Bliss Boarding School Part-43

Chloe and Rose were impressed with my decoration of the master bedroom. Both my girls rewarded me by letting me fuck them. Wow! Fucking a pregnant lady was always my fantasy. I was living my dream by fucking two pregnant ladies.

Anna was also impressed with my skills. We were pretty happy about and we’re excited to welcome our babies.

That morning, out of nowhere I got a call from Lisa.

Lisa: Hello A!
Me: Hey Lisa!
Lisa: Wow! It’s been seven months since we last spoke. Did you forget me already?

Me: How can I forget? After all, I’m your hero right.
Lisa: Hahaha! That’s true! My hero!
Me: I’m sorry. I couldn’t call you. Things were moving fast for me.

Lisa: I know, I understand. Listen, I was in the suburbs. Can we meet for some time?
Me: Are you in town?
Lisa: Yes, I just wanted to catch-up with you.

Me: Sure! I will be there in 15 minutes.
Lisa: Sounds great! I will be waiting for you.
Me: Ok. See you!

I told the girls that I was going for a walk. I didn’t tell them about Lisa yet. After 15 minutes, I was at the park. Wow! I was shocked to see Lisa.

She’s wearing a pink color skirt. She’s holding a picnic basket. And guess what guys, she is pregnant! I could see her baby bump from far away. Lisa saw me coming. She’s pretty happy to see me.

Me: Hey Lisa!
Lisa: Come here, hug me. I missed you so much!

We both hugged for a long time. I could feel her baby bump on my stomach.

Lisa: Let’s go somewhere private.
Me: I know a place, it’s a little far inside the park. No one will be around there.
Lisa: Oh that’s great! Let’s go.

We walked for a few minutes. As expected, there’s no one there. She took out a cloth from the basket. We spread it out on the ground. She had some snacks in the basket and a nice bottle of wine.

Lisa: I am sure you are surprised to see me like this and have a lot of questions for me.
Me: Exactly! What’s going on here Lisa? I am feeling a bit nervous. And what are we celebrating for with the wine?

Lisa: Calm down, A! I will tell you everything. But please keep an open mind. I don’t want you to freak out.
Me: Ok, I promise!
Lisa: So here it is. I’m seven months pregnant with your baby.

Me: What?!
Lisa: A, you promised!
Me: I’m sorry! Are you sure it’s mine?

Lisa: Yes, A. I haven’t slept with anyone else apart from you during that summer.
Me: Why didn’t you tell me immediately?

Lisa: I got to know that I was pregnant after a month. I wanted to call you, but I got to know that you were living with Chloe.
Me: Mmmmm.

She doesn’t know that I am living with two other girls too.

Lisa: I know you loved Chloe a lot. So I didn’t want to ruin your life.
Me: How did this happen?

Lisa: I forgot to tell that I wasn’t on pills when we had that last session in the motel. It was my fault. So I decided to go ahead and take responsibility for my mistake.

Me: You should have told me at that time.
Lisa: I’m sorry! I thought I could do this all by myself. But with all the hormones in my body, I’m getting scared to raise my child alone.

I took a deep breath. Living with two pregnant ladies, I was already excited about my kids. Hearing I have a third kid too was overwhelming. My fatherly instincts kicked and I wanted to raise my third child too.

Me: Look, Lisa. I know this might be a shock for you. But I want to raise my kid too. I want us to raise our baby together.

Lisa cried hearing me. She hugged me tightly. I could feel, she was relieved knowing there was someone who is there to support her.

Lisa: But how are we gonna do this? You are with Chloe, right?
Me: This is what might shock you. Come let’s go to our home. You will know everything there.

Lisa: Oh ok! I am curious now. But before we go can we spend some time in the park.
Me: Oh yes. This looks good!
Lisa: Do you like it?

Me: I do! It’s like a nice picnic in the middle of the woods, with a hot girl.
Lisa: It’s girls!
Me: Wow! It’s a girl.

