Sexual Journey Part-1

We have all looked to our seniors to guide us through our college lives. I joined college with the same expectation. Little did I know that I would be guided on a whole new sexual journey by my senior – a journey that is unfolding to this day.

In the winter of 2012, when I was in my first year of college, I participated in an event. My team was responsible for the PR and marketing aspects of the event. Our team was headed by a bombshell of a senior who was in her final year of college.

With an ass shaped like a water droplet and boobs so round and firm, you could see every man eyeing her as she walked by.

She was not only a senior in college but also her sense of pride. She would always strut about as if she were some kind of a superior being.

Irrespective of her arrogance, I was happy to work with her on this event.

When it comes to people like her, my experience had taught me that only when we do our work diligently, can we get closest to them.

I was excelling at every task assigned to me and this started bringing me closer to her. Her trust in me increased, so I was slowly making my way into her inner circle.

In a few weeks, I was invited to her flat, along with a select few from her team, for a party to celebrate the success of the event.

Like all the other guys there, I was salivating looking at her hourglass figure and cute face with big eyes, lined with just the right amount of kajal. But I intended to get closer to her through this party.

So I put on the best musk I had, because, guys, smell does matter. Trust me on this.

I wore jeans and a shirt and headed towards her flat. To my surprise, I was the first one to arrive. So I decided to help her and started setting up her place to party.

But I could barely concentrate on setting up because she was in these tiny little hot pants and a top so tight, all I could do was stare at her body. But I controlled myself and helped her out.

In no time, the other team members also arrived. She went back to her room to change while I made sure the other people got drunk before her or me. And obviously, it worked.

My senior was back, freshly bathed. She was wearing perfume and a floral dress that ended at her knee, making her look hotter than all the other girls at the party.

We had all started drinking and giggling and getting tipsy when my super bold senior suggested that we play a game of spin the bottle.

In the beginning, the game was boring, with people asking and answering simple truths and dares.

When the bottle ended up pointing a girl, my senior said that let’s spice things up a little. She asked the girl to kiss her on her lips.

Because the girl was being reluctant, my senior made the move and went ahead and kissed her.

The kiss was not what made me hot as much as it was the boldness she showcased. I knew then that the life is back in this boring party.

After a couple of bold dares, she was given a dare. She was asked to select a guy from the group and take that guy to the washroom and stay there for two minutes.

To my surprise, she chose me and we ended up going to the bathroom together.

She looked directly into my eyes and I was not sure what I should do.

She just said that I was dumb and took me and kissed me then and there.

And trust me! It was difficult to keep my dick in those jeans because I had a big dick that was growing and getting harder.

After the kiss, she said, “Don’t get any funny ideas in your mind. It’s just the game, tequila and you deserve a kiss since you have been such a wonderful guy.”

But a guy with hard dick in his pants and the taste of a bombshell girl in his mouth would be getting funny ideas… Don’t you agree?

Anyway, moving forward. The party now came to a part where everyone was drinking and dancing.

I was still busy fixing drinks systematically designed to make sure that everyone gets so drunk that they either leave or pass out. But I made sure she and I just remain tipsy.

The party was going forward and people were passing out.

Remember, you can impress a girl very much when you make her friends and teammates pass-out without vomiting and send the extras back home. This makes the hostess develop a soft corner for you.

Once I had sent the drunk friends and teammates on their way, I helped her clean up and asked her whether she wanted more booze.

And she replied, “Yeah, strangely I’m not all that drunk.”

My evil mind was thinking, “obviously.”

I put on the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon, in the background while she excused herself to change.

In the meanwhile, I went to the bathroom and freshened up. Then I got a fresh batch of snacks, and set up bean bags and the coffee table on the balcony.

I also reheated the takeaway food, got plates and cutlery from the kitchen, and set up the table, trying to make it as romantic as possible.

I was in the balcony, lighting up a cigarette and waiting for her to come out. I stood there just remembering the wet, hot kiss that I had shared with her in her bathroom. Just imagining her very hot figure makes me hard even now.

I was waiting, wondering what this night could lead to.

Little did I know that this night would be the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. That it would be just the first of many sexual encounters to come.

To be continued.


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