Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-1

It was the 15th of January 2000. Mrs. Vimala Nair was celebrating the grand opening of her own housing complex, “Sex Apartment Housing Complex” which was actually not built by her own money, but by the huge amount of alimony she got from her ex-husband, the industrialist Mr. Premachandran Nair. Mrs. Nair was a pure Kerala beauty, with a face of an angel and hair till her waist. She was the kind of lady any guy would love to sleep with, with each part of her body telling a different story. Her smile was one of a very simple lady, but at the same time her perky breasts shouted out “come and suck me”.

She was closing into 40 years old but age had still to take an effect on her. She was a MILF whose mature yet perfect body with huge bosom’s gave any man an instant hard on. No man could resist her looks!

Mrs. Nair had moved into the penthouse of the main building of Sex Apartment along with her two daughters – Aarushi and Sowmya. Her daughters were twenty and nineteen years old, with the older Aarushi having the body of a perfect 10 model, whereas Sowmya while not at attractive as her sister, was still good looking. Sowmya made up for her slightly less attractive figure, with a very outgoing personality. Loving to be the center of attraction, she would do anything towards it, sometimes even things that a normal girl would not!

The main building was a four story one. The 2nd floor was rented to Mr. Dayanand Sharma, a middle aged man in his late 40’s whose wife had just passed away. He was into the tailoring business and managed to get very rich and successful through it. A fun loving guy in his youth, time had however taken its toll on him. Mr. Sharma’s fun loving genes were passed on to his 20 year old son Rahul who took his chances when it came to girls and sex. When it came to women, age was never a barrier.

After his wife passed away, Sharma had married a 23 year old village girl called Anita to fill the void left by his wife. Anita was both, a cute village girl face and a voluptuous body, which were some of the factors in Mr. Sharma marrying her. Coming from a village, she was a very homely and shy girl, not much interested in the outside world and happy living a life of a house-wife. She kept herself busy with her housework and entertained herself with all the SAAS BAHU serials that kept popping up on the innumerable number of TV channels she has discovered in the big city.

But every young woman has her own sexual needs, and Sharma was well past his prime for sexual adventures. Even though he had married a girl half his age primarily for her body and looks, his sexual urges were on the decline. He fucked her once in a blue moon, with every encounter lasting even shorter than the previous one. A quick orgasm and a minute later he was asleep leaving Anita urging for a way to quench the thirst in her pussy herself.

Anita has no option, but to either sleep or masturbate with her husband snoring beside her. While masturbating, she often fantasized about being fucked by a well built man with strong muscles and a long cock who would ram her pussy continuously for an hour and tear it apart. But being a shy village girl, she was afraid to actually have sex with anyone else other than her husband, not that she ever had the opportunity to.

Anita’s luck was however to change, because the person who moved in the apartments just below hers matched the description of her fantasy man to a dot. That person was Reddy, a 24 year old manager in a nearby health club. Reddy was the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome hero and the effects of the health club could be seen in his muscular body. Of course he had a long history of girls in his life. Since his uncle owned the health club he worked at, he behaved like its owner. A few girls fell for his false rich lifestyle while others were attracted to his body. He was a sex maniac who saw every girl as a potential sexual conquest for himself. Almost all the female staff that he had recruited in his club had huge boobs and were beautiful, sexy girls. In addition to this, all of them had one thing in common; each one of them had slept with him.

Reddy had taken the flat along with his friend Borah, who was an IT professional. Borah’s sex life was exactly opposite to that of his flat mate. He was also a handsome man, but was very shy. He never had the courage to go and approach a woman which meant he was still single and more importantly still a virgin. His goal was just to see his penis disappear inside a vagina, irrespective of whom it belonged to. Reddy had promised to help him bed a girl for the first time and he knew that if anyone could keep that promise it would be Reddy, so that gave him hope.

The other family in the building was a married couple, the Chatterjees. Kiran Chatterjee was a Punjabi lady who fell in love with Gautam while they were both working in the same law firm. They were lucky as in even though she was Punjabi and Gautam was a Bengali, their parents agreed to their marriage without much fuss. A couple much in love, Kiran had lost her virginity to Gautam, but the same could not be said for him.

Kiran has just given birth to their first child and the effect of her pregnancy was still visible on her. She had huge breasts which were like melons full of milk. Often there was a slight wet spot in her nipples sometimes made by the milk oozing out of them. She was often visited by her sisters and other family to see take care of the little one.

To celebrate the opening of her society, Mrs. Nair had planned for a small get together in the society lawn. A small concert was organized as part of the festivities. The program was planned to start in the evening followed by dinner.

The concert started as planned with most of the families assembling in the lawn. The whole of the lawn was in darkness except the performance area. Everyone entered and took their seats and started enjoying the show. The concert went well with every one praising the performances of the artistes. Once the show was over, lights were switched back on and for the first time, all the families in the society saw each other.