Lisa: Yes! Uhhh it’s so nice and quiet. I missed you so much! The sun is shining, clear air. It’s perfect!
Me: I missed you too!

Lisa: What if a wild animal attacks us?
Me: Lisa. It’s me. The wolf Slayer.
Lisa: Hahaha! That’s right!
Me: I have my eyes open. If some evil wolf beast comes by, I’ll deal with it.

Lisa: Hahaha!
Me: Not only that but we do have a knife.
Lisa: My knight with his sword!
Me: I have my sword too. It’s in my pants.

Lisa: Hahaha! That’s funny!
Me: Thank you but it’s the truth!
Lisa: Hahaha! I know it is.
Me: You know. We’re out here, in the wilds, all alone.

Lisa: Yes?
Me: You know. We could use the sword.
Lisa: Hahaha! Do you still like me? Even if I’m looking like I stole a ball and hid it under my shirt?

Me: Are you kidding me? I like you even more now! If that’s possible.
Lisa: Oh, that’s so sweet!
Lisa: I’m considering using that sword of yours. Nice words like this help.
Me: Is that so?

Lisa: Yes.
Me: You know that when you’re pregnant it’s a good thing to have sex.
Lisa: I know.
Me: The birth is easier.

Lisa: Hahaha!
Me: And, most importantly, I like it!
Lisa: I made my decision.

Me: What is it?
Lisa: Let’s do it!
Me: That’s a good idea!

She made me lie flat on the ground. She’s on top of me.

Lisa: I hope nobody sees us.
Me: I’ll be fast.
Lisa: And keep an eye out!
Me: You got it! Now. Let’s get rid of that.

I got up and removed Lisa’s bottom and exposed her pussy. Her top was still on. I made her lie on her back. I was in front of her and made her legs spread wide.

Me: That’s a nice view.
Lisa: It is?
Me: Oh, yes.

Lisa: You guys love watching us.
Me: Very much, yes.

I went behind Lisa. My chest was resting on her back. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. We both were lying on our right. I lifted her left leg and was guiding my cock inside her pussy.

Lisa: Take it easy, ok?
Me: Yes, you got it!
Lisa: Wouldn’t want to go into labor in the woods.
Me: No, that’s not what we want.

I slowly started fucking her pussy. She’s enjoying it fully. I could feel she didn’t have sex with anyone apart from me. We were kissing each other to reduce our moans. After 10 minutes, she took command. I was flat on the ground. She sat on my dick in the reverse cowgirl position and started riding my cock.

After 10 minutes of fuck, we changed. I made her sit on her legs. I started fingering her pussy. She’s enjoying everything. Then I sat on my legs. Lisa sat on my dick, hugging me. Her legs were wrapped around my back. She started jumping up and down slowly.

We fucked for a few minutes. I shot my cum in her pussy.

Lisa: Wow! I missed this so much. I was tired of using my fingers and toys.
Me: Oh I am sorry for not being there.
Lisa: So what next?
Me: Let’s go to my home.

We reached home. All the girls were sitting in the living room. Anna answered the door. She was surprised to see Lisa. They hugged, the girls joined in too. Everyone noticed the baby bump. Lisa was also surprised by seeing Rose and Anna. She was still confused about what was going on.

Rose: A! Did you just make her pregnant magically?
Me: Hahaha! I wish.

They invited Lisa in. We sat in the living room. I told Lisa to explain first and then we will explain everything to her. She told me how she got pregnant and why she didn’t inform me about that. The girls were surprised but also were supportive.

Chloe: I would have done the same.
Rose: Yes, that’s right!

Anna: You don’t have to worry now! A will be there for you! We all are here for you.
Lisa: What do you mean by that?

Then we all told our side of the story. About how I convinced them into multiple relationships and about Chloe and Rose getting pregnant. Her mouth was wide open when she got to know that we were all living together.

Lisa: Wow! He is like a God! He has special powers that make you fall in love with him and do whatever he says.
Chloe: Exactly!
Rose: So, why don’t you come live with us?

