Latika out fully.

Meanwhile, Latika was bending and arranging their bags so she could take a few bags to the last berth.

My right leg was hanging down from my upper berth seat. Suddenly, when she moved back to take a bag out, her ass got a hard poke from my right foot.

She jumped up, surprised, and I quickly pulled my leg back up to my seat. We were both a bit embarrassed, and when our eyes met we smiled a bit, feeling somewhat shy.

Eventually, I saw that she going to the last seat, where my dad’s seat was. I had the feeling that I should also go. So, a few minutes later, I went to dad and asked him to take my seat with mom and let me take his seat.

When my dad left, we both made eye contact again and smiled, but this time a bit naughtily.

We had the freedom to discuss the incident which had taken place earlier because the berths were not so full.

Then, we started talking casually, discussing where we were from, and where we were going. We both laughed and enjoyed being with each other.

When I enquired about her marriage, she replied that she was married to a marine engineer and that she had gotten married a week ago. Her husband had left for his job and would return soon.

It was around seven pm. We shared some snacks and talked without making much eye contact.

Suddenly Latika asked me, “How was it?”

I was confused as to what she was asking me about, so I inquired what she meant. In response, she looked into my eyes and asked me how I felt about the incident which had taken place a few hours ago.

I was shocked to hear her but kept smiling quietly. But she insisted, asking why I was quiet, as she knew that I had enjoyed the touch, as she had enjoyed it too.

I could not believe that this was seriously happening! Now I knew that I had gotten a green signal, and I asked her whether I could feel that feeling again.

To my surprise, she said yes. Then she took my right hand and kept it on her pussy. She noticed that I was getting hot and horny, and my dick started gaining an erection. She took her hand and put it on my bulge and started slightly pressing it.

I let out a little moan, “Ahhhh…ahhh,” and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I could feel her lips on my lips.

Whoa!!! What a feeling! And now I knew that I would fuck her no matter what!

By the look of her, I could tell that she was damn excited and ready for sex. But we had to wait and plan as to where and when we could do it. We decided that the toilet would be the best option.

So, we ate our dinner, and then my dad came and made sure I was alright. Her dad also came and had a quick chat with her, and asked her if she wanted to exchange her seat with him.

She replied, saying that she was feeling comfortable where she was, as there were fewer people there.

Then, we turned the lights off. It was about 12.30 am, and she came down from her middle berth, whispering in my ears that she would love for me to feel her completely now.

I opened my eyes and I pulled her towards me and kissed her lips. I smooched her for around two minutes and then released her.

Then she took me by my hand and led me to the toilet, where we locked ourselves.

We started kissing passionately and digging each other’s mouths with our tongues and exchanging saliva with each other.

I asked her to just stand still for a moment so I could touch her and feel her curves. Then I started feeling her boobs, and while touching them, I pressed them slightly. Next, I moved my arms behind her and touched her big, round ass which seemed fluffy and firm.

Oh, man! What an ass! My dick was standing and saluting her beauty.

She now started touching my dick over my pants before quickly opening my pants and underwear. My erect dick sprang out.

She was amazed when she saw it and said that it was bigger and thicker than her husband’s and started sucking me hard. Then she took my whole dick inside her mouth, going all the way down her throat and choked herself.

I was saying, “Oh! Fuck girl..suck it…lick it..ahhhh…” and I pushed her head even further to make my cock enter deeper into her throat.

She removed my cock from her mouth and her saliva came out from her mouth and tears rolled down her eyes, but again she pushed my cock inside her mouth.

I was feeling like I was out of this world and I came inside her mouth without informing her. She choked on it and even drank my cum.

I quickly pulled her red leggings down and spanked her big ass. What an ass it was!

Guys, please spank a girl’s ass to knowing the feeling that I had.

She started moaning and asking me to fuck her and make her my whore. She kept saying ram her to the core.

I got aroused again and pulled her pink panties down with my teeth.

Good grace! Her pussy was a camel-toe pussy, the likes of which I had only seen on porn sites.

I loved that it was a bit hairy. She was so wet that her love juices were dripping out of her.

I made her sit on the edge of the basin in the toilet and open her legs wide. I started licking her pussy with the tip of my tongue and biting her clitoris, which was swollen by now.

She was shaking and was making horny sounds and moaning, “Ahhhh…suck me deep, boy!! Bite me…eat me, please…Oh fuck!!!”

I pushed two of my fingers inside her and she started moaning and biting her lips saying, “Fuck me, you bastard! Tear my pussy, cum inside me! Ahhh ahhh ahhh! God…Please fuck me now!”

She came all over my hand twice and I licked her pussy clean. It was one in the morning now. We hurried to avoid rousing any suspicion.

I slapped her pussy with my dick and asked her if she was ready. Then I placed my dick on the opening of her love hole and started sucking her 34 size boobs.

With one hard stroke, I pushed my cock inside her. When she was about to shout, I placed my hand over her mouth, and tears started rolling down her eyes from the pain. I started kissing her.

I now started to give her slow strokes, and we both were making sounds, “ahhhh ahhh ahhh,” and slowly moaning…

“It feels so good…” she said, “Your dick is so thick that I can feel my pussy walls stretching. Fuck me hard, baby”.

I took her right leg on my left shoulder and raised her pussy and pounded her hard by giving hard strokes.

I could feel her womb at the tip of my dick.

Both of our juices were mixing, and what an aroma surrounded us, whoa! A white foam was beginning to form around her pussy and my dick.

Seeing that, I pulled my dick out, and we both exhaled.

She started begging me to put my dick inside her and ram her again.

So I turned her around, and I parted her legs and pushed my dick inside her again from her backside. My dick entered her again and again, and I started fucking her while pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples hard.

I felt that her pussy walls had started squeezing my dick, and she started to say that she is going to cum hard and I should fuck her even harder. So I started fucking her with hard strokes and with a shiver she came.

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