Mrs Nair gave a small ‘welcome speech’ to all the tenants and immediately after her speech; everyone got busy talking and introducing themselves to their new neighbors. The ones who were not talking, were busy thinking about what their new neighbors’ would be like.

Reddy was busy talking to Aarushi, while her sister Sowmya was chatting to Rahul, all being of a similar age. Numbers were exchanged with polite promises to keep in touch. However away from their group there was someone in a corner staring intently at Reddy.

It was Anita, who at the moment had laid eyes on Reddy, had suddenly felt that her fantasies had come true. Unable to stop herself, her mind went on a fantasy dream trip right there and then. In her dreams, she was in her drawing room alone, when Reddy came inside and without a word picked her up in his strong arms, and kissed her lips. Carrying her to the bedroom he gently laid her on the soft mattress. Stripping in front of the bed to show her not only his muscles but also his 8′ fat penis, Reddy put Anita in a condition where she could resist him no more.

In her fantasy, Anita jumped off the bed, stripping away her own clothes and without caution took her lovers incredibly thick penis inside her mouth. She herself was surprised by how easily her tongue glided all over Reddy’s cock. In no time, she had his entire penis between her lips. Rolling the skin of his penis down the shaft she started the red plum head with a horny sexual passion. She licked the tip while playing with his balls, her hands moving along the shaft simultaneously.

After some engaging cocksucking for about ten minutes, Anita stopped and looked at Reddy with a look that said, “I am ready for you, fuck me now”. A moment after that look, Reddy lifted her up his arms, and while still standing guided his cock to her waiting wet pussy. His muscular arms had no problem in lifting up the tiny Anita and placing her hole on his dick.

Anita started moaning loudly in her dreams and begged Reddy to fuck her harder. He put her on the side of a table and started banging her pussy with his entire cock starting to disappear into her love hole. Even in her dreams this vigorous fucking by her dream man was getting her close to an orgasm. However just then, she was rudely brought back to reality by a tap on her shoulder.

It was her step-son Rahul telling her that he was on his way home. Even though her dream was put on hold for the moment and she was back to her normal life with her boring husband, there was a new glitter in her eyes. Was this the person who would finally get her to break out of the shackles of her married life and enjoy the sexual pleasures of youth anew?

Meanwhile, the frustrated Borah was busy staring at the ample bosom of the new mother Kiran Chaterjee. He had introduces himself to Mr. and Mrs. Chatterjee, but the whole time he was talking to them, he was secretly peeking at Kiran’s boobs from the corner of his eyes. Like most guys, Borah loved big breasts, and the ones full of milk were enough to make precum ooze out of his penis. Kiran had not brought her baby boy to the party, and it was time for his feed. She excused herself from the party and made her way back home, much to the displeasure of Borah.

At the other end of the lawn, Aarushi and Sowmya were now both chatting to Reddy who was telling them about his health club and asking them to join in there. Sowmya was a bit annoyed to see that Reddy was showing more interest in Aarushi than her, so she decided to do something about it. She was already wearing a very revealing mini skirt, but now parted her legs ever so slightly more giving Reddy a good view of her black g-string panties. Reddy, a slave to his nature could not help but peek at the view he was getting. In his mind he had already decided that one of these sisters would be his first conquest in this new housing colony.

As the night grew older and dinner was over, everyone started making a move towards their home. All the residents of Sex Apartment were looking forward to their first night in their new flats. It was a new life for a lot of them, who were expecting better things from here on.

However when Gautam got back to his apartment, he heard his wife Kiran moaning. The lights were off and hearing his wife’s moans had him tensed. Flicking on the switch he found Kiran sitting on the bed with her breasts naked and hanging out of her blouse. Without a word she pointed to them and Gautam with a sigh of relief understood what was going on.

She was moaning because her breasts were full of milk, too much apparently for the cbaby they were meant for. She needed someone else to help her empty her bursting bosom.

“Why didn’t you just call out to me, my love?” said Gautam as he smiled and went down to her boobs. After all it was his duty as a husband to make sure his wife was never in discomfort. Of course, both of them knew that he wanted this as much as her. Since Kiran’s breasts were full of milk, they were very hard and needed a gentle massage before the milk started flowing. Once again happy to oblige, Gautam started massaging her breasts while sucking on her nipples to get a taste of his wife’s milky offering.

Milk started oozing out from her boobs into his mouth which caused him to start sucking her nipples harder and harder. Slowly her breast became lighter and she asked him to move on to the next breast which he did like an obedient kid. Kiran’s mind was now being diverted away from pain, and pleasure took its place. She was soon moaning again, but this time in pleasure. Gautam’s horniness only increased by hearing those sounds coming from his wife’s mouth and he smiled to himself knowing that his first night in “Sex Apartment Housing Colony” would truly be a satisfying one.

To be Continued………………….


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