Big Boobs Teacher Part-2

I was helping my professor, Latika ma’am. While returning home, we got stuck in our college lift. While we waited to be rescued, I found a way to fuck her.

She stopped me and said, “I will squeeze them with my hands. You just suck on them,” with her head still facing to a side, away from my face. I agreed and put my lips on her puffy nipples to suck. It was heaven. I was afraid at first but slowly I started to suck it well.

I took a bigger part of her tit into my mouth after every sip by widening my mouth. She was pressing her breast to pump out the milk. She pushed my face away from her a little and said, “Just suck the nipple, not everything. Stop eating my breast.”

Listening to what she said, I came back to my senses and controlled my self and sucked on her left breast. After that, she asked me to stop and pushed my head towards her right breast. I asked her if I can stand up properly for some time as my back ached a little by bending for a long time.

She agreed and turned to a side and covered her breasts with her hands as I backed off. My dick was fully hard and was throbbing inside my pants. I was sweating from top to bottom. I asked her if I can take off my shirt as it was sweating a lot.

She hastily agreed to it and I did it. I told her I will lie back on the floor and asked her to sit on my stomach. I bend over so that I can suck on her right tit. She said no and asked me to do it in the same way as before. I requested her that my back is hurting to bend and suck.

She said that she wants it to end soon and finally agreed. She asked me to lie back on the floor. She sat on my stomach gently and bent forward to put her tight tit near my mouth. As she was falling forward, she just let those tits hang and put her hand on the floor to support her from falling on me.

I thought that it was the best time to get hold of her tits. I touched her right breast and squeezed it. She shouted while in that same position at me saying, “Ah. I told you not to touch them.” I said that it was difficult to suck on it without having a grip.

She just said, “Ok, whatever, make it fast.” I continued squeezing and sucking on her tits for a while. I was drinking but the milk just kept coming. I slowly slid my other hand over her ass. She shouted, “A, what are you doing?”

I told that she was putting all her weight on my stomach. So I had to support her with my hands. She asked me to stop as she felt the milk getting emptied and tried to get up. I felt the urge to pull her back on me and just did it. She fell on me with her face over my face and her soft breasts rubbing over my hard chest.

My hard cock throbbed as her lower abdomen rubbed against it. She tried shouting at me to stop it and was trying to get out of my grip. I held her between my legs and pulled down her leggings along with her underwear till her thighs. I just turned around to make her lie back on the floor.

I held both her hands and pinned them with my hands. She continued struggling in my arms and looked into my eyes asking me to stop it. I apologized to her and just undid my pants in a second or so. My hard cock sprang out and was rubbing against her belly.

I forcefully kissed her lips and explored her mouth with my tongue. She was asking me to stop but I was not at all in a position to listen to her. Her resistance slowly decreased as I continued kissing. She lowered her voice and she was saying only one thing, that it was wrong.

I stopped kissing her all of a sudden and asked her, “If it’s not wrong, then what? You will enjoy it. Right?” She didn’t say no but gave a gap to think. That was half acceptance. I just went down and started sucking on her pussy in no time.

She tried to stop me by pulling my head up. But slowly she started pushing me into her pussy. I understood that she liked it. She was murmuring in a low voice saying that she is loving it but it’s wrong. She was gasping and calling out my name telling me how good I was doing it.

I stopped licking her pussy and stared at her. She said, “What? Why did you stop?” and immediately came to her senses. She again pushed me back and this time I left her to go. We are completely naked and full of sweat looking at each other being on either side walls of the lift.

I was looking at her with confidence and she, with a little shame in her eyes and confusion in her face. I caught her looking at my throbbing dick now and then in that one minute.

I said, “It’s you who started this by asking me to suck your tits. How do you expect a guy of my age would not proceed further?”

Latika ma’am: I agree but I told you not to take it in a bad way.

Me: Is this bad? Does it not feel good? Please don’t lie, ma’am. You told the truth when I was sucking on your vagina.

Latika ma’am: I agree that I had the greatest pleasure of my life. I never knew that a young guy like you would give me so much. But you are a student and I am your teacher. I can’t get this again and again by encouraging you. This is something that society would never accept.

Me: What if nobody knows about this?

She listened to me and again fell in a dilemma. But this time I gave her time without forcing myself on her. I know I left her in the middle of some highly satisfying thing. I know she would want it back and it happened.

Latika ma’am: Okay. Till the doors of this lift open, let’s do whatever we feel like doing and then just keep your mouth shut after going out. Now, what are you looking at?

Saying this she spread her legs and laid back on to the lift wall. I crawled towards her and started to continue what I stopped. I crawled to her and bent forward to lick her pussy. She said, “Oh! Now your back doesn’t hurt?” I just smiled at her and continued.

She went mad after I started sucking and praised me when I circled my tongue on her pussy. I still kept sucking and she just took my head and pulled me up guiding towards her tits. I bit her left nipple and sucked on it while pressing the other. She was losing control of herself slowly.

I went back and pulled her down to make her lie on the floor. She gave a jerk and asked me to take it slow and easy. I listened to her but didn’t say a word. I fell on her. I tried to put my cock inside her pussy by rubbing it on the walls of her pussy first.

To my surprise, she held my cock and let the dick enter her smooth, juicy, and soft pussy. Little did I know that she liked it so much that she takes it inside with her own hands. Her touch made my cock throb. I just moved my hip to put it in completely.

She said gasping out some air, “Ufff, it’s big. Oh my god, it’s bigger than what I thought. Do it slowly.”

I started slow. But all those sensations happening in my body while I was fucking my favorite teacher made me go crazy. I just wanted to smash her pussy and blast her juices out. She started getting comfortable and moaned out loud. The lift was filled with our moans and grunts.

I continued to fuck her in that position and stopped for her to get up and ride me. When I asked her to ride, she felt a bit shy and hesitant. She hastily sat on my cock and started to ride slowly. I pinched her ass and started to move it with my hands to control her pace. She was slowly getting to my pace.

Her ass started pounding on my thighs. She held her head high and screamed in joy. She said, “Ah, I always wanted to ride my husband but he just does me in missionary. I never knew the pleasure of riding.”

She rode me like hell and just blasted her juices on me and even I came inside her pussy. She sat on me till my cock came out small from inside her and she fell on me.

Me: So how was it Latika ma’am?

Latika ma’am: This is the first time I have ever cheated on my husband. You must be a lucky bastard.

Me: Yes, I am. This is just the first time and this won’t stop here.

Latika ma’am: Haha. No way. What happened here will remain here. You will keep your mouth shut and I will keep mine. After the lift doors open in the morning. Everything that happened here, ends here.

Me: I don’t think so. Let’s do it again.

It was already eleven at night. While Latika ma’am was about to tell something, we heard someone on the ground floor above us. They were working on the lift. We hurried to clean ourselves with our clothes and wore them.

It was her husband along with some watchman and workers. They finally got us out by twelve. Upon asking, her husband told that he came searching for her as she didn’t reach home. Then they finally figured out that she might be stuck in here.

To be Continued……


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