Lisa: Really?
Anna: Yes, there a guest room. You can make it as your room.
Chloe: And we have our master bedroom up there. We need to add one more cradle for your baby.

Lisa cried in happiness. We all hugged her and everyone was a bit emotional. Rose being Rose, she made the atmosphere light by changing the subject.

Rose: Wow! A, how did you manage to sleep with Lisa in the school?
Anna: Oh that doesn’t surprise me. Lisa was living with us, so something was bound to happen.
Chloe: How did it happen?

Me: Remember the trip we went to school.
Rose: Oh yes! You and Lisa were partners.
Chloe: He saved Lisa’s life.

Anna: Oh! That’s where things happened.
Lisa: Hahaha! Yes, I rewarded him, after he saved my life.
Rose: Awe! Hero!

Lisa: What about you Chloe? How did it start?
Chloe: We both were the first to arrive at the school that summer. We came to drop off our luggage.
Me: Oh yeah! I remember that.

Chloe: A being a gentleman, helped me with my luggage.
Me: How could I say no to such a beautiful girl.
Anna: Hahaha! It’s true!

Chloe: Things happened, from where it all started.
Rose: Wow! That’s so romantic.

Chloe: Anna, how about you?
Anna: You remember the party on the first day of school.
Rose: Yes, that bitch Abigail bullied me.
Anna: Sorry Rose, but yeah, A was way too drunk.

Chloe: Oh yeah! I remember that! That’s where he took my virginity. We were having sex near the lake.
Lisa: Wow!
Me: That was great!

Anna: Anyway, he fell from his bed that night.
Rose: Ouch!
Chloe: Poor you!
Me: Yeah poor me.

Anna: Out of pity, I let him sleep next to me.
Rose: So nice of you.
Anna: Things changed from that moment. We had our first sex in that abandoned house where there’s that huge bed.

Chloe: Oh yes!
Rose: That’s nice.

Lisa: Rose, it’s your turn.
Rose: Oh yeah! My first time was an unbelievable threesome.
Anna: What?

Chloe: Oh yes. We were alcohol drinking in the park with Jason and the group. We were all drunk.
Rose: We ended up with a threesome in the library. That’s the main reason why we are together today.

Anna: Haha! Thanks for that Chloe and Rose.

Chloe: I wonder who else have you slept with A?
Lisa: I’m sure there are more.
Anna: I bet too!

Rose: Come on spill it out.
Me: You guys really want to know?
Rose: Yes yes.

Me: Ok, one is Eve.
Chloe: How did it happen?
Me: Remember, when you were in pain and asked me to hang out with your friends.

Chloe: Yes.
Anna: I and Rose were discussing something private. Eve and A were alone in that house.

Me: Yes, she let me touch and play with her boobs. We first had sex during that rain. It was just before the threesome with Rose and Chloe.
Chloe: You were supposed to help her with her truck, right?
Me: Yeah, that was just an excuse.

Rose: Wow! Clever.
Anna: And still he had the stamina to have a threesome with you gals. He is a Sex God!
Lisa: Oh yeah! That he is!

Chloe: Next?
Me: The day I went for the trip to town when I brought chocolates.
Anna: Oh yes! The Christmas store.

Chloe: Wait! Did you bring the chocolates for Anna too? I thought you only bought me.
Rose: Oh my God! He is a genius.
Lisa: Hahaha! Continue.

Me: Speaking of that shop, I had fun with that store girl before I bought those things.
Rose: Was she a virgin?
Me: Yes, and she wanted to learn how to give a blowjob.
Lisa: Oh lucky girl got the right person to teach her.

Anna: Haha! True! Is there more?
Me: Oh yes! The girl from the car dealership.
Lisa: Oh my. I was supposed to get a job there, now I know why they turned me down.

Chloe: Wow! Really?
Me: Yeah! Moving on. I did it with the ritual girl.
Chloe: Woah! You already knew about her before Rose.

Me: Yes
Rose: He sure fooled us.

Me: This might be unexpected. But I did fuck Abigail.

All the girls were shocked by hearing that. They bent their head showing me a lot of respect.

Rose: Wow! Good job there A.
Chloe: I am proud of you on this one.
Anna: How did this happen?

Me: It happened because I helped her when she fell in the rain that day.
Lisa: Awe! He helps everyone! That’s why I think he gets rewarded by every girl.
Chloe: That’s true!

Me: Then there was a threesome with Jason and Rose.
Rose: Oh yes! I was glad you joined. Otherwise, it would have been just Jason and me.

Chloe: Wow! Rose, looks like you have slept with the two hottest guys in the school.
Rose: Haha! Yes, I did.

Anna: Who else?
Me: I had the most fun on the trip. I had sex with many girls.

Lisa: Oh so you did sleep with other girls than me.
Me: Hahaha! Yes, I did. It started with Abigail and then with Eve.
Anna: Oh makes sense, since you were grouped.

Me: Then, things happened with Lisa. And then there was a special lady, I will tell about her in the last. You will be surprised.
Rose: Oh! Suspense.
Me: Then I and Chloe had a romantic session.

Rose: Yes, they both threw me out and made out.
Me: Something interesting happened while I and Chloe were having sex.
Chloe: Oh really?

Me: The girls who were teamed up with Anna for the game, they were watching us while I fucked you.
Chloe: Oh my God! I didn’t know that.
Anna: Why did you let them watch?

Me: It was Chloe, how can I not let them watch my hot girlfriend.
Chloe: Mmmm. Wise words! I am not mad.
Me: Also, because of that I was able to have a threesome with them, right after I finished with Chloe.

Rose: Oh my my! His stamina! Lucky bastard!
Me: After that park, I did a ritual with some new girl.
Rose: Wow! So you are not part of that ritual?

Me: Yes, I am. Chloe, please don’t be mad. I couldn’t resist myself to your sister.
Chloe: What?
Rose: What? You didn’t even spare Chloe’s sister.

Chloe: It’s her. She is a slut, so I am not too surprised there but I am mad about this.
Me: Awww! I am sorry!
Chloe: Hahaha! Just kidding!

Me: Then I had a threesome with Eve and a rich woman. And there was another threesome with Eve and the stripper girl from the club.

All the girls were in shock with their mouths wide open.

Anna: Was this the lady you were talking about?
Me: No, no! Last but not the least, I feel proud of this. You may not believe this.

Anna: Come on spill it out.
Me: I had sex with the only woman on the campus, the hot teacher!

Wow! Their expression on the face was priceless. I blew their minds this time.

Rose: Oh my God!
Lisa: You didn’t even leave the teacher alone.
Chloe: So is this why she used to call you to her house frequently?

Me: Haha! No, she used to call me to warn me. For the first time, while trying to explain to me how to behave, she accidentally exposed her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panty. That made me think that she’s a slut.

Anna: Oh my! She didn’t wear any panties?
Me: No she didn’t.
Chloe: She is a slut after all.
Me: I had the dirtiest sex of my life with her.

Lisa: Oh really? Dirty in the sense?
Me: I peed in her mouth. She drank my piss.
Rose: Holy shit! I like dirty, too. But you have never tried that on me.
Chloe: Yes, yes. Even I want to try.

Anna: Lisa and I also want to join in.
Lisa: Yes, yes!
Me: I promise you, we will do it, but some other time.
Chloe: Hmmm. Is there anyone else?

Me: Nope, I am all done.
Anna: Wow! That was a long list of girls.
Chloe: Aren’t you forgetting your clients?
Me: Oh yes, them too! Hahaha!

Lisa: What clients?
Anna: He is working as a Sex therapist.
Lisa: Oh wow!
Rose: Yes, He is Doctor A. And he tries to fuck all of his clients.

Lisa: Oh my God! There’s plenty of women who are ready to cheat on their partners with a sex therapist.
Me: That’s true! Hahaha!

The End!

That’s how A and his girls lived happily ever after. This is the end of the series.